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Sometimes, a trope has more than one Opposite Trope. This usually happens when a trope is about outside appearances vs. inside actualities or gender roles.

For this purpose, we can create a Trope Grid for covering the bases. Here are a few.

  A religion...  
Appears to Be Good Evil
But is actually good Saintly Church Dark Is Not Evil note 
But is actually evil Path of Inspiration, Corrupt Church Religion of Evil
  A person...  
Appears to be Nice A Jerk
But is secretly nice Sheep in Sheep's Clothing Jerk with a Heart of Gold
But is secretly a jerk Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Jerk with a Heart of Jerk
Appears Light Dark
And is good Light Is Good Dark Is Not Evil
And is evil Light Is Not Good Dark Is Evil
  A woman...  
Has Small breasts Large Breasts
And is proud about it Petite Pride Big Breast Pride
And is ashamed of it A-Cup Angst D-Cup Distress
  A homosexual...  
is Male Female
Masculine Manly Gay Butch Lesbian
Feminine Camp Gay Lipstick Lesbian
  A relationship...  
is Romantic Platonic
Becomes platonic Better as Friends Platonic Life-Partners
Becomes romantic Official Couple Just Friends
  A party member is...  
and Physically Strong Physically Weak
Skilled with Magic Magic Knight Squishy Wizard
Lacking Magic Magically Inept Fighter Utility Party Member note