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Second Banana is a term that has been around a really long time that meant "second billing" in an acting company. It's most often applied to comedians or comedies now; in such cases it's the supporting comedian, who may also be the Straight Man. Depending on the story he could be either the victim of the primary comedian's (deliberate or unwitting) antics or the more successful one, who sits back and snarks at the star's foolishness. The Second Banana may no longer actually get second billing.


In terms of characters, it is most often the sidekick, best friend, or co-worker of the protagonist.

Compare The Lancer.


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    Live Action TV 

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • Looney Tunes being the most iconic source of animated comedy, often centered on comedy and show business has quite a few examples:
    • Porky Pig was the studio's first major star but soon became the Second Banana and the Straight Man to the much wackier, egotistical and denser Daffy Duck. In-universe he was most often conned, tormented and/or bossed around by Daffy, depending on the short. At times all three together. He usually had the last laugh though, thanks to either paying him back in kind, or showing that he was more capable in all perilous situations.
    • There was a character (a mouse) actually named Second Banana in some Warner Brothers cartoons, and in some Gold Key comics based on them. He was the sidekick of Merlin the Magic Mouse, a vaudeville-style stage magician.


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