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What are you talking about? Clearly, there's way more than-

Oh, wait. It says tree tropes. *ahem*

Subtrope to Plant Tropes. An index gathering tropes related to trees.

Growing here you will find:

Tropes about individual trees:

  • Arboreal Abode: A house in a hollowed out tree.
  • Bridge Logic: Instant bridge: just kill a tree.
  • Cat Up a Tree: Call the fire department! Our cat needs rescuing!
  • Parachute in a Tree: When a parachutist gets stuck in the branches on the way down.
  • Playing a Tree: The easiest role in the play.
  • Treants: Sapient creatures resembling large, humanoid trees; often wardens of nature.
  • Tree Buchet: Instant catapult: just add tree.
  • Tree Cover: A tree is often the perfect object to hide behind.
  • The Trees Have Faces: Trees depicted with faces on their trunks.
  • Treetop World: A setting where trees grow to such sizes that entire civilizations can exist in their boughs.
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  • Tree Trunk Tour: Video game level taking place inside a tree.
  • Tree Vessel: A tree used as a spaceship.
  • Treehouse of Fun: A classic location for childhood fun.
  • Trees into Toothpicks: Cutting down an entire tree for some frivolous purpose.
  • Watch Out for That Tree!: When swinging on your jungle vine, try not to collide with the scenery.
  • When Trees Attack: In which normally inanimate plants get up, walk around, and attack!
  • Wise Tree: Ancient, sentient tree full of knowledge and good advice.
  • World Tree: A fantastic tree huge enough to reach from ground to sky, or to hold up the world.

Tropes in the forest: