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Growing up, with a bump or so along the way.

Jenna: I can't believe it, Alli. I'm pregnant... and I'm a teenager. I'm a...
Alli: ...Pregnant teenager?

A stock plot. An adolescent girl who hasn't finished her education, her maturation of body and mind, and isn't in a stable relationship gets pregnant. (Don't expect the father to stick around if he's similarly underage.) The actual age at which the pregnancy isn't an issue anymore varies according to these factors.

This trope is usually the result of adolescents fooling around without protection or not fully understanding the biology and mechanics at work, though in particularly dark works it may result from rape. Another possibility is that the girl gets pregnant from the very first time she has sex, driving home the message that even a single night of indiscretion can have far-reaching consequences.

The typical fictional teenager generally tries to hide her pregnancy from her parents for as long as possible, which never actually equates to when she starts looking visibly pregnant. This may ultimately result in a Prom Baby. For situations in which the girl in question is hiding it from others besides the parents, see also Stigmatic Pregnancy Euphemism.


Since Status Quo Is God, the majority of earlier television series and other American media usually have the young mother suffer a Convenient Miscarriage or else put the baby up for adoption. If this is a soap opera, you can count on the child returning to find his or her real parents as soon as he or she reaches adulthood, which usually takes about ten years. This can even affect shows that aren't so long-running as to portray the teenage mother growing up since an adult character can be revealed to have given up a child for adoption as a teenager as a plot point.

Another option to avoid scandal is for the girl's parents to raise their grandchild as their own, such that the baby grows up particularly close with his or her "big sister." This usually leads to no shortage of angst all around when the truth inevitably comes out. More recently, such underage mothers in Darker and Edgier shows may simply abort the baby, although this is still extremely rare. Even more recently, there's been a trend toward keeping and raising the baby with all the attendant comedy and drama this may bring, although this is hardly exclusive to the most recent works.


This is a very common reason for a character to be a Tragic Dropout.

Truth in Television, to the existence of no small number of children.


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  • Played for Laughs in a Burger King commercial for chicken fries: a teenage hen gets pregnant by a pack of French fries.
  • In a campaign to reduce the incidence of this trope in real life, the city of Chicago ran an awareness campaign featuring pregnant teenage boys to draw attention to the problem.

    Anime and Manga 
  • The manga Akkan Baby is about this. It's the farthest thing from an angst-fest though.
  • In Angel Crush, it is hard to believe that Vera Willow is already a mother of three. Serena Oak is revealed to be Lulu Mennella's older sister in her crossover appearance in Bag Together from Love Is in the Bag. Exactly how much older is not revealed, but when Serena is standing side-by-side with her teen daughter Sandy, they look quite similar.
  • Implied to be the case in Apollo's Song, particularly when Shogo visits his mother at the bar she runs and one of her employees makes a confused comment about how she could have a son as old as he is.
  • Attack on Titan has Historia Reiss be pregnant as part of a plot point involving passing on the Beast Titan to someone with royal blood. She's either 18 or 19. The father hasn't yet been revealed as of chapter 111.
  • In Bitter Virgin, Hinako was raped by her stepfather and got pregnant twice before her mother was willing to believe her and kicked him out. She had an abortion the first time, and since it was too dangerous the second time she gave birth to her second child and put him into adoption so he could have a better life. The plot starts when the protagonist Daisuke accidentally overhears Hinako confess what happened to her in a church, and feels an urge to protect her.
  • Bokurano: Honda Chizuru's backstory begins when she falls in love with her teacher Mr. Hatagai as a freshman in middle school. While boys her own age seem boorish to her, he seems kind, mature, and like he really listens to her. After he's seduced her, he leads her into a trap to be gang raped by his friends, who blackmail her using the video they took and which results in her getting pregnant. In fact, she's about to get revenge on Mr. Hatagai through Murder-Suicide when she gets morning sickness and realizes she can't go through with it. This had to be Bowdlerized in the anime, where Mr. Hatagai doesn't sell her out to be raped but is depicted as a sleazy pervert who gets her pregnant only to break her heart and ruin her reputation.) Shortly after those events she and her friends are tricked into piloting the Humongous Mecha Zearth against giant monsters, only to be told later that each of them will die after piloting it once. When Chizuru takes control she goes on a rampage, killing those who raped her (again, not in the anime), and almost kills her teacher when she is stopped by her sister—whom he was dating—and attempts to stop Chizuru by "Go Through Me"; Chizuru calms down enough to destroy the enemy, and then she and her unborn baby die. It is later revealed that her baby counted to the number of pilots piloting the mech, meaning the group was one short — and if the baby had been called to pilot, they all would have been doomed.
  • Boys Empire has this with almost everyone eventually, but it is H-manga with Incest Is Relative...
    • In order of oldest to youngest: Mina Tamura, daughter Sakura, 17. Umeko Tamura (nee Sakagami), daughter Mina, 15note ; son Makoto, 20. Hitomi Mizumura, son Makoto Jr, 12.
  • Strongly implied in the case of Eleanor Baker in Candy Candy. She seems to be in her mid-30s, while her child Terry Granchester is in his mid-teens. Additionally, Terry is an Heroic Bastard born fom Eleanor's affair with a much older English nobleman. No wonder the kid has... issues.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko, married at sixteen, and gave birth to her eldest son Touya a year later.
  • Invoked by Kokoro in DARLING in the FRANXX, she reads a book on childbirth and desires to have a kid to "leave something behind" in the world before she inevitably dies. While it's unclear exactly how old any of the Parasites are, they are certainly young teenagers. She unknowingly gets pregnant after her first time with Mitsuru, and gives birth to a daughter, Ai, in the final episode of the series. The Distant Finale goes on to say that she and Mitsuru had at least three more kids after that.
  • Banji's mother in Go Nagai's Delinquent In Drag (Oira Sukeban) gave birth to Banji in her early teens, explicitly stated in dialogue.
  • Devil Hunter Yohko: Sayoko Mano was sexually active as a teenager and became pregnant with her daughter, Yohko, when she was only 15 - something that disqualified her as a Devil Hunter, as that requires remaining celibate until age 16. Adulthood hasn't changed Sayoko. She continues to engage in casual sex with different men and encourages her now 16 year old daughter to do the same.
  • In Digimon Tamers, some maths will reveal that Ruki's mother Rumiko had her when she was eighteen. The dub changed Ruki's age without touching Rumiko's, so if we go by All There in the Manual, the latter gave birth at fifteen instead. However, in the actual series, Rumiko did say Rika was the product of her being married before she was ready, so eighteen is still the youngest she could have been. Her grandmother Seiko is also very youthful-looking and could be an example in the dub if, as theorized above, Rumiko's age actually is higher in the dub (in the original, Seiko had Rumiko at age 21 and thus became a grandmother at age 39).
  • From the New World: We last see Maria and Mamoru when they are 14 and 12 years later, it's revealed they have a child who was born shortly before they were killed. The child appears to be a preteen.
  • In Fruits Basket, Kyoko is something like 16 when she gets pregnant with Tohru. She's already married, but she's still scared and unsure about raising a child, until her husband Katsuya reminds her that she's not going to have to do it alone. She still ends up as a young single parent without a high school education after he dies a couple years later.
  • This happens to Ed's friend and Implied Love Interest Rose in Fullmetal Alchemist. She's heavily implied to have been raped, and her kid was born from that. She's seen with her son the second time we see her and by her cameo Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa he's a toddler.
  • Utilized in the 3rd Fushigi Yuugi OVA. Miaka (age 18) married Hot Teacher Taka Tsukunami Tamahome reincarnated after graduation, and she is 3 months pregnant with her first child. The baby is transferred out of her body and into that of a 16-year-old named Mayo Sakaki, Taka's pupil, who wants Taka all for herself, while poor Miaka falls into a coma. It is the Shinzaho needed to summon Suzaku and save the Universe of the Four Gods. Furthermore, it was subconsciously given to Mayo by Miaka, not stolen by Mayo, even though it seems that way at first. The baby is then returned to the mother, and later Miaka gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Hikari.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: Kunio Murai's mother Julia was 13 when she gave birth to him. (It was a Surprise Pregnancy.) The Live-Action Adaptation ups the age.
  • Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!: Miharu, Souji's mom. However in her case, it's absolutely merited; the light novel mentions that she got pregnant with Souji during her third year (it's not specified, but the assumption is high school due to the fact that said conception happened in the middle of a chuunibyou roleplay, though middle school is not out of the question), putting her around 14-18 when she had him.
  • In Haré+Guu, Hale is 10 while his mother Weda is 24. It's the reason she lives in the jungle: Her city family kicked her out.
  • In Haru And Midori, Midori's close friend Tsugumi dies at 31, and at her funeral, Midori meets Tsugumi's 14 year old daughter. Midori does the math to find that Tsugumi had Haru at 17, and there's 14 years of her life that Midori knows nothing about.
  • In Hayate the Combat Butler Mikoto is stated to have had Wataru when she was young (and there's implication that Nagi's mother also gave birth while she was young) and actually left Wataru in the care of his maid Saki because of it. Mikoto still looks young despite having a 13-year-old son.
  • Hori's parents in Horimiya were around 18-19 when she was born. Becomes a case of Generation Xerox in the original webcomic when Hori has to drop out of school in her senior year due to getting pregnant with Miyamura's child. Post-Time Skip chapters have the two of them married and raising their son together.
  • Played for drama in Ichigo no Gakkou after the high school girl Kurumi and her teacher Ichigo develop a mutual case of Hot for Teacher/Hot for Student until she gets pregnant and becomes a Tragic Dropout. Though tempted to deny it for the sake of his career, he admits that he is the father and is thoroughly disgraced. Unable to teach anymore, he gets a job as a salaryman and insists on marrying her for honor's sake...and then they have to struggle to form a working relationship. Although Kurumi loves her child, she still feels wistful when she sees other girls her age still enjoying the carefree adolescence she was forced to give up.
  • In the Distant Finale of Inuyasha, Sango already has three children and she's only about 19-20, which is not that surprising since she married Mr. "bear my child" Miroku and the story takes place in Feudal Japan. That, and two of the kids are twin girls no older than three; the third child is actually born in that same Distant Finale.
  • In the prequel novels for K, Saruhiko Fushimi's parents were very young when he was born - 17 or 18 - and they got married just because of the pregnancy.
  • The main character Yukino Miyazawa in Kare Kano. She and Arima started to be sexually active when in high school, and Yukino got pregnant in their last HS year. They got married after graduation and, due to economic problems, Yukino herself remained a House Wife for a while; when her older daughter Sakura and the Half-Identical Twins that followed were more or less grown, she went to college and became a doctor.
  • Karin: When Kenta was born, his mother was 16 and his father was 19.
  • An extreme example provides the main plot of Kodomo no Kodomo, where both parents are in fifth grade.
  • Kodomo no Omocha: Sana's birth mother Keiko was fourteen when she gave birth. And it's implied in the manga that Sana was the product of sexual abuse, as apparently her dad was Keiko's uncle. It also would've been borderline statutory rape, since the age of consent in Japan is in between 13 and 18 depending on the prefecture, and this means Sana was conceived when Keiko was 13.
  • Lotte no Omocha!: Naoya was 12 (13 in the anime) when he sired Ashua. Mercelida (Ashua's mother) wasn't any better at 15.
  • In Love Is in the Bag, Lulu Mennella is shown to be quite youthful, and her age is toyed with but never revealed.
  • In the Lyrical Nanoha franchise:
    • Lindy Harlaown was 17 years old when Chrono was born, and is 31 during the first series. Though she still looks like she's in her early twenties at most, and doesn't visibly age for the next decade either.
    • Since the series is a spin-off to Triangle Heart 3, it's not clear whether Momoko is really Kyouya and Miyuki's mother in this universe or not.note  If she is, then she must be 14 and 16 when she gave birth to them, respectively. Her husband Shirou was definitely 18 when his son was born. Like Lindy, Momoko looks like in her early twenties, despite being 33 at the start of the series and remains her youthful appearance for the next 14 years.
  • Tsubame/Top Speed in Magical Girl Raising Project zigzags this. She's 19 when the story enters with her carrying a child (unknown to her fellow magical girls). However, she is Happily Married (though still doesn't give a good impression to her neighbors). Tragically, she does not carry her baby to term as she's killed in battle.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans has a rare example of teenagers trying to have a baby in episode 44 when Mikazuki and Atra tell Kudelia they've been trying to conceive. In the epilogue, Atra succeeded and had a kid, who is named Akatsuki.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Yzak Joule's age is given as sixteen. His mother, Ezalia's age is given as thirty-three. This means Ezalia was seventeen when she had Yzak. Given her country's aggressive pro-birth policies, this actually makes a lot of sense.
  • My Monster Secret: At the end of the series, it's revealed that Youko, the (vampire) female protagonist is pregnant. In an added wrinkle, she and her boyfriend never actually had sex. She's a vampire, and they didn't realize that it's possible for a vampire to conceive via drinking blood.
  • One Piece:
    • Scarlett was only 19 when she had Rebecca.
    • Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom, was 18 years old when she gave birth to her first child Perospero, and she continued to give birth every year for the next 41, resulting in a total of 85 children.
  • Pokémon: While not as clear as the game example, see the video game section, the Oak family may also apply: Professor Oak is 50 years old as of circa Johto (and given the way the anime timeline works, he probably still is that age, if not younger). His grandson Gary is 10, meaning that there is a 40 year gap for both Professor Oak to have a kid(s), and for that kid(s) to have Gary. At best both were 20 when this happened, but it is just as likely one of them were teenagers.
  • Rosario + Vampire gives us Kurumu's mother Ageha and Mizore's mother Tsurara, both of whom appear to be in their early thirties; the anime reveals them to have been classmates. Justified in Tsurara's case, since Yuki-Onna go sterile at a very young age, and as a succubus, Ageha probably didn't want to take things slowly either.
  • Marine Gabrielle de Polignac in Rose of Versailles, who had her eldest daughter Rosalie at age 14. She gave her away to her former maid Nicole, who took the baby away and raised her as a peasant.
  • In Sakende Yaruze! Shino and Misao think they want to have kids at 17. When Misao does get pregnant, she leaves Shino so as not to wreck his future, not telling him about it and giving birth to Nakaya alone. 17 years later, Nakaya and his girlfriend have a pregnancy scare, but luckily for Nakaya she was just a little late.
  • In the School Days anime, Sekai believes with good reason that she's pregnant with Makoto's baby. The Downer Ending takes place and both she and Makoto die, though, so it's never fully cleared if she was knocked-up or not.
  • Shino from School-Live! ends up pregnant by her boyfriend. This is inconvenient, as they're in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. Even worse, her boyfriend turns into a zombie due to the virus being airborne. It's unknown how the baby will turn out.
  • Shaman King: Hana Asakura was born when his parents, Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyouyama, were 16. There's a scene that all but stated Yoh and Anna had Their First Time fairly early in the manga (since they feared he'd die in the tournament), and it's heavily implied he was conceived that night. This was fan speculation in the original series, but Shaman King: Flowers confirmed it.
  • In Super Dimension Century Orguss, all female Emaan who are mothers go through at least one of these, because their Bizarre Alien Biology makes them sterile at eighteen, in a bizarrely enforced case of Christmas Cake.
  • Played for Laughs in Tomo-chan Is a Girl!. Carol Olston is 15. Her mother Ferris is an (Absurdly Youthful) 28-year old. Tomo attempts to do the math in regards to this, but Misuzu quickly advises her to not push the subject. A later bonus chapter shows how it happened: 13-year-old Ferris looked like a 16-18 year old and completely forgot to mention her age to her 16 year old boyfriend.
  • In Toradora!, male lead Ryuuji Takasu was born when his mother, Yasuko, was about 16-17.
  • Atsuko Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho gave birth to Yusuke when she was just 15.

  • Raquel from Icon found out she was pregnant right around the time her superhero career began. Unlike Steph, she decided to keep her son, whom she named Amistad.
  • In Robin, Stephanie Brown (then the Spoiler and later the third Batgirl) realized she was pregnant during the Batman Cataclysm storyline, and was temporarily Put on a Bus until she gave birth. She decided to give the baby up for adoption and even refused to learn the gender so she wouldn't get attached. Batman later revealed to her that she'd had a daughter during Batman: War Games.
  • Trouble infamously tried to do this, focusing on the relationships of Spider-Man's parents, Uncle Ben, and Aunt May as teens and retconning that Peter himself was the product of an affair his father Richard and May had. Needless to say, it was hated and declared to not be in canon with the Marvel Universe.

    Fairy Tales 
  • Rapunzel gets pregnant by her visiting lover, the local Prince. In the original version, she even reveals her lover's existence to her "mother" by asking her "Why is my dress getting so tight around my belly?" This line was apparently considered too blunt by the Grimms since in their second version of the tale they bowdlerised/Disneyfied it to "Mother you are much heavier to lift than my lover." In any case, the Prince got her pregnant (sometimes with twins, sometimes with only one kid); she lived alone and raised her kid/kids on her own until she was reunited with him years later. Of course, the Disney animated version left out pregnancy completely, as do most adaptations (save for the anime, although it was careful to explain that the Prince and Rapunzel had secretly married).

    Fan Works 
  • The plot of the Warriors fic Apprentice And Pregnant revolves around an apprentice named Hollypaw who is raped by a ShadowClan cat. As a result, she ends up the youngest mother in Clan history.
  • In bent or broken, it's the family tree, Esmeralda was married at age 16 to Pierre Gringoire for convenience's sake, but, unlike in the original novel, it wasn't a Sexless Marriage. She became pregnant soon afterwards. Esmeralda was widowed four years later and left a Struggling Single Mother.
  • In The Berserkers Bride, Hiccup becomes pregnant in her teens. Justified, since Hiccup was married off in a political marriage in an era where marrying young was the norm.
  • Black Sky: Dorea Black is impregnated three days after her fifteenth birthday and gives birth to her twins before her sixteenth. Her husband is quite horrified when he learns her true age.
  • The Child of Love: Asuka gets pregnant when she is just fourteen and the story narrates how she goes through her pregnancy and what complications it causes, and how her relationship with Shinji evolves…
  • Child of the Storm notes the canon example of Lily Potter. Other examples include Minerva McGonagall, whose daughter by Bucky Barnes became in turn the mother of Clint Barton. Additionally, if most people knew that Wanda had a teenage daughter, they'd assume that she was one too, but she wasn't. She was about thirty. It's just that she still looks that way.
  • In the Frozen fic Darkness Burning, Anna is married off in her late teens and ends up pregnant at 19. Anna and her parents are overjoyed, but her sister Elsa thinks she's a bit young to be a mother.
  • This was how Tohka Yatogami was born in Date A Re:Live unlike in canon. Her mother got pregnant with her accidentally and ended up having to marry the father while they were still teenagers in order to take responsibility for it.
  • Discussed at length in "Dear Sweetie Belle", with Rarity describing having fallen into this situation- while old enough to attend school in another city, she had just started fashion academy and was in no way prepared to deal with a foal on her own. Her parents, having just lost a foal themselves, agreed to raise the foal as her sister, i.e. Sweetie Belle.
  • Digimon Adventure: A Land of Monsters is a fanfic that has this idea in their story line. Ken states to Joe, T.K. and his wife that he had a son before the events of the main story line and before he met them. Ken is seventeen years old when the story starts. This means that his son was born before Ken was even seventeen years old. Since Ken is 45-47 years old, his son is over thirty years old when Ken tells everybody of it.
  • Fairytales:
    • Snow White became pregnant very soon after she married her prince charming. Due to a combination of her fragile body, young age of only fourteen, and the medical expertise of the time, she dies in birth.
    • Aurora became pregnant at age sixteen, only a month after getting married to Phillip.
  • At the start of For Love, Hinata is about a week or less from giving birth to her and Naruto's child right before her 20th birthday. It immediately ceases to be a problem, though, as that's when her consciousness is sent back in time 15 years into her 5-year old body instead.
  • Implied in Friendship is Witchcraft. Rainbow Dash seems pretty young yet has a filly, Scootaloo.
  • Friends with Everybody: The human Derpy is revealed to be pregnant at the end of A Heated Problem, though it comes out later that she was already pregnant before that story began. She eventually gives birth in Arrival.
  • In Frostbitten Flower, Celia was married around 18 and became pregnant shortly afterwards. At the start of the story she's been widowed less than a week. The plot recolves around Celia's grief and how she gets by as a pregnant widowed farmer who isn't even 20 yet.
  • Towards the end of Fullmetal Alchemist: Forever Edward and Winry's daughter, Amy, is impregnated by her childhood friend, Maes Mustang. She is twelve.
  • Taken Up to Eleven in Homestuck High when Jade gets pregnant with triplets, each of which has a different father (technically possible, but not very likely).
  • This is the premise of the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic Iris. Although, it's a slight variation, as the characters involved are considered adults in the Fire Nation despite being seventeen. The stigma comes from the fact that their kid would be illegitimate.
  • The Harry Potter fanfic It Happened One Night has this as its premise. Harry and Ginny's first time together results in her getting pregnant and the two of them marrying.
  • More than one Kim Possible fics have Kim having Shego's child/children before prom. She can do anything. NoDrogs' A Small Possibility series is generally credited as the original/best version of this, as it is what triggered the ones coming next. In A Small Possibility, at age seventeen, Kim becomes pregnant with Shego's child thanks to one of Drakken's schemes.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, when Kyon was born his mother was 15 and his father was 16-17.
  • Last Child of Krypton: In the last chapter of Redux Asuka gets pregnant with Shinji’s baby. She was thirteen when she got knocked up, but since she had been genetically modified with Kryptonian DNA, pregnancy complications are unlikely to happen.
  • Most of Lord Archive's fan fictions centers around mothers and fathers being pregnant and having a child at a very young age as well as showing the implications and consequences of their actions (For example, Nadeshiko got kicked out of school at the age of 16 because she got pregnant with a child or how both Natsuko and Hiroaki had fallen out of love and divorced because they conceive a child at the age of 17).
  • The Loud House
    • The Blooming Lily is a Loud House fic where Leni is actually Lily's mother from an unknown father.
    • Unexpected is one where Lori becomes pregnant after a night with her boyfriend Bobby.
  • Implied in Married to the Koopa King. Bowser mentions that his ex-wife Clawdia was a few years older than him and Peach guesses that Bowser married at age fifteen. They had Ludwig not too soon afterwards.
  • Meg in the Meg's Family Series gave birth to her daughter Maddie at 17 years old.
  • The Merry Go Round Broke Down has a preteen example with Simon Seville. He somehow ends up pregnant after being turned into a "digi" character. His equally young girlfriend Jeanette plans on taking care of the kids with him. Of course, being a toon, Simon is chronologically over fifty and Jeanette is over twenty, even if they don't physically age.
  • After a heated night, Marinette in Miraculous: Marinette's baby winds up pregnant with Chat Noir's baby. While she does not plan on keeping it, a mix of her parents goading and the reveal that not only is the father of her child Adrien, but that he intends on being there for them leads her to decide to keep him.
  • Tumblr Blog Motherly Scootaloo is about the Cutie Mark Crusader Scootaloo, who is preggers, and the events after. The film Juno was listed by the artist as a major source of inspiration.
  • The New Retcons had this as a plot point: Elly had had one of these, and her greatest fear is rejection if everyone learned about it, a fear realized when her daughter Claire finds her and John attacks Elly in response. Word of God is Connie Poirier had one too, and that was how she and Elly met: they ended up at the same school for wayward girls.
  • This Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfiction, called Nine Months. The main character is a sixteen-year-old demigod daughter of Artemis who's pregnant with triplets.
  • Offspring is an Alternate Universe Fic where Link and Mipha were married and had children prior to the Calamity. Link was no older than seventeen, while Mipha was chronologically a century old but for all intents a teenager by Zora standards. After Link wakes up from his stasis, he finds himself the father of triplets who are physically the same age as him.
  • The One I Love Is: After the war Shinji gets Asuka pregnant when she is seventeen. They never used protection because they thought they did not need because her injuries were too severe. After finding out she was pregnant they got married.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Delia gave birth to Ash when she was barely 18. Fortunately, her mother helped her in raising him for the first two years until she died, but Delia was able to continue on her own.
  • In RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, Ditzy Doo was just barely legal when she got pregnant with Dinky. She managed to do a pretty good job of raising her anyway.
  • In The Second Try, thanks to the Law of Inverse Fertility, Asuka gets pregnant from Shinji a few years after Third Impact, despite being on the pill. Asuka is utterly unprepared to the idea of having a child, so she hides it from Shinji at first and tries to starve herself in a misguided attempt to cause a miscarriage, which causes a major strain in their relationship when Shinji discovers it. After much reluctance, she eventually comes to embrace her motherhood.
  • In Seinen Kakumei Utena, Mrs. Ohtori could not be more than fifteen when she gave birth to Kanae after getting raped by the young Mr. Ohtori and Mr. Kaoru.
  • The Test takes place within a year of Lilly and Hisao graduating at the end of Katawa Shoujo. The story revolves around Lilly's surprise pregnancy.
  • The Omegaverse Assassination Classroom fanfic There Is No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin focuses on a pregnant-by-Karma Nagisa, whose child was conceived when they were 14 and delievered when they 15, both times before they even graduated middle school.
  • VampireMeerkat depicts the Kanker sister's mother having gotten pregnant with Lee at age 19. Her older boyfriend Butch got scared and ran off when she told him about the pregnancy.

    Film — Animation 
  • Implied to be the case for The Little Mermaid. Ariel is sixteen in the original film when she marries Eric. The sequel, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, is stated to take place twelve years later. As the film focuses on the couple's daughter Melody, who is turning twelve, the implication is that she was born within a year of the first film's events, meaning Ariel was a teen mom.
  • Implied in Treasure Planet. According to the art book, Sarah married at seventeen and became pregnant with Jim "sooner than expected". Her nineteen-year-old husband couldn't handle a wife and son, so he ran off when Jim was eight.

    Film — Live Action 
  • Juno carries to term while arranging an adoption for her child. In a Gender Flip of the "first time" variation, Paulie Bleeker was the one losing his virginity.
  • There's Jenny, Juno, which features a more comic version of a Korean teenage couple working through the girl's pregnancy, despite serious disapproval from parents on both sides (the girl's older sister even suggests that they send to baby to their other sister in the USA - who is pregnant at the same time - so that the other sister could claim to have had twins).
  • The premise of several Lifetime Movies of the Week : "Fifteen and Pregnant", "Too Young To Be A Dad", and "Mom at Sixteen". Too Young to be a Dad features a similar inversion to Juno with the girl being experienced and the boy knocking her up during his first time.
  • That was also the plot of The Snapper, a 1992 movie by Stephen Frears set in working-class Ireland.
  • The central character of Saved! became pregnant after her first time with her (soon-to-be-ex) boyfriend because she thought that having sex would cure him of his homosexuality. Of course, nearly everybody in the movie is a fundamentalist Christian, so it's no miracle that the girl didn't know what to expect. Mary is a bit of a subversion, though, since she obviously understands how she got pregnant—she just doesn't understand why God let it happen when she fully thought she was doing his will.
  • In Sugar & Spice, Diane Weston (Marley Shelton) is a popular high school cheerleader whose life revolves around her boyfriend Jack (James Marsden) and cheerleading, as she is the captain of her school's "A-Squad". However, when Diane becomes pregnant by Jack, her life falls apart as her parents disown her. She moves in with Jack, and the two quickly get jobs, but Diane quickly realizes that Jack lacks the financial skills to provide for her and their child. Diane confides to her fellow cheerleaders about her problems and the group come up with a way for Diane to make the money she needs: robbing banks.
  • Gertrude Baniszewski told her ward Sylvia Likens in An American Crime (based on the true crime) that she had her oldest daughter Paula at a young age. Paula herself gets pregnant by her cheating boyfriend (though somehow doesn't show after months have passed). Gertrude is unable to deal with the thought that Paula made the same mistake she did, leading her to blame poor Sylvia and ultimately torture her to death.
  • The B-plot of Peacock deals with Cillian Murphy's character negotiating with the mother of his child, a teenage prostitute played by Ellen Page, in her third movie on this page.
  • Riding in Cars with Boys, based on the memoir of the same name. Not only does the main character Beverley fall pregnant at 15, her best friend Fay does too.
  • Played for laughs in the second Hairspray movie. The plot of the movie is set in motion when The Corny Collins Show holds a casting call to replace one of their dancers. How long will she be out? "Oh, about nine months..."
  • The main character in North Country has her son at age 16 after being raped by her teacher.
  • Parodied in Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, where the father of Ashtray (played by Shawn Wayans) is played by Lahmard Tate, who is about a year younger than Wayans. This is a Running Gag through the entire movie, with things like Ashtray reminiscing about changing his father's diapers, and going to a party his dad is too young to attend. This was poking fun at the fact that Lawrence Fishburne, who played the father of Cuba Gooding Jr's character in Boyz n the Hood, is only about seven years older than Gooding.
  • Rhonda, one of the teens in Summer School, is there because she's pregnant.
  • The titular protagonist of Precious is pregnant with her second child, which was fathered by her father. She had her first child as a preteen.
  • This is the primary drama of For Keeps where Darcy and Stan, high school seniors, are forced to grow up rapidly when Darcy gets pregnant after a weekend encounter.
  • Coach Carter has a subplot where one of the basketball players got his girlfriend pregnant. She ends up getting an abortion after she realises she won't be able to be a good mother to it.
  • The Britney Spears film Crossroads (2002) features Mimi pregnant as she graduates from high school. She later confesses that it was conceived via date rape and it's then revealed that Kit's fiancee was said rapist. When this is revealed, Mimi falls down the stairs and loses the baby.
  • Eight Legged Freaks: Kari Wührer was 35 at the time of filming, but her character Sheriff Samantha Parker, a divorced mother with two teenagers, doesn't really look the part. It gets some explanation when her daughter Ashley (played by then-18-years-old Scarlett Johansson) reveals during an argument between them that Sam got pregnant with her at age 16.
  • In 2:37, Melody is pregnant with her brother Marcus's child.
  • In Philomena (based on the book of the same name), the title character was sent to a convent-run 'home for young mothers' because of her teen pregnancy. The story follows her much later in life, as she tries to find out what became of her son.
  • In Beyond The Lights, Macy was just 17 when she had Noni (after getting knocked up by a guy who "didn't give a shit" about her).
  • In SHAZAM! (2019), it’s revealed that Marilyn Batson was 17-years-old when Billy was born. After a combination of this, her parents disowning her and her partner getting arrested, Marilyn decided to abandon Billy at the local fair after seeing him with a couple of police officers.

  • Slam, with the slight variation of being told from the (also) 16-year old father's point of view
  • In Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones, the baby is stillborn. The couple breaks up for a few months and then get back together. At the epilogue, they've been married for three years.
  • Push by Sapphire: The main character actually has two children, one when she was 13 and another when she was 16. Both were by her father.
  • In Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen, Scarlett and Michael have sex once. Not only does Scarlett get pregnant from the encounter, but Michael dies the next day. Scarlett faces being ostracized in school when she decides to keep Michael's baby, and her mother is initially unsupportive, trying to pressure her into having an abortion.
  • In The Color Purple, Celie had two teen pregnancies as a result of being raped by her stepfather. Her children were taken from her and adopted by the local minister and his wife, who were unable to have children. She finally gets to meet them near the end of the story.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Lily Potter is a prominent example - Harry was 15 months old when she was murdered at the age of 21 and nine months (her birthday is at the end of January). Add 9 months to that and you get 24 months, exactly 2 years, meaning that Lily was approximately 19 and a half when she got pregnant. It also goes without saying that James was around the same age. Of course, this is tempered by the fact that they were at war at the time and anyone could die at any time, with Molly noting that it was part of a much wider societal trend.
    • Merope Gaunt was 18 when she became pregnant and died a year later after giving birth to her son, who grew up in a Muggle orphanage. He would, later on, rename himself "Lord Voldemort."
  • Bumped by Megan McCafferty, where only teens can get pregnant due to a virus making adults infertile. Teens are paid big bucks to be surrogates for couples. It creates a never-ending cycle, because the teen girls have all their kids for other people and when they are mature enough to have kids, they can't so they hire surrogates... and so on.
  • Diana from Gone gets pregnant by Caine when she's fourteen, leading to her Heel–Face Turn.
  • In Aunt Dimity: Detective, this is revealed to be the reason Prunella Hooper was able to blackmail Peggy Taxman. Peggy was fifteen when she met a brash young American serviceman, and she had his baby shortly after he was killed by an exploding piece or ordinance leftover from WWII. She is reunited with her son over fifty years later.
  • Twilight:
    • Bella gets pregnant with her daughter at age eighteen.
    • It's not explicitly stated, but Renesmee may have been conceived the first time Bella and Edward had sex, which the first time for both of them.
  • In Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Grey's mother was presumably this (she was in her early twenties and he was four when he was taken from her, meaning that she likely would have been between fifteen and eighteen). This is never remarked upon.
  • Fortune's Rocks by Anita Shreve. As it's set at the turn of the century, 16 year-old Olympia is forced to give up the baby for adoption by her parents.
  • Livorette in Madame d'Aulnoy's Fairy Tale The Dolphin is sixteen when she gives birth to a son after the protagonist Alidor impregnates her. The child is conceived out of marriage. Alidor himself seems to be around Livorette's age.
  • Giovanni Francesco Straparola's Fairy Tale "Pietro Pazzo" (also known as Peter the Fool) takes this trope further by having the title character impregnate a ten-year-old princess, who gives birth at the age of eleven.
  • In Pretty Little Liars Emily ends up pregnant after losing her virginity to Isaac and had the baby over summer while staying at her older sister's.
  • Gender inverted in The Wild Hunt Trilogy. Judith's father was 14 at her conception, due to him being the only male around at a time when her 28-year-old mother desperately needed to get pregnant.
  • In the Kate Thompson book Children of the Night, the teenage protagonist's mother was only 14 when she had him. He realizes that his father, whom he never knew, must have been an adult, since she would have told him if his father was a classmate of hers. This squicks him out, as the idea that an adult could take advantage of a young girl like that is inherently disturbing.
  • Gender reversed in The Shipping News, where the protagonist calculates that his grandfather must have been about 11 when he fathered a child. His aunt's reply is simply: "You don't know Newfoundlanders."
  • Several examples in the works of V. C. Andrews. Notably, Dawn in the Cutler Series was 17 when she gave birth to Christie; in The Casteel Series, Leigh Casteel had Heaven at age 13-14 (the books waver on this since the last two were finished by a Ghost Writer), and Celeste is around fifteen when her daughter is born.
  • In Clan of the Cave Bear, Ayla is eleven when she has her son Durc - her sister Uba isn't much off that when she gets pregnant. Justified in-universe in that the Clan have a lifespan of about thirty and go through menopause in their early twenties, and so have children early, and Ayla was held to their standards.
  • In Ginger Pye, Jerry and Rachel's mother married their father at the age of seventeen, at a time when such marriages were unusual but not unheard of. Their grandmother is still quite young, and they have a three-year-old uncle, affectionately referred to as "Uncle Benny" by everyone in the neighborhood.
  • In the Books of Swords, it is outright stated that the Silver Queen, Yambu, became pregnant with Ariane while still barely a teenager herself. As such, when Ariane is in her early twenties, Yambu is still only in her mid-thirties or so.
  • The age when men are married and expected to start servicing their wives, in A Brother's Price, is sixteen. But only a generation ago, that age was only thirteen, and the Moorlands were fathered by a boy who was married off at that age. Cullen Moorland expresses relief that the age of marriage is higher now. It is not mentioned what the age is for girls, but one family tries to get Eldest Whistler to give them Jerin for a night, in exchange for some money, so that he can father a baby with their youngest sister, who is just sixteen. (Men are very rare, so the problem is not so much avoiding teen pregnancies as getting pregnant before one hits menopause.) Eldest Whistler, naturally, refuses; her brother is not for sale.
  • In Moonlight Mile, the sequel to Gone Baby Gone in the Kenzie and Gennaro Series, Patrick and Angie eventually track down Amanda McReady, a girl who went missing when she was four years old and then disappeared again when she was 16. She has a baby with her that she claims is hers because of this trope. It's not actually hers, but rather her friend Sophie's, who does actually qualify for this trope since she's the same age as Amanda.
  • The Maeve Binchy novel Evening Class has a young girl realizing that her older sister is actually her mother and that all of her "cool big sister" gestures were actually her going all out to be the best mother that she could possibly be despite her limits. She's the result of a teen pregnancy.
  • Danielle Steel frequently trots this one out, with all of her forty-something female characters frequently being said to look more like their children's older sister, thanks to them having had their children in their early to mid 20s.
  • In The Inheritance Cycle, Katrina becomes pregnant by Roran shortly after her rescue from Helgrind, no older than 19. She and Roran marry almost as soon as Eragon returns from dealing with some unexpected aftereffects from said rescue some days later, which preserves her honor.
  • Sweet Valley High:
    • Descriptions of the characters will almost inevitably include the mention that the twins' mother Alice is often mistaken for their older sister (she's presumably only in her late 30s/early 40s given that she and the girls father met their senior year of college).
    • And the father looks like an older version of their brother.
    • Book 10, Wrong Kind of Girl, has Annie Whitman's mother telling Elizabeth that she gave birth to Annie at 16.
    • Another book, "Rumors", has another character's "aunt" admitting that she's her mother and that she lied because she's the result of her out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy.
  • The web-novel Domina:
    • It's common for people in the city to have children in their teens (possibly because they don't tend to live much longer). Several characters mention off-hand having kids they put in orphanages, and the vast majority of the current generation are orphans as well.
    • Ling Yu turns out to have given birth at age twelve, which is noted to be extremely strange. Might have something to do with being an ex-succubus. Apparently her boyfriend was older than her; The Rant mentions that he was scattered over half the district when the authorities found him.
      The Rant: Domina City does not take kindly to anyone who does anything to children.
  • In the world of The Giver, some girls are selected to become Birthmothers at the tender age of twelve, meaning they give birth at 13-14. Of course, this only helps the jarring creepiness of the setting. In Son, one of the follow-ups, other characters find out about ex-Birthmother Claire's pregnancy and are aghast, disgusted, and saddened.
  • I Shall Wear Midnight quickly establishes itself as Darker and Edgier than previous Discworld Young Adult novels when a 13-year-old miscarries after being savagely beaten by her father.
  • In If I Go It Will Be Double, Laurie's sister gave birth to a son in high school. Her family disowns her as a result. This leads to Laurie acting out and, eventually, running away.
  • Les Misérables. Fantine obviously was one. This fact is handwaved by an approximate date in the book ("When she was born, the Directory still existed" - that would be about 1798). She could hardly have been over eighteen when Cosette was born, something that makes her story even sadder (dying before she is 25, her hair already grey).
  • In the Towers Trilogy, Xhea is told that her mother Nerra gave birth to her when she was around Xhea's current age. Xhea is only 15, and due to malnutrition and stunted growth she looks even younger.
  • In Remnants, Echo seems to be about the same age as the teen protagonists, but has a baby between books. Unlike most examples, it seems to have been some form of artificial insemination—these stories are set After the End, and her people, the Alphas, are very careful trying to keep their society viable. (Which is bad news for Echo, since her baby was born blind and thus implies that she has defective genes...)
  • Sweet Ho from Rabble Starkey was 14 when she gave birth to Rabble.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Diane had Josh when she was 18 and his father, Troy, was 17.
  • In The Kharkanas Trilogy, Sandalath Drukorlat — a young noble woman — gave birth to her son Orfantal while she still was the teenage equivalent of a Tiste (who live longer than humans). It was a disgrace in her mother's eyes, especially as the child's father was some random drunk soldier who seduced Sandalath. Nerys allows her daughter to keep the child, but no word of it being her son is to get out and she has the two separated as soon as an opportunity provides itself at the start of the first book.
  • Preteen pregnancy in eleven-year-old Denise's case in We Can't Rewind; and this after her own mother gave birth to her at sixteen. As the narrator grimly notes, Denise's daughter Jaymee made her mother "a grandmother not yet turned thirty" who could easily get away with posing as her granddaughter's mother while Denise was at school.
  • Referenced in Annie on My Mind. It's mentioned several times that prior to the book, two students were expelled for being married. The real reason was because the girl was pregnant.
  • Midnight Robber: The teenage Tan-Tan ends up pregnant by her father, but her friend Melonhead is blamed.
  • Wuthering Heights: Cathy (I) is 19 when she dies giving birth to her namesake daughter, and Isabella is 18 when she gives birth to her son Linton. Both are married and their young ages are just a sign of their time.
  • Out of the Easy: Louise seems to imply that Josie was this, as she states she was pretty at her (Josie's) age before she had her, at the same time, however, she might have been a little older.
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns: Mariam is fifteen when she marries Rasheed and miscarries a total of seven pregnancies in four years. Laila, on the other hand, gets pregnant her first time with Tariq, and has a second child with Rasheed four years later. Rasheed also mentions at one point that his mother was fourteen when she had him.
  • Warrior Cats: This is implied with Moth Flight. She's repeatedly mentioned to be young and is around apprentice-age. It's even noted by other characters, before it's revealed she's pregnant, that she's too young to know much about childbirth and kittens. With her mate dead, Moth Flight couldn't raise her kits on her own both due to her youth and her job as a medicinecat.
  • Pocket Monsters: The Animation: Delia Ketchum is 29. Her son Ash is 10, meaning she had him around age 19. According to the novels, she worked at a family-owned ramen shop where she met her future husband. He later ran off to become a trainer, however his whereabouts are unknown. Delia was excited to have Ash go away on a journey because, while she loves her son, she misses being able to live her youth.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 3-Nen B-Gumi Kinpachi-sensei is about a middle school Psychologist Teacher. It has covered a multitude of topics, including teen pregnancy.
  • In Andi Mack, this trope is implied with Andi's mother Bex, hence the Family Relationship Switcheroo with Andi being told that Bex is her sister.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210
    • In the original series, Brandon briefly dated a scholarly senior girl, only to learn that she was a teen mother. Later occurred a couple of seasons later, when Kelly found a baby and discovered that his mother was a teenage girl (played by a young Jessica Alba, pre-Dark Angel).
    • In the new series, Adrianna gets pregnant, can't have an abortion when she goes because it's too late, wants to keep it but eventually puts it up for adoption. Harry also didn't know that his high school sweetheart had a kid and put it up for adoption until he moved back to LA.
  • Best Player featured the mother of a 16-year-old dating a 30-year-old. No mention of an age difference in the couple was made... so... How old was Chris's mom when she was born?
  • In Boardwalk Empire, Gretchen Mol plays a grandmother in her thirties, who's still a nude cabaret performer. She was impregnated at the age of 13. Michael Pitt, who plays her son, is only nine years younger than Mol.
  • In The Borgias, Lucrezia is married at 14 and has her first child, Giovanni, at around 15. While early motherhood was common back then, this particular situation was fairly unusual even then and dangerous for the health of both mother and child. Incidentally, the child's father isn't her (much older) husband, but a commoner with whom she fell in love.
  • Call the Midwife has a couple.
  • A comedian on BET's Comicview joked about having a young mother: "My mama was fourteen when she had me. You know what that was like growing up? When I was a kid I'd be struggling with my homework, she'd be at the other end of the table struggling with her homework, neither one of us can play outside till we're finished..."
  • Coronation Street:
    • Sarah Louise Platt got pregnant at the age of thirteen and carried her daughter Bethany to term. A few years later when Sarah was out of school but still a teenager, she got pregnant a second time. She gave birth prematurely and the baby died after a few days.
    • Cranked up a notch years later when Faye was given a pregnancy storyline. She was twelve at the time.
  • Degrassi High: Erica and Tessa both got pregnant. Both got abortions. The only difference is that Tessa's baby daddy is Joey Jeremiah. In some instances, Erica's pregnancy created a minor What Happened to the Mouse?, as the second part of the episode was not broadcast.
  • Degrassi Junior High: Spike got pregnant with Emma in the first season - they weren't messing around - and had her in between seasons. Yes, that was on Degrassi Junior High.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation has covered all the bases with teen pregnancy:
    • Manny gets pregnant in season 3 when she was in 9th grade, and ends up having an abortion. Unsurprisingly, this two-part episode didn't air in the US on the first run, especially since her decision was portrayed as the right thing to do, and she never regretted it.
    • Liberty gets pregnant in season 5 when she's in 11th grade, carries the baby to term, and gives him up for adoption.
    • Mia enters the show in season 6 when she is in 10th grade and already has a two-year-old daughter, Isabella. Mia is nicknamed 'Mamma Mia'. The show follows her as she juggles motherhood, school, and a blossoming modeling career.
    • Emma has a pregnancy scare in season 6 when she is in 12th grade, but in the end she isn't really pregnant.
    • Anya fakes her pregnancy in season 10 to get back at her ex-boyfriend Sav and make him drop out of the school presidential run. After Sav finds out the truth, they actually get back together and continue to lie about the pregnancy, then later tell everyone that Anya had had a miscarriage.
    • Jenna (who provides the page quote) gets pregnant in season 10 when she's in 10th grade. She tries to be a mother to her son Tyson, but gives him up for adoption after a few weeks.
    • Alli has a pregnancy scare in season 12 when she's in 11th grade. She realizes she missed a few birth control pills and was really scared that her period would be late.
    • 18 year old Dallas is introduced in season 12, and it's revealed he has a three-year-old son that lives with the child's mother.
    • Clare finds out she's pregnant at the end of season 13 when she's in 12th grade. For a while she doesn't know who the father is, and the pregnancy ends in a late term miscarriage right before she graduates.
  • Danielle van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives got pregnant, got shipped away to have the baby, and her mother pretended to be pregnant so as to keep the baby within the family.
  • The Dinosaurs episode "Network Genius" had a scene featuring a parody of Beverly Hills, 90210 called Pangaea Hills: Dino210. The scene had a teenage dinosaur tell her friend that she was "in trouble". When he asks her to prove it, she responds by showing that she has laid an egg.
  • In the Doctor Who episode "The Doctor Dances", we discover that Nancy is Jamie's mother rather than his sister as she claimed, and would have given birth to him between the ages of 14-16. Adding to that the fact she doesn't look older than twelve.
  • EastEnders:
    • East Enders has done this several times -Disa O'Brien, Sonia Jackson and Demi Miller to name but a few.
    • It even managed a twofer: Vicky Fowler, whose mother was 16 years older than her, became pregnant herself at the same age.
    • Kat Slater/Moon is discovered to have given birth to Zoe at age 13 after being raped by her uncle.
  • The Fosters Brandon's girlfriend Courtney has a two-year old son, Mason. Another example is Emma gets pregnant by has an abortion.
  • The entire premise of the Japanese drama series The Fourteen-Year-Old Mother
  • Lulu Spencer from General Hospital also finds herself in this situation, but she does go ahead with the abortion.
  • The George Lopez Show: George's parents were teenagers when he was born. His father's age wasn't stated, but his mom was either 16 or 17 when she got pregnant.
  • Gilmore Girls:
    • Lorelei got pregnant at 16 and had Rory, and the main plot of the show is about their relationship as two girls living alone together without a very big age gap.
    • Rory's ex-boyfriend Jess was also the product of one, which contributed to his Troubled, but Cute backstory.
  • Glee:
    • Quinn, which ends up as a major problem for her as not only is she president of the school's celibacy club but has never had sex with her boyfriend. The father is actually his best friend, Puck.
    • Also Played for Laughs in the second season. Brittany tells Santana that she thinks she has a bun in the oven, which becomes the talk of the school. Later, it turns out she's not actually pregnant, she just thought she was, because she saw a stork outside her bedroom window (even though storks live nowhere near Ohio). This is Brittany we're talking about. It's possible she mistook some other bird for a stork.
  • Grange Hill was the first British soap opera to tackle this in 1991.
  • Grey's Anatomy:
    • Izzie had a daughter at sixteen and gave her up for adoption.
    • One episode had the police find a newborn baby in the dumpster behind a middle school. The doctors treat the baby and spend the rest of the episode trying to figure out who the mother is. Four suspects were taken to the hospital, while their parents all denied their own child was the mother.
  • The premise of TLC's reality show, High School Moms.
  • Many characters in Hollyoaks got pregnant as teenagers: Cindy Cunningham, Theresa McQueen, Sinead O'Connor, Leela Lomax, Sienna Blake, Frankie Osborne. Amy Barnes had two children while still in her teens, and Myra McQueen had three; but the "winner" has to be Amber Sharpe, who got pregnant at twelve, before she was even a teenager.
  • Hot in Cleveland had an episode revealing that Joy had given a child up for adoption when she was a teenager.
  • Played for Drama in an episode of In the Heat of the Night, where the baby is the Body of the Week. The girl conceals her pregnancy and when she has the baby, she throws it in a dumpster and it dies.
  • The protagonist of Life Unexpected is a 16 year old girl that was never successfully adopted that seeks emancipation. She was conceived during a one-night-stand her parents had at their winter formal in high school.
  • Little House on the Prairie:
    • Season 7's "Come, Let Us Reason Together," where 17-year-old Nellie Oleson gives birth to twins. Her husband, Percy, is at least 10 years older than Nellie.
    • Also in Season 7, "Sylvia," where the titular character is implied to be 14 when she is impregnated by a rapist.
    • Season 8's "Days of Sunshine, Days of Sorrow," where Laura is barely 18 when she gives birth to Rose. Almonzo, by contrast, is 28.
  • An episode of Masters of Horror directed by John Carpenter has a teenage girl get raped by an alien and has to go have it aborted. Her father (Ron Perlman) and brothers attempt to stop it and in the end, the baby alien ends up saving her life by killing her father.
  • Laurie Windrow from Midnight Caller is the daughter of Jack Killian's high school prom date.
  • One of the overarching plots of Mom's first season is Violet's unexpected pregnancy and how she has to come to grips with the impact it has on her goals. Also, Bonnie and Christy also became pregnant as teenagers.
  • This has become MTV's primary show content.
  • A past plot on Neighbours was about a teenage girl who got pregnant and wanted to put it up for adoption, but the child's father wanted custody. They eventually get back together and decide to keep the baby.
  • In The New Normal, Goldie is a third generation teen mom.
  • In Night and Day, Jane Harper fell pregnant with Sam Armstrong’s child aged fifteen, but had an abortion.
  • One Life to Live's Jessica Buchanan finds herself in this situation. After the requisite waffling over abortion and adoption, she decides to keep the baby, only to lose it after being hit by a car.
  • Loretta of Outrageous Fortune, played by the same actress as Trudy.
  • Party of Five Season 2 features a Very Special Episode where Julia gets pregnant and spends the whole episode debating what to do with the baby. She decides that she will have an abortion, but suffers a miscarriage before she can.
  • Pramface: As of 2x21, Charlotte from Revenge fits this trope as well.
  • Private Practice, as if it didn't already have enough drama, has quite a few of these the biggest one being Sam and Naomi's daughter Maya's teen pregnancy, which includes getting married to the father of the baby.
  • Sam Beckett leaped into a pregnant girl and almost had the baby himself, despite not having the proper plumbing.
  • In the Mexican Telenovela Quinceañera ("15 year old girl"), the main theme around Thalia's character Beatriz was her how she got pregnant at age 15.
  • Exaggerated in Raising Hope: Virginia and Burt are grandparents in their late 30s/early 40s, having had their son Jimmy in their mid-teens (15 and 17, respectively). Jimmy himself is just outside this trope having had Hope in his early 20s. Virginia's mother had her at about twenty, leaving her to be Raised by Grandparents. Jimmy's great-great grandmother was revealed to be alive in one episode, dying at 104 years of age while her own daughter was in her eighties, so she also counts.
  • Reba opens with this issue in the characters' mind, though not the only issue.
  • Roseanne Darlene gets pregnant and gives birth to a premature daughter, Harris Conner Healy.
  • Carla's friend from Scrubs. Elliot accidentally offended her by assuming that her son was a boyfriend, when in actuality she had him at age 14.
  • Pretty much the A plot in The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
  • Used several times (unsurprisingly) on 7th Heaven. Most notably averted, however, when the Camdens' daughter Mary turns up preggers, but she denies having had sex when confronted by her parents. It was a clerical error at the doctor's. The real pregnant person was Mary's mom Annie, pregnant with the Camden twins.
  • The premise of the MTV reality show 16 and Pregnant.
  • Jal in Skins, although she aborts it. Mini in the third generation keeps it.
  • Tanya, the lead character's 18-year-old daughter who has a three-year-old son in Single Father. The circumstances surrounding the child's conception (who the father is, etc.) are left unstated, but it is heavily implied that estrangement from her father as a teenager contributed to the pregnancy.
  • A running gag on The Steve Harvey Show as never-seen character Tameka is in Cedric's third-period health class, has two children, and is always available to assist with child-rearing questions.
  • On Strong Medicine, as Dr. Lu Delgado tries to caution teenage girls against having sex and stresses the importance of using birth control should they decide to, she reveals, "I'm 30 and my son is 14", thus enabling the girls to do the math and realize that her son is the result of this.
    • Later in the series, her son himself finds himself in this situation. Until he realizes that the timing of the pregnancy means he can't be the father.
  • Supergirl (2015): In her backstory, Samantha Arias became pregnant as a teen and was kicked out of the house for it. In the present, she is raising her daughter Ruby as a single mother. Then Samantha finds out she is really a genetically engineered Kryptonian, but having the baby delayed her Puberty Superpower and they are slowly emerging now. She is then brainwashed into becoming the cold and ruthless Reign, who has full control of her powers.
  • Exaggerated on Switch Reloaded: Dennis aus Huerth is 20, and his grandmother is in her late 30s.
  • All of the cast members on Reality TV show Teen Mom, which is about teenage mothers.
  • The Tribe:
    • Trudy is a teen mother After the End.
    • Zandra, Salene and eventually Amber also get pregnant on this show (although Salene miscarries and Zandra dies before her baby is born ), which is weird because these four are the four original older female mall rats.
  • Justin Suarez from Ugly Betty is the result of this. Hilda had him in her senior year of high school after getting pregnant at the prom.
  • Both Katherine and Isobel from The Vampire Diaries gave birth to daughters as teenagers who were given up for adoption (although, as noted in the article above, teenage pregnancy as a concept did not really exist when Katherine gave birth to her daughter in 1490). In her case the scandal is because she's not married.

  • "Annie Got A Baby" by Hank Ballard actually caused controversy in 1954 for being about this topic.
  • French song "Aurélie", by Colonel Reyel, has a very dark take on the situation: even though Aurélie is actually okay with being pregnant, her boyfriend ditches her and her family kicks her out, resulting in a pregnant 16-year-old on the street, desperate for a job, a roof, and someone to guide her. The song advocates more support for girls in her situation.
  • "Brenda's Got a Baby" by Tupac Shakur (Tear Jerker alert!) has a preteen example. A twelve-year-old girl gets pregnant by her much older cousin, who leaves her after she reveals her pregnancy. Brenda's parents don't care about their pregnant daughter so, having no support, she gives birth in a public bathroom and dumps the baby. She saves the baby and runs away from home. To support herself, Brenda tries to deal drugs but ends up robbed, so she turns to prostitution. At the end, Brenda is killed.
  • John Hiatt's "Good as She Could Be" is about a woman who had a baby at eighteen.
  • Most of the Cher song "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" centers around how the singer ended up an unwed teenage mother.
  • "National Haiku Contest" by The Fugs, from It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest:
    Do not tell me I am the source of your knock-up
    The mud elephant wading through the sea leaves no tracks.
  • In Smash Mouth's "Nervous in the Alley," a 15-year-old runs away from home because she's pregnant.
  • Madonna's song "Papa Don't Preach" from True Blue is about a teenage girl who wants to keep her baby (and her boyfriend has offered to marry her, while her friends tell her "Give Him a Normal Life instead!") and confronts her father about it.
  • "Rock'n'roll Lullaby", written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, recorded by B. J. Thomas. The lyrics say:
    "She was just 16 and all alone
    when I came to be
    so we grew up together
    my momma-child and me"
  • Implied in the song "Run Joey Run".
  • "Runaway Love" by Ludacris has a preteen example. An eleven-year-old ends up pregnant by her sixteen-year-old boyfriend. He dumps her and her family can't afford an abortion so she runs away.
  • "Slide" by The Goo Goo Dolls. According to Word of God, the song tells a story about May, a teenage girl in a Catholic environment, who ends up getting pregnant (by her teen boyfriend, no less) and gets her family upset; she and said boyfriend are both discussing on whether they can get married or get an abortion.
  • Vaporwave artist Blank Banshee literally has a song called "Teen Pregnancy", which the only words in the song are "I'm just a kid" and "I'm just a little mistake."
  • Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life" follows a teenage father as he deals with his child growing up.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Deirdre from Deirdre of the Sorrows is has just about reached marriageable age in Gaelic Iron-Age Ireland (15 years for women, 18 years for men) when she falls in love with Naoise and they flee Ulster to Scotland with Naoise's brothers to escape the wrath of King Conchobhar of Ulster, who wants Deirdre all to himself; in some versions of the tale, Deirdre and Naoise have a son, Gaiar, and a daughter, Aebgreine, during their self-imposed exile.
  • The Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus) seems to be considered a teenage mom, both in the Catholic faith and in popular interpretation. Justified because Jesus is her first born, and because she is "untouched" at the moment of conceiving. The gospel of Jacob (one of the apocryphals), states that Mary was down to thirteen when Gabriel called on her. Although to be fair, the canonical texts do not specifically state how old Mary actually was when she conceived Jesus. Given that people in that time and place tended to marry young, it can be inferred that she was likely somewhere in her teens when it happened.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Lisa in Funky Winkerbean got pregnant and gave the baby, a son, up for adoption way back when, back before the first time skip. Before she died, Lisa was able to reunite with her son, revealed to be Darin Fairgood.
  • A story arc in Zits had Jeromy, Hector and Pierce portrayed as heavily pregnant while in their high school. After three days of contextless agony, it's revealed that the boys were forced to wear empathy bellies after laughing at teen pregnancy in a sex-ed class.

  • Madame Butterfly is about a fifteen year old Japanese girl who marries an American naval officer. He leaves her for three years and in that timespan it's revealed she's had his child. When he returns, it turns out he's left her for an American woman. Butterfly ends up giving her son to the duo and then killing herself.
  • It's implied in Pokémon Live! that Delia had Ash as a teen. There are implications that Ash's biological father may actually be Giovanni. Delia was a part of Team Rocket as a teenager but left when she met her future husband.
  • In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet's mother says she was already a mother at Juliet's current age (nearly 14) in justification of Juliet's Arranged Marriage with Paris. Which was normal... back then, as girls from rich families got married around that age to cement alliances, and also so they'd have as many kids as possible and not be a burden for their parents. Poorer women would marry later (around 23 or older), as they and their possible suitors would take far more time to gather enough money for a decent-sized dowry and household, and legally male and female apprentices could not marry until they completed their indenture.
  • Spring Awakening: Wendla gets pregnant at age 14. Her baby is never born, as she dies of a botched abortion.
  • Mrs. Walker at the beginning of the 1993 musical of Tommy, who is pregnant at age 16 during World War II.

    Video Games 
  • Fallout 4 has a location where you can find the skeleton of a girl who ran away from home to a family cabin after fighting with her parents because she got pregnant. Unfortunately, that was the day the nukes fell; the poor girl seems to have starved to death.
  • Teenager Katarin is pregnant with Duane's child in Final Fantasy VI... an odd rarity in video games as a matter of Getting Crap Past the Radar because of their ages.
  • In an even more obtuse example, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII had a young mother whose age is given in an art book as 33. Since we only encounter her in one scene in which Cloud is 16, this means she had him when she was about 17. She's also a single parent, though Cloud claims this is because his father died, and apparently doesn't have the same last name as her son.
  • As a franchise set in a medieval environment, this happens frequently in Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War has a few first-generation parents (or potential parents) who are very young, such as Sylvia (14 in the game, 16 in one of the mangas), Raquesis (15), Dew (14) and Deirdre (17 in the manga). It's not incongruous with the medieval setting, though.
    • In Fire Emblem Awakening, kids no older than 14-17 (Lissa, Ricken, Nowi, or Donnel, and probably Maribelle and Henry) are said to become parents. While in most cases it's due to their children having come from the future, a few potential pairings result in this occurring normally. It can also be the case of the Avatar and his/her child Morgan, should the player style the Avatar according to the younger and cuter Second Build.
    • It takes place again in Fire Emblem Fates, where kids between 14 and 16 (Mozu, Sakura, Elise and Hayato) or just a little older (Leo or Takumi) also become parents, and this time this occurs more or less normally and the kids get aged up in pocket dimensions. Again, the Avatar and his/her kid Kana (and any other potential kids of them) are a case of this, since the Avatar is canonically in his/her mid-to-late teens this time.
  • Jessie from HuniePop had her daughter, Tiffany, at the age of 16.
  • Joel from The Last of Us had his daughter Sarah before he could go to college.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! has Nailmi and Wydoncha Jugg, a mother-and-daughter pair of country/western singers who look almost identical. This being the often self-aware Larry series, the game hangs a lampshade on this, implying that Nailmi gave birth to Wydoncha at an improbably young age. It's also because the characters are parodies of real Naomi and Wynonna Judd who went through a similar thing.
  • Pokémon has this in the games too, though one that you'd have to look for. In the Sinnoh games Professor Oak is 50 years old, making him 47 in the Kanto games. Professor Oak is a grandfather to not only an 11-year-old Blue at that point, but also has Blue's older sister Daisy. At best he'd have to be 37 when Blue was born, which raises some interesting questions about both how old Blue and Daisy's parents are/were, and even how old Professor Oak was.
  • Understable as she was an ahem working girl in the 1890s but Abigail from Red Dead Redemption was 17 when she got pregnant with her son Jack.
  • Heather from Silent Hill 3 is pregnant... for some reason, carrying an unborn god inside her womb. And she does not look like a pregnant woman at all. It doesn't seem to work as a traditional pregnancy would, though, considering that it's caused by the will of a cultist, and the fact that Heather saves herself by vomiting said unborn god out of her body.
  • Teens cannot Woo-hoo in any The Sims games however one of the most popular mods involves activating it. Teen pregnancy is a popular theme in the Sims community. Many Self Imposed Challenges and stories revolve around it.
  • Can be invoked in Story of Seasons. Several bachelorettes, such as Luna from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, Lumina from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and Ann from Harvest Moon 64, are of marriage age but are under twenty. You can court them, marry them, and have a child with them.
  • A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky: Moira had Gainer when she was about 16.

    Visual Novels 
  • While not mentioned directly, in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, we know from near the beginning that Apollo was abandoned as a baby and we later find out his mother is Thalassa Gramarye. If you work out the ages (Apollo is 22, she is 40), she would have been 18 when she fell.
    • Sanae Furukawa gave birth to Nagisa at young age. Of course, it doesn't really matter since she seems to be eternally youthful.
    • Seems to be very common in Clannad or just Key's works in general. Tomoya's mother also gave birth to him shortly after marrying her husband. His parents married when his father was still in school.
    • Seems to run in the family. Nagisa gets pregnant shortly after marrying Tomoya, though she avoids this trope (she gives birth shortly after her 21st birthday). It's actually Tomoya who's the teenager having a child (he's around a year or maybe two younger than Nagisa, who was Held Back in School).
  • Grisaia Series: Most of the game's endings which do feature the couple having kids have it happen after they've graduated and grown up. However, in the ending of Eden of Grisaia, Michiru winds up pregnant at 17, mostly because she didn't have a clue about birth control. It's implied that most of the other girls intend on getting pregnant soon afterward to nudge Yuuji into a Marry Them All situation.
  • Sakura's mother in Kare wa kanojo was seduced and impregnated by her then-teacher.
  • Eighteen-year-old Hanako from Katawa Shoujo was supposed to end up pregnant in her Good End, however it was changed because the writers didn't want to make light of teen pregnancy. The finalized ending tones it down into a more ambiguous Visual Pun.
  • In the bishoujo game Ko-ko-ro... 0, Kasumi Kuonji is revealed to be one in one of the possible endings of the game. Her baby's name? Souji. Yes, Kasumi, originally presented in the original Ko-ko-ro... as being Souji's older sister, is possibly his MOTHER.
  • It can happen in School Days, and the teen moms-to-be are Hikari, Setsuna,Kotonoha and Sekai (this one's VERY messy, tho.)
    • In the Spin-Off Shiny Days, Natsumi gave birth to the game's heroine Inori when she was a teen. And in another Spin-Off known as Cross Days, if you play Ai Yamagata's route, Yuki knocks her up as well.
  • In Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair, if you compare Rihatsu's birth date(March 1975) with that of her first daughter, Reiko(November 1992), you'll see that Rihatsu gave birth when she was seventeen years old.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, Beatrice Ushiromiya, first introduced in EP3 as the Beatrice from 1967 is revealed to have had this. She was, in fact, Kinzo's illegitimate daughter with his secret lover Beatrice Castiglioni, but her mother's Death by Childbirth drove Kinzo into such despair that he eventually deluded himself into believing that she was her mother's reincarnation, and it's all but outright stated that he raped her, making her pregnant with a Child by Rape at a young age.

    Web Comics 
  • In Bad Moon Rising, women attached to the van Kolyma family seem prone to this in large part due to Chloe's father taking advantage of his position as a teacher to sleep with his teenage students.
  • In Bridgette's Belly, Bridgette gives birth to two children while she is still in high school.
  • In El Goonish Shive, when Elliot's mother meets his female duplicate Ellen, she immediately accepts her as part of the family. She admits to herself that she always wanted a daughter, and that this time, she doesn't have to drop out. Later confirmed when Sarah does the math and figures out that Elliot's mother couldn't have been older than 21 when she had him - and taking in other context, was probably even younger.
  • Neve makes an offhand comment in Ignition Zero that they and Martin have been friends since infancy because their teenage mothers met in class prior to their births.
  • In The Overture Vanessa Olsen was married at twelve and had a son eight months later. Her son is now seventeen and she is barely thirty.
  • In Shadowgirls, Charon had Becka at 15, and Chrissy had her daughter Missy at around 17.
  • Sleepless Domain: Heartful Punch reveals in chapter ten that she is the result of such a pregnancy. Specifically, she points out that her bright blue Technicolor Eyes, which neither match nor complement her otherwise pink coloring as is common among magical girls, are the result of her mother being an active magical girl when she was born. Between the facts that magical girls' powers fade by the time they start college and that the City Defense Department doesn't like to talk about such a scenario, the implication is clear. Soon after, HP confirms her mother was seventeen.
  • To Prevent World Peace: From Page 416: Tiffany's Beginning: Commentary. Anything after this quote is a spoiler:
    Tiffany's mother got pregnant in high school,

    Web Original 
  • The film Aaron deals with the aftermath of a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. The story is the would-be father giving the news to his brother, who was intentionally kept in the dark by their parents.
  • Cake Wrecks: The former page image, a cake with "Congrats on your teen pregnancy" written on it.
  • Equestria Chronicles has Kettle Cornflakes, who it is very clearly stated was raped and birthed her daughter at the age of 15. Magical talking ponies.
  • The Irish short film Heartbreak deals with a teenage mother's struggles after getting pregnant from a one night stand. It's revealed that the man reciting the poem is her now grown up son.
  • Whateley Universe: It's discussed in Whilst Any Speaks (Chapter 4):
    • As Mega-girl says when her father asks when they're talking about her boyfriend:
      “He knock you up?”
      "NO, I'm not pregnant, still a virgin, thanks[...]"
    • And Jadis talks about statistics on Exemplars:
      While a normal teenager is swimming in hormones that makes them liable to make poor choices, we exemplars are drowning in them. Our tempers are notoriously short, our teen pregnancy rate is double the national average and our impulse control is all but non-existent. It's why Exemplars are considered selfish, arrogant, impulsive, nasty, and very physical."

    Western Animation 
  • Referenced in the Batman Beyond episode "The Eggbaby" — Terry can't find anyone to watch the electronic "baby" he's been assigned for his Family Studies class, so he brings it on patrol with him. When Bruce hears it cry over the comm link:
    Bruce: You brought a baby with you?
    Terry: It's not what you think, really.
    Bruce: Terry, is there something you need to tell me?
  • In The Crumpets episode "Lil Wrinkly One", the consumption of cigarette-like chocolates by most characters gave them a Balloon Belly side effect. Thinking that they're pregnant, Caprice is the first teenager seen with a bloated belly, just before the other females (including her teenage friend Cassandra) and then the males (including Caprice's teenage brother Pfff) sprout bloated bellies.
  • Daria has Jane Lane's older sister Summer. Word of God puts Summer in her early thirties or so and she has four kids, and two of her kids seem to be preteens.
  • Drawn Together:
    • Toot is such a deplorable and incompetent mother, Toot's adopted Nicaraguan baby gets pregnant herself.
    • Foxxy Love is implied to have something like this trope with her kids. At one point a member of Foxxy's family shows up and looks to be about 14 or 15. He introduces himself as being Foxxy's grandson. So unless Foxxy is just way older than she looks, both she and her own kids must have their kids at very young ages.
  • Family Guy:
    • Meg has a pregnancy scare in the episode "Peter's Daughter".
    • And then there's the song "Prom Night Dumpster Baby".
    • When Brian checks into a rehab clinic for cocaine addiction in "The Thin White Line", Peter fakes an addiction to check in with him and treats the whole thing like a summer camp. He proceeds to drag Brian into stock summer camp movie shenanigans such as pranking the nearby rival camp, which in this case is a teen pregnancy center. Peter and Brian sneak in while the girls are asleep and put their hands in bowls of warm water. As they sneak back out, the sounds of many crying babies are heard.
  • This is offhandedly brought up in Golan the Insatiable when everyone is forced to admit their personal shames. Alexis then blurts out proudly that she's ashamed to admit she's Dylan's biological mother. This detail is never mentioned before or after this moment, and it makes their hate-hate relationship with each other (especially since Dylan calls her her dumb big sister and not "mom") really confusing and fairly dark. We get mentioned several times that Dylan doesn't have a father, so if this holds true, then Alexis is not only her mom but responsible for taking every male role-model in her life and the reason Dylan refers to Carole by name.
  • Judy from The Jetsons is sixteen and her mother is thirty-three. That would mean Jane had Judy at roughly seventeen. This is, however, likely to be a case of Writers Cannot Do Math.
  • Doughy Latchkey's parents Karl and Kim on Moral Orel both look and act like teenagers. They were shown to be in high school with Stephanie 12 years ago, (and Doughy is in the same grade as Orel, who starts the series at age 11) so they probably had Doughy not too long after that.
  • Beth from Rick and Morty became pregnant with Summer at age 17.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In the episode, "Little Big Girl", Bart dates a girl named Darcy who shortly reveals that she is one of these. The father is apparently a Norwegian exchange student, who went back to "Norwegia". Once her parents discover the truth, the mother reveals that she is also pregnant and they say they'll pretend the babies are twins.
    • This is implied with the episode "Papa Don't Leech," with Lurleen being 34 and her deadbeat father apparently being 49.
  • This is implied in South Park, if you subtract Kevin, Kenny, and Karen's ages (13, 10, and 6-7ish) from their mother, Carol's, who is said to be in her 20s-30s (according to the official site).

    Real Life 
  • Political scandals involving this trope crop up from time to time, such as Sarah Palin's eldest daughter, Bristol, having a baby at 17 while her mother was the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant with her first daughter, Maddie, at 16 a few months after filming on Zoey 101 wrapped up. She gave birth a few months after turning 17.
  • Famous country singer Loretta Lynn married at 15, had her first at 16, was a mother of three by 19, and a grandmother by 34. To put this into perspective, Loretta's own younger sister Crystal Gayle was an aunt of two at birth!
  • Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of King Henry VII of England, gave birth to him at age 13. Her underdeveloped physique made it a physically traumatic birth that rendered her unable to have any more children.
    • Her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth of York, just barely made this. She was 19 when she married Henry, got pregnant almost immediately (they were married in January and their first child was born in September), but turned 20 during the first few weeks of the pregnancy.
    • Elizabeth's eldest daughter, Margaret, played the trope straight; as Queen of Scotland, she gave birth to her first three children before turning 20, although none of them lived very long.
  • As detailed on Family Relationship Switcheroo, actress Merle Oberon was only 26 years younger than her grandmother — a double-dose of Absurdly Youthful Mother.
  • Naomi Judd gave birth to Wynonna when she was 18.
  • Anna Nicole Smith's mother, Virgie, was married and had her first child at fourteen, and gave birth to Smith at sixteen. Smith had her first child a few months after her eighteenth birthday, making her mother a grandmother at 34.

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