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Wacky Guy

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The outrageous character who undermines all of a Sitcom's attempts at verisimilitude (such as they are).

Often, the outrageous character(s) clearly has a key to the residence of the more central characters of the show, since they nearly always show up unannounced and never knock or ring the door bell (see Drop-In Character, Your Door Was Open and Inadvertent Entrance Cue).

The Wacky Guy may also be a Weirdness Magnet, his own strangeness an attractor for other weirdness without being directly responsible for it.


Contrast Deadpan Snarker, although they can be combined. Compare Fun Personified, Cloudcuckoolander, The Ditz. May be behind the Zany Scheme.


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  • Batty Koda from FernGully.
  • Mack in Super Troopers, who pulls off the more outlandish shenanigans (impersonating a carjacker just to freak out some stoned teenagers, and volunteering to be the test subject for a bullet-proof jockstrap).

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Alternative Title(s): The Wacky Guy


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