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You can tell a woman's intentions from her panties.
"Ducky" Mallard's mother, NCIS

Certain varieties of underwear seem to pop up time and again in media, particularly with underwear gags... No, not that kind!

  • Goofy Print Underwear, especially boxer shorts with red hearts or polka dots or especially childish underwear or a corporate logo - for the Butt-Monkey, usually.
    • Cartoon or superhero-themed underwear are normal for young boys or for the stereotypical Manchild.
  • G-strings/thongs, especially hairy men in red satin ones.
  • Black Bra and Panties - worn by women who are sexually adventurous.
  • Men’s white briefs/Y-fronts, known colloquially as "tighty-whiteys." Often worn by the male Nerd or Geek, though sometimes seen as the "default” men's underpants.
    • Colored briefs. Stereotypically worn by non-American, especially European, men.
    • Action briefs are commonly worn by athletes while bikini-style briefs are often worn by sexy men. Speedos are also the preferred style of swimwear of European men and those involved in competitive water sports.
    • Animal print bikini briefs or thongs, with leopard print: Male characters wearing these are either a Handsome Lech or The Casanova or at least want to be seen as such. Usually appear for comedic purposes.
  • Jock straps or "athletic supporters". Originally designed for bicyclists riding the cobblestone streets of Boston, these have been a staple of team sports uniforms for decades; baseball players, martial artists, and riot-control police typically wear them with a cup for protection. Has been picked up by Gay/Bi men in recent times for Fanservice purposes. In fiction, expect to find them in any men's locker room scene or worn by athletic men for comedy or Fanservice purposes.
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  • Boxer briefs, a Fusion Dance of briefs and boxers.
  • Boxer shorts, usually plaid.
  • Corsets and merry widows.
  • Garters, fishnets, and knee high stockings.
  • Either long johns or a combo of tank top undershirt and boxers (goofy print or not) are standard issue for male cartoon characters, especially in older shows.
  • Frilly pantaloons of the sort that little girls with blonde ringlets used to wear under their best dresses. Lorelai Gilmore reveals that her mother used to make her wear them and they were "a great crowd pleaser."
  • Nothin' at all - Innocent Fanservice Girl, Shameless Fanservice Girl, The Ditz. Male characters that go commando are usually slobs and/or studs.
  • Loincloth - Generally worn by 'savage outdoor' types, like the Barbarian Hero and the Nature Hero.
    • Fundoshi, a traditional undergarment and kind of swimwear from Japan that grew out of style after World War II, when western underwear became more popular. Likely to show up in anything set in feudal Japan. Still worn occasionally these days, typically by manly-men or warrior types.
      • Red Fundoshi, are often are worn by Hot-Blooded guys.
  • Unflattering "Granny Panties" (AKA "The Sears Catalog Specials") - for the Single Woman Who Seeks Good Man
    • Girdles, Spanx and other slenderizing undies. Usually for Of Corsets Funny purposes.
  • Bloomers - Granny Classic will likely sport these, as will more formal ladies.
  • Lacy white petticoats in several layers, of the type you'd expect princesses to wear under their gowns.
  • Modesty Shorts - active girls, tomboys
  • Striped Panties aka shimapan - Horizontal stripes, usually of a cool color such as blue or green, usually worn by Sugar-and-Ice Personality or Tsundere girls.
  • Full or half slips.
  • Camisoles.
  • Teddies (not the president or the stuffed bear)
  • Gowns (originally considered sleepwear, but are now classified as lingerie)
  • White or pink bikini panties for sexy good girls.
  • Yellow or white "junior" panties with flowers or hearts on them (or any other goofy print) for child-like girls (in Japanese media).
  • Men in lacy (often pink) panties, usually exposed for comedic purposes or to make them look like perverts via some type of Clothing Damage.


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