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"The Yellow 'M'" Shout-Out

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A parody done by De Kiekeboes.note 

The Yellow "M" ("La Marque Jaune") is the most famous comic book album in the Belgian series Blake and Mortimer. It's considered to be a masterpiece and its album cover alone has become so iconic that it has been spoofed countless times.

On the album cover we see Blake and Mortimer standing close together in front of a huge brick wall where a big yellow letter "M" is sprayed on the bricks.

Especially in the Belgian Comics and Franco-Belgian Comics world, referencing "The Yellow 'M'" has virtually become both a Stock Parody, as well as a Stock Pose.

The cover of The Uncanny X-Men #141, the start of the Days of Future Past arc, is a similar iconic pose that is often referenced in American comics.



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    Comic Books 
  • In the Cubitus album "L'ami ne fait pas le moine", pages 38 and 39 of the comic book were spoofed.
  • In Agent 327 at the start of the album "De vergeten bom", the Yellow "M" is sprayed on the door of a garage.
  • On the cover of the album Paniek in Stripland ("Panick in Comic Book Country"), the protagonists also spoof "The Yellow 'M'".
  • In 2005, Dargaud published a parody entitled Menaces sur l'Empire ("The Empire Under Threat") which was a humorous presentation of the adventures of Blake and Mortimer and certainly not part of the canon. One scene included an almost panel-by-panel re-enactment of the Yellow "M" discreetly breaking into Blake and Mortimer's house. In this case, however, the heavily disguised intruder turns out to be Mortimer himself, making a desperate attempt to obtain a chicken from the fridge, but being thwarted at gunpoint by Nasir, who stands by his orders to enforce his master's diet by all means necessary.
  • On January 31, 2009, Eric Maltaite published a parody titled La Belgique résistera-t-elle? ("Will Belgium keep existing?"). On the cover a man is standing in front of the wall where the yellow emblem of the Flemish Lion flag can be seen. This is a reference to the problems between the Dutch- (Flemish) and French- (Walloon) speaking people in Belgium.
  • Cartoonist Alain D:
    • He made a parody, "La Marque de la Parodie", featuring Tintin and Haddock taking the pose, not far from "Kapitaina Dock", a pun on Captain Haddock and Limehouse Dock.
    • He made another parody, "Le Big Mac Jaune", featuring Blake and Mortimer standing in front of a wall with the McDonald's emblem, while the street is now called "What's Up Dock?".
  • On the book cover of "Strips, Aha!" by Patrick Van Gompel, comic book author Jan Bosschaert made lots of references to other comic strips, including the Yellow "M" sprayed upon the side of a door.
  • Philippe Geluck, best known for Le Chat ("The Cat"), spoofed the cover as "La Marque du Chat", with Le Chat and a mouse standing in front of the wall where big yellow cat ears are sprayed on the bricks.
  • Natacha: The album cover of the 20th anniversary issue features Natacha both in a Marilyn Maneuver as well as a The Yellow M Shout Out.
  • De Kiekeboes:
    • In album "Afgelast Wegens Ziekte", Kiekeboe and his son Konstantinopel visit a store specializing in secondhand comic strip decors. At a certain point they stand in front of the wall of "The Yellow 'M'" and even take the same pose as Blake and Mortimer on the album cover. Konstantinopel even says: "If you ask me many people stood here before us."
    • The album cover of "Het Boerka Complot" spoofs the cover again, this time with Kiekeboe and Van De Kasseien standing tied against a wall.

    Comic Strips 
  • Political cartoonist Gal spoofed the cover, too, with the title "Het Wrede Teken" ("The Cruel Sign"), this time with Belgian politicians Jean-Luc Dehaene and Herman Van Rompuy, standing in a street in Maastricht, a reference to the European Treaty of Maastricht in 1992.

    Western Animation 
  • A self reference in the animated adaptation of Blake & Mortimer. The screen title of the show appears at the end of the opening credits, with Blake and Mortimer in the classical pose, except the wall they are standing in front of features the shadow of a clock instead of the Yellow M. Also, said opening credits consists in a montage of scenes from various episodes, and starts with a scene from The Yellow M.

    Real Life 
  • A French comic book store is named itself "La Marque Jaune".


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