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* Gameplay mechanics--including mechanics borrowed from Tabletop Games.
* Characterization and setting tropes specific to game characters and settings.
* Setting tropes that aren't necessarily specific to games but are used in games to the degree they are pretty much stock elements, or without which many games would be unrecognizable/unplayable.

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!!Tropes related to technical aspects of video games:
+RolePlayingGame Tropes

* AmbidextrousSprite \\
An asymmetric sprite will be perfectly mirrored--meaning it will "switch sides" depending on what way it's facing.
* AntiRageQuitting \\
Ways in which developers discourage players from leaving multiplayer games early.
* ArcadePerfectPort \\
Once the golden standard for ported video games when the difference in processing power between arcade and home was substantial.
* AutomaticNewGame \\
If the game can't find a previous save file, it skips the usual choice of "New Game" / "Continue Game" and starts up a new game by default.
* {{Autosave}}\\
The game saves automatically at points without the player's input.
* BackThatLightUp \\
Handheld game consoles can be lit in several ways.
* CelShading \\
A rendering process used to make 3D models look like cartoons.
* ConsoleCameo \\
A replica of the console a game is on (or another console by the same company) appears in the game.
* ContextSensitiveButton \\
A control that does different things depending on the current situation.
* CutAndPasteEnvironments \\
Repetition of levels/environments, either in part or whole.
* DigitalAvatar \\
Your custom persona inside the game (and elsewhere in {{cyberspace}}).
* DigitizedSprites \\
Converting an existing or pre-made image into a sprite.
* DynamicLoading \\
Techniques used to hide LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading.
* EarnYourBadEnding \\
If the DownerEnding among MultipleEndings requires a surprising amount of extra effort to reach.
* ElaborateEqualsEffective \\
Items and weapons will have a better look as they grow stronger.
* EmergentGameplay\\
In the course of playing a game, players discover new methods and strategies beyond the basic mechanics.
* EssenceDrop \\
Dead enemies drop some intangible thing (usually spheres) that refill your health, magic, etc.
* EventFlag \\
Something that happens that triggers something else (not always related) to occur.
* EvolutionaryRetcon \\
As graphics technology improves, the appearance of the enemies changes so they are scarier, more detailed, and/or more and more lifelike.
* ExpositoryGameplayLimitation \\
Temporarily limiting the range of actions the player character can make in a game, to allow for exposition. Doesn't disrupt gameplay as much as an ExpositionBreak.
* FauxFirstPerson3D \\
A way to simulate 3-D graphics by arranging 2D elements into a perspectivical picture.
* FirstPersonGhost \\
In FirstPersonShooter games, you can never see any part of your body other than perhaps your gun-toting arms.
* FixedCamera \\
The camera views the level from a specific direction or angle, often for thematic reasons. Either way, you can't change the angle if you wanted to.
* FlipScreenScrolling \\
A continuous gameworld scrolls only in full-screen intervals, or is otherwise rendered as a series of "screens".
* FreelookButton \\
The ability to switch from player control to camera control (when you can't have both), and simply observe all the gameworld's SceneryPorn from the character's perspective.
* FreewareGames \\
Games which have either been created for free distribution, or are formerly commercial titles that have been released from their copyright obligations.
* GameFavoredGender\\
When gender differences lead to one gender being more useful than the other.
* GoingThroughTheMotions \\
3D games have a recognizable set of animations for each character which are repeated throughout the game.
* GraphicsInducedSuperDeformed \\
Video game characters have big heads in-game due to the low pixel count they take up.
* HeadSwap \\
Same body + different head = different character!
* HyperactiveSprite \\
The sprites which will not have an [[IdleAnimation idle mode]], thereby being animated as if moving when it should be standing still.
* IsometricProjection \\
A form of graphical projection that fakes a third dimension when only 2D graphics are available.
* KillScreen \\
When an older game gets played so far past expectations that it results in a GameBreakingBug.
* LoadingScreen \\
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** LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading \\
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* MagnetHands \\
Characters in {{Platform Game}}s will always be holding their weapon, no matter what kind of crazy acrobatics they're engaged in.
* ModelDissonance\\
Assets in a game are fudged to look right or make the game run better, which looks weird if you peek behind the scenes.
* MookDebutCutscene \\
A short, usually wordless cutscene introduces you to a new kind of mook.
* MovedToTheNextConsole \\
In development, a game is moved from one console to the newest hardware, usually due to being a late-release title.
* MultiPlatform \\
Any software program, particularly a VideoGame, that is simultaneously developed and (usually) simultaneously released for more than one system.
* NewWorkRecycledGraphics \\
Huh, they look familiar, just like their older game...
* PointBuildSystem \\
The opposite type of GameSystem to the ClassAndLevelSystem, you spend points to buy stats & skills.
* PostProcessingVideoEffects \\
Common visual effects that are applied after the scene is rendered by the game engine.
* RatchetScrolling \\
The camera follows you in one direction only; it won't let you retrace your steps.
* RealTimeWithPause \\
The ability to affect gameplay while it's paused.
* RepeatableQuest \\
Quests that can be repeated.
* RespawnPoint \\
When you die, there's a designated place your new body pops out.
* SaveToken \\
An item in your inventory that allows you to save your game.
* ScriptedEvent \\
Events in video games which are programmed to unfold in the same way each time.
* SelfContainedDemo \\
A video game demo that uses original levels instead of reusing levels from the final product.
* {{Shareware}} \\
A popular form of game distribution, especially during the 1990s.
* SideView \\
A video game perspective in which all objects are viewed strictly from the side, with little or no amount of their tops or bottoms visible.
* {{Skybox}} \\
A graphical representation of the sky that "wraps around" a computer game world, and is used to simulate the "sky" of a game world.
* SoftReset \\
The ability to restart just the game, without having to reboot the system.
* SoundOfNoDamage \\
A sound effect played when something is hit without taking damage.
* SpritePolygonMix \\
Fifth-generation systems often used fully 3D backgrounds with sprite characters, or static backgrounds with polygonal characters.
* SuddenlyBlonde \\
A character's design in earlier works is constrained due to technical limitations.
* SuspendSave \\
A Quick Save system that is good for a single use.
* TechDemoGame \\
A game that has such high hardware requirements, it's almost like a tech demo for said hardware requirements. It can also refer to games that make an obvious push to show off power (such as a game for a video game console).
* ThematicSeries \\
A series of loosely connected games.
* ThreeQuartersView \\
A method of portraying three dimensional space in a two-dimensional plane. Basically, it's a tilted bird's eye view perspective in which both the top and front of an object is seen at the same time, and the vertical axis indicates both height and depth.
* TopDownView \\
A bird's eye view of the action.
* VectorGame \\
Any game that uses a vector graphics display instead of pixels or polygons.
* VideoGameGeography \\
The consequences of making maps fit to a game instead of the other way around.
* WhoForgotTheLights \\
They made it dark for atmosphere ... pity you can't see anything because of it.
* WrapAround \\
A mechanic where the edges of the screen are hyperspatially connected: move past the left side, and you appear on the right.
* ZipMode \\
An out-of-story way to quickly get from one area to another, to minimize {{backtracking}}.

!!Common gameplay tropes:
* ActionBasedMission\\
An action-heavy sequence in a game which for the most part eschews action, combat and direct confrontation.
* ActionInitiative\\
The players' in-game Initiative stat determines who goes in which order.
* AbilityRequiredToProceed \\
Once you receive a particular item that lets you enter a previously inaccessible area, you will need it all over the place to simply continue on your journey.
* AbsurdlyHighLevelCap \\
In games with {{Character Level}}s, the maximum level is far higher than necessary to defeat the FinalBoss.
* AbsurdlyLowLevelCap \\
In games with {{Character Level}}s, the maximum level will be attained long before the end of the game.
* ActionCommands \\
The player must execute a command within a small window of time.
* AdventureFriendlyWorld \\
How the game's setting is designed to justify the gameplay mechanics.
* AlchemicElementals \\
Four specific monsters (variations are rare) are often used to represent an element.
* AllianceMeter\\
Getting the game's factions to like or hate you.
* AlreadyDoneForYou \\
Another character in the story has already accomplished one of your objectives.
* AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent \\
After getting used to one hero, you suddenly find yourself controlling a different character.
* AnotherSideAnotherStory \\
After beating the game, you get to play a parallel storyline with another character or plotline.
* {{Antepiece}} \\
A small piece of level design that is not in itself very challenging but gives players a clue about how they should respond to a bigger challenge that's just around the corner.
* AntiHoarding\\
Gameplay mechanics that discourage hoarding up in-game resources.
* ArbitraryMissionRestriction \\
The player is given a mission that must be completed in an arbitrarily specific way, ''or'' a mission has optional extra conditions that can be fulfilled for a better reward than just completing the mission.
* ArtificialAtmosphericActions \\
{{NPC}} actions which are programmed but turn up in inappropriate ways or circumstances.
* AwesomeButTemporary \\
That super awesome new weapon isn't going to be around for long...
* {{Backtracking}} \\
Having to return to an area you've already been to.
* BagOfSpilling\\
Wait, didn't I have a rocket launcher at the end of the last level?
* BattleIntro \\
The introduction a character has before a fighting game match.
* BattleThemeMusic \\
Feel those awesome riffs, man!
* BeatingADeadPlayer \\
You just died... so why are those dudes still attacking your corpse?
* BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame \\
The most effective tactic against the enemy is the enemy's own tactics.
* BigDamnFireExit \\
Is the building being destroyed around you? There'll always be a fireproof/destructionproof pathway you can escape through!
* BottomlessFuelTanks \\
Your vehicle goes on and on indefinitely without having to refuel.
* CallAHitPointASmeerp \\
A common video game convention that is given a different name in an attempt at immersion.
* CameraLockOn \\
Focusing the camera on a target.
* CameraScrew \\
The camera in a 3D game can be more of a hindrance than a help.
* CaptureTheFlag \\
Common video game mode where two teams try to capture each other's flag. And kill lots of them while they're at it, usually.
* ChangingGameplayPriorities \\
A game's mechanical elements grow and change over the course of the game, such that the things you prioritize in the early game are much different than the things you prioritize in the late game.
* CharacterCustomization \\
Altering the statistics of your character in relation to the game the character is in.
* CheckPoint \\
A point to which the player can return after play has been interrupted, especially by player character death.
* CheckPointStarvation \\
A severe lack of {{Check Point}}s.
* ClassChangeLevelReset \\
If your character changes his class, you must level him up from zero.
* ColorCodedArmies \\
Opposing sides in a strategy game can be told apart by their color.
* ColorCodedMultiplayer \\
Identical PC's can be told apart by their color.
* ComMons \\
The monster (in monster battlers) or card (in card battlers) for beginners, which quickly becomes useless.
* CombatantCooldownSystem \\
A combat system where how soon combatants can act again is determined both by their Speed stat and by the complexity of their respective previous actions.
* CombatResuscitation \\
When a player character runs out of HitPoints, they are put in an injured state and need to be helped back on their feet by a teammate.
* ComebackMechanic \\
A feature that provides assistance to losing players or players near elimination.
* CommonTacticalGameplayElements \\
Rules that add a tactical dimension to video game combat.
* ControllableHelplessness \\
Video games that allow you to control your character (somewhat) even while helpless.
* CooldownManipulation \\
Where you can manipulate the {{Cooldown}} of your abilities (or your foes').
* CorridorCubbyholeRun \\
A corridor with a constant hazard you have to avoid by utilizing "safe zones".
* CraniumRide \\
Jumping on an enemy's head and riding them, often across hazards.
* CreatureBreedingMechanic \\
Breeding in-game animals or monsters to further one's goals.
* CriticalExistenceFailure \\
You can survive any amount of injury with no lasting effects -- unless it takes out your last HitPoint, in which case it's instant death.
* CriticalStatusBuff \\
A character becomes more powerful as his HitPoints approach zero.
** TurnsRed \\
When an enemy (usually a [[BossBattle Boss]]) becomes more powerful as his HitPoints dwindle.
* CrouchAndProne \\
Crouching and/or lying on the ground has various effects for your character.
* DefenselessTransports \\
Transport units are usually unarmed.
* DieChairDie \\
In-game props which can be destroyed, sometimes resulting in a reward.
* DirectContinuousLevels \\
It's a linear game, but not broken up by jumps between levels.
* DoNotDropYourWeapon \\
Heroes and enemies will never drop their gun--until they die.
* DoNotRunWithAGun \\
Only the player can move and shoot at the same time; everyone else has to stop if they want to attack.
* DreamMatchGame \\
Games whose roster include absolutely everyone from a series at the time, at the expense of canonicity.
* DropInDropOutMultiplayer\\
Other players can join and leave any time they want.
* DualWorldGameplay \\
Gameplay techniques introduced by the idea of the player travelling between two worlds.
* EasyExp \\
Non-standard way to gain XP (experience/experience points).
* EasyModeMockery \\
The game mocks you for playing on easy mode.
* ElitesAreMoreGlamorous \\
While frequently a military type, your PlayerCharacter's specific position rarely happens to be "[[RedshirtArmy Yet Another Grunt In This Trench]]". Then again, in most cases you would not ''want'' to play as one of these for long.
* EndgamePlus \\
Defeating the FinalBoss returns you to your most recent save point, but with new bonus content added to the gameworld somewhere.
* EndlessGame \\
A game that never ends; you just keep going to more and more levels.
* EnemyDetectingRadar \\
Blip! Blip! Blip... [[Franchise/MetalGear VRRRRP!?]]
* AnEntrepreneurIsYou \\
A game where you run a business of some sort.
* EquipmentUpgrade \\
Enhance your equippable items instead of replacing them!
* EverythingBreaks \\
It's like as soon as you touch it, it crumbles into dust!
* EverythingIsSmashableArea \\
A confined space in a video game where every object surrounding you is smashable, usually for collecting points.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou \\
Everything wants you dead. ''Everything.''
* ExtraTurn \\
[[Series/TheSuperMarioBrosSuperShow Take one step, and then again!]]
* FakeBalance \\
Theoretically balanced gameplay elements that in practice, are '''not''' balanced.
* FakeDifficulty \\
When game designers create the illusion of a challenge through LuckBasedMission and other means, or when a game really ''is'' hard, but for the wrong reasons.
* FakeLongevity \\
Padding a game out to make it longer.
* FameGate \\
Story progression occurs as the PlayerCharacter's fame increases.
* FirstPersonSnapshooter \\
A gameplay element that requires you to take pictures of things.
* FissionMailed \\
When it looks like you've lost the game, but the plot still continues.
* FlashOfPain \\
Every time an enemy gets hit, it blinks a different colour for a short time.
* FlushingEdgeInteractivity \\
Because being able to flush toilets that otherwise serve no function whatsoever is the cinematic interactive experience players are looking for!
* FollowTheMoney \\
Ubiquitous, small, often shiny collectible items, usually in {{Platform Game}}s.
* FractionalWinningCondition \\
You have several objectives, and completing a certain number of them advances you to the next stage (though you can stay to get them all).
* GameLobby \\
When players need to get together and agree to play before an online game can start.
* GameplayAutomation \\
When the game optionally runs, or offers to run, parts of itself.
* GamePlaysItself \\
A video game forcibly automates something traditionally player-controlled in that genre of game.
* GameWithinAGame \\
Playing a different game inside a game.
* GeoEffects \\
Where the terrain can affect battles, such as stats or effectiveness of elemental abilities.
* GoodiesInTheToilets \\
Bathrooms will contain treasure, clues, or other useful things, if they're included in a game at all.
* GravityBarrier \\
A huge cliff or vertical drop that acts as a "fence" keeping the player from passing it.
* GreenBoyColor \\
If you see this specific palette of green colors, it is likely meant as a throwback to old-school UsefulNotes/GameBoy games.
* GrimyWater \\
Water with a tainted color that harms or kills the character upon contact.
* HealingSpring \\
A body of water that heals bathers.
* HitPoints \\
A number attributed to your health that indicates how close to death you are.
* HomeFieldAdvantage \\
Common in strategy games and {{Role Playing Game}}s, where one side has a distinct advantage based on terrain or location.
* HomingBoulders \\
Where any projectile homes into its target--even things like arrows and boulders.
* HumanCannonball \\
Launching yourself out of a cannon is an useful form of transportation.
* IdiosyncraticComboLevels \\
Names for combo length or timing specific to a game.
* InformedEquipment \\
Equipped weapons and armor are not visibly reflected on your character sprites or models.
* InjuredPlayerCharacterStage \\
The player character in a game gets injured in a cutscene, which affects their abilities in the following gameplay.
* InjuredVulnerability \\
Attacks and other effects only work on weakened targets.
* InUniverseGameClock \\
Time passes, generally on a day/night cycle.
** NPCScheduling \\
[=NPCs=] can be seen moving about as the time passes.
* AnInteriorDesignerIsYou \\
A video game that lets you decorate a room.
* ItemDropMechanic \\
Defeated enemies drop items, representing their loot.
* LastChanceHitPoint \\
If CriticalExistenceFailure doesn't occur immediately upon zero HP, but waits for the owner to take one more hit.
* LevelEditor \\
Make your own levels--ridiculously easy or fiendishly difficult? You decide!
* LevelGoal \\
The way to mark a definitive end to a video game level without a BossBattle.
* LevelScaling \\
As you level up, so do your enemies.
* LevelUpFillUp \\
Go up a level, and your HP fills back up to the max.
* LiftOfDoom \\
A {{Floating Platform|s}} that ascends, and as it does it passes through everything but the player character.
* LimitedUseMagicalDevice \\
An item that allows you to cast spells until it's spent.
* LockedDoor \\
You need a key to open the door. No, [[InsurmountableWaistHighFence you can't just knock it down.]]
* LootCommand \\
A specific command you need to loot something from a defeated enemy.
* LuckManipulationMechanic \\
Game mechanics that let you reattempt chance based elements to get a better result.
* LuckStat \\
A vaguely described statistic used as a catch-all for various effects.
* MaximumHPReduction\\
An attack that reduces the target's maximum hit points rather than just their current amount.
* MiniGame \\
We interrupt your regularly scheduled plot for an UnexpectedGameplayChange!
** BettingMiniGame \\
Let's pause our quest to play craps!
** FishingMinigame \\
Toss a line and reel in the big one!
** HackingMinigame \\
Hacking into computer systems is for profit and fun!
** HotCoffeeMinigame \\
No need to call Freud -- these characters are in fact making out or having sex.
** LockpickingMinigame \\
Set the pins in a lock to open in.
** MiniGameCredits \\
The closing company credits double as their own Minigame.
** PersuasionMinigame \\
Win this minigame to convince an NPC to help you.
** RacingMiniGame \\
First one to the finish line wins!
* MinmaxersDelight \\
A single ability, feat, or CharacterCustomization option that is very nearly a GameBreaker. OR a customization disadvantage that can easily be negated altogether.
* MirrorMatch \\
Character vs Same Character in a competitive multiplayer game. Are you ready to fight yourself?
* MooksButNoBosses \\
A game is full of enemies to beat, but doesn't have any real BossBattle.
* MoraleMechanic \\
A game mechanic simulating the combatants' morale and fighting spirit.
* MultiMookMelee \\
Where you have to fight a seemingly endless stream of {{Mook}}s who slowly become tougher.
* MultiplayerOnlyItem \\
Items that are either exclusive to the Multiplayer mode (even though they could technically appear in Singleplayer as well), or are useless in Singleplayer.
* MultiplePersuasionModes \\
The player characters can use different in-game skills to persuade [=NPCs=] to help (such as Charm, Intimidate, Bribe, etc.).
* MusicalGameplay \\
Games where the background music is immediately affected by what happens on the screen.
* NewGamePlus \\
Way of starting a new game by accessing a previous finished game, allowing you to start with improved stats, [[AndYourRewardIsClothes new costumes]] or [[BagOfHolding items won beforehand]].
* NoBulkDiscounts \\
In games with shops, buying items in bunches never saves you money.
* NonCombatantImmunity \\
No enemies will try to attack you, or be capable of killing you, until you have the means to fight back.
* NoPointsForNeutrality\\
Choosing neutral options won't get you as much development as a good or evil option.
* NotTheIntendedUse \\
When the player finds alternative methods to beat the game than what developers intended to allow. Sometimes requires real skill to pull off.
* ObviousRulePatch
* OlympusMons \\
Cosmically powerful {{Mon}} that [[TheKidWithTheRemoteControl your teen or pre-teen character]] [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu can capture and harness.]]
* OneHitPolykill \\
When a bullet goes through its target and can continue to hit more targets.
* OneStatToRuleThemAll \\
One of the stats you can upgrade grossly outweighs the others in terms of usefulness.
* OnlySmartPeopleMayPass \\
Any barrier that requires the heroes to solve some kind of puzzle or [[RiddleMeThis riddle]] in order to pass.
* OnSiteProcurement \\
If you want better stuff, you'll have to find it on the job.
* OutsideTheBoxTactic \\
Certain enemies are vulnerable to tactics that are bizarre or otherwise not intuitive at first glance.
* {{Overheating}} \\
Your gun will overheat if you use it for too long, even if you have unlimited ammo.
* OxygenatedUnderwaterBubbles \\
Conveniently located air bubbles to replenish your OxygenMeter.
* PaddedSumoGameplay \\
High defensive and low offensive stats for both the player and enemies result in long, monotonous battles.
* PaletteSwap \\
Two sprites (characters, monsters etc.) that are identical except for their color scheme.
* PassThroughTheRings \\
The player must pass through a certain number of rings or other objects within a limited time period.
* PasswordSave \\
Saving your progress through use of a password rather than game memory.
* PathOfMostResistance \\
When you are presented with multiple paths or options, you should ''always'' take the most difficult looking one.
* PlayableMenu \\
Fully interactable main menu sequence.
* PlayerDataSharing \\
Aspects of one player's single player campaign can be transferred to another's.
* PlayerDeathIsDramatic \\
The player character's death is played for drama.
* PlayerVersusEnvironment \\
A type of video game mode in which the enemies are computer-generated AI, specifically when players can be fought as well outside this mode.
* PlayerVersusPlayer \\
A type of video game mode in which the player competes against other players of the game.
* PlotLock \\
Something which you should easily be able to pass through, given your abilities, but the plot decrees you can't.
* PointOfNoReturn \\
A place in the story where it becomes impossible to revisit earlier points.
* PopQuiz \\
A sudden general knowledge quiz regarding obscure facts about the events, characters and monsters in the game universe.
* PowerUpMotif \\
A [[ThemeMusicPowerUp song]] that plays when a timed powerup is being used. Acts as an auditory cue for how much longer the powerup will last.
* PressurePlate \\
A door that's powered by a floor plate that trips when stood upon.
* PressXToNotDie \\
During a cinematic event, you are instructed to press a button to trigger events or dodge attacks etc.
* PurelyAestheticGender \\
Character sex (where it can be chosen) makes no difference in player stats.
* PVPBalanced \\
In games where players can fight each other, classes must be balanced so one type of character is not overpowered.
* AQuestGiverIsYou \\
When games let you send [=NPCs=] on independent side missions for your benefit.
* RegeneratingHealth \\
You can heal injuries just by being inactive, even without first aid.
* RegeneratingMana \\
Your Mana meter refills on its own.
* RegeneratingShieldStaticHealth \\
You have [[MultipleLifeBars two health meters]], only one of which regenerates.
* RelationshipValues \\
A usually hidden meter that measures the depth of your relationship to other characters.
* RestingRecovery\\
Put the characters into a dormant state for a certain time to rapidly recover their HP/MP/etc.
* RingOut \\
To win a match held in a bounded area by throwing, forcing, or tricking the enemy into stepping out of bounds.
* RocketTagGameplay \\
High offensive stats and low defensive stats for both the player and enemies result in quick, unpredictable battles.
* RPGElements \\
Where a non-{{RPG}} is given some aspects of one (menu battles, equipment, levels).
* RPGsEqualCombat \\
The only way to get equipment, skills and levels is to fight things.
* RunDontWalk \\
Modern games have characters run by default; walking is more difficult to do.
* RulesOfTheGame \\
An area of the game with special rules or restrictions.
* SandboxMode \\
A mode where you can play the game without restrictions.
* SavePoint \\
A specific spot where the player is allowed to save.
** JustifiedSavePoint \\
Use this computer terminal to record your progress? ('''Yes'''/No)
* ScoringPoints \\
It's all about the points, baby! Rack up those zeroes!
** PinballScoring \\
Games that award points in extremely ridiculous amounts.
* ScratchDamage \\
You are never invincible - even enemies much weaker than you will still do 1 HitPoint of damage with their attacks.
* SetAMookToKillAMook \\
Games that offer some way to control, trick, or override enemies and make them attack other enemies.
* ShallIRepeatThat \\
When, at the end of a long set of text or dialogue tree, the person with whom you are speaking asks to start the entire conversation over.
* SillinessSwitch \\
A game option that raises the game to significantly elevated stupidity levels.
* SlidingScaleOfCooperationVsCompetition \\
How much the players cooperate or compete in the multiplayer mode.
* SlidingScaleOfGameplayAndStoryIntegration \\
How well do the themes of the story and the mechanics of the gameplay mesh together?
* SlidingScaleOfTurnRealism \\
How games simulate the passage of time.
* SmashingSurvival \\
In order to break free of an enemy's grip or shake loose from a trap, you have to smash the buttons, frantically spin the analog stick, or a combo of both.
* SnipingMission \\
When the player is tasked with using a [[SniperRifle long-range weapon]] to attack far-away targets.
* SpreadShot \\
Your gun shoots bullets covering wider range.
* SpringsSpringsEverywhere \\
Video games are full of springboards and other bouncy things.
* StanceSystem \\
The ability to switch to a new set of abilities or attack styles, designed to open up more strategies and combo opportunities.
* StoryDifficultySetting \\
A difficulty setting specifically catering to players who just want to experience the story.
* StoryDrivenInvulnerability \\
Even if you interact with the bad guy while chasing after him, you can't actually damage him until the BossBattle officially begins.
* SubsystemDamage \\
When individual body parts can be targeted or damaged, or when physical effects impede your character, such as limping or shaky aim.
* SurplusDamageBonus\\
When you get rewarded for damaging an opponent beyond its max HP.
* SwissArmyHero \\
Sometimes you get many heroes in one.
* TacticalDoorUse \\
Monster chasing you? Shut the door.
* TankControls \\
When a game forces you to move forward and backward separately from left and right.
* TeasedWithAwesome \\
When a video game gives you awesome gameplay elements only to take them back immediately.
** ATasteOfPower \\
Where you are given a strong character or ability early on, but lose it quickly.
* TenSecondFlashlight \\
Your flashlight only lasts a few seconds.
* TimeTrial \\
A game mode where the game keeps track of how long you've been playing a level and encourages you to beat it as quickly as possible.
* TubeTravel \\
In which you get somewhere by going through a tube.
* TurnBasedCombat \\
When combat in the game is resolved in turns.
* UnbrokenFirstPersonPerspective \\
When a game never breaks from the first-person perspective of its player character(s).
* UnderusedGameMechanic \\
A facet of gameplay that is notably underexplored compared to the game's other mechanics.
* UnexpectedShmupLevel \\
Whoa, my trusty steed! Forsooth, we must pause to do a ShootEmUp level!
* UnexpectedlyRealisticGameplay \\
In this game, you have to do stuff that games shouldn't be able to do!
* VeteranUnit \\
An equivalent of a CharacterLevel in RealTimeStrategy games
* VideoGameDelegationPenalty \\
By delegating a certain in-game task or mechanic to the AI or a NPC, you get a less desirable result than when you do it yourself.
* VideoGameObjectives \\
Stock goals in video games.
* VideoGameSetpiece \\
An occurrence that is not part of the game's typical gameplay/engine mechanics (e.g. monsters suddenly smashing down doors).
* WarpZone \\
A secret area of a video game that allows you to magically teleport to another level, possibly offering you a choice of levels.
* WhackAMonster\\
Fight an enemy that is only vulnerable when it pops up.
* WhenAllElseFailsGoRight \\
Application of the GenreSavvy concept that the goal is generally to the right of the starting point.

!!Common non-gameplay-related tropes:
* ThirtyDayFreeTrial \\
Offering the game free for a limited time so that new players can try it out.
* AddressingThePlayer \\
Once you enter your name, the game brings it back later as part of the plot or gameplay.
* AdjustableCensorship \\
An option in the game to change how much mature content the player will encounter.
* AnnouncerChatter \\
Announcers in video games can be funny, but also annoying.
* BackFromTheBrink \\
The story begins with the enemy about to kill off the players, then you have to fight back.
* CanonIdentifier \\
Multiple {{Player Character}}s are given different titles to distinguish them from one another.
* CanonName \\
A character which is named by the player is given a "real" name in subsequent adaptations.
* CatastrophicCountdown \\
One a TimeBomb is set, the whole area starts joining in. Even before the boom.
* ChainReactionDestruction \\
Instead of a thing exploding with BOOM, it goes "pow pow pow pow pow!"
* CharacterPortrait \\
Important characters in some {{RPG}}s may have pictures of them display during dialogue.
* ClairvoyantSecurityForce \\
Certain guys seem to psychically know when you are trying to steal something and immediately appear from wherever they were to stop you.
* TheComputerShallTauntYou \\
A character in the game taunts you.
* ConcealedCustomization \\
Customization is wasted by costumes that cover the face.
* CoupDeGraceCutscene \\
After you defeat a boss, a cutscene shows you delivering the final blow.
* CrateExpectations \\
Crates are ''everywhere'' in video games and serve all kinds of different purposes.
* CrueltyIsTheOnlyOption \\
You have no choice but to be cruel in order to continue playing.
* {{Cutscene}} \\
Non-interactive sequences inserted into the action of a game.
* DeathCryEcho \\
When a character is killed, they give off a dying scream, which is repeated (getting fainter) like an echo.
* DefeatMeansPlayable \\
Once you defeat a character, you can then play as said character.
* DestructibleProjectiles \\
Projectiles can be taken out by hitting them with an attack.
* DialogDuringGameplay \\
The character you control has conversations with other characters as you're walking around instead of during a cutscene.
* DuelingPlayerCharacters \\
You must fight a character you have previously controlled in a single-player game.
* EmptyRoomPsych \\
What do you mean this room really ''is'' empty?
* EnjoyTheStorySkipTheGame \\
A game which features both gameplay and story, but the gameplay is largely overlooked in favour of the story.
* ExcusePlot \\
A bare-bones plot that's only there as a justification for the gameplay.
* ExpositionBreak \\
A break in the gameplay to provide you with {{exposition}}.
* FacklerScaleOfFPSRealism \\
A scale that measures how close FirstPersonShooter games are to real-world shooting and combat.
* ForebodingArchitecture \\
Games which allow you to predict when enemies will appear based on the room or visuals you're seeing.
* GameGourmet: All manner of food along the way with which to feed the player character.
* GameplayGuidedAmnesia \\
Because the character knows things the player doesn't, sometimes the character gets amnesia to excuse the explanation to the player.
* HeroesPreferSwords \\
In an RPG, the main character always uses a sword.
* HideYourChildren \\
In violent video games, there will be no children at all anywhere in the game, or they will be impervious to harm.
* HitScan \\
Since bullets travel really fast, they really travel instantly to their destination in a straight line, right?
* ICantReachIt \\
Characters refuse to do or "can't" do something that is clearly within their means.
* IFoughtTheLawAndTheLawWon \\
Whoever or whatever the local law enforcement may be, attempting to fight it is futile. They're either downright invulnerable, or endlessly respawn.
* ImpassableDesert \\
You can't enter the desert without some item.
* InfallibleBabble \\
Whenever you are given information, it is always correct.
* InformingTheFourthWall \\
Main characters will talk to themselves about the items they have if the player tries to examine one, or use them in an invalid manner.
* InGameNovel \\
A full-length novel which can be read inside the game.
* InGameTV \\
An actual TV show which the player can watch inside a game.
* InvoluntaryGroupSplit \\
The characters are forced by a suddenly falling pile of rock, to continue their journey alone.
* IrrelevantImportance \\
An important object that's already been used and hence irrelevant is still prevented from being destroyed or lost by the game.
* ItsUpToYou \\
It's the main character's job to do absolutely every task of any significance.
* JourneyToFindOneself \\
After the end of a game, one character goes off on his own to wander the world.
* LateCharacterSyndrome \\
A character who comes to the party too late in the game for the player to want to go through the effort of using them.
* LateToTheTragedy \\
The main character arrives after something horrible has happened, and while he escapes or investigates, he inevitably learns the whole story.
* LootBoxes \\
A form of microtransactions--pay money to get a box (or something else) filled with RandomLoot.
* LongSongShortScene \\
This is a very elaborate song for such a short screentime.
* LudicrousGibs \\
Ridiculously overemphasized blood and gore.
* MadLibsDialogue \\
The practice of recording lines with blanks in it, which can be filled in later.
* {{Microtransactions}} \\
Selling additional game content for real-world money.
* MisaimedRealism \\
An element of the gameplay that is supposed to make the game realistic, but eventually makes it laughably unrealistic.
* MonstersEverywhere \\
Going from point A to point B is like carving your way through a thick jungle of flesh.
* MusicalSpoiler \\
A change in background music is an early indication that something is about to happen.
* MythologyUpgrade \\
Mythological monsters get beefed up over their original descriptions.
* NewWorldTease \\
You are given a glimpse of a new world, but can't do anything there yet.
* NiceDayDeadlyNight \\
Video game levels get more dangerous once it's night.
* NoGearLevel \\
A level or piece of the plot where you've been stripped of your weapons and/or equipment.
* NoItemUseForYou \\
You can't use certain or any items in certain situations.
* NoPlotNoProblem\\
Forsaking any plot or character development so that the game is purely about the gameplay itself.
* NowWhereWasIGoingAgain \\
OK, I saved my place three months ago and I'm picking the game up again... so where was I supposed to go?
* OmnicidalNeutral \\
Games that let you be neither good or evil, but you can take on ''everybody''.
* OnlyIdiotsMayPass \\
The game assumes you've never played it before, and requires you to "find out" about things you may already know.
* PausedInterrupt \\
When one character is "interrupted" by another, sometimes there is a pause before the second character actually starts talking.
* PlayerAndProtagonistIntegration \\
Are you talking to your character, or ''are'' you your character?
* PlayerPunch \\
Where the game kills or hurts someone or something that the player has come to feel emotion for.
* PlayTheGameSkipTheStory \\
A well-detailed video game plot... which everybody ignored in favour of gameplay or the metagame.
* PreviousPlayerCharacterCameo \\
In a sequel, the PlayerCharacter from a previous game in the series shows up.
* ProtagonistWithoutAPast \\
Even if, reasonably, their hometown should be on the map, your character might never receive an explicit backstory.
* PuzzlePan \\
Where the game's camera pans across the correct route in a puzzle before you begin.
* QuickMelee \\
Melee attacks caused by pressing a button, rather than switching to a melee weapon. Usually seen in shooter games.
* RacingGhost \\
A recording of a previous run that can be raced against in a TimeTrial mode.
* RandomEvent \\
Things that ''can'' happen, but where, when, or ''if'' they will happen are determined purely by chance.
* RandomPowerRanking \\
The tendency of video games to rank personal/{{phlebotinum}} power on a oversimplified, seemingly random/arbitray scale.
* RealIsBrown \\
Games that try to be more "realistic" often seem to paint everything in shades of brown or gray.
* RecurringElement \\
An item, character, monster etc. that appears in several games which are otherwise disconnected.
* RightHandedLeftHandedGuns \\
A weapon used in the right hand, but which seems to be designed for left-hand use.
* SaveThePrincess \\
Typical early video game plot.
* SceneryAsYouGo \\
As you walk along a bridge or walkway, it creates itself, allowing you to continue.
* ScenicTourLevel \\
The game starts with exploration of a small part of the setting while getting a tour of the level.
* ShopliftAndDie \\
Stealing from a shop can be hazardous to your health.
* SidetrackBonus \\
It can be a good idea to go the wrong way.
* SongsInTheKeyOfPanic \\
Certain events cause a song in video games to speed up.
* SpaceFillingPath \\
Rooms always have to have stuff in them, or twist or turn or generally make you spend more time in them than necessary.
* ASpaceMarineIsYou \\
In [[ScienceFiction sci-fi]] {{First Person Shooter}}s, starring a [[OneManArmy member of the military]], you will be a [[SilentProtagonist mute]] SpaceMarine.
* SpeakingSimlish \\
A language, generally for {{NPC}}s, made up of nonsense sounds strung together like actual words.
* StalactiteSpite \\
Inanimate cones of limestone can see players coming and fall appropriately.
* StatDeath \\
It is fatal to allow a certain stat besides HP to fall to zero.
* StoryBreadcrumbs \\
Leaving scraps of information lying around the game world for the lonely player to find and pick up.
* StoryToGameplayRatio \\
The ratio of how much story and gameplay are present in a game.
* StrongerSibling \\
In most games, if the BigBad has a sibling, they will be even stronger than the BigBad themselves.
* StupidityIsTheOnlyOption \\
Sometimes the plot makes the main character do stupid things, even if the player knows not to do them.
* SubtitlesAreSuperfluous \\
Some games do not have any subtitles for fully voiced scenes.
* SuicidalOverconfidence \\
No matter how much stronger you are than the enemy, they will always attack you.
* SuperMovePortraitAttack \\
Whenever a video game character uses their Limit Break, a portrait of them or close-up of their face is flashed on the screen just before they proceed to beat the crap out of an enemy.
* TheThreeTrials \\
The hero must achieve [[RuleOfThree three]] goals to advance the plot.
* ThisIsTheFinalBattle \\
StockPhrase spoken just before the battle with the FinalBoss.
* TitleThemeDrop \\
When the Title Screen theme for a game is played in a certain context within the game itself.
* TrainingStage \\
A stage where the players can train freely the moves they will use in the game.
* VariableMix \\
The running background music has parallel parts that fade in and out with the rising and falling action level, rather than a set track.
* VictoryPose \\
[[StreetFighter YATTA!]]
* VictoryQuote \\
In a FightingGame, the winner gives a badass quote to the loser.
* VideoGamesAndFate \\
Video games tend to be highly linear by their very nature. Some games call attention to this by having fate or destiny be a narrative or thematic element.
* VideoGameHistoricalRevisionism \\
The practice of misrepresenting facts in a historical setting, even when it would make no change to gameplay to be true to history.
* VideoGameTutorial \\
Complementary to new players that are getting the hang of how the controls work.
* VillainShoes \\
A part of the story where you get to control the villain.
* ViolationOfCommonSense \\
Where the game allows you to do something that would be ''really'' stupid in the real world.
* VisibleSilence \\
[[SilentProtagonist ...]] ... ...!
* VoiceGrunting \\
Games that either have audible "beeps" while text is scrolling, or short voice clips rather than full voice acting.
* TheWanderingYou \\
Games that make you walk around a lot just so you'll fight a lot of battles.
* WarHasNeverBeenSoMuchFun \\
It's a war game, but it stars cute, colorful characters and there's no blood.
* TheWarSequence \\
Stage of a game where the enemies begin to come out in huge droves, usually near the climax.
* WhatTheHellPlayer \\
When the player does something weird or cruel, another character will call them out on it.
* AWinnerIsYou \\
An ending sequence that's little more than a single line and a pixelly picture.