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    Anime and Manga 

Hetalia: Axis Powers

  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Hungary is one. The only reason she hasn't beat the ever-loving crap out of Austria is because Italy begged her not to. However, even his begging was not enough to stop her from chasing after Prussia.
  • The Howl of the Wind: the spirit of the personification of Native America returns to torment the various nations for raping America. While haunting France in his sleep, she actually turns herself into a bear and starts clawing him to pieces.

Kill la Kill

  • Kill la Kill AU: Ragyou will do anything to protect her children, even if it almost costs her life, like she did in comic 25. This version of Ragyou is a far cry from her horrendously creepy canon counterpart.
  • Kiryuuin Chronicles: While she isn't their mother but a Parental Substitute, Rei is a downplayed example in that while she isn't powerful and was described to be "a kind, yet very frightened soul", she has made it her resolve to take her charges Satsuki, Ryuuko, and Nui away from their abusive home and father, regardless of circumstances.

Love Hina

  • Contract Labor: Though not exactly Keitaro's mother, Haruka fits the bill in chapter 6; when Naru tries to attack Keitaro after an Accidental Pervert moment, Haruka physically restrains her, threatens her with a pocketknife, and explicitly threatens to use said knife on Naru if she doesn't back off.
  • In Reunion, Haruka's response to learning that the woman who molested Keitaro when he was only ten years old is to start carrying a handgun. When said woman actually manages to break in and rape him, Haruka confronts her at gunpoint and threatens to kill her if she ever sees her again.

Lyrical Nanoha

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

  • The Brothers Day and Night, Mariam and Kassim's mother Lail was this. She tried to kill her children's abusive father to protect them, but ends up being overpowered and killed by him instead.

My Hero Academia

  • Fire and Blood: Inko Midoriya is a massive one to her son Izuku and her "may-as-well-be" son Shouto. Despite her lack of combat experience or a powerful Quirk, she is entirely willing to throw down with (meaning "attack with a rock") the second-best pro hero on Earth to protect them.
    Inko (to Endeavor): You. Will. Not. Hurt. My. Son.
  • Soon I Shall Be Indestructible had the villain Overhaul get frozen to death by Rei Todoroki after he attacked her son Shoto.
  • In Lavandula Somnambulist, Midnight has been known to use her hero agency to ensure Izuku's safety and growth, using her interns "the Midnight Boys" to help him train his quirk and would have used them to turn the city inside out when his encounter with the Sludge Villain made him run late if Izuku hadn't made it home.
  • In Viridescent, after Izuku rescued Eri from the Eight Precepts, she's been living with the Midoriya family. When Overhaul and his men come to take Eri back, Inko responds by using her quirk to nearly tear his eyeball out with her telekinesis.


  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
    • Inuzuka Tsume, Konoha Town's police chief in this universe, is this for her son Kiba. Her first response to news that Kiba may be in trouble is to send dozens of cops to the location to arrest whoever's responsible. There's also her threat to Naruto following his confrontation with Kiba (for which Tsume had sent out the aforementioned cop-squad):
      Tsume: If my son ever got so much as a scrape on him from you, I don't care if you were part of a group that terrified whole cities, I would stuff a shotgun up your ass and pull the trigger. Am I understood?
      Naruto: (meekly) Yes, ma'am.
    • Kushina is this for Naruto as well. After she finds him grievously injured following a torture-session at Akatsuki's hands, she goes through a Heroic BSoD...then goes to the home of one of the persons responsible and physically torments him into agreeing to surrender himself to the police.
  • Son of the Sannin:
    • Tsunade becomes this towards Naruto. To put it on perspective, when Obito Uchiha declares his intent to kidnap her adoptive son, she grabs him by the foot and slams him all over the place. And then there's when Danzo tried to have her biological son Hagane kidnapped. Needless to say, the Root agents set to capture him didn't live very long.
    • Hinata's mother Hikari Hyuga is no slouch either. Even moreso after her husband gets killed.
    • Shizune acts this way to her two children. When Danzo tries to have both of them kidnapped, she teams up with her husband Shisui to kill him. Afterwards, she demands from the Hokage that her children be babysat by ninja of Special Jonin rank or above instead of Genin (and only by those she personally trusts if possible).
    • Tsume's own children are never directly put in danger during the course of the story outside of their own missions, but after the aforementioned kidnapping of Shizune and Shisui's children she admits to wanting to hack the one responsible to death and feeding their remains to her dogs (though the last part was a joke, she'd never feed her dogs something so disgusting).

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars:
    • Rayana is the patron deity of the Mamas Bear in her home dimension (one of her titles is Lady of Mothers’ Fury). Protecting children is one of her priorities. She disses Shinji and Asuka’s fathers for not taking care of their offspring properly, and unlike her husband, she thinks that Shinji should not forgive Gendo.
    • And then you have Yui “I’ll eat you for hurting my baby!" Ikari herself. She can forgive a lot of Gendo’s actions… but she will not forgive his abuse of Shinji and mistreatment of Rei unless they forgive him first.
  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 3, Asuka had been trapped in Leliel. Shinji thought he wanted to save her no matter what, even if he had to unleash his Evangelion's power. Mama Yui heard and answered his plea. Meanwhile, Asuka thought she wanted to live and be with Shinji and asked her mother to help her. Mama Kyoko heard and answered her plea. And all of a sudden Leliel was being ripped apart by two blood-thirsty berserker mothers trapped into giant robots.
    • In the same chapter, Misato slapped Ritsuko to the ground when she declared Asuka to be expendable.
      That's one of my kids, you heartless bitch!
  • In Eva Sessions: You Can Never Trust, a character is being real obnoxious to Asuka, getting rudely into her personal space -even though she is telling him staying away and not talking to her — to insult her and deliver her a (pretty hypocrital) "The Reason You Suck" Speech, when Eva-02 suddenly roars and tries to grab him. The boy bolts out of the place instantly, utterly terrified and realizing he has soiled himself. Although nobody else understands why the Humongous Mecha has done that, Asuka notes that it was protecting her. This is because Asuka's mother's soul is stuck inside her robot. And Kyoko wants you leaving her daughter alone.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion:
    • Hurt Asuka and Mistato WILL kill you. A rapist found out the hard way.
    • Invoked by Kyoko when she says a mother always protects her child.
  • HERZ:
    • You don't want to know what lengths Misato will go to protect her children. She has manipulated and deceived people and her hands are stained with blood because she needed to protect Shinji and his family.
    • Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are also perfectly willing to kill or sacrifice their lives to protect Akiko (Shinji and Asuka's daughter and Rei's niece).
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: Misato's priority is ALWAYS her wards. Give her a choice between protecting her kids and helping her remaining subordinates, and she'll choose the first option.
    "I've met her before," Sato said. "Katsuragi. And I know what drives her. Like every mother, she wants what's best for her children."
  • Once More with Feeling:
    • Kyoko. When Shinji and Asuka were fighting Gaghiel Shinji could not focus properly. Then he tried to reaching out to Asuka's mother, screaming mentally that her daughter would die if she didn't help them. Kyoko reacted so furiously the backlash knocked Shinji out as Unit-02 forced Gaghiel's jaws open easily. Asuka reached a 100% synchronization with her EVA right then.
    • Misato is also fiercely protective of Shinji and Asuka (Kaji notes that she was perfectly willing to kill to protect Shinji)
  • The Child of Love:
    • After the first few weeks her baby’s welfare becomes everything for Asuka. Hurt Teri and Asuka will hurt you.
    • Rei is an Auntie Bear. Don't even think of harming the Ikari-kun's baby. She is scary as Gendo found out.
    • In a Dream Sequence, Yui assured her son she would protect him and his family. When Asuka gave birth in Unit 01 Yui ensured that both she and her baby survived.
      Yui:"I am part of you, too. I won't let him hurt you or the mother of your child. I promise. If anything happens to you or your love, I promise you that he'll regret it."
    • When Misato learnt about Gendo’s scheme, she was perfectly willing to march in Gendo’s office and put a bullet in his head to protect her wards and their daughter.
  • The One I Love Is...: Yui Ikari went berserker every time her son was in danger... and when Misato said she did not want to die because she was pregnant she activated Unit 01. Shinji -who had refused to sortie until then- realized his mother wanted to protect Misato's baby as well, and he reluctantly agreed to fight.
  • The Second Try: Asuka is fiercely protective of her post-Third-Impact family (both Aki and Shinji), to the point that, in "The Final", she made an attempt to strangle Gendo when he tried to interrogate her about Aki (and she came damn near close to succeeding; Gendo even seemed to be a bit unnerved). She also threatened Kaworu to stay away from Shinji, knowing full well what he was.

One Piece

  • This Bites!: Despite her professional behavior, Kureha is most definitely this for Chopper. When she finds out that Cross knows about Chopper's past and wants him to join the Straw Hat Pirates, she pins him to the bed, a scalpel inches from his throat, looming over him like death. Note how she refers to Chopper as she asks the question:
    Kureha: Do you actually care about my son, or are you just playing on his insecurities to shanghai him into your little pirate band?


  • A New Chance Series: Pidgeot is very protective of Ash, a year away from him hasn't diminished that, and being the leader of her own flock has accentuated that feeling. When the Fearow near Pallet Town tries to kill Ash, she goes berserk and knocks him out the sky in one blow. The she flies over to Ash and gives him a big hug.
  • Common Sense: Delia, once she finds out about the ordeals Ash has been going through because of Team Rocket, quickly takes it upon herself and commands her son's Pokémon to drive them away while he's sick.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Twofold example in the Arnold Interlude sidestory: Anna and her Arcanine do not take kindly to Team Rocket grunts threatening her son and his Growlithe.
  • Severance is a fanfic that revolves around Delia trying to protect herself and her son Ash from his father, Team Rocket leader Giovanni. Giovanni wants to kill Ash but Delia won't let him. She goes into a rage and tries to kill Giovanni herself, but her aim isn't right and he escapes. The story starts with Delia having been shot in the scuffle.

Sword Art Online

  • I Will Not Bow series:
    • In Blazing Revolution chapter 60, Chi hits Yui in the face with a blood whip, and finds herself faced with a very pissed off Asuna, who swears to tear her apart. In the very next chapter, she does exactly that.
      Asuna: You know, they say a mother grizzly bear has the strength of a hundred men when her cubs are in danger. I'm a bit different. I have strength that would make even a mother grizzly bear run in fear. And you're about to feel EVERY! LAST! OUNCE!
    • In Blazing Generations chapter 66, Alicia doesn't take kindly to Akane's Stage Mom badmouthing Lilly, calling her a nobody and a "loser girl with no reputation." She's only stopped from giving the woman a piece of her mind by Akane herself, who slaps her own mother and chews her out over her attitude.

Soul Eater

  • In Fever Dreams, Maka's mother is a literal Mama Bear, being a bear witch and all. The first scene of the fic has her clawing a Kishin egg to death for going after eight-year-old Maka.
    Kami: (roaring) Not - my - daughter!

The Familiar of Zero

  • Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji has Karin, who is very protective of her daughters, especially Louise. When she finds out Wardes sealed Louise's magic, she is extremely angry, and utterly thrashes him in a duel when she finally gets her hands on him.

    Comic Books 


  • Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts answers a question: Why did no super-villains travel back in time to try to murder Superman when he was a little child? They actually tried. But they never accounted for Martha Kent: "She may not be the World's Finest, but she's a mother with a shotgun, and all told that might be scarier."
  • Hellsister Trilogy has Satan Girl. Supergirl's evil twin's only redeeming trait is her willingness to hunt down whoever took her baby and kill them all.
  • Invoked in Bruce Has a Problem. Hugo Strange had the Hatter kidnap Harley's niece and nephew, Jenny and Nicky, so she would go crazy on the Hatter and look unstable. This way, it would seem that Harley hadn't reformed and would make Sharpe's policy seem necessary. Unfortunately for him, Harley managed to keep a level head through the kidnapping.

Marvel Universe

  • Ultimate Spider-Woman: Mary Jane Watson is an unusual variant in that she's a Daughter Bear. She currently has much better control over her emotions than she did when she first became a superheroine, but threatening her family and close friends is still her Berserk Button and anyone who threatens them will suffer.
  • A Prize for Three Empires: Hurt Carol Danvers, and her mother Marie will hunt you down and put an extra hole in your head.
    "You think I'm going to make apologies for Marcus? A man who virtually rapes my own daughter?" She looked cold, hard, and not at all like the mother Carol Danvers was used to. "Hell, no. If he wasn't dead, I'd find out where he was, no matter how long it took me, and shoot him down dead with your father's .38"

Adopted DisplacedMy Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Massive Multiplayer Crossover
  • One of its entries is Another Hatchling, with Samus Aran, who is very protective of her adoptive son, the dragon Spike. Even after he shows he's become strong enough to take care of himself. Female members of the other new families in this series are the same way.

Child of the StormHarry Potter Massive Multiplayer Crossover

  • Lily Potter in as per canon, and now that she's merged with the Phoenix Force, aka Destruction of the Endless, aka one of the seven most powerful beings in the universe... well, she can't do too much in normal circumstances, but suffice to say that attempting to kill her son will have repercussions. Very, very nasty ones.
  • Wanda Maximoff, Harry's godmother and Parental Substitute (It's that kind of a world), promises to "render down to traumatized, screaming atoms" the telepath who nudged everyone's perceptions and ensured that Harry was stuck with the Dursleys for a decade. So far, so standard. However, unlike most, in Ghosts of the Past, she actually lives up to the threat, and suddenly, it's very easy to remember that she's Magneto's daughter.
  • Alison Carter is a loving, kindly, and Almighty Mom and grandmom. She's also the retired (formerly) Deputy Director of SHIELD, the first Agent 13, and a key mentor of Nick Fury himself. And as she demonstrates, retirement has not slowed her down. Suffice to say that if you hurt her children or grandchildren, she will "end you in ways that would give several gods of [her] acquaintance either ideas or nightmares."
  • While not actually mother to anyone in the cast ( though she is Clint Barton's grandmother - and yes, it really is that kind of a world), Minerva McGonagall is very protective of her students. Threaten any of them, especially her Gryffindors, and you'll find yourself on the wrong end of a Brave Scot who's also a master of Transfiguration, which means that she is essentially a low-scale Reality Warper.
  • Stephen Strange is The Archmage and Big Good of the 'verse. His job description involves defeating and/or scamming Eldritch Abominations, he's acknowledged across the board as the Magnificent Bastard in a world with a truly epic Gambit Pile Up, he's second only to Loki (and possibly Wanda) in raw power, he's survived a duel with Gravemoss, crushed Grindelwald when the latter was at Physical God levels thanks to various dark compacts, threw down the gauntlet to the entire White Council, and is fairly dismissive towards Charles Xavier... but he's disinclined to arouse the wrath of Molly Weasley.
  • Frigga, who's a lovely Granny Classic and a wise Queen, and also, as Carol puts it, "kind of terrifying", after in the sequel, she unleashes the Scourge Of God on Russia after the Red Room kidnap and torture Harry into their Living Weapon.
  • Jean Grey splits the difference between this trope and Big Sister Instinct, particularly where Harry and Maddie are concerned. In a young woman who is unequivocally the most powerful human psychic ever born jointly with Maddie, but it's hinted that while Maddie's more skilled, if anything, Jean is more powerful, who also happens to be a Fiery Redhead, this is a dangerous combination.

The Dragon That Will Pierce the HeavensOne Piece/Fairy Tail Crossover

  • Protagonist Hikari is a Mama Dragon of epic proportions. While not officially a mother, she is fiercely protective of Tony-Tony Chopper, the Iron Dragon Gina Redfox, and the Sky Dragon Sora Marvell, who all call her 'mom'. This also extends to the crew as a whole, with her taking a very maternal, caring role. Threaten any of them, and she'll Hulk Out into a Draconic Humanoid form that can take out whole pirate crews with ease.

Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd FriendshipMy Little Pony: Equestria Girls/The Fairly OddParents Crossover

  • Wanda is this for Timmy. She punishes the Dazzlings for using Timmy for his access to fairy magic by making them do chores, and upon being tricked into thinking Sunset is evil, gladly helps turn her into a worm.
  • Despite her usual neglect, Mrs. Turner has a moment of this when she defends Timmy from the corrupt school board chairman and Tad and Chad's mothers.

The Heart TrilogyThe Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings Crossover

  • The main heroine Kathryn becomes one after Kolstros and Vervenia, the twins of herself and Smaug, are born in Heart of the Inferno. When Urgost calls the twins unnatural half-breeds, Kathryn gives him a magical blast.
  • Despite being a power-hungry and misandristic witch as well as an Abusive Parent, Andraya looks after her normal daughter Freyja. After Freyja is killed by Smaug, Andraya attempts to gain Revenge by Proxy by handing Kathryn over to Fankil (as well as to gain from the demon spells for resurrecting Freyja).

Know Thyself: the Prelude/Know ThyselfThe Matrix/Harry Potter Crossover

  • The moment Trinity sees Vernon kicking a nine-year-old Harry (initially assuming Harry's younger because he's so small), she walks up to the fat man and breaks his neck. After Harry's unplugged, the more Trinity learns about Harry's physical condition and the abuse he must have been subjected to growing up, the more she regrets not having taken more time before killing Vernon to pay him back for what he did to her new son.

Monsters In ParadisePokémon/Touhou Project Crossover

  • Amber Harrison, to the core. She has one child still living in Rustboro City instead of becoming a Pokémon trainer, and she trusts few people outside of herself with the child's welfare; if anyone so much as looks at the child funny, including Yukari Yakumo, she makes her thoughts known violently. This has gotten Amber in hot water in situations where her behavior wouldn't have been appropriate, however.

OriginsMass Effect/Star Wars /Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover

  • Jack steps full-throated into this trope. Brought into civilized society after a criminal past as a biotic instructor, she will end you if you so much as look at her students the wrong way. She goes nuts on Sarah (to no avail), steps into Blood Knight territory against the Flood after one of her students is killed, and actually cares more about the kids than her exterior suggests.

Say It ThriceDanny Phantom/Beetlejuice Crossover

  • Barbara Maitland and Adam are effectively Lydia's honorary godparents, and when she finds out what the evil ghost Sanduleak intended to do to their precious girl, her reaction is... not pretty.

Through the Looking-GlassFirefly/Battlestar Galactica (2003) Crossover

  • Athena can’t show it directly as Hera’s still on Galactica, but when Jayne calls her ‘it’ after he learns that she’s a Cylon, she shows him a picture of Hera to reinforce that she is not just a ‘thing’ but a mother, soldier and wife, in that order.

Thousand ShinjiNeon Genesis Evangelion/Warhammer 40,000 Crossover

  • Misato. Shinji quickly noticed that she was a Mama Bear and would always protect her wards, not matter what. Later on, she proves it when several soldiers shoot Shinji and she leaps in the way of the bullets.
  • Asuka. During a dream sequence she imagines herself to be a mother... and drive a battle-axe into the head of whoever or whatever threatens her and Shinji's child.

Crossovers Without Separate Pages

  • Harmony In Disarray, a Transformers / Wizards of Waverly Place fic: Alex Russo is this towards Leigh as she once broke Galloway's nose (and her own hand!) when he pushed Leigh, and before that she was already one as far back as the beginning of the story.
  • The wizards responsible for organizing the Triwizard Tournament in King of Serpents: Game of Shadows learn why you doesn't mess with Angeline Fowl's offspring when her son barely escapes to be enrolled into the competition. The woman is born a Lestrange, and Artemis has to inherit his brown-pants inducing tendances from someone, after all.
  • When she falls pregnant with the Dark One's child in Dark Dynasty, Cora decides to keep him and flatly rejects Dumbledore's proposition to give the baby to him. For the record, she's heartless - literally, as she cannot feel - and still she refuses to throw her child away, even if he's illegitimate, the offspring of a dark sorcerer and an obstacle to her projects for becoming a queen. Okay, she gets mind-wiped for her troubles, but that's the spirit, right?
  • In the Megamind & Rise of the Guardians crossover fic Protectors, Megamind (known as Teal in this fic) has been adopted by the Warden and his wife, Andrea. Andrea reaches a point in her Mama Bear-ness where the Warden is unsure whether to comfort her... or to remove any objects within her reach which could potentially become a weapon.
    • And when she comes face to face with the two who attempted to manipulate her adoptive son into becoming a villain:
      Andrea: "Since you two obviously make poor parents, you don't comprehend how angry I am. So I'll give you a hint." (punches them both) "Try doing that to my son again, and I'll make you wish for something as sweet as pain."
  • In Croft and Son, an AU in which Lara is portrayed as Nero's mother, has this prominently in the chapter Wolf And Cub, where she spends much of it trying to protect him in a demon attack.
  • The Project Motherhood series by Gamer 95 has the base concept of female characters from various forms of fictional media rescuing Harry Potter (sometimes Crona from Soul Eater and Isaac from The Binding of Isaac) from intensely abusive living situations. As such, the mothers are all but guranteed to have these types of moments.
    • Project Motherhood: Filia has Filia being more or less completely naive to Harry being abused and constantly thrown out of the house by his aunt. When she does catch on, however, she beats Petunia unconscious, and even before that, she attacked an armed thug that was holding Harry at knifepoint and viciously beat a Medici slave trader that was planning on selling him off.
    • Project Motherhood: Cerebella has multiple instances of this, starting with Cerebella threatening Talliesin for expressing interest in adding Harry to his puppet collection and Cerebella snapping at Beatrix for attempting to take Harry as her pupil regardless of how he feels about it. Later in the story, Cerebella and Feng beat the Dursleys viciously when they find out what they did to Harry, and in the end, Cerebella and Beatrix kill Vitale and Lorenzo for torturing him.
    • Project Motherhood: Ms. Fortune has Harry being separated from his adopted mother Nadia Fortune in the mall while Christmas shopping, and then he runs into his uncle, who pulls him into a back alley and beats him due to his mental state being effected by the blood wards surrounding his house. Nadia hears Harry call out for her to come save him, and when she arrives, she tackles Vernon away from Harry and begins to attack him viciously, with the implication that the only thing that stopped her from outright killing the man is Harry's crying snapping her out of her rage. Even then, she still attacks him more, then tells him he is not welcome in Little Innsmouth, essentially scaring him out of town.
    • Project Motherhood: Painwheel starts out with Painwheel going into a berserk rage at the sight of Vernon violently beating Harry without the knowledge that she's there. In her frenzy, she stabs him, slashes at him relentlessly, gouges his eye out, then throws him out of the building and into a dumpster. Later on, after deciding to keep Harry with her, she grows enraged when Brain Drain contacts her and brings him up, threatening to mutilate him if he harms Harry in any way.
  • Eda in Owl Hearts is fiercely protective of any children who come under her care, so when she finds out that Sora became a Keyblade Wielder at 14 years old, Eda goes out to find the people who had a part to play in thrusting the responsibility onto him (namely Ansem, King Mickey, Yen Sid, Eraqus, and Xehanort) and personally beat them up.

    Film — Animation 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The Star Trek (2009) fic Safe and Sound has some examples:
    • The most violent is Khan's lover, Victoria, who was ready to level Starfleet when she woke up and discovered that her unborn child was gone. She then becomes this to her new surrogate daughter, Lucille, and breaks Dr. Korby's arm after he kidnaps the girl.
    • Lucille's biological mother gets a moment when she dies fighting Korby upon realizing the man harmed her.
    • Uhura is this towards her unborn child. When Korby tells her that he intends to inject the baby with Khan's augmented blood (which could kill it), and that having her child would be useful since the baby is part Vulcan, she leaps at him in rage.
    • Kirk's mother, Winona, gets an awesome moment in the first chapter. After the events of the movie she arrives in the holding room where Khan is with McCoy, and tells McCoy to leave. He does, quickly. Remaining calm the whole time, Winona then punches Khan so hard he rolls backwards off the bed. And then, after she dishes out her threat, she just turns and walks away.
    Winona: Do you happen to know what a mother bear does to anyone who harms her cubs?
    Khan: I do.
    Winona: So you probably have a good idea of how I'm feeling. (punches him in the face, and then calmly walks over to where he's landed) I would kill you now, but you may still be needed to save my son, so I won't. But that doesn't mean the thought has left my mind; I'm only going to say this once, and I'm going to make it very clear. If you hurt or threaten my son again, I'll come after you. I won't need Starfleet, or a Vulcan; hell, I won't even need a Klingon Empire. I'll come after you, and when I find you, I'll blast a hole straight through your cold heart. Then I'll cut off your head, and you arms, and your legs; you'll be in six pieces, and I'll bury a piece in one. Continent. Each.
    • McCoy's ex-wife, Pamela, could be a darker, Ax-Crazy example. She shot and killed several security officers while defending Joanna before said daughter was forced to stun her.
  • Another Star Trek (2009) example, this time for the fic Written in the Stars: In an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome, Winona apparently, according to McCoy, "turned into a Mama Bear and scared the crap outta [Khan]" in order to persuade him into giving blood to heal Fem!Kirk.
    • In the same scene, Fem!Kirk's Prime counterpart muses that it runs in the family:
    Kirk: I'm guessing someone threatened Ama?
    Kirk Prime: A group of Orion pirates when she was five. Their life expectancies were shortened to ten seconds.
    • Spock's mother apparently went Mama Bear on the Vulcan High Council when trying to stop the other Vulcan children from bullying him:
    Spock: [Sarek] described it as the only time when the High Council showed any form of emotion.
    Kirk: Flat out terror? Well, that proves it. If you anger a mother, you must have a death wish.
  • In the Transformers fanfic series Black Crayons, Sarah Lennox proves to be this for her daughter Annabelle, telling off soldiers, politicians and Transformers alike with a passion if she even thinks that her daughter is in danger. Ironhide once thought of a scenario where she given a cannon and unleashed on the Decepticons, which ended in her standing on what's left of Megatron's chassis.
  • Grace Montello-Wayne from The Dark Knight fanfiction Question of Honor is trapped in Arkham Asylum thanks to Dr. Hugo Strange. When he threatens to induce early labor if she doesn't comply, she picks up a pencil with the intention of defending her unborn baby.
    Grace: If you so much as touch me, I will drive this pencil into your throat...Batman may have a no-kill rule. But I don't.
  • In the X-Men: First Class series Stars From Home, Ruth has become this to Ororo and Scott. Being a Supersoldier, she is very capable of following through on threats, nearly killing Raven, in front of Charles, for hurting Ororo.
  • In the Jurassic World fanfic, It's not the Raptor DNA, Rexy is the mightiest dinosaur in Isla Nublar, and she'll chew through high-voltage wires to protect Elise, so don't screw with her pack.

  • In Broken Bow, do not ever, EVER, attempt to harm, marry, or hide Armani Dove within the vicinity of Artemis, if you don't want to be attacked with so much force that Athena thinks it could even destroy Zeus. It doesn't matter if you're Aphrodite, a clueless nymph, or even her own brother... just don't.
  • In Heir of Prince Harry turns out to be the long-lost son of Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange. This tidbit sends the other Death Eaters into a panic because, in Lucius Malfoy's opinion:
    The dark lord was scary, but Bella in overprotective mother mode was lethal. He was slightly more afraid of Bella than he was of the dark lord.
  • In No Hurry At All Mrs. Weasley goes ballistic when Dumbledore expresses his disappointment at Death Eaters having been killed during a fight in which most of the family participated.
    Mrs. Weasley: You listen to me you old goat. If the price of my children being safe was to behead every single one of those murdering bastards, I would take up my meat cleaver and do it without one ounce of remorse. If my children are in danger, the Death Eaters are going down hard.
  • In Transmuting Freedom, Professor Sprout's reaction to Snape telling Hannah Abbott that she's fit only for being a "street-witch in Knockturn Alley."
  • When Bellatrix's three-weeks-old baby son disappears from Lestrange Manor after an Auror raid in The Curious Case of Romulus Lestrange, she became absolutely desperate to find him. Unfortunately for the Longbottoms, she remembered Frank was there when baby Romulus was taken...
    • After learning that Harry is actually Romulus Lestrange, Dumbledore muses he may be safer with this identity, as no Death Eater would dare to raise their hand against Bellatrix's only son. Sirius imagines her wrath and promptly concedes the point.
  • Star Wars Legends AU Mara's Right Hook has a reporter who discovers it's NOT a good idea to drag Mara and Luke's son Ben into her sleazy questions. Mara clocks her so hard her jaw dislocates.
  • Another Star Wars fic, Gladiatorial Jedi, ends in a double dose of Mama Bear Mara and Papa Wolf Luke. Mara's angry enough about Luke being captured and forced into a Gladiator Games ring, but then, Luke rejects the romantic advances of his ex, Callista, and she tries to get revenge by having young Ben kidnapped and sent to his death in the arena. When someone tells Mara they'll arrive at the planet in a day, she says that's how long the kidnappers have to live. And when they do arrive, she and Luke are both on the attack trying to protect their son, though Mara gets caught up battling Callista and can't help as much as she'd hoped.
  • The Discworld fic Hyperemesis Gravidarum sees a new development for the Guild of Assassins. Several years after the first women officially graduate, inevitability sees a trio of pregnant Assassins. And it's at a time when a desperate gang with nothing to lose are targeting Assassins. One in particular. The murder gang discover Lady Assassins are Mama Bears when pregnant. Not only for their unborn children. If a younger sister is deliberately targeted for killing, that's a Berserk Button for her pregnant older sister. And another might expect much from the girls to whom she is Housemistress at School. She will also fight like Hell for them as if they were her own daughters. It can only end one way for the terrorist gang. Especially when Mama Bear is assisted in the end by the soon-to-be grandfather of her child.
  • Adam Winters features a relatively downplayed example from Professor McGonagall; despite her reputation for not showing favouritism, she often displays a certain fondness for Adam Winters even without knowing his identity of Harry Potter. During the final confrontation at Hogwarts, McGonagall hugs Adam when he returns to the school, and after he explains his true identity, she reflects that she'd like to strangle Dumbledore if he wasn't already dead for keeping so many secrets.
  • In No Competition Allison Lockwood threatens a millennia-old lich when it allows her foster son Harry Potter to talk to the dragons at the Romanian reserve.
    Ally: If he dies, I will utterly ruin you. I'll shatter your skeleton into two hundred and six pieces, and will bury most pieces of your bony remains in scattered graves all over the world - after I feed some of the larger pieces to some very big, very hungry dogs who shall shit your remains out.
  • In the Carrie fanfic An Alternate Path, Ms. Desjardin discovers how horrifically Carrie is treated by Margaret: getting thrown out of the house for a weekend and getting stabbed in the arm and leg are monthly occurrences for poor Carrie. Ms. Desjardin adopts Carrie and has the book thrown at Margaret, but not before confronting the madwoman, breaking her wrist when the latter tries to stab her, and holding a katana over her head and threatening to cut her to pieces if she comes near Carrie again.
  • In The Augurey Rita Skeeter makes insinuations about Harry's adopted daughter, who Hermione happens to be godmother of.
    Hermione: I love that little girl more than I've ever loved another human being in my life. I would do anything, anything to protect her. And if I find that her name is being bandied about in the Prophet with wild, unsubstantiated claims attached to won't have to track me down again Rita. I'll find you. I'll come into your house while you're sleeping, and I will make you deeply regret crossing me before I end you.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Karofsky's mom in the Glee fanfic The Kurtofsky I Ms. There's a reason she demands to be called Mrs. Badass and the reason is that she beat up Azimio with a golf club when he tried to destroy Karofsky's car.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel fic "All Through the Night" sees Buffy become a mother figure for Angel's son Connor after Wesley brings him to her for safety. Despite her other issues at this point in her life, Buffy soon resolves to protect Connor from anything, even fighting her way out of the hallucination in "Normal Again" because she hears Connor crying.
  • In Supergirl (2015) fic Survivors, don't even think of hurting Kara or Alex in some way, form or shape. Their mother Eliza has a shotgun and is very trigger-happy.
  • Joanne DeSoto in this Emergency! fic. She loves John Gage like another of her kids, and when someone tries to attack John to get revenge on Roy, who he blames for his brother's death, Joanne stops him with a tire iron to the head.
  • Buffy's actions in the fanfic Ahead of Her Time deserve a mention. Over the course of the story she discovers that she will have a daughter with Spike a couple of years in the future (which all has to do with some prophecy, but that's another matter entirely). This happens through time-travel hi-jinks, allowing them both to meet said daughter; an adorable three-year-old named Eden who they both love and adore almost instantly. Then when she goes to explain everything to Riley in the last chapter:
    Riley: "Prophecy is what you make of it, Buffy. If I staked him right now, what would become of your little prophecy? Spike would be dust, you'd come to your senses, and that disgusting hybrid thing would never exist."
    It was his nose that made the crunching sound this time, as Buffy's fist lashed out suddenly and smashed into cartilage. Crap, crap, crap. She'd hit Riley without even realizing what she was doing. Huh…protective instincts already in place. She just couldn't hear it, couldn't listen to him say such things about her child. About her miracle. About Eden. She could change the prophecy. Maybe that was the truth. But all it took was Buffy's mind pulling into focus the so-recent image of the little girl, all blue eyes and soft skin and sweet little lips, and yes, even her tiny razor-sharp fangs, to know that she'd never, ever wish her away. Quite the opposite, actually. She would do everything in her power to make sure she did exist. Even if that meant putting her faith in one de-fanged but currently soulless vampire. Even if that meant letting herself admit that she loved him.Even if it meant throwing Riley away, tossing out her one shot at a "normal" life.
    Buffy: "Did you even see her, Riley? If you had, you wouldn't dream of saying that. And if you want me to leave this apartment before you're a bruised and battered heap on the floor, you won't say it again."
  • In a Criminal Minds fanfiction To live again Alex Blake becomes this to Annie. With her (biological) son already died in canon it's especially understandable. When Annie's birth mother kidnaps her she moves heaven and earth to get her back, which could be considered as a Mama Bear Showdown if Kathryn wouldn't have been batshit crazy from the start.
  • In the Battlestar Galactica (2003) fanfic Fail Better, Lucia is this to Laura and all the Adamas (being married to their ancestor, the first William Adama). She's one of the goddesses of light and a generally sweet woman (if a bit rebellious) who strongly believes in free will, but if you threaten her family you better run. Fast.
  • In the Stargate Atlantis fanfic I See the Stars Diana Weir is a grandmother example of this, especially towards Ada.
    Diana: *to Jonah* "They're the future - our future and the planet's. I won't let them suffer like we did."
  • The Golds: Seeing her father wanting her daughter dead in the crowd was the last straw for Belle, having estranged him for good ever since.
  • In Tacos and Tea Parties, after the six-year-old Fred saves Darla's life, Darla swiftly becomes attached to Fred, accepting her new title of 'Mommy' and making it clear that if she learns that Groo did anything to Fred while she was in Pyle, Darla will freely rip his guts out the next time she sees him.

    Newspaper Comics 

    Video Games 
  • Every female character with a child in The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn and its sequels, even the Big Bad Deadlock. Given most of them are female Dragons, it seems it's just a natural trait for them to have. Cynder takes it up a notch, due to her own horrific childhood making her want to protect her child from suffering the same thing. The only subversion is Queen Gorgon, the Queen of the Naga that Deadlock overthrew.
  • Epona is obviously not her mother, but in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", Malon is grabbed by a Gerudo Assassin, who threatens Link with her. He manages to back the assassin into Epona, who bites her and forces her to let go.
  • Imperfect Metamorphosis: Kotohime, though typically maintaining a veneer of amicable dutifulness, has no quarter towards anyone who harms officers under her command, even if that individual happens to be Marisa Kirisame.
    • In turn, Marisa's mother figure, Mima, is terribly protective of her. Marisa tends to get uncomfortable when Mima voices her concerns regarding the witch's mortality, and how to solve that little "problem". Of course, this doesn't stop Marisa from using it to coerce Mima into Yukari's god-killing hit squad.
  • A Star Trek Online example from "Frostbite", of the A Mother to Her Men variety. Kanril Eleya is supremely pissed off when she finds out that the Breen have been holding part of her crew prisoner, and doesn't have much of a problem with jolting Dalsh Ruul around to make the knife Tess stuck in the Breen's back move about. It's to the point where Eleya's actual codename is "Mama Bear".
  • In Gensokyo 20XX, try to use and manipulate Yukari's love for the children she cares to get her to kill them, try it and you'll find you won't succeed because, mentally ill or otherwise, Yukari will try to kill you. Seija learned the hard way.
    • A pregnant Ran is a more downplayed example in Life in Gensokyo Village in chapter 10 but we clearly know she is a force to be reckoned with, stating that if Yukari and Reimu's birth-mother were to quarrel over who can have Reimu that she was to take Chen and Reimu and stay somewhere else.
  • Marjorie Wilde-Wayne begins showing this in the Arkham City fanfiction The Last Laugh to her unborn child and rushing in to protect her newborn daughter, Sammie, when Azrael delivers his prophecy to Bruce in the finale.
  • In the Mortal Kombat fic "In with the Old, Out with the New", Sonya Blade, who is quite violently protective of her daughter Cassie as it is, is madder than hell after learning that Kano, who had kidnapped Cassie in revenge for her defeat of him, ended up raping her. By the time Sonya is through, Kano is seven different kinds of dead.

     Web Animation 
  • Weiss Reacts: Every single female teacher and parent:
    • Cinder almost took out a Mary Sue for hurting her class had she not had to protect them from a Grimm that had come in at the same time.
    • Freya and Yin, Weiss and Yang's mothers, were pissed when they finally came face to face with Siegmund after he attempted to kill team RWBY.
    • Beth, the school's caretaker, despite lacking a weapon, comes in and attempts to save Weiss from Siegmund.

     Web Original 
  • Domoverse: Ron's mother, Amanda, after Ron was kidnapped.

    Western Animation 
  • Christmas with a Corduroy: Lynda, Dipper and Mabel's mother, is a rare negative example. Neurotic and overprotective, she treats Wendy with great hostility, after hearing about her antics and thinking she is a bad influence on Dipper and Mabel. After discovering Wendy's ax, and that she inadvertently stole a tree, she drives Wendy to tears after accusing her mother of being negligent, not realizing Wendy's mom abandoned her. She realizes she went too far, and apologizes.
  • In the Rise of the Guardians fic Guardian of Light, the main character, Helen Bennett, is taken by Pitch. While the Guardians do show up to rescue her, they're not the first to show up; the first to show up is her adoptive mother, Bernadette Bennett, in a tag-team with her ex-husband. She's armed with only a baseball bat, with an awesome shout-out.
    Bernadette: Get away from her...PITCH! (whacks him with baseball bat)
    • Not to mention it's a Meaningful Name; 'Bernadette' means 'brave as a bear'.
    • Helen's biological mother, Charisse, died protecting the newborn Helen from Pitch (along with Helen's elder sister, Eartha).
  • In the X-Men: Evolution fic "Wanda's Life", Mystique defects from Magneto's side when he uses Mastermind to turn Wanda to his side by erasing Wanda's memory of her relationship with Mystique's son Kurt.
  • In Seeds of Evil, Harley Quinn is this to her son JJ. When she catches Joker stabbing JJ and squirting poison gas into his face, she leaps in between them and knocks Joker away from him with her giant hammer, then tells him exactly what she'll do if he ever hurts her son again.
    Harley: (advancing on Joker with the hammer) You filthy scum sucking CREEP! You lousy, good for nothing, son of a weasel! You hurt him!
    Joker: Now, Harley...I can explain!
    Harley: Go on! Try it! I dare you! (hits Joker in the stomach with the hammer, then grabs him by the shirt and pulls him up to her face) I love you, Puddin', but you stab my baby again and even Batman'll feel sorry for you! Got it?
  • In Crowns of the Kingdom, Minnie is this, especially when Mickey is hurt.
  • In the Code Lyoko fic Growing Family, after a botched attempt by Ulrich, Odd and Jeremie to explain where babies come from by telling Aelita to ask Yumi leads to Aelita programming a little girl based on a photo created by blending a photo of herself and another photo of Jeremie, Jeremie tries to get Aelita to erase said little girl, referring to her as a mistake. Aelita is furious, calling Jeremie out on his hypocrisy by pointing out that he thinks of her as a person and that she and the little girl (named Anya) were created with the exact same programming guidelines, even out-and-out stating she refuses to let Jeremie hurt her little girl. Fortunately Jeremie is talked around, helped by the fact that Anya has her mother's eyes.
  • Webwork: Jade turns deadly serious when she sees Daolon Wong being relieved of his Shadowkhan Essence, and demands to know from Tarakudo what would happen to her young if it was used on her. And then she decides to stop holding back when Paco almost kills them trying to cure her.
  • The Rango fanfic Old West has Grace Glossy who won't allow anything to happen to her only child Teddy. When she's forced to accept Rattlesnake Jake's protection over her home, only the possibility of Teddy becoming a target of mercenaries makes her tolerate the outlaw she (initially) despises. In addition to that, she rescues Mrs. Bigby and her baby from a conflagration because she can't bear to hear a child burning to death. When Bad Bill and his gang beat up Teddy as a warning to her, she goes absolutely livid and beats them all up entirely by herself. Before Teddy was born, his nine unhatched siblings were killed by robbers who in turn were killed by Grace.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, threatening Kagome and/or the Turtles around Kasumi is not a good idea. She cut down a Krangdroid that menaced her as a baby, flies into a rage when Shredder vows that he'll kill Kagome after he's killed her, and when informed that Tiger Claw and Tatsu are about to kill Kagome and the others, she and Splinter immediately go to personally confront them.
    Kasumi: You put your filthy hands on my daughter... get ready for a world of pain!
  • Parthenogenesis: Carmen Sandiego used to be an Actual Pacifist that hated guns. That is, until she became a mother. She's ready to kill anyone who comes between her and her daughter.
  • In Total Drama fanfic Monster Chronicles The only time we see Gwen absolutely furious during the story is when Cedric issues a thinly veiled threat toward her family.
  • In Faded Blue (a Steven Universe fic), Blue Pearl is extremely protective of Steven and, although she has no combat training, she is still willing to fight to protect him.
  • Burning Bridges, Building Confidence: As Alya, Lila, and Mrs. Bustier learn the hard way starting in Chapter 6, bullying Cole or her cousin Marinette will not go over well with her mother Adelaide, especially since Adelaide was a lawyer before becoming the CEO of a cybersecurity company and is all too willing to resort to litigation to make sure people get punished for their actions. When Alya attacks Cole, Adelaide gets the law to officially label it as an ableist hate crime since Alya used her belief that Cole was faking her missing eye as a reason for it, and also sues the school for enabling the environment for the attack in the first place. She also sues Mrs. Bustier for her attempt to victim-blame Cole for the attack and is also aiming at making sure Bustier permanently loses her job note , and when Cole reveals that she collected evidence proving Lila is a Consummate Liar, Adelaide ends up using that same evidence to build a lawsuit against her so Lila can never hurt anyone ever again.
  • Blood Moon: This happens in addition with the gender-opposite Papa Wolf. When Hama tries to force the other waterbender prisoners to become her disciples, they refuse and instantly shield the young Katara behind them.


    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 
  • Twilight Sparkle in general is this in almost any fic where she's a mother. Be they adopted (Families, Guardian Angel) or biological (My Little Mommies, albeit not via the traditional way), mess with her kids at your own peril. Other repeat examples include Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Twilight Velvet and Derpy Hooves, among others.
  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War: When the griffins raid Ponyville in chapter 4 to kidnap fillies and Dinky is taken, Derpy doesn't hesitate to fight three griffins all by herself.
  • Aftermath of the Games:
    Cadance: "Don't you dare assume that I care for Twilight any less just because she came from somewhere else!"
  • Circus Days: After finding out the danger Spike was put in at the end of the story, Princess Celestia personally shows up alongside her guards to make sure he's okay.
  • Chronomistress: Out of Time: Derpy who, upon thinking that her daughter might be in danger, gets out of a Lotus-Eater Machine with sheer force of will, then proceeds to take on an entire hive of changelings.
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • A milder example when Twilight finds out about 'the molt', and immediately informs Spike that he'll be staying indoors for the duration of that event, since his scent would attract predators and she doesn't want anything bad to happen to him. Later, when she finds out ponies had been giving him dirty looks because of his species when they lived in Canterlot, she displays visible concern and asks him why he didn't tell her about it sooner.
    • Even though it's not her filly, when Spoiled Rich starts yelling at Diamond Tiara, Twilight sees the fear on the younger pony's face and immediately steps in to give Spoiled a verbal smackdown.
    • In the third story, Diplomacy Through Schooling, Twilight's protective instinct over her students and teachers is enough to make her go past Mama Bear to full-on One-Winged Angel and curb-stomp Tirek when he destroys her school and she thinks he's killed them all.
  • Escape From the Moon:
    • In the sequel The Mare From the Moon, Celestia decides to send Spliced to stay in Ponyville with Twilight, but makes it very clear what will happen if the visiting alicorn if she harms Twilight or anypony (or non-pony). Spliced’s reaction: "That mare is scary."
    • Twilight is the same when it comes to Spike, warning Spliced that if her plan to help him get ready for what's basically puberty doesn't work out like she promised, Spliced will have to explain the entire thing to Spike, all of Twilight's friends, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Dragon Lord Ember and her father, former Dragon Lord Torch. And then, as an implied threat and the final nail in the coffin, she informs Spliced that she and her friends once banished a being who hurt Spike into the prison realm of Tartarus.
    • Scavenge For the Future has a retroactive example with Spliced Genome, who castrates the pony who threatened her many-times-great-granddaughter with his own gun. Neither of them knew of the relationship at the time though - Spliced herself wasn't told who it was she'd saved until shortly afterward.
  • Mirror's Image: Chrysalis. When her last daughter died from emotional neglect (she'd been left with Filthy Rich and his wife, but wasn't able to get the love she needed when they divorced), she made sure the ponies who were supposed to be raising her went to prison, and stayed there. Plus, there's the whole "invading Canterlot to recover her daughter" thing.
    • Her mother, Queen Amethyst, was a Knight Templar Parent and a Jerkass, but she still went after Celestia for breaking her daughter's heart. And she won.
    • Twilight Velvet, who is very protective of Twilight and refused to let her be forced into an arranged marriage. She ends up dying to save her daughter.
  • Nosflutteratu: When Twilight Sparkle discovers Fluttershy is a vampire, she naturally winds up pouring over her books for any information she can find on the subject. Rainbow Dash drops by just as Twilight has reached and is reading about methods to dispose of a vampire. Rainbow reacts... poorly.
  • Past Sins: Do not hurt Nyx, physically or psychologically, or Twilight will demonstrate exactly why she is Celestia's protege. She'll even go so far as to attack Celestia herself if she thinks it necessary, though there are limits to even the Mama Bear power-up so fortunately nothing much comes of it.
  • Pony POV Series: Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves grabs a mop and proceeds to beat the living tar out of Princess Gaia's birds who have come to carry her daughter away. She actually scares the crap out of the Big Bad doing this!
    • The Dark World version of her also qualifies. She kept going for a thousand years of non-stop pain and suffering to keep her end of Discord's bargain to turn Dinky back (Discord turned her into a muffin). When the redeemed Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity rescue her along with Spike, she joins them to reunite the Elements so she can uncurse Dinky, being revealed as an awakened Element of Loyalty due to her loyalty to her daughter.
    • Rarity goes Mama Bear when her baby sister Sweetie Belle is threatened. She even fights Cheerilee - who's acting as The Dragon to Princess Gaia - one-on-one and her zeal is enough to put them on equal hooves. Her rage was great enough that she almost killed Cheerilee and only stopped when the others reminded her that Cheerilee was Brainwashed and Crazy at the time and they had to be careful.
    • G1 Mimic's Dying Moment of Awesome is one of the most popular moments in the entire fic, due to the fact she managed to bust out Discord's tooth, becoming the only mortal pony to ever truly hurt him. We find out in "Origins" that she did it to protect Celestia and Luna, who were her daughters. It didn't help Discord essentually just emotionally curbstompped Celestia For the Evulz. The moment is preceeded by this Badass Boast:
    Mimic: "You float one inch towards my daughters I will kill you and seal your spirit in one of my horseshoes!"
    • Exploited by Discord with his earthly mother Shady. He knows she loves him, and thus powers her up with an Element of Chaos, allowing her to be his loyal The Dragon and bodyguard, safe in the knowledge she loves him too much to let anything happen to him. Unfortunately for him, he didn't realize she might love him enough to realize he'd gone too far and had to be stopped.
    • Starlight Sparkle (Twilight Velvet), when she sees her son AND daughter have been brainwashed by Chrysalis reacts this way and attacks her. Sadly, a gifted unicorn whose never been in battle verses a veteran alicorn level creature is STILL a lopsided fight, but she does manage to wound Chrysalis.
  • Progress and spin-offs: Princess Celestia will ever so calmly, politely, and nightmarishly deal with you if you threaten her sister Luna.
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: Ditzy Doo goes totally ballistic in A Hard Bargain when some gangsters kidnap Dinky to the point of lifting one miles into the air and dropping him to find out where they were hiding her.
    "Kindness has limits.” Ditzy answered. “and I’ve reached mine.”
  • RealityCheck's Nyxverse: Twilight absolutely FLIPS when Nyx is threatened and nearly killed in Nightmare Night and Nyx. She's only stopped from committing murder by Celestia showing that Nyx was still alive.
    • Celestia shows a bit of this in Alicornundrum when she threatens Lord Blueblood.
    • Twilight Velvet finally gets her Sparkle Clan brand moment of awesomeness in this manner in the same fic.
    Velvet: "You won't have to worry about what Celestia will do to you because the last thing you will see in this world will be me taking a bite out of your still-beating hearts. Oh, and don't think I won't do it. My grandson is a dragon. I know how to get rid of the bodies."
  • Shipping and Handling: Ditzy Doo gets another dose of this, although since it's a shipping/comedy fic rather than an adventure story, both the trigger and the flipout are relatively tame (but we dread to think what would happen if her daughter Dinky was seriously threatened). She relatively meekly endures a verbal beatdown by the unicorn Glow, who's kind of a bitch, until Glow insults Dinky. At this point, Ditzy a) goes berserk, b) throws a serving pan at Glow's head, and c) tells her where to stick it.
    Derpy: "You can insult my eyes, my intelligence, and my disposition all you want, but I will NOT tolerate unkind words about my daughter! Now take it back, you overbearing, self-centered mule!"
  • Six Brides For Two Sisters: Cadence was like this to Twilight Sparkle when they were younger. An older, unfamiliar colt is walking away with the filly you're foalsitting with promises of fun and candy? Poor Shining Armor never saw the Groin Attack coming. (Fortunately for Cadence and Shining's future romance, explanations and apologies were made afterward.)
  • The MLP Loops:
    • Derpy, both Awake and unAwake, is this - in one loop, an accident of Discord's gone wrong causes her (while unAwake) to declare her intent to move out of Ponyville and take Dinky with her, rather than see her hurt again. Since Dinky is one of Ruby Pinch's few friends, this encourages Berry Punch to take her own steps to prevent it, by any means necessary. It eventually results in Berry being hospitalized by a pissed-off Derpy. Fortunately, this also causes Derpy to snap out of her rage. Once back to her normal self, she apologizes to Berry for her actions.
    • Berry Punch, for her part, is willing to risk violent Derpy-induced beatdowns to ensure her daughter Ruby Pinch's safety.
    • Twilight, as usual, for Spike and Nyx.
    • Cadance becomes one after Flurry Heart is born.
    • Fluttershy. It doesn't matter if her adopted son Leman Russ could quite literally chew up anything that threatens him and spit it right back out, hurt him and you. will. pay.
  • The Nuptialverse:
    • In the second story Families, Twilight rips a tree out of the ground and uses it as a club against some teenage dragons threatening Spike! In the next chapter, Garble (the teen dragons' leader) makes Twilight so furious that she goes into Rapidash-mode and shoves a burning piece of wood through his eye!
    • This line says it all:
    Twilight Sparkle: "Get. Away. From. My. Son!"
    • In the side story Outrage, Twilight Velvet chews out Luna and Applejack (and by extension Celestia and the rest of the Mane Five) when she learns what happened to Twilight at the rehearsal, and how she was basically abandoned by everyone. When she confronts Applejack on what happened she punches her right in the face and calls her a bitch (though Applejack does retaliate for this). Velvet and Nightlight need to be locked in their room for the night to calm down until Twilight finally talks to them about what happened in the morning.
  • The Party Never Ended: Derpy has another prominent moment of this when she uses thoughts about Dinky to motivate herself to help fend off the storm.
  • The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments: Twilight again, in the chapter based on Of Mares and Magic (Sweetie Belle is traveling from one alternate dimension to another, and they're all based on various fanfics), when Sweetie is almost killed by a werewolf.
    Twilight: "Nopony, no creature, no monster threatens my student!"
  • The Twilight Child:
    • Princess Celestia makes it quite clear off the bat that if Twilight Twinkle is someone trying to hurt Twilight Sparkle, then she's going to find herself at the business end of an angry Physical God. It's also the reason she's left out of the loop regarding the Changelings, because Twinkle knows she'll instantly confront them, even if her fighting skills are somewhat rusty after years of disuse.
    • Trixie makes her opinions on an angry Ditzy Doo quite clear.
    "An angry single mother? Trixie would much rather face an Ursa Major with only a wet towel at her disposal."
    • Future!Fluttershy. When the Changelings attack her house, she manages to knock several of them out.
  • Vengeance of the Star: After watching her adopted son Spike killed by assassins, Twilight unleashes a magic burst strong enough to obliterate her room entirely and kill two of her assassins. The blast was so strong that Rainbow Dash could see it from Ponyville.
  • What Have You Done: After Twilight had been kicked out of the Canterlot Wedding the only pony who acknowledges her absence is Twilight's mom, Twilight Velvet. When she can't find her in the library and when her friends don't know where she is, Velvet runs out of the reception only to be stopped by Princess Celestia. Velvet attempts to be respectful while trying to leave and look for Twilight, until Celestia keeps blocking her, and trying to reassure her claiming to know Twilight as well as she does. Velvet snaps, and tells Celestia that 1) You are the ruler of Equestria, but you are not Twilight's mother and 2) back off:
    Princess Celestia: "Twilight Velvet. Your daughter is fine. I assure you. I know my student just as well as you know your daughter and we both know that she’s-"
    Twilight Velvet: "Most definitely not fine."
    Twilight Velvet: "I do ever so apologize, Princess, but I must correct you on one little thing. Twilight may be your student, but she is my daughter. And she will always be my daughter. I know Twilight. I’ve known her for far longer than you have, and I know her far better than you ever can, because there are things she would never bare to you. I know her pain, I know her fears, things that you could never understand, because you are a goddess. A being above us. And I respect that. I honor you as my ruler, but I will never honor you as my sister, or as a fellow mother. Now, move aside, so I can save the mare that you helped break."
    • And Celestia does. Even the guards were amazed.
  • Where Is My Love?: Derpy again. She even quotes Ellen Ripley when she sees Dinky being threatened by Amber Vain, who wants to kill both Derpy and Dinky, clearing the way for Vain to be with Prince Blueblood.
    Derpy: “Get away from her, you bitch!”

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