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Kisses hard, kisses deep, a kiss to wake up from our sleep...
—Deborah Harry, "French Kissing In The USA"

Sorrow, joy, and passion—
All this a kiss may bring.
But out of ev'ry hundred kisses,
Ninety-nine don't mean a thing.
Rose-Marie, "Only A Kiss"

Factors such as the placement of the hands in a television or movie kiss is a form of visual short-hand for the intended manner of the kiss. This helps audiences to understand the intended emotions within moments.


Typical arrangements include:

  • One hand on partner's face; signifies tenderness, intimacy, fairly typical with a First Kiss.
  • Two hands on the partner's face; often at times of high emotional intensity, a Now or Never Kiss, and/or in such situations as a "Shut Up" Kiss. Referenced in Friends, in the season seven episode "The One With Joey's New Brain".
    • An alternative to this is to have the kisser grab the kissee's shirt to keep them from moving, like this.
  • Hands on the partner's waist, back, or neck; signifies love, intimacy and/or romantic intensity without blatant sexual undertones. Can be combined with a 'dip' to add intensity, a 'swept-away' quality, or occasionally, a bit of silliness. See Ross and Rachel's first kiss in season two, or Hawkeye and Margeret's goodbye kiss in the finale of M*A*S*H. May involve Foot Popping.
  • The immediate buttgrab. Typically symbolises passion and/or lust without romantic engagement.
  • The air grab. This kissee does not wish to be kissed, or was really taken by surprise. See the 'Smooch' command from The Sims 2. Example.
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  • Multiple kisses all over the exposed flesh of the partner's body, especially their neck. Sex is imminent or has just occurred.
  • The slow kiss. It's so... slow... There's a heavy make-out session right around the corner, and somebody could well end up on their back during it. Still, there's probably not going to be any sex or too much clothing removed, or even too much tongue. Even so, it's very intimate with plenty of slow-groping.
  • No hands at all. Signifies a non-passionate, but still loving, kiss.


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