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Vegas Crossover

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An Intercontinuity Crossover implemented by way of two (or sometimes more) characters from different sources getting married while drunk in Las Vegas. Almost always starts off with the involved parties waking up the next morning and discovering, in order, 1) their hangovers, 2) each other, 3) their nudity, and 4) their wedding rings and/or marriage license. Photos and/or video of Elvis officiating at their nuptials are optional, but always appreciated. Hilarity Ensues as they attempt to reconstruct what happened the previous night (in addition to the obvious) and reveal/obscure their respective histories and secrets to/from each other.


Most often results in a decision to stay married, at least temporarily, until some issue or question is resolved. The crossover elements are further brought into play when explanations must be made to their friends and families.

In most cases the story assumes the two continuities have always existed together in the same world, and have just not intersected before the happy occasion.

This is a relatively new subtype of crossover, apparently born within the last few years. It seems to have first appeared on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic site Twisting The Hellmouth (which you may have noticed due to the below), but stories of this format have been spotted in other venues such as, suggesting it is an actively-growing meme.

Note that it is not simply a Crossover that takes place in Las Vegas.




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