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Video Game Settings
aka: Video Game Setting

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"The first board would be the jungle board, and maybe the second board is ice world, and then there's probably a desert world in there and a fire world..."
Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

Video games take place in a wide variety of different environments. As time has gone by, some of these environments have evolved into their own tropes. Some are more common to one genre than others, while others are almost universal, taking different forms depending on the genre. These almost always have their own style of music to match the level theme.

See also Law of Cartographical Elegance, Sorting Algorithm of Threatening Geography and Video Game Geography. Not to be confused with the kind of settings which alter some aspects of the game, Role-Playing Game Verse and RPG-Mechanics Verse which are settings that run on video game logic.



Alternative Title(s): Stock Video Game Setting, Stock Videogame Settings, Video Game Setting, Standard Video Game Levels


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