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Programming concept in which a number of different TV shows are run in the same time slot under one umbrella title. Universal Television was the most prolific producer of these programs. Not to be confused with that other wheel program. Shows that share their time slots with spin-offs (Once Upon a Time/Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./Agent Carter) should not be considered as there is no umbrella wheel title.

Wheel Titles:

  • Action Pack (somewhat of a blend between this and a PTEN-style "network")
  • Cliffhangers (an updating of old-style movie serials)
  • Force Five (five different dubbed anime shows centered around giant robots)
  • Four in One (unlike many other wheel shows, there was no common connection or overarching theme)
  • The ABC Mystery Movie
  • The Bold Ones
  • The Comic Strip
  • The Name of the Game (the Trope Codifier, being the first of the Universal/NBC wheel programs)
  • Super Sunday (an Animated Anthology featuring multiple segments, all based upon Hasbro toylines)
  • The NBC Mystery Movie
    • The NBC Sunday Mystery Movie
    • The NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie
  • The Sci-Fi Channel Series Collection (more of a rerun slot for shows that only lasted one season)
  • The Men (an ABC series that presented three different shows from different companies, one of which was Universal)
  • Warner Bros. Presents (the Trope Maker, though about a decade too early)

Wheel shows:

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