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  • In Victor/Victoria, "Victor" is showing off her vocal range as a man out in the hallway balances on a wine bottle. Hilarity Ensues.
    • She uses this ability to break glass and surprise people throughout the movie.
  • In Bolt, the title canine thinks he has this power (among others), unaware that he's actually just a TV actor and that the "power" is a combination of on-stage stunts and special effects added in post-production.
  • Meet Dave, albeit unintentionally. He's tweaking his voice and accidentally set the pitch so high it makes empty wine bottles explode.
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  • Another unintentional example: Splash. The mermaid language does not function well in land-dwelling society.
  • The roulette wheel scene in Lola Rennt (a.k.a. Run Lola Run)
    • She does it two times before, in the opening and discussing with her father in the bank.
  • Used by the protagonist in Beowulf against Grendel (and combined with "I! AM! BEOWULF!") as a result of Grendel having freakishly sensitive eardrums.
  • The Landlady from Kung Fu Hustle uses a technique known as The Lion's Roar that's basically this. In the fight against The Beast, she breaks the top off a large bell and uses it as an amplifier for the attack, blasting him(and most of the rest of the room) through several walls.
  • The Incredible Mr. Limpet gained a vocal weapon when he was turned into a fish. Though it's less a sonic shriek and more a sonic boom, as he generates a thundering percussive shockwave. It's put to good use at the climax of the movie when he uses it to guide "thrum" seeking German torpedoes to destroy the Nazi U-boats that launched them.
  • The giant pterosaur Rodan, of Godzilla fame, can generate sonic booms through the fast speeds at which he flies. This is demonstrated in Godzilla: Final Wars, in which Rodan flies through a city and the windows of the buildings shatter in his wake.
    • Titanosaurus also has a sonic beam in Unleashed, sonic energy being what led to his defeat in the movie, which is explained by Word of God as him using sonic waves to navigate the depths of the ocean. Considering animals like whales and dolphins do use sonic energy (in the form of sonar clicks) to navigate dark areas of the ocean and locate a potential meal, and could probably be messed up if a sonic device was used on them when they were using said sonar, scrambling the inner ear and brain of the target, this is a case of Truth in Television.
    • The monster in Godzilla (1998), as part of the film's attempt at a more "realistic" depiction of Godzilla, lacked the usual atomic breath. However, its roaring is loud enough to cause cars to explode.
  • Gyaos, the monstrous reptilian bird foe of Gamera, uses a hypersonic shriek amplified into a laser as his primary offensive weapon. It's powerful enough to slice through anything but Gamera's shell. The Gyaos mutation Irys can also use the sonic laser, but fired from the pincers on the ends of her tentacles, and these CAN penetrate Gamera's shell if they're focused long enough on one spot.
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  • The monster portrayed by Awa in Dark Floors is a ghost with a glass-breaking screech. Tobias refers to her as "the Scream Queen", and she is the only one given an in-movie name.
  • The Bleeders in Push have this power, and they get their name from what happens to people who listen to their screams.
  • During the Master Exploder song in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny JB's capable of setting a microphone on fire and literally blowing somebody's mind with his voice given a supercharge by the titular pick.
  • In Dogma, God's voice kills any mortal who hears it, forcing the Metatron to speak on Her behalf instead.
    Metatron: We went through five Adams before we figured that out.
  • Oskar Matzerath in The Tin Drum can shatter glass by yelling. This may have been the inspiration for a similar trait of Lola in Run Lola Run.
  • Coach Boomer from Sky High (2005). Woe betide anyone who disagrees with his choice of 'Hero' or 'Sidekick'.
    Coach Boomer: SIIIIIIIDE-KIIIIICK!!!
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Roger can let out a noise like a steam whistle that can shatter glass, but only after he drinks strong liquor.
  • At one point, the Big Bad in Heroic Trio emits a scream that destroys a character's weapon.
  • This was only demonstrated once in The Return of Hanuman, as Maruti hoots to scare off his school's bullies.
  • Subverted in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in which the Fat Lady attempts to break a glass by singing/screeching at it, but ends up quickly smashing it against the wall instead.
  • Played with in The Muppet Movie. Bunsen is setting up the sound system in the studio and requests a sound level. Animal steps up to the microphone and yells, "TESTING!" at the top of his voice as a joke. Cue smoking headphones and shaking glasses.
  • In the 1984 film adaptation of Dune, Paul and the Fremen use sonic weapons that are activated by shouting.
  • In Critters 3 the crite known as Blackie sends out a distress call to the others when cornered by Annie (though it had no reason to, as the previous films established a single crite is more than capable of taking down a grown man and she was an unarmed pre-teen girl), the scream is loud enough to shatter glass and cause pain to the rest of the apartment attendants.
  • X-Men Film Series
    • Siryn, one of the students in X2: X-Men United has this power. She wakes up as Stryker's men are sneaking around and screams, which alerts everyone else in the mansion.
    • In X-Men: First Class, Banshee's mutation involves making very powerful sound waves that can break glass (among other things). They're also very effective at locating things underwater, in similar variant of echolocation. In an unusual variation, this includes the power of flight, by bouncing sound waves off the ground back into a wingsuit.
  • The only weakness of the aliens in Invisible Invaders is high frequency sound. The team creates a gun that blast sonic waves that turns them visible and then into foam.
  • Joey from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors discovers he has this power when he cuts loose with a Big "NO!" as his friends are being overwhelmed by Freddy's duplicates. Unfortunately for Joey, Freddy is shrewd enough to negate his power in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, drowning him in a waterbed so the teen has no breath with which to scream.
  • In Police Academy: Back in Training, Zed unhinges a door at the training grounds by screaming at it.
  • The Internecine Project (1974) has a sonic assassination device that can be planted in someone's house and set off with a timer.
  • Screamers. The titular Killer Robots are called this because of the high-pitched scream they emit while attacking. You can either cover your ears or hold and fire your weapon properly, but not both.
  • Siren (2010): Silka is an Enthralling Siren. Sung softly, her song acts as Mind-Control Music. Sung loudly, it can cause deafness, madness and even death.


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