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School is never useful, except in Real Life. WRONG. A lot of times, if you pay attention, it will save your life. Especially if you're in a Superhero School. As in Real Life, information is power, so you automatically get this trope if you're in a Spy School. Most of the time, this will be lampshaded by the example of the trope saying "Weren't you paying attention in class?" to the protagonist. One of the School Tropes.


Inversion: the character has superpowers that help them excel at school wildly. Not necessarily cheating.


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     Anime And Manga 
  • In Naruto, they bascially train to become a ninja. Subverted for Naruto, who learns everything from training and being the protagonist. Also, Sakura plays this trope straight during the Chunin exams.

  • Hermione does this in pretty much every Harry Potter book. Especially the seventh. Also used when Harry gave Ron the bezoar after he drank the poisoned mead given to them by Professor Slughorn.
  • Inverted in Midnighters, all of the Midnighters' powers correlate to a school subject, which they excel at because of the powers (except for one). Dess: Trigonometry, and probably engineering, Jonathan: Physics, Rex: History, Jess: Chemistry.
  • A downplayed example in Cold Days: Harry is stated to have used the cue "Fuego" for his fire spell because of the Spanish lesson he took that day.

  • Mr. Bruner points this out Percy's Greek History in Percy Jackson and the Olympians before he realizes he's a demigod. Then it goes to to the extreme when he goes to Camp Half Blood. Then later, Annabeth uses her non-demigod knowledge in a Sphinx trial, except she gets fed up with the fact that the questions aren't riddles, and screws everything up.
  • You'd think that in a Superhero School, this would be the case. But in Sky High (2005), it's actually subverted for the main character. Played straight for everyone else.

     Web Original 
  • In the universe of Greek Ninja, the students of Ariadnio learn to fight and thus, not get killed during its invasions, from simply attending it (since it's a martial arts school). Subverted in Sasha's case, who even points out herself that she learnt everything from Yamauchi-sensei.

     Western Animation 
  • Parodied on The Simpsons when Bart finds himself locked in the Shelbyville zoo's tiger feeding area. All the doors are labeled with Roman numerals and he finds a note that says all doors except door VII contain man-eating tigers; he bemoans the fact that school never tried teaching him that subject. Of course Mrs. Krabappel was stressing the importance of learning just that earlier in the episode. Bart manages to exit through the correct door by remembering that he has seen the Rocky movies and Rocky II plus Rocky V equals Rocky VII: Adrian's Revenge!

     Real Life 
  • Foreign language courses if you ever use them. NOT having language skills is not only inconvenient, but downright dangerous, especially if you ever have to deal with security forces or even just toughs.


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