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Short Story Long

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Tropes related to letting a story go on for longer than it might have. If a series keeps going for a long time but keeps getting different stories to go with its new installments, that's something else.

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  • Arc Fatigue: When the story itself, or at least parts of it, go on for a really long time with little progress.
  • Ending Fatigue: It seems like it will end, but then it doesn't.
  • Exponential Plot Delay: The rate at which the plot progresses decreases as time goes on.
  • Fake Longevity: A video game trope in which the advertised "hours of gameplay" are artificially increased with irrelevant things.
  • Filler: Almost entirely meaningless segments or installments in a franchise's storyline.
  • Overtook the Manga, although sometimes this results in new stories as opposed to the same story taking longer.
  • Padding: Like filler, but on the scale of individual scenes as opposed to entire episodes or installments.
  • Prolonged Prologue: When the prologue of a story takes a long time to tell.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning: The story is bogged down with exposition and takes a while to get off the ground.
  • Trilogy Creep: The tendency of some trilogies to have additional, unexpected installments.
  • Writing for the Trade: When a story is more suited to being absorbed in one installment (i.e. one book/movie/comic), but is broken up into several parts.