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Like a simple chat room, or a forum reduced to a single thread. Commonly placed on the main page of a website.

Many Webcomics don't have a large enough community to support a full-size, separate message board. A Shout Box is one way to provide easy, highly-visible interactivity.

See also The Rant.


  • Alien Dice uses one for comics and newsposts, even though it does have a forum.
  • Beyond Reality has bot one of these and a forum.
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  • Cat Nine uses Chatango and found on most pages.
  • Dream Catcher uses one.
  • Users of deviantART who subscribe have the option to put a shoutbox with any journal they post.
  • Brat-halla has embedded a single, blog-powered comment thread for a similar effect.
  • MYSHOUTBOX (seriously, they put it in all caps like that) is used by Juathuur.
  • Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court used the home-encoded comment thread for Painting the Medium during the interim comic City Face: instead of displaying Real Life reader comments, it displayed comments from the Animated Actors and other in-universe characters reading the comic within the comic. They're archived here.
  • Bear And Kitten had a very avid fanbase that actively posted in their shoutbox. Oddly enough, even though the webcomic hasn't update in almost a year now, the fans still post in the shoutbox because they actually became a close knit group of friends. Seemingly forgetting that they even came to the website for the comic.
    • Currently the site is down, but the shoutbox is still accessible via internet archive.
  • Conversely, Bizarre Uprising's shoutbox has consisted primarily of complaints of They Changed It, Now It Sucks! vis-a-vis the Time Skip.
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  • Planet Zebeth uses one as well.
  • The Monster & The Girl has a shoutbox arranged that a message on one comic page is seen on all the comic pages.
  • Friendship is Dragons has one, that has become something of a friendly community for discussing Role Playing Games rather than the comic itself. The author cites it as his inspiration for continuing the strip.


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