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"You touched my hand, Chuck! You sly dog!"
"You'll get those fleeting glances, those subtle double meanings, those tiny actions that might mean nothing, but that get thought about from every single angle in order to tease out any possible hidden meaning."
Dave Justus, on writing Bigby and Snow's relationship

Many fans ship. These fans often do it all the time (context or no) especially in certain demographics. Producers, especially those who keep their finger on the pulse of the audience, not to mention their eye on the fan fora, know this. So, they decide to tease the fans with hints about possible romantic entanglements, and thereby build that emotional attachment between the show and the audience as much as they can. If the writers are particularly impish, they'll tease a relationship that either never comes up or takes a hard right just as it gets going. Like a sudden death. Sometimes, however, ship teases evolve out of the teasing stage.

The trope is invoked when the write teases the possibility of romantic feelings between the characters, without explicitly making it canon.

See also: Will They or Won't They?, Subtext, Fanservice, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Never Trust a Trailer, Tonight, Someone Kisses, Literally Falling in Love, Implied Love Interest. Can end up as a Romantic False Lead. A best-case scenario is for a pairing to undergo a (canonical) Relationship Upgrade. Occasionally cheated by way of All Just a Dream or Alternate Reality Episode. Probably the cruelest method of Ship Tease is the Moment Killer. Contrast Ship Sinking.

Not to be confused with Striptease (heh heh, it sounds like "strip").


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    Comic Strips 
  • In Peanuts, Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty are often shipped. To make things better in the cartoon and theater adaption, Peppermint Patty sings a song to Charlie when he asks what is love. The title? "Poor Sweet Baby."
  • In the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip story Mistress of Chaos, the Thirteenth Doctor, in a moment of vulnerability, finds solace in her companion Graham's arms. The concluding chapter of the strip adventure sees The Doctor almost sacrifice herself to defeat The Herald and The Sanity (two unhinged halves of herself) in the dimension known as The Castastrophea, and it describes Graham's fears for her safety as a "great weight pressing against his heart"; when The Doctor and Graham choose to depart The Catastrophea, they do so whilst holding hands! (This was before the series was firmly shipping Thirteenth and Yaz.)

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Secret of the Wings, Periwinkle asks Tinkerbell (speaking of Terrence), "So is he your boyfriend?" "Uuuuhhhhh..." Cut to next scene without finishing sentence.
  • Kung Fu Panda:
    • In Kung Fu Panda 3 Po plays with a Tigress doll and makes her swoon over him.
    • Viper kisses the Po-doll during the credits of the first film.
    • To a lesser extent, Crane and Mei Ling in Secrets of the Furious Five, where the feline Action Girl is so nice and loyal to the bird in the All of the Other Reindeer situation that many fans like to imagine them having a romantic relationship while they are at it.
  • Rise of the Guardians teases plenty of Jack x Tooth - especially their hug at the end, and the little bit where they just stare at each other before Baby Tooth interrupts.
  • In 9, the title character appears to have a Love at First Sight moment when he first meets 7.
  • There were a few moments teased between Dory and Marlin in Finding Nemo.
  • In the ending of Wreck-It Ralph, Rancis Fluggerbutter is seen checking out Vanellope von Schweetz with interest several times after his memories, along with those of the other racers, have been restored and it's revealed that Vanellope is the true and real ruler of Sugar Rush. The animators went so far to write a book about it, called One Sweet Race, in which Rancis - sick of losing and never winning a Sugar Rush cup - gets Vanellope to help him build a kart to win a race for once.
  • In The Secret of NIMH, the heroine Mrs. Brisby and the Captain of the Guard, Justin, flirt a few times, but both have more important things on their minds (not to mention that Mrs. Brisby is the widow of one of Justin's old friends).
    Mrs. Brisby: [looking directly at Justin] Beautiful!
    Justin: [blushes] Oh?
    Mrs. Brisby: [giggling] The lights!
  • Zootopia: A favorite activity of the fandom is speculation on whether the relationship between Judy and Nick will remain as best friends or evolve into a romantic relationship. Word of God confirms that they have a very deep friendship and their final exchange onscreen leaves the state of their relationship open-ended...
    Nick: You know you love me.
    Judy: Do I know that...? Yes. Yes, I do.
  • In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Gwen is the Implied Love Interest of protagonist Miles and has multiple tender moments with him, in the ending Gwen even opens a portal to see Miles again they were separated. In the comics Spider Gwen and Miles were a couple so it’s not surprising.
    • In Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Gwen sees a page dedicated to her in Miles' sketch book. He's flustered; she just says she missed him too. Later, several characters like Patvir and Miles' parents comment on the clear romantic tension between them, and Gwen herself even hints she wants to be in a relationship with Miles, but doesn't act on those feelings because she knows how that kind of scenario usually ends.
  • In Turning Red, Priya is shown connecting with a goth girl during a game of charades, and the two are later seen dancing together under blue, pink, and purple lighting, while her friends cheer her on and smirk knowingly. The storyboard of this scene even includes the goth girl blushing, and the moment was later confirmed as queer by Andrea Goh of the Pixar Cultural Trust.
  • Justice League × RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen double as Crossover Ship Jaune Arc and Jessica Cruz they spend most of the movie with only each other for company, emotionally confiding in each other, and with Jaune acting as a pillar of strength for Jessica. There are many scenes of the two Holding Hands and being physically affectionate across the movie.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Mario and Peach get moments like these throughout the movie, just like in the games. Bowser explicitly considers him a rival for her affections, DK makes fun of him for supposedly flirting with her, Luigi and Toad both get mild Shipper on Deck moments for them at different points, and Mario gets a POV shot of Peach on her motorbike, while Peach herself shows general excitement when asking him about his world, admiring how cute he is as Cat Mario, and getting openly affectionate when he grows into a true hero.

  • Welcome to Night Vale: Michelle Nguyen's segment in The April Monologues is basically Ship Tease for fans of the Maureen/Michelle ship, where Michelle can't seem to stop talking about Maureen coming into her store and trying to find new music. At the end of the segment, Michelle gives Maureen her 'hopcore' CD that she recorded herself.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • NXT season 3 had two sets of male pros with female rookies. The first set Goldust and Aksana were given a storyline involving a Citizenship Marriage while the second set A.J. Lee and Primo got a more subtle tease. One episode had them trying to find a private place for an unrevealed reason, AJ loved to celebrate winning matches by jumping on Primo's shoulders, when she was eliminated from NXT she broke down crying in his arms and they finally kissed on the last episode.
    • Similarly from the second season there was Layla and Kaval who also had an onscreen kiss.
  • Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo teased a gay relationship with each other, going so far as to declare each other "life partners" and showering each other with affection.
  • Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle were involved as Just Friends in a love triangle with Stephanie's husband Triple H. Steph was originally planned to leave Triple H for Angle, but Trips used his creative control to stop it.
  • Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff initially were duelling General Managers of Raw and SmackDown in 2002 and got an onscreen kiss during a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment of a Halloween party. There had always been a bit of friendly sexual tension between them.
  • Trish Stratus got this a lot. She had it with Jeff Hardy twice, another time with her bodyguard Tyson Tomko, during a Stalker with a Crush storyline with Mickie James (that one she did kiss) and then there's Viscera.
  • Trish and Lita were involved in some teasing with Christian & Chris Jericho that was ultimately revealed to be an example of The Bet. This led to an 'intergender' feud between the two pairs, followed by a Heel–Face Turn for Jericho when Trish made her own Face–Heel Turn as Christian betrayed Jericho with her help.
  • Melina and John Morrison got a little tease during a backstage segment in 2010 obviously meant as a Mythology Gag to echo their offscreen relationship. They had been an actual on screen couple years before but had been separated onto different brands and this quietly disappeared. So the segment was this trope at the time.
  • Alberto Del Rio and Rosa Mendes got one during a segment at the TLC PPV.
  • Melina and Alicia Fox actually kissed on TV. Ditto for William Regal and Zack Ryder, although that was meant as comedy.
  • Kaitlyn and Derrick Bateman's "friendship" on NXT was this at first but they quickly became an Official Couple.
  • Kaitlyn's done this quite a bit. She's had Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Hornswoggle. Funnily enough, her BFF AJ locked lips with the last two as well, and AJ is with Dolph Ziggler as of December 2012.
  • LayCool were a lesbian couple for as much as PG television would allow. Getting each other matching necklaces, always hugging each other and attending Couples' Therapy. Then Michelle had to blow it all by saying they weren't a couple.
  • Billy Gunn and Chyna had this going on when the former returned in 2000 to console her after her break-up with Eddie Guerrero. In Kayfabe interviews he would describe Chyna as "absolutely gorgeous" and they were shown to be very close. However whenever asked they would insist they were Just Friends. It never amounted to anything other than a friendship, though the 2001 Royal Rumble did have a very couple-y moment between them when Chyna was getting wheeled out on a stretcher.
  • Maryse and The Miz frequently throughout 2009. Maryse however was clearly just being The Tease, hoping to manipulate him into helping her. Miz sunk the ship at Night of Champions and pretty much told her to go to hell. However in real life the ship is sailing just fine for both of them.
  • Finn Bálor and Bayley since early 2016, when they were co-champions of their respective divisions in WWE NXT. They've done the cutesy Clothing Switch [1][2], the Dirty Dancing homage, and even campaigned on social media to be each other's partner for the Facebook-exclusive Mixed Match Challenge. You can imagine the en masse disappointment when Finn was paired with Bayley's best friend Sasha instead.
  • Speaking of the Mixed Match Challenge, Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair have been in this position since they were paired up. The two are protective of one another and clearly very close, and have had multiple cutesy moments, such as Bobby twirling and dipping Charlotte after their second victory, or Charlotte teaching Bobby the famous Flair Strut. Not to mention they've probably known each other before they even joined WWE, and may have known each other during Ric's TNA run.
  • Another Mixed Match Challenge example: Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman. Widespread shipping was inevitable due to their Huge Guy, Tiny Girl dynamic, but even beyond that, they've had several cute moments together. One of their first promos together involved a Clothing Switch, but they have a vast difference in shirt sizes. Another notable one was Braun catching Alexa in his arms after Naomi enziguri-ed her off of the turnbuckle during their second match. They also publicly called each other 'cute' in an interview following their first match. Then at the 2020 event, The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt used a seductive illusion of Alexa to lure Braun into an ambush.

    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppets creators have taken to teasing Bunsen and Beaker. In A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa, near the end, Beaker is dancing with a gorgeous model; Bunsen asks if he can cut in, and promptly starts dancing with Beaker. In the web video "Flowers on the Wall", Beaker pretends to be having a fancy dinner with a fake Bunsen, and later makes a card sculpture of Bunsen with hearts in the eyes. In The Muppets (2015) episode "Pig Out", Kermit asks why they're wearing each other's clothes, and Bunsen says that if it happened outside work, they don't owe him an explanation.
  • Gobo and Red from Fraggle Rock. The two are always fighting for leadership over the others, but at least a few episodes have revealed a hidden, mutual (if only platonic) relationship with one another. In at least one interview, when asked about what Fraggle she secretly likes, Red confesses that in spite of their status as Friendly Rivals, she secretly admires Gobo (so secretly that at one point, she looks around to see if Gobo isn't eavesdropping on this).

  • We Are Our Avatars:
    • Mega Man and Luca's respective players have a little too much fun with this.
    • Michael and Melody, with the Shipper on Deck and She Is Not My Girlfriend (and, inversely, He Is Not My Boyfriend) moments.
    • A!Rika/Catherine was teased a bit, though Word of God says that she only did it for the lulz. She later admitted that she wasn't really trying anymore.
    • "Raven" and Fred might go this route, whether or not it'll come to fruition is another story.
    • Roachey and Violet was planned at one point, then later on, Mara and Roachey.
    • "Raven" and Aya seem to go this route.
    • Hakumen and Tsubaki have their moments.
    • Mana and Axl, a bit.

  • Avenue Q Ship Teases Rod and Nicky together from as early as the fourth song ("If You Were Gay"). Unfortunately for Rod, Nicky doesn't return his feelings.
  • Be More Chill: Near the end of the play, Rich realizes he's bisexual and asks Jeremy if Michael is single. Michael responds by awkwardly saying hi to Rich before talking to Jeremy. In the Broadway production, Rich also flirtily walks his fingers along Michael's arm during "Voices in My Head," and gives both him and Jeremy a big hug later in the song. How Michael reacts depends on the actor, but his primary actor, George Salazar, plays him as shy but interested.
  • Educating Rita: In the final scene, Frank and Rita hug for just a little too long, and when they unlock their embrace, the film holds on them them in a Medium Two-Shot. Frank moves slightly forward as if to kiss, but it doesn't happen.
  • Pokémon Live!:
    • The show teases Ash and Misty. Misty's arc revolves around her crush on Ash. Ash's feelings are ambiguous, but he does end up giving Misty the Diamond Badge as a birthday gift.
    • Delia and Giovanni used to date as teens. Giovanni might even be Ash's biological father. Giovanni still likes Delia, but Delia want to put her past behind her.
  • Draco and Hermione get a lot during A Very Potter Musical. He has a crush on her but she hooks up with Ron. Then A Very Potter Sequel, which is set one year later, has a ton for Hermione and Ron, showing how they ended up hooking up.
  • In Villains Tonight!, Pain and Panic wonder if Hades and Queen Grimhilde are dating, but she denies it. They later wonder the same about Hades and Maleficent.
  • Twice Charmed has this between Lady Tremaine and Franco.
    Franco: You're so wicked!
    Lady Tremaine: And you are a shameless flatterer.
  • Wicked Ship Teases both Fiyeraba (Fiyero/Elphaba) and Gelphie (Glinda/Elphaba) from their first encounters - what with "What is this Feeling?" sounding like a love song (loathe and love aren't too far off), and Fiyero being just as much of a Deadpan Snarker to Elphaba as she is to him (that, and his lack of shock, disgust, or caring at the colour of her skin).

    Web Animation 
  • Battle for Dream Island:
    • Tennis Ball and Golf Ball are Birds of a Feather thanks to their similar interests and are therefore inseparable. Coiny seems to be a Shipper on Deck for them, much to Golf Ball’s chagrin.
    • Coiny and Pin are, as Coiny puts it, “partners in crime” thanks to their many strategies in BFDIA. When Pin worries about Loser’s potential elimination and if the rest of her team can function without him, Coiny reminds her of her leadership skills and their excellent teamwork, successfully cheering her up.
      Coiny: There’s nothing to be afraid of, Pin. I promise.
    • Subverted with Lollipop and Barf Bag. Lollipop forcefully shaking Barf Bag’s arms can easily be mistaken for the two of them dancing, when in reality, Lollipop was mocking her by making her do the arm-fluttering gesture to change the subject at hand, and the two of them do not get along overall.
    • Leafy and Firey also get many moments. Particularly, in the finale of BFDI, Firey tells her that he wants her friendship. This gets Subverted later on when Firey starts pretending that he doesn't know Leafy in BFDIA and outright ruins their friendship in BFB. Fortunately, after the split, the two make up for their previous conflicts, with Leafy apologizing for stealing Dream Island, and Firey making up to her by creating a ferris wheel that both of them can enjoy. They also hug twice, but Leafy burns to death as a result.
  • Chapter 21 of Broken Saints features a tender moment between Shandala and Oran that can be interpreted this way, although it also has a platonic skew as well, since... well, she's an All-Loving Hero - she can be tender with whoever she wants.
  • Happy Tree Friends has some between Flippy and Flaky, mainly from Flippy's side. She's the only animal he doesn't kill in two of his Split Personality-induced rampages, and her screams are what snaps him out of a third one. Furthermore, he seems more resistant to said split personality when she's nearby in "Party Animal".
  • Inanimate Insanity:
    • Fan and Test Tube, to the point where they both serve as parental figures to their alien egg. A Freeze-Frame Bonus in "Theft And Battery" even shows what appears to be them holding hands.
    • One sided on Clover's side with Nickel. Ever since Nickel stalked her in "Snapshot Showdown" trying to get an embarrassing picture of her, she has viewed Nickel as somewhat of a secret admirer of hers, despite the fact that he sees her as a threat. Ever since they were put together on The New Thinkers, she is cheerfully waved hi to Nickel after he walked away in disappointment, and she cheekily offered to have him next to her during the promotional photo shoot, provoking Nickel to stay out of the photo shoot outright. Once she is eliminated, she singles out giving Nickel her good luck, even though she does give everyone her luck before being properly eliminated.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Done with Shawn and Asia a few times in 'Beach Brawl'.
    • 'Carneelval' heavily implies Beeps and Bus to be in a gay relationship.
  • Dreamscape: A slight one with Keela towards Dylan in "Tale of the Unworld" after Kaila tells her story. It happens again in "A Curse or a Blessing" when Mechelly notes how close her and Dylan's relationship is.
  • CliffSide: Cordie seems to feel something more than admiration for Waylon. For starters, she frequently stares at him with hearts on her eyes ever since he stood up to Yannis. Also, before their standoff with Death, Cordie gets excited at Waylon when he is holding her by the shoulder, and she pokes him in the eye in what could be described as a failed attempt at a weird spider kiss. Waylon, on the other hand, seems uncomfortable with this.
  • RWBY:
    • Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long: Yang reveals her past obsession with finding her Missing Mom when Blake's White Fang obsession burns her out, offering the first dance if Blake rests and relaxes at the school ball; Blake accepts despite attending with Sun. After her tournament disqualification, Yang is reduced to tears when Blake struggles to believe her version of events. She sheds tears of rage when Adam injures Blake; he maims Yang to punish Blake for abandoning him by hurting those she loves, and a distraught Yang later tells Weiss that her anger over Blake's subsequent disappearance is because she needed Blake to be there for her. When Blake and Yang again fight Adam, Blake declares they're protecting each other; he compares it to the promise Blake once made to him, and struggles to understand what she sees in Yang. In Volume 7, Yang complimenting Blake's new haircut reduces her to blushes, others comment on how much time they spend together, and Nora speculates that something may be going on between them. Their Volume 8 reunion involves a Headbutt of Love embrace and, in Volume 9, they finally admit they're in love and kiss.
    • Blake Belladonna/Sun Wukong: When Sun first meets Blake, he winks at her as he runs by in slow motion. He sticks by her for two days when she temporarily abandons her team after accidentally revealing she's ex-White Fang. In Volume 2, Sun gushes to Neptune about how great she is and that he doesn't want to mess things up with her; she eventually agrees to attend the ball with him as his date, and spends most of the evening dancing with him. When Sun's team wins their tournament match, he spots Blake in the crowd and makes finger pistols at her, causing her to smile and blush. During their time together in Menagerie, Blake's knowledge and experience teaches him to be more mature and tactful while his optimism, earnestness and selflessness teach her the value of friendship and give her the strength to face her fears. At the beginning of Volume 6, they part ways with a chaste kiss.
    • Weiss Schnee/Jaune Arc: Jaune spends the first two volumes nursing a crush on Weiss, who irritably rejects it and assumes he's just a Gold Digger; he only gives up when he sees her asking Neptune to the Beacon dance. Putting her feelings before his own, he encourages Neptune to spend the dance night with her, forcing Weiss to reassess Jaune when Neptune admits what happened. At Haven, Cinder deliberately strikes Weiss with a fatal blow after realising Jaune cares about her, resulting in him unlocking his Semblance to save her. Their deepening friendship in Atlas results in them going to the movies platonically in a deliberate Call-Back to her rejecting his romantic movie date suggestions at Beacon. In Volume 9, Weiss shows immediate attraction to his older appearance, and they continue to grow closer as the volume progresses; after Weiss' encouraging words drives Jaune to tears, they embrace and retain lingering touches after parting. As they were brought to the Tree, Weiss completes Jaune's Meaningful Echo of the Cat's words ("It's not a place you go, it's a place you know."). At the end of the volume, when Jaune recovers his youth and is utterly embarrassed by his youthful voice, Weiss giggles at him, showing that she finds his silliness endearing now, which is a far cry from the irritation she displayed in the past. Not to mention that, upon hearing her giggle, Jaune has the goofiest little grin.
    • Weiss Schnee/Neptune Vasilias: Weiss and Neptune were briefly interested in each other. Weiss tried to arrange the scouting groups so that she's paired up with Neptune, and asks him to accompany her to the dance. He only turns her down because he can't dance but, once he gets over that, he jumps at the chance to spend time with her. Weiss supports him in the tournament until Team SSSN fights Team NDGO; Neptune openly flirting with the all-female team changes Weiss's mind. Although Neptune briefly shows concern for Weiss during the Battle of Beacon, their romantic interactions end during the tournament and they show no interest in talking to each other when Sun sees off Blake at the beginning of Volume 6.
    • Jaune Arc/Pyrrha Nikos: Pyrrha was eager to get to know Jaune from the moment they met, saves his life despite barely knowing him, and quickly becomes his mentor, unlocking his Aura with an intimate gesture and training him to become a better fighter. She's willing to give Jaune relationship advice over Weiss even though it hurts her to do so, something Nora takes note of. Just before she heads off to fight Cinder, she grabs Jaune and gives him a kiss, knowing that she probably won't come back alive. It takes Jaune until the end of Volume 6 to come to terms with her death.
    • Lie Ren/Nora Valkyrie: Together from a young age, Ren and Nora are often confused as a couple by others; even Nora has to convince herself that they're Just Friends. The journey to Haven Academy forces Ren to confront his painful past, with Nora staying by his side even when Team RNJR splits apart to allow Ren to avoid his home village. When Team RNJR is rescued and taken to Haven, they hold hands and snuggle. When Cordovin attacks Ren with her mecha, Nora angrily demands she come back with 'her man'. In Volume 7, Ren and Nora argue about the Salem situation until Nora gives up on words and kisses him. When Team JNR and Oscar later fight Neo, fighting Neo disguised as Nora reduces Ren to tears. In Volume 8, they finally discuss their relationship and agree to wait for Nora to find herself before they get together, concluding the talk with a Headbutt of Love.
    • Glynda Goodwitch/James Ironwood: When Ironwood first arrives in Vale, he greets Glynda enthusiastically, offering a hug; she rebuffs his advances. During the school ball, he asks her to dance with him and this time she accepts. While Glynda struggles to accept his gung-ho, militaristic approach to dealing with every problem, she thinks that he has a very good heart and is the first to offer her support whenever he's troubled. However, whatever relationship they had before was ruined after Ironwood planned to abandon Mantle to die in order to save Atlas and was killed as a result of his actions.
  • SCP Animated - Tales from the Foundation: "Laugh Is Fun" hints that Dr. Collingwood and Agent Lawrence are a thing.
  • Sonic Shorts: Plenty of Sonamy moments exist in the shorts, and Sonadow is frequently hinted at (and, in one instance, Sonic and Shadow stumble across it... much to their mutual displeasure). One skit even has a Die for Our Ship moment with Shadow hitting the wall as Sonic and Amy embrace. Sonaze is also hinted at with Volume 4 having Blaze and Amy start wailing on Elise simply for kissing Sonic.
    • Shadow is also in the scene where Amy yells at Elise, possibly teasing Sonadow as well.
  • Gravity Falls: Deep Woods: A brief moment between Dipper and Pacifica at the end of Quest for the Northwest, when she gets close to his personal space and fidgets with his cap while answering one of his questions. He even blushes a little afterwards.
  • Nomad of Nowhere: For all of her grim and gruff attitude, Toth seems rather fond of Skout. In fact, threatening Skout when near Toth can be a very dangerous thing to do.
  • Ask Mario: The first question Toad gets if he and Toadette are a couple, which he denies.
    • Bowser teases Toad and Toadette about being a couple again in "SUPER CROWN SCARE!", as well as about Toadette's supposed crush on Mario. And then there's Toadette denying having a crush on Buckinberry.
  • Wolf Song: The Movie: there is a minor ship tease between Alador and Onora, notably this single exchange
Alador: I like your feather Onora
Onora: Thanks. My boyfriend gave it to me
Alador: umm…uh
Onora: kidding!
Alador smiles
  • Onora is also among the most devastated at the news of Alador’s death

    Web Videos 
  • So much in Critical Role, as the players – including the DM – are all good friends who seem to genuinely enjoy flirting with one another in the context of the game. Ironically, the one Official Couple so far (Vaxleth, ie Keyleth/Vax’ildan) was only teased once, maybe twice before it went from teasing to an actual thing to eventually official.
    • Before that, Vax had a ton of Ho Yay with fan favorite NPC Gilmore, to the point that pretty much everyone at the table shipped them too. They even went on several dates before Vax politely cut it off, explaining his feelings for Keyleth.
    • Among the rest of the party, Vex’ahlia and Percy are among the most consistent with their teasing. They’ve shared the most kisses out of any couple on the show (all but one of them on the cheek), developed a flirtatious rapport in the post-Whitestone arc downtime (complete with joking "I love yous" and affectionate nicknames), and shared a number of sweet moments, including a Cooldown Hug and a night of tinkering that plays out like a first date. The fact that he accidentally killed her once might throw a wrench into things, though she soon forgave him and they seem to have moved on rather well.
    • Scanlan’s flirting with Pike usually sees him as a borderline Abhorrent Admirer, but she does throw him a bone sometimes. And even the occasional kiss. Word of God is that they have a "special connection," though Pike is also in love with an unnamed third party. And then Scanlan proposed. With the full blessings of her great-grandfather. And she didn’t say no. She didn't say yes either though...
    • Even Guest Star Party Members get in on the act. Kashaw had a fair bit of Belligerent Sexual Tension with Keyleth during his first appearance, which ended in The Big Damn Kiss, while Zahra’s had more than a few cute moments with Vex whenever she turns up.
  • Dana and Tom sure do look cuddly in The Stinger of Echo Chamber's "Trope Of The Week" Unresolved Sexual Tension...
  • In Smosh Games' Game Bang subseries, the punishment for the 2 lowest performers often involve the losers perform intimate punishments together (e.g. being tied together, do a Spaghetti Kiss with various foodstuffs, etc.), and the others would encourage fanfiction writers to get inspiration out of these moments when they happen. The crew themselves have their own favorite pairings, which are: Marhinki (Mari/Sohinki), Iancorn (Ian/Lasercorn) and Jovanthony (Joven/Anthony), although the latter two has been majorly downplayed since Ian and Anthony has been Demoted to Extra and are now replaced by Flitz and Wes.
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon Alpha Sapphire was loaded with it. Due to the PokéNav Plus being permanently fixed to BuzzNav (as Randomizers tend to break DexNav and PlayNav requires wireless functionality), the game itself would tend to ship the protagonist with trainers who were frequently rematched. On top of that, due to the random evolutions and abilities, the starter ended up as a Flareon with Synchronize, which is the sole regular ability of Espeon, fueling a popular ship from previous runs.


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