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There are Long-Runners in all sorts of media. There are tropes that are Older Than Dirt. But these are not what this indexes.

This index is for the pages on This Very Wiki that have survived since the earliest days of the site. They've lived through The Google Incident, the 5P, all manner of drama and Trope Repair, and still they stand.


How does a page qualify for this honor? To the right of each page there's a section called page info. If the page says it was created on Jun. 14, 2007 or earlier, it qualifies. Before then, we didn't track the creation of page dates. Many of these pages have existed for so long that we don't know when they were made. Since the wiki was founded in 2004, any page that's this old has seen most of the history of TV Tropes, and this index shows how far this wiki has come.

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    Work Pages 
While namespacing has made the page creation dates of most work pages show past the minimum threshold, the Wayback Machine shows the olden days when they were in the Main namespace:

Anime and Manga

Live-Action TV

Western Animation



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