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Sliding Scale of Broad Appeal vs. Specific Appeal

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The targeted audience of a work can be placed somewhere on a line between broad appeal and specific appeal. Like this:

  • Broad Appeal, AKA Multiple Demographic Appeal: Somewhat limited in what can be done before you start alienating a particular audience. Easier to work with and will attract a bigger audience. Consider that the works of Walt Disney and William Shakespeare were made with the general public in mind and you will find an example of how simpler, broader things can be very effective.

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  • Specific Appeal, AKA Periphery Demographic Appeal: Has a much higher risk factor in success and less guarantee of profit or a wide audience. Allows more freedom and creativity in what can be done with a product. This pops up all the time with independent, especially non-commercial works.

See some examples of where works fall on this line below.


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    Broad Appeal 

    Specific Appeal 
  • Star Trek, which only appeals to people who like Star Trek.
  • Due to many of his works having adult themes or falling in a certain niche, Ralph Bakshi.


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