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Aido is a one-volume Josei Yuri manga by Kahori Onozuka.

Ureha Shimada, a cosmetics journalist, make-up artist and, later, lingerie model, can't stop thinking about her experience with another woman in high school. At the start of the manga, Ureha is engaged to Ebihara, a male teacher at an all-girls' school. He proposed to her three months earlier, but she's unsure of whether to accept, and equally unsure of other feelings.

Ebihara is insecure, and rather fickle. Called "a good man" by Ureha, he still does things to hurt both Ureha and the woman who captivates her: Sawori Sonoe. She looks very much like the woman who Ureha slept with before. Sawori has some unusual tastes. She comes on to Ureha, and evokes her memories of the past encounter.




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