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Rounded Character
aka: Round Character

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Margo: Who are we now, El? We used to be glamorous, amazing mega-bitches. And now?
Eliot: We have depth. And... character.
Margo: [looks horrified]
The Magicians, "Do You Like Teeth?"

One of the basic traits of a character is their depth, or how complex they are. Some characters are two-dimensional Flat Characters, with one or a few defining traits that completely define who they are. Rounded Characters go beyond being a stock character with some Backstory and Hidden Depths. They generally have a complex motivation driving them, and may act counter to what their 'type' would suggest. These are the kind of character that have to struggle with choice.

A Flat Character may evolve into a three-dimensional character if they are dynamic, and change according to what they experience. On the other hand, sometimes they don't need to change and remain Static Characters.

Alternative Title(s): Round Character


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