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It's not just writers of fiction that can't do math.

"He wacked me with a pillow, hard! I'm dizzy, and I have serious short-term memory loss! ...And I have serious short-term memory loss!"
Tails, Sonic Boom

Any trope belongs in this index if the description is written as though the description itself is an example. For instance, No Indoor Voice looks like it was written by someone who has no indoor voice. The text on the tropes featured in this index is informal, due to many capital words and exclamation marks. While we mainly do this as a means of having fun, it's also a useful tool when naming tropes: an uninformed reader, when looking at a self-demonstrating trope title, can understand what it's about much faster than if it wasn't. Thanks to the Grelling–Nelson paradox, whether this very article counts as a self-demonstrating article depends entirely on whether we say it is.

Properly indexed self-demonstrating articles indicate themselves with an icon of an orange. An orange is "orange", see. It's not exactly self-demonstrating, but it's close enough.

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The Stinger! The Brick!

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Oh no, here we go again...

Got Ending Fatigue yet? Easter Egg

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