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Peter: What the hell's wrong with you? Your skin's, like, moving around or something.
Dr. Katz: I believe I'm having some sort of seizure.

Squigglevision is the name of a patented computer process by Tom Snyder, used to cut animation costs by creating the illusion of movement through exaggerated line boil. The psychological effect on the audience is similar to that of the Jittercam, similarly used in anime to create the illusion of movement while cutting down on the amount of drawings used in the animation. This short-lived 90s piece of software is sometimes used to describe all animation with exaggerated line boil, including a lot of animation that was done decades before Squigglevison was conceived (and even before its creator was conceived).

The program used to achieve Squigglevision was called Animator Pro. As this program had been around since 1991, it was virtually a requirement to switch gears to keep up with the times. As a result, starting with the second season of Home Movies, all future Soup2Nuts shows used Flash animation instead.

Compare Motion Parallax, emulating the distance/perception of movement dichotomy (farther=slower) through layers.


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