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Red and Black and Evil All Over

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The horns, snarl and red-gold eyes should help, in case this example is too subtle.

"Our race is marked by jet black and crimson skin. Just like you..."
Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog

Black and red. In western culture, these are the two most sinister colors, as red typically conveys the meaning of blood or anger, and black is that of darkness or death. Being a very visually striking combination, they can also convey a sense of power. Together they additionally give the impression of burning coal or wood, i.e. "fire and destruction". Sticking to these two colors is common for designers who want to create something as sinister as possible.

A favorite color for villainous characters to dress in. For example, most Ominous Opera Capes are a case of this: black on the outside, red on the inside (which is really common with vampires). It should be noted that this trope is not just a list of villains wearing black and red; it can apply to non-character elements as well. For example, this is common for the covers and credit sequences of horror books, films, and games, to show that a work is Darker and Edgier.


Dark Is Not Evil can also apply with Anti Heroes and even Villain Protagonists heavily using a red and black color scheme as a visual reminder that these people, no matter how much we are supposed to identify with them, are not "good guys". Or that the concepts associated with this color scheme, such as darkness, blood or fire, are not that evil to begin with. Can also be used to benefit from Evil Is Cool without resorting to actual evil. If a heroic character wears this they may be an example of a Terror Hero, or of Good Is Not Nice at the bare minimum. It's not uncommon for cases of this to be juxtaposed with a group of characters represented by blue and white. If the hero is represented by the colors blue and white The Rival or an evil counterpart may have the black and red color scheme.


A Sub-Trope of Good Colors, Evil Colors. A Sister Trope to Evil Wears Black.

Compare Dark Is Evil, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Red Filter of Doom, Obviously Evil, Putting on the Reich. Contrast Gold and White Are Divine, Heavenly Blue, Red Is Heroic, Movie Superheroes Wear Black and Primary-Color Champion where blue takes the place of black. Compare or Contrast Dark Is Not Evil and Red Is Violent for anti-hero/anti-villain examples.

Note: In case of characters, this trope mostly applies to villains and anti-heroes.


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  • This ad for Virtual Boy Wario Land depicts Wario in this manner while showing him laughing maniacally and sneaking through a cave. It is also meant to mirror the red-and-black graphics of the Virtual Boy.
  • An early TV ad for the LEGO Star Wars toyline showed a kid building a ship out of LEGOs, followed by Darth Maul's voice asking "Got anything in red and black?", after his own use of these colors, as seen in the film section.

    Anime & Manga 

    Asian Animation 

    Comic Books 
  • Inverted by Hellboy, who certainly looks the part but is (usually) the good guy.
  • Deadpool's red suit with black stripes and matching red and black hood. Subverted in that he's not evil (usually). He's just crazy.
  • Spider-Man:
  • Superman: Most of the members of the Superman family wear blue-and-red-and-yellow costumes. However, ambiguous or evil versions of the Super-family generally go for red and black.
    • Supergirl: In Red Daughter of Krypton Supergirl became a Red Lantern -Red Lanterns are raging berserkers-, and although she was not evil, she was definitely darker, edgier and angrier. And she wore a red-and-black costume.
    • Black Zero, an evil alternate version of Superboy (Kon-El/Conner Kent) wears a black bodysuit with a red sash and red cape.
    • Superboy uses this color scheme in regards to Superman's trademark "S" for his New 52 incarnation, where his costume is completely red-and-black. While Superboy is a hero, the opening issue of his comic (as well as the rebooted Teen Titans comic) uses the color scheme to make him seem sinister.
    • The Cyborg Superman has made a few bodies with this color scheme, notably his Apokolipian-based body when he hopped off of Doomsday in Hunter/Prey and his Sinestro Corps War body.
  • Green Lantern: The Red Lantern Corps has this coloration and they are raging berserkers.
  • Seems to be popular with Batman-spinoff characters these days. While Batman and his protege are heroic, they use the color scheme to appear sinister and intimidating or to achieve Villain Cred when they need to, making this an Invoked Trope.
    • Nightwing has donned a red-and-black outfit in the New 52 to reflect the new, grittier Nightwing.
    • Tim Drake (known as "Robin" or "Red Robin" depending on the time period) uses this color scheme. He's been wearing red and black since after his dad was mutually killed by Captain Boomerang in Identity Crisis. Before that, he used the standard-issue Robin palette of red and green with yellow cape (though Tim's cape was only yellow on the inside).
    • Batwoman also has black-and-red digs.
    • As does the Red Hood (Jason Todd, formerly the second Robin).
    • The Joker's sidekick Harley Quinn wears a black and red playing card motif.
    • Before all of these examples, Jean Paul-Valley changed his armoured Batman costume into a red-and-gold version colour scheme just before confronting Bruce Wayne as the "real" Batman, indicating that he's already jumped off the slippery slope.
    • The second Batman in Earth 2 wears a Batsuit that is black with red trimmings. He is not evil, but compared to the previous Batman, he is more an Anti-Hero.
  • Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope has Luke and Han on Coruscant, encountering the red-robed Imperial Guard. In standard canon they are commando-stormtroopers, which is bad enough, but in this they are armed with lightsabers.
    Han: They're wearing red robes, Luke. Tell me what it means when they wear red suits, Luke...
    Luke: I think it means trouble.
  • Nightcrawler's costume is red, black and white, which enhances his demonic appearance. Despite this, he's very much The Cape, just with a sense of drama that makes him want to look his most badass.
  • In the New 52's Blue Beetle, Blue's Evil Counterpart Blood Beetle has a red and black color scheme, in contrast to Blue Beetle's blue and black color scheme.
  • Though definitely not villains, the new X-Force team Cyclops assembled (including Deadpool, Warpath and Wolverine), which was created to do missions none of the... "regular" teams were up to, all wore black and grey ...and for some reason all had red tinted lenses in their masks.
  • Doctor Strange foe Dormammu has a black Badass Longcoat with large red plates, as well as a red Battle Aura and the small fact that his head is on fire.
  • Many Grendel comics are three-colour, using only black, white and red highlights. The symbolism is quite deliberate.
  • Judge Dredd: The Judges' uniforms in the Alternate Universe that became Deadworld were solid black leather with red shoulder pads, whereas the Judges' uniforms from Judge Dredd's universe are dark blue leather with gold shoulder pads. Unsurprisingly, they were much more brutal and prone to wanton executions than their counterpart even before the Dark Judges took over.
  • The so-called "brainwashed Superman" who was working for Darkseid in Earth 2 has a red-and-black uniform.
  • During the Red Hulk's incarnation of the Thunderbolts, the entire team wore red and black, including both The Punisher and Agent Venom, who are noted for wearing black and white.. When Deadpool calls Venom a suck-up for changing his colors with the rest of them, the former soldier strangles Deadpool, telling him that keeping the same color means there's less of a chance for Friendly Fire.
  • A number of characters in The Beano and its imitators wear red and black with the 'anti-hero protagonist' connotation, such as Dennis the Menace, his Distaff Counterpart Minnie the Minx and Manipulative Bastard Roger the Dodger.
  • Wonder Woman: In his manifestation as Mars the War God Ares trades his signature blued armor for red armor and keeps his shadowed face and glowing red eyes.

    Fan Works 
  • The Mirror Universe Smurfs in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Smurfed Behind: The Other Side Of The Mirror" are mostly red-skinned and wear black clothing and are constantly evil — the opposite of the good blue-and-white Smurfs of the normal universe. Its Papa Smurf is red-skinned and wears blue, while its version of Empath wears white clothes with black stars on it, however.

    Films — Animation 
  • Unsurprisingly, this is the color scheme of a lot of Disney villains.
    • Jafar from Aladdin wears black with red trim, and has a black beard. His genie form is a muscular red devil with a black topknot and black beard.
    • This applies to the red and black Queen Of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
    • Cruella DeVil, the villain of 101 Dalmatians, primarily wears a white fur coat with a red underside over a black dress and red gloves. Her car is also colored red and black.
    • The black-haired Mother Gothel from Tangled wears a red dress and often a black cape over that too. Her color combination sharply contrasts with that of her "daughter" Rapunzel's golden hair and lavender dress.
    • Professor Ratigan, the arch-villain of The Great Mouse Detective, wears a black suit with a red Ominous Opera Cape.
    • Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is a black-haired, muscle-bound hunter who wears a blood-red shirt and black trousers, and he goes from an amusing Small Name, Big Ego character to being the main villain of the film.
    • Scar from The Lion King is an evil lion with reddish-orange fur and a black mane.
    • Peter Pan's nemesis, Captain Hook, wears a red jacket with a red pirate hat and has black hair.
    • Averted in The Incredibles, red and black are the heroes' colors (along with a touch of gold). The villain Syndrome goes for the black and white contrast (which in this case, despite what Good Colors, Evil Colors tells you, does not represent neutrality). The final Omnidroid, on the other hand, plays the trope straight by having a bright red eye to match its black metal body.
    • The Duke of Weselton wears red and black colors in Frozen and his Establishing Character Moment is him muttering darkly about how he plans to exploit Arendelle. While he does play a minor antagonistic role, in that he orders his two henchmen to take out Elsa if presented the opportunity, he turns out to actually be more a Red Herring for Hans.
    • Te Kā in Moana is a large volcanic entity, and thus there's plenty of red and black in her body to go against her fiery eyes. However, her villainy is subverted. She is actually Te Fiti, overcome with rage at having her Heart stolen from her. As soon as the Heart is returned, she reverts to being the gentle island entity she normally is.
  • In The Swan Princess, the hag magically disguised as Princess Odette wears a black and red dress. This makes her easy for viewers to distinguish from the real Odette, who wears white and green.
  • The whole army of the One-Eye from The Thief and the Cobbler uses these colors to overkill.
  • Scenes featuring Lord Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2 tend to feature a lot of red and black. There's also a lot of white, but that's a different trope.
  • The LEGO Movie: Lord Business when he dons his villain outfit. Even his robot secret police enforce this trope.
  • Averted in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Toothless is a pitch black dragon with a red replacement tail fin, yet he's completely loyal to the friendly and amicable Hiccup, whose new outfit is also the same colors as his dragon companion.
  • Ruber from Quest for Camelot is an Evil Redhead who wears a black cleavage and trousers with red armor, boots, belt, wrist-cuffs, and shoulder pads. Much later on towards the end of the film when Ruber bonded Excalibur to himself, his mechanical right arm has ascending shades of black to red all over.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • X-Men Film Series
    • In X-Men: The Last Stand, the Juggernaut wears a maroon outfit with black highlights.
    • X-Men: First Class: Azazel, a member of the Hellfire Club (which in the comic version goes for black and white costumes), wears black. His naturally red skin complements his suit. And at the end of the movie, Erik Lehnsherr has adopted a red vest and helmet with black pants and cape as his Evil Costume Switch to become Magneto.
  • In The Matrix, the Machines and their pods emit red or sickly pink glows, and their physically metallic bodies (such as those of the sentinels) are very dark (though this could be due to the general poor lighting). Taken to an extreme in the The Animatrix short "Matriculated", where machines emit a warm, peaceful green glow when they turn good, and seem less dark.
  • The uniforms, flags, and other props used in Ian McKellen's excellent 1995 film adaptation of Richard III are like this, due to the film's use of parallels to Nazi Germany in its 1930s-era Setting Update.
  • The Norsefire Party in the film version of V for Vendetta uses a black and red logo, specifically in order to imply a similarity to the Nazi party.
  • The basic color scheme of the neo-Nazis in Pink Floyd's The Wall? Black with red detail.
  • Most Sith Lords in Star Wars dress in black and wield a red lightsaber.
    • In Return of the Jedi, The Emperor's guards wear these colors.
    • Emperor Palpatine himself wears black and sometimes red robes. Also, the decor of his office is almost all red.
    • Darth Maul (pictured above), who made full-body, red-and-black Sith tattoos popular. You'll find them on lots of Expanded Universe characters (not to mention the original Sith species, which has naturally red skin).
    • The Force Awakens continues the trend with The First Order and their Nazi-inspired red-and-black aesthetic (their fleet is even commanded by a black-clad Evil Redhead).
  • Sleepy Hollow: The Hessian Horseman's outfit is black with red and silver accents. Almost unnoticeable when he's dead and rotten all over. Action figures show it better
  • TRON:
    • In the original film, Sark and his underlings were given red Tron Lines to distinguish themselves from Kevin Flynn, Tron, and the more benign programs, who had blue Tron Lines. However, the color of their suits was grey as opposed to black.
    • Come TRON: Legacy and the villains are all colored black with bright orange Tron Lines (Except for CLU, who is yellow). When Rinzler (actually Tron Brainwashed and Crazy and Reforged into a Minion) performs a Heel–Face Turn, his lines switch to the blue-white from before as he sinks into the data ocean.
    • Downplayed in the franchise's Expanded Universe. Red and black are the color of the System Guard (essentially the military). They're often, but not always antagonistic, such as in TRON 2.0 where they're attacking the Player Character because they mistakenly believe he's responsible for a viral attack. Once they realize he's on the same side, they call it off and work with him during the assault on Thorne's server. And in TRON: Uprising, the System Guard is on Clu's side. However, they range from the outright amoral (Pavel) to the Lawful Evil type (Dyson, Tesler), to Anti-Villain (Paige).
  • The Master's robes in "Manos" The Hands of Fate are black with a red hand motif.
  • In some of the Hammer Dracula films Christopher Lee wears a black outfit with red piping on the cape.
  • Godzilla:
    • The Mutos from Godzilla (2014) are black with glowing red markings.
    • The version of Godzilla himself in Shin Godzilla is black and red glowing rashes all over his body.
  • Ra.One is an invoked example, as the (video game escapee) villain Ra.One was deliberately designed to be as cool and menacing as possible, with spiderweb-like black armor, black cowl, red Heart Light, and glowing red eyes.
  • The Pteranodons from Jurassic World have primarily red and black color schemes and are fairly aggressive predators. Some of them have different color schemes, however (some of them have blue where others have red).
  • The Thuggee cult in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom wear these colors to match their volcanic hideout.
  • Lord of the Rings has the entire country and society build around that trope. Mordor is a black land with red lava and the mountain of Mount Doom which has a red peak. This is completed by the main tower, Barad-Dur, which is all-black and on top, we have the red and flaming giant Eye of Sauron (unlike the book, the movie implies this is Sauron's actual current form).
  • The 1973 Jesus Christ Superstar film has the high priests Caiaphas and Anaias who wear all-black. In the climax where Jesus is sentenced to death, they also wear red capes.
  • In Kick-Ass 2 the clothes of the superheroes are mixed. But almost all of the supervillains wear clothes that are red and black.
  • In Heathers, these are the school colors. This means the antagonistic cheerleaders wear red and black.
  • In The Last Starfighter the invading Kodan fleet all wore uniforms of red with black touches (Xur wore all black, but he was a traitor from Rylos working with the Kodan).
  • Subverted in Dracula Untold: While he wears exclusively black and red as part of his costumes and earned a sinister reputation as "Lord Impaler", he shows shame for his previous actions and uses his powers to defend his family and his people.
  • The Dark Knight Rises: During the stock exchange heist, Bane sports a red motorcycle helmet as part of his deliveryman disguise.
  • Saw just by chance: the hooded robe that the Jigsaw Killer/John Kramer (as well as his disciples, including Dr. Lawrence) wears is black with a broad red outline to it.
  • Face/Off: While Castor Troy mostly averts this, the scene just before the first action setpiece (the airport gun battle) sees his dark red suit and red dress shirt complemented by a billowing black Badass Longcoat.
  • John Wick: Viggo's dark gray suits are usually accompanied with red dress shirts.

  • Count Dracula has black and red. He's the Trope Codifier for what the description talks about this trope and vampires in their capes.
  • The Custodes Fidei note  order in the Deryni works have black robes with red belts and trim. Officially, the red is supposed to suggest allegiance to and protection for the House of Haldane. Guarding the Faith from what? From Deryni and their sympathizers, of course.
    • The order's name can also call to mind the famous Latin question, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"note  Since they are an aspect of the corruption in the church, this is justified.
  • In The Lord of the Rings, Sauron's forces use black banners and an insignia marked with a red eye.
    • Russian Tolkien fanfiction loves portraying Feanorians dressed in these colors.
  • The seventh room in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" is black with red stained-glass windows.
  • In The Spiral Labyrinth, the magic system is color-coded; each wizard has a major and a minor color. The Big Bad uses black and red.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Red and black are the colors of House Targaryen, former ruling house of Westeros, as well as their cadet branch House Blackfyre. While not universally evil, there's an in-universe belief that pretty much half of them end up Axe-Crazy, and it's not unsubstantiated.
    • Euron Greyjoy wears a red cloak and black armor in The Winds of Winter preview chapters, which is significant because the armor is made of Valyrian steel.
  • Raksha in Tales of Kolmar are always red and black.
  • In The Wheel of Time, Moridin, most powerful and evil of the Forsaken, explicitly refers to black and red as his colors; he always wears them himself, forces his servants to do so, and they predominate the decorating of his fortress. Mazrim Taim, who is a rather sinister fellow despite nominally being on the sign of good, also likes the colors, hinting at a possible connection between them. Sample chapters from the final book reveal that Taim is indeed The Mole and a Darkfriend.
  • In Honor Harrington, the PRH State Sec uniforms have red coats and black pants.
    • The inmates of one StateSec prison world refer to them as the Black Legs, partly from the uniforms and partly to have a word for the enemy that didn't include the Havenites who were their fellow prisoners.
  • Pryrates in Memory, Sorrow and Thorn always wears bright red robes with black lining (red in particular is so strongly associated with him that he's often called "the Red Priest or "the Red Wizard). He's also the most purely evil character in the series- even the Big Bad (a hate-filled undead Omnicidal Maniac) is played with more sympathy than Pryratesnote .
  • In the Old Kingdom trilogy, the necromancer Hedge, one of the chief villains of the second two books, usually wears a suit of black chainmail with red plates. As he falls increasingly under the power of his master, Orannis the Destroyer, Hedge himself gradually transforms from a fairly normal-looking man to a creature of flame and shadow, thereby bringing the aesthetic into his own body as well.
  • The Parshendi of The Stormlight Archive are human-looking beings with marbled red and black skin, who have been embroiled in a war of extinction against the Alethi after assassinating their king for no known reason. They are also the setting's legendary Voidbringers, who can channel the power of Odium. Most of them aren't too pleased about this.
  • Simultaneously used and subverted in the League Of Princes series. Ruffian dresses in red and black, because he knows that bounty hunters tend to get color-based nicknames, and he wants to be "Ruffian the Black" or "Ruffian the Red". But he's such a sad sack that he just gets called "Ruffian the Blue".
  • In the Wizard in Rhyme books, the diabolical Sorcerous Overlord of Ibile uses red and black for his colours, symbolizing blood and grief.
  • The Brothers Lionheart: Evil Overlord Tengil always wears black armor, and a helmet with a crest of red feathers.
  • Journey to Chaos: Governor Caffour makes his first appearance as a villain wearing a red and black suit. It blends well with his new necrocraft.
  • In Harry Potter, the Big Bad Lord Voldemort is described as having red, cat-like eyes and wearing black robes

    Live-Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • Villain turned Anti-Hero Spike often wears a black Badass Longcoat with a red shirt or scarf underneath. Angelus also uses these two colors. Drusilla is often a Lady in Red, but produces this trope because of her black hair.
    • A different take in "Tough Love". Glory does an Action Dress Rip, tearing off her red dress to reveal a black nightie underneath.
  • Invoked on Burn Notice - when trying to intimidate some Cartel gangsters by playing an enigmatic Louis Cypher figure who can apparently make Stuff Blow Up with a snap of his fingers, Michael dresses in a black suit and shades with blood-red shirt, tie and pocket square.
  • Cole's demon form Belthazor in Charmed.
  • The Defenders (2017): The Hand primarily associates with the colors of red and black.
    • Daredevil (2015): The Hand's ninjas wear uniforms that are all black, while their masks have red inner lining. In season 1, when Nobu is tricked by Wilson Fisk into fighting Matt, Nobu wears robes with an inversion of that color scheme (red robes with black inner liner), which might just be ceremonial or reserved for higher-ranking Hand members like Nobu. In The Defenders proper, Elektra's comics-compliant costume fits this trope since the main armor is red while she usually accompanies it with a long black coat.
      • Season 3 of Daredevil provides a non-Hand example with Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter, when he wears a copy of the red-and-black Daredevil armor and commits terrorist attacks for Fisk, first attacking the New York Bulletin to smear Matt's reputation and get rid of Jasper Evans, and later going after Karen at the Clinton Church to avenge the death of James Wesley.
    • Iron Fist (2017): Despite at first seeming like a peaceful retreat for New York City kids with nowhere else to turn for help, the compound run by Colleen Wing's sensei Bakuto is actually just another faction of the Hand. A sharp-eyed viewer will have picked up the connection long before Danny realizes it by noticing that Bakuto and most of the other students wear red t-shirts, black pants, and black leather jackets.
      • In season 2, Davos sports dark black coats (owing to the cold weather) and after he steals the Iron Fist from Danny, his fists glow red (symbolic of his corrupted chi).
  • Doctor Who:
  • Farscape's Peacekeepers used black and red in their uniforms and décor.
  • The Flash (2014):
    • The Reverse-Flash may wear a yellow suit, but his gloves and boots are black, his eyes glow red, and he produces red lightning when he runs.
    • The Rival wears a black suit and he also leaves behind red lightning when he runs. He also has dark orange highlights on said suit.
    • Played with in the Season Three finale. Savitar's dark suit of armor has been glowing blue for the entire season, but it switches to red when Barry takes control of it. Barry beats down Savitar with the suit and is clearly tempted to kill him for all the trouble he put him through, but he relents and destroys the armor.
  • Game of Thrones gives this treatment to the cruel and opportunistic House Bolton, whose colors in the books are pink and red, and their banner a bright red flayed person on a pink field. In the show, the pink is exchanged for black. Y'know, in case people can't pick up the fact that the Boltons are bad from the flayed person.
    • Even during the "Battle of the Bastards" this is reflected. All the Bolton soldiers wear a black leather armor with a red flayed man on their chests and black helmets with the same thing on it. Ramsay is dressed all-in-black while his second-in-command, Smalljon Umber, all-in-dark red.
    • Viserys Targaryen is dressed all in black, with a red dragon in the center of his outfit. Admittedly, according to the books, that is how Targeryens often dressed.
    • Averted with Drogon. He is the dragon with red and black scales, but belongs to one of the protagonists. He is, however, the largest and most aggressive of the three.
  • The Musketeers: Cardinal Richelieu exclusively wears either entirely black robes or (for more formal occasions) bright red ones.
  • Star Trek
    • This Terran Empire logo (the Evil Counterpart of the Federation in the Mirror Universe).
    • Black and red are dominant colors of Klingon culture. They use it in buildings, flags, decorations, weapons, ships... basically everywhere. Even their interior lighting usually has a red tinge.
    • Oddly inverted by the design of the Enterprise's bridge in Star Trek: The Original Series, which uses red and black prominently. There may have been practical reasons for this: since Star Trek was originally broadcast when TV was transitioning to color, the set design would need to look visually interesting in color while also providing contrast for viewers who still had black and white TV sets.
  • Stranger Things: The Mind Flayer is often shown with its black form backlit with an ominous red light.
  • Supernatural: In "Hammer of the Gods", the goddess Kali wears a red dress and a black skirt. And underneath, a black bra and panties. Rrrraw!
  • Both the Locos (Season 1) and the Technos (Season 4) in The Tribe wear red and black.
  • Ultra Series
  • In V (1983), red and black are the signature colors of the fascistic reptilian Visitors, with almost all their uniforms and even their flag featuring some combination of the two.

  • Slovenian art-rockers Laibach love their red and black.
  • Inverted with Steam Powered Giraffe. While their clothing is a red on black scheme, they are not evil robots.
  • The Toy Soldier (Doctor Steel's fan club) color scheme, until around 2011, was black with red (and yellow) accents. Somewhat justified, as they are a deliberate parody of evil organizations. (Since the Doctor's retirement, use of red has been diminished.)
  • The PV for the Vocaloid song Red Shoe Parade is animated in a shadow-puppet style, with the parade's red shoes showing clearly.
  • Blue Öyster Cult's album Tyranny and Mutation had its album sides titled "the Red" and "the Black", and the band was known to play with dark themes (and did quite a bit on that particular album as well).
    • Also (and on the above album), the song "the Red and the Black":
      Canadian Mounted baby, police force that works/ red and black, it's their color scheme/ get their man in the end/ kill you maim, you kill you maim
  • Pagan/Viking Metal Bands Varg and Turisas use black and red "warpaint" instead of Black Metal's black and white Corpse Paint.
  • Poets of the Fall:
    • Hamartia, the jester mascot of Twilight Theater's album art, wears a typical Harlequin red and black diamond motley, but the flap of his Happy Harlequin Hat terminates in a snake head instead of bells, and he has a nasty Slasher Smile, both of which mark him as a Monster Clown.
    • Downplayed with Hamartia's reappearance as a jealous, vengeful Orcus on His Throne figure in the video for "Daze," as the motley is replaced by a subtler color scheme in his royal costume, with black hair trimmed with black feathers, black pants, an elaborate red leather jacket, and deep maroon lipstick and facepaint, all of which fit with the decadent Masquerade Ball over which he presides.
  • In A Sound Of Thunder's song "The Queen of Hell", the titular Villain Protagonist sings "Red and black our banners wave/ As we march across the land."
  • Blurryface, the character from Twenty One Pilots lore who represents the "dark side" of Tyler Joseph (namely, his insecurities, self-doubt, and struggles with mental illness) dresses in red and black, and his presence is indicated by black paint on Tyler's hands and neck and red eyes. This is also reflected in the color scheme for the Blurryface album (in which the character features prominently).
    • Another of Blurry's incarnations, the Bishop "Nico" (an elderly man who appears in the videos for "Jumpsuit" and "Nico and the Niners") also sports the color scheme, in the form of a flowing red cloak and black paint on his hands and lower face.

    Myths & Religion 

    Pro Wrestling 
  • All of Kane's outfits throughout his WWE tenure prominently feature this color combination.
  • Averted in New World Order with nWo Wolfpack, reverted back in nWo Elite.
  • Boogeyman, although the fans never booed him, despite the promoter's best efforts.
  • Ojo Diabolico Jr usually wore black with splashes of red around his gear. His XMW Tag Team partner Ludark Shaitan was pink black and evil all over.
  • AHII looked the part in All Japan Pro Wrestling, he looks even more bony and spiky than Darth Maul, but turned out to be not so bad when he came to the rescue of the local baby faces.
  • Completely averted by Sami Zayn who is the ultimate Nice Guy babyface with these colors.
  • Finn Bálor is basically this trope except for the evil part. His bodypaint entrance in NXT includes mostly black and red coloration, and maybe the evil thing applies because he's supposed to be channeling a demon.

  • Canadian figure skater Roman Sadovsky wore a blood-red-and-black costume for his short program during the 2017-2018 competitive season (which is set to Peter Gundry's "The Vampire Masquerade") in order to convey to the audience that he was portraying a vampire who attempts to seduce his intended victim with an elegant waltz.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the Ravnica setting of Magic: The Gathering, the Cult of Rakdos relies on red and black mana, and has a Circus of Fear theme throughout.
    • Interestingly they have none of the grand schemes that the other guilds do. The problem is that their parties turn everyone involved into a Combat Sadomasochist. Survivors are implied to have themselves lobotomized in order to forget what they've done.
    • The combination of black and red mana in general tends to be dangerous to be around - with black the colour of selfishness, and red the colour of emotion, you tend to get very poor self-control and a remarkable appetite for cruelty. It's not universal — you can sometimes get a black-red character who uses their Red devotion to their loved ones to offset the selfishness of Black — but the major black-red groups in Magic's history have included the bloodthirsty vampires of Innistrad, the Cult of Rakdos, the barbaric minotaurs of Theros, the Mongol-esque Mardu Horde (who offset it with a dash of community-focused white mana, giving them at least in-group compassion), and a fair chunk of two Shards of Alara - the barbaric Jund and the deathly Grixis. Black-red planeswalkers include Sarkhan Vol at his lowest point (he gets better), Nicol Bolas, and - in his duel deck - the theoretically mono-red Tibalt splashes black to represent his fairly overt sadistic tendencies. However, it is inverted in Lorwyn boggarts and Tetsuo Umezawa, two fine examples of Dark Is Not Evil.
  • Warhammer 40,000, grimdark universe that it is, absolutely loves this color scheme, and you can expect to find some variation of it in every Codex regardless of the faction's supposed 'goodness'.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!, there's an entire series of monsters called "Dark ——", consisting of Evil Counterparts of existing monsters, and as part of this gimmick they've each undergone an Evil Costume Switch. Guess the predominant colors on them now.
  • Both played straight and subverted for two different factions in Mutant Chronicles:
    • Subverted: Red and black are worn by high-ranking Brotherhood Inquisitors. While the Inquisition has done a lot of very shady things, they are ultimately a force for good.
    • Played straight: the sigil of the Dark Apostle of War, Algeroth (used in promotional materials to symbolize the Dark Legion as a whole), is a red dagger-like cross on a black field, and Algeroth's army leaders, Nepharites, are depicted as hulking red-skinned giants in spiked black armor.
  • The Scorpion Clan of Legend of the Five Rings have Card-Carrying Villainy as their hat, so naturally they wear red and black clothing and always wear masks. Being Obviously Evil is their job, and as samurai they take their duites very seriously.
  • Black and red are the official colors of Cheliax in the Pathfinder campaign setting. The nation's current power is based largely on their alliances with hell itself.
  • In the early BattleTech sourcebooks and the early novels, the Draconis Combine was depicted as a brutal and repressive dictatorship, which was solidified by a black-and-red dragon national symbol and parade colors. Toned down in later works, which reworked the Combine from Imperial Japan in space to Feudal Japan In Space with an emphasis on honor. Otherwise averted and zigzagged; heroic Private Military Contractors like the Kell Hounds used neon red and pitch black battlemech paint.

  • Some productions of Hamlet have the title character dressed in red and black. However, despite being a morally ambiguous character, Hamlet (probably) isn't evil.
  • The Tabloid Junkies in Michael Jackson ONE dress in black and/or red.

    Theme Parks 

  • This is the main color-scheme of several bad guy BIONICLE sets: Makuta Teridax, Icarax and Antroz, Kalmah, warrior and elite class Skrall, Sidorak, Vultraz and Radiak. Subverted with the benevolent Turaga Dume — his set represents the evil Teridax masquerading as him, but the real Dume has these colors too. Interestingly, the Maxilos robot that Teridax's spirit possessed for a while also had these colors...
  • LEGO's other themes were also aware of this trope: The Spyrius faction from LEGO Space, Ogel's evil organization from LEGO Alpha Team, Vladek and co. from Knights' Kingdom and various other villainous groups from LEGO Castle, including witches, a dragon and the Bat Lord, all had red and black as part of their uniform color schemes.
  • The Stone Army in Ninjago's 2013 line follow this trope, in contrast to the Skeleton Army and Nindroids being black and purple.

    Video Games 
  • The Consuming Shadow, being a game with a cosmic horror theme, has its logo and menus designed around this colour scheme to enhance the sense of fear.
  • Artix Entertainment has some examples:
    • In AdventureQuest, The'Galin, the god of uncreation, is first represented with red with dark shadows, as seen with his moon and Omega. However, his actual manifestation has a Gold and White Are Divine design.
    • In MechQuest, when becoming a vampire, the player character dons red and black vampire clothing.
    • Gravelyn from AdventureQuest Worlds has a black cape and red armor, and red and black are the primary color scheme of her Shadowscythe Empire.
      • The Black Version Artix Figure has black armor and a red cape the black version even shows up in Gravelyn's Dream which may foreshadow an event where Artix has that armor.
    • In Dragonfable The Vampiric Ghouls have corrupted evil versions of the heroic Guardian armor of the "good guys" with Spikes of Villainy and a black and red color scheme instead of the normal white/silver and gold.
  • Castlevania: In most games, the Final Boss, Dracula, wears black and red clothes, consistent with his book portrayal. In the Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood games, he wears purple.
    • In Lords of Shadow, the first Lord of Shadow that you face, Cornell, turns into a black beast with red Tron Lines during his boss battle.
  • The cover of the PC version of Resident Evil 4.
  • The Brotherhood of Nod in Command & Conquer wear black and red uniforms.
  • From the Sonic the Hedgehog series:
    • Shadow the Hedgehog has always been black and red, the universal colours of badassery. Before his Heel–Face Turn it screamed 'bad guy', and even afterwards he's an Anti-Hero.
    • The race he was created from, the Black Arms, are red and black a lot.
    • Dr. Eggman/Robotnik generally dresses in a red jacket with black pants, and many of his robots (such as E-123 Omega) have a similar color scheme. In AoStH, SatAM and Sonic Underground he also has black eyeballs with red irises.
    • Zavok from Sonic Lost World is also red and black in skin color, as he is the leader of the Deadly Six and is certainly cruel and merciless.
  • The Goliath in Evolve falls under this, though in brighter lighting it may be considered more of a dark grey. Tropers can make their own opinions.
  • Golbez of Final Fantasy IV has his attire vary Depending on the Artist, the color of his armor and cape ranging various shades of blue, but he's also commonly depicted wearing black armor and a black cape with a red lining. Cecil also has his depiction vary, but as a Dark Knight he wears dark blue or black armor with red markings. A case of Dark Is Not Evil as Cecil is a good man, but the powers of darkness he wields are still said to be tools of evil, which is why he class changes to The Paladin.
  • Final Fantasy VI, in keeping with Putting on the Reich, Gestahl wears a red and black robe and the imperial banners are red with a black emblem.
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Genesis wears a red longcoat with black pants and a shirt.
  • Ultimecia of Final Fantasy VIII wears a red dress with black edgings on the bottom with black wings and a black feather ruffle, with a hint of Purple Is the New Black on the torn hem of her dress and the markings on her face.
  • All of the Judges in Final Fantasy XII wear a red Archadian seal on their black capes. Suitably imposing? Oh yes.
  • Kingdom Hearts, Master Xehanort and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness wear black longcoats with red linings, while Xemnas wears a black cloak and wields red Laser Blades as his weapons. Ansem furthermore features the Heartless symbol as a Chest Insignia, the Heartless symbol being universally associated with the creatures and appearing as a black heart with a red lining and cross over the center.
    • Vanitas, Master Xehanort's apprentice, wears a red and black outfit looking disturbingly like exposed muscle matter, and his Void Gear Keyblade is red and black.
    • In his Dark Mode, Riku wears a variation of Vanitas's attire but features blue and white more prominently. When possessed by "Ansem", the Keyblade he wields is an Evil Counterpart to Sora's Kingdom Key, with a black shaft and red handguard. Before he completed his Heel–Face Turn and became a Yin-Yang Bomb, Riku's normal weapon was the Soul Eater, a sword shaped like a black and red bat wing. Subverted in that in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Riku can switch to his Dark Mode despite having learned his lesson from dabbling in evil.
    • While not evil, Terra is an Anti-Hero and thus two of his unique keyblades that symbolize his darker tendencies, the Darkgnaw and Chaos Ripper, are prominently black with red markings.
    • The Blox in coded, acting as representations of infected data caused by the existence of Sora's Heartless, are red and black.
    • Serves as a sort of foreshadowing for Dream Drop Distance. Sora's outfits have always been predominantly red, yellow, white and black, but his 3D outfit is almost entirely red and black. By the end of the game, it's revealed he's been targeted as a Xehanort vessel, and he's so corrupted by darkness that Riku has to engage in a Battle in the Center of the Mind with Sora to free him.
      • Sora's outfit in Kingdom Hearts III is also predominantly black and red, though this time, the trope is fully subverted. Plus, a closer look shows no white X mark and the red and Black are more even out, likely to represent becoming more balanced than in KH 3 D.
    • For his cameos in the series, Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII gets red linings added to his trademark black coat.
    • Many of the predominantly black Heartless have plenty of red to go along with the black.
  • In RuneScape, red and black are the colors of Zamorak, the evil god of chaos.
  • In The Last Story, the Gurak have a black-and-red theme going on, as opposed to the Human's white-and-blue color scheme.
  • Legacy of Kain: Kain wears numerous outfits over the course of the two Blood Omen games, most all of them being some type of armor almost always colored red and black. His iconic attire for the series is his clothing in the Soul Reaver / Defiance era, black leather pants with a red cape wound over his chest like a sash.
  • Associated colors of the Inferno faction from Heroes of Might and Magic V were black and red.
  • The Saboteur: All Nazi controlled areas are in black and white, except for the red from the blood or the swastikas.
  • Impossible Thief extraordinaire Carmen Sandiego frequently pairs her striking red coat and Nice Hat with an all-black getup underneath.
  • As part of being a Char Clone, Elzam of Super Robot Wars paints his robots black with red bits (along other tweaks). He eventually gets his own robot, the Aussenseiter, which is also in this costume. Although, Elzam himself is a subversion as while starting out as an Aloof Big Brother antagonist, he's closer to a Noble Demon/Hero Antagonist whose 'Heel' status was merely because he's on the Divine Crusaders side for complicated reasons. He eventually does an official Heel–Face Turn, though (and it's only after that he gets his Aussenseiter)... then we get to see that his true personality is anything but 'Evil All Over' (in fact a little goofy that it embarrasses his little bro)
  • Team Rocket from Pokémon is often associated with the colors red and black. Their logo is even a red "R" on a black background. Team Magma is also associated with Red and Black. In contrast, Team Aqua is Blue and White.
    • Ghetsis's outfit in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 is primarily black with his red eye patch from the previous games.
    • Giratina, described as a very violent and aggressive Pokémon, has black and red stripes running down its whole front side and black wings with red claws. He also has red eyes.
    • Quite a few Dark type (Also known as the Evil type in Japan) Pokemon demonstrate this, though the "evil" part is subverted with some examples of each species.
      • Sneasel has a single red ear and a red tail to go with its black body. Its evolved form of Weavile turns its other ear red, and also adds red hair and a red collar. Both have a reputation for trickery and ganging up on others.
      • Darkrai, despite only being evil in some continuities, is completely black with a massive red collar.
      • Pawniard and Bisharp possess a red and black color scheme and are said to brutally attack others as a group.
      • Hydreigon, a species that is described as savagely destructive, has black hair, and black and red eyes. Also, while its official artwork depicts the inside of its frills, the stripes on its belly, and the underside of its tail as being pink, they're instead made to be red in the anime and most of the spin-off games, presumably for the sake of making it look more sinister.
      • Yveltal, the legendary of Pokemon Y, which happens to also be a Dark-type, is known as the Destruction Pokémon, has an ability called Dark Aura and knows a move called "Oblivion Wing".
      • Incineroar has predominately red fur with a black head and upper muzzle (Meant to resemble a wrestler mask), black shoulder spikes (Meant to resemble ripped sleeves), and black stripes all over its body. It's also based on a Heel wrestler, emphasizing the "evil" part a bit.
  • The Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance wears black armor and a red Ominous Opera Cape. In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, he gets a red inside/black outside cape instead. In addition, his alter ego Zelgius wears a full suit of red armor. So it can be said that the character is both a red and black knight.
  • Although he himself is colored green, many of Bowser's insignias are a red face on a black background.
  • In Lego Adaptation Games, red and black objects can only be manipulated by evil characters (Sith in LEGO Star Wars, dark wizards in LEGO Harry Potter, Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean, etc). Though in Lego The Lord of the Rings, they can only be destroyed by Aragorn wielding Anduril or Sauron himself. Other evil characters like Saruman still can't do anything to them.
  • Split Dynasty ships in the X-Universe games have rust-red armor panels with gray/black unarmored sections. The Split aren't particularly evil, but they have a burning hatred for the peaceful Boron Kingdom. The Xenon fleet, a bunch of rogue terraforming robots, have pitch black hulls and exposed internals glowing blood red.
  • The Phantoms in Star Ocean: The Last Hope are soulless red and black silicon constructs that act as the combat forces of the Grigori, and take the shapes of the various alien species that had their data assimilated.
  • The logo for the Terran Dominion of StarCraft, which despite the name is The Empire, is a stylized arm holding a whip. Sometimes the arm is red on a black background, other times it's black on a red background. This trope is part of the foreshadowing of what they will become when you meet them early on as allies; the Sons of Korhal militant group it grew out of used a less stylized version of the same symbol.
  • The opening and ending credits of the first Gabriel Knight game are in red text over a black screen. If you use higher resolution settings, you get illustrations in the style of old wood carvings, also in black and red. This is used to make the credits more ominous, as it is a horror game.
  • Bayonetta: Both Bayonetta herself and Jeanne have this color motif. Each is also an Anti-Hero. Meanwhile, the Angels use Gold and White Are Divine, but are definitely not good.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Black and Red are associated with the Chaos faction while Law takes White And Blue. Subverted since neither side is that much worse than the other.
  • BlazBlue: Ragna the Bloodedge wears his black vest and pants on his red jacket. He's an Anti-Hero who wields the power of life-sucking darkness... and is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold at best. And he actually has no qualms of killing innocent people who get in his way.
  • Space Pirate ships in Naev use these colors.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the Borgia soldiers are characterized by wearing red and black. The Big Bad, Cesare Borgia, a silver armor with red cape and black pants, and his hair and beard.
    • The original Big Bad, Rodrigo Borgia (Cesare's father), wore black and red hooded cloak in the second game before becoming The Pope.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the corrupted Twili beings have a consistent motif of black with a red (slightly magenta) core and Tron Lines to match. The Twili beings that aren't corrupted still have a motif of black, but they have a core and Tron Lines of blue or green.
    • Also, Ganondorf's basic colors are often black and red, or close. Twilight Princess is the most obvious example.
      • The Triforce of Power, while not inherently evil in and of itself, is usually in the hands of Ganondorf and is strongly associated with the color red.
    • In Skyward Sword, Ghirahim wears a big black collar/cape cross with crimson patterns and gold trim, though he dismisses it when he's fighting link - in addition, his body turns from pale white to a sinister crimson-black hue more and more throughout the game. His final boss form is a fire-shaded black Chrome Champion, and his master Demise is shadow-black with flaming hair.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Calamity Ganon and the Malice it spreads across Hyrule have a shadowy red tint with some hints of purple. The Yiga Clan, the Evil Counterpart of the friendly Sheikah tribe, also have predominantly red-and-black outfits.
  • The Terran Republic in PlanetSide 1 have blood red and black gas-mask toting infantry, and the "republic" is an oppressive military state run by an oligarchy. 2 drops most of the black in favor of gray, which coincides with their shift to being more of a benign state.
  • The Gohma from Asura's Wrath are black with red lava-like veins to show they are the embodiment of the earth's rage. Their creator, Chakravartin, has a final form where is face is black with red eyes, with a quite body fitting robe that looks like a skeleton, just to add on more evil points.
  • In the 2008 remake of Splatterhouse, around Phase Five, you'll start running into more powerful enemies wearing this scheme.
  • In Civilization V, this is the color scheme of the Always Chaotic Evil barbarians.
  • The standard color scheme for all things Shivan in Freespace.
  • The evil Inquest scientists in Guild Wars 2 favor this color combination in their clothes.
  • The Elder Scrolls
    • Sithis, referred to as a "great void", is a force representing chaos, change, and limitation. Red and black are the colors most commonly associated with Sithis, as are they for the Dark Brotherhood, an illegal assassin's guild Brotherhood and Religion of Evil.
    • The Dremora, a species of lesser Daedra most often found in service to Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction. They have a regimented Always Lawful Evil society and typically serve as Dagon's Legions of Hell. They have red and black in their skin, as well as in their armor.
    • Red and black are the primary colors associated with Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of Plots. Boethiah is typically considered one of the more universally malevolent Daedra, with his sphere covering a litany of high crimes including murder, assassination, treason, betrayal, and specifically the unlawful overthrow of authority.
    • Skyrim:
      • In his role as the game's Big Bad who wants to Take Over the World and rule it as a god, Alduin fits the bill. He is a colossal jet black dragon with red eyes. However, he Subverts it when actually performing his divinely mandated duty as "World-Eater", an Eternal Recurrence where he "eats the world" so that it can be remade anew at the end of every "kalpa" (cycle of time). This is an act Above Good and Evil, though he does still tend to act like a Jerkass about it.
      • In the Dawnguard DLC, the armor worn by the vampires of Clan Volkihar is red and black, though a gray variant also exists. If they win the war with the titular Dawnguard, they also gain the ability to turn the sun black and red, defusing its vampire-harming effects.
  • In City of Heroes, Requiem, Reichsman, and the 5th Column in general; Praetorians Infernal (the Primal Infernal is a Dark Is Not Evil subversion) and Dominatrix.
    • Arachnos favors black and red (or very dark blue and red sometimes) as well.
    • A slight subversion with Red Widow, Lord Recluse's lover, in that while unapologetically evil she is still a Morality Pet to him.
  • In Champions Online, the "Burning Lackeys" set of Nemesis Mooks sports these colors.
  • The main unifying element of the God-Generals' outfits in Tales of the Abyss is black. Most of them also pair it with red. The biggest exception is Sync, who goes for black and green instead, probably to associate him with Ion, who wears white and green. Asch is probably the best example of the trope as he's also an Evil Redhead, and yet he also subverts it because he's way too complicated to be Obviously Evil.
  • Rideaux from Tales of Xillia 2 wears a red and black striped suit that's just one part of his Obviously Evil appearance.
  • Generic rebels in most Paradox Interactive games (such as Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings) use a red and black flag reminiscent of that used by anarcho-syndicalists in real life.
  • Most of the Desperado cyborgs in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance have a red and black color scheme. The fact that Sam does not possess said color scheme is an indicator that he's a lot more different than the other bosses. Similarly, Armstrong's nanomachines turn his body black with red veins.
  • In border inspector simulation Papers, Please, the totalitarian dictatorship the player works for heavily uses black and red in its insignias and iconography.
  • Killzone, the Helghast like painting everything in black and red. Their flag has the Nazi color scheme.
  • Near the end of inFAMOUS, Cole finds the Ray Sphere, an artifact that gave him electrical powers at the cost of several thousand human lives. He has two options, to destroy it or activate it again, enhancing his powers. Doing the latter permanently locks your Karma Meter on the lowest end and changes Cole's lightning to black with a red outline to further demonstrate that it was an irredeemably evil deed.
  • Alpha Protocol averts this with G22, who despite favouring this colour scheme are actually the closest to True Neutral around.
  • In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Belltower Spec Ops wear red and black uniforms.
    • Played straight for the Knights Templar in Deus Ex: Invisible War who are arguably the most evil faction in the game and wear red and black, but subverted with the Order, who wear red and black, but are more morally gray.
  • In Homeworld Cataclysm, The Beast, an Eldritch Abomination that's corrupted a part of the player's Mothership, has changed the blue and white paint of the Kuun-Lan into red and black (well, okay, it's really more of a grey, but the Meat Moss growing on it is red and black), a color scheme all its units share.
  • Battle Garegga has Black Heart, the last boss before entering the enemy stronghold. It is primarily black with red trim (red like a heart).
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Caesar's Legion wear red and black uniforms, and are arguably the most evil of the four main factions you can join in that game.
  • In the first Metroid Prime, Samus' ultimate suit, the Phazon Suit, is a mix of red, black and grey, in stark contrast to her usual orange/purple Varia/Gravity Suit. Both Dark Is Evil as its counterpart apply, as Samus is obviously good, but the Phazon her suit is corrupted by is evil in nature.
  • In Saints Row IV, Zin architecture is usually black with red Tron Lines. Opposing this, in areas controlled by The Boss the constructs change to blue and the Saints' vehicles are purple and white.
  • Darius from League of Legends is a minor case. Hailing from the City-State of Noxus who held on the philosophy of Social Darwinist to near-extreme that it's usually pegged as the 'evil villain' faction, he is a fearsome general with penchant of decapitating people with his trusty axe or splitting people in half, distaste for weakness, and predictably, he wears a grey/black-red armor to contrast with his Demacian counterpart Garen (wears blue and white-gold armor). While he certainly is just merely patriotic and just wants the best for his hometown rather than outright evil, Darius is also pretty notorious in the fanbase that his kit can be abused for kill steals, which isn't a very good thing to do in a team-based game (and toxic noobs tend to abuse it), so it kind of counts.
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect: The soul-sucking demons in the game are easily identifiable by their red and black coloration, in direct contrast to the blue hue of generic ghosts.
  • Drakengard: Has Caim fullfilling this trope in the second game, wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a huge red glyph. His sword got a make over and now it's red and black, add the fact that his iconic pose with Angelus was redrawn by the series artist and has a darker feel to it. And to make matters worse, in the first game he wore a white and blue armor and his primary sword was a shining silver... Not that it mattered in the game or canon anyways.
  • And then there's Giygas, he of EarthBound infamy, who's about as literal with this trope as you can get (though as shown in Mother he wasn't always this way).
  • Cosmic Monoliths in the Epic Battle Fantasy are jet black with red Tron Lines, and they are horrible nightmares to fight. They're also monitoring devices used by the Devourer in EBF 5.
  • Inverted in the Borderlands games, where the colors of the Hyperion corporation were red and black before Handsome Jack took over. After he does their colors are yellow and white, as he thought the previous combination was too dreary, though higher-tier Hyperion weapons are still red and black.
    • Played straight with Bandit weapons, which are jury-rigged together by the various groups of brigands you slaughter on a regular basis. How to design a Bandit gun: 1) Weld together your components. 2) Paint it red, possibly with blood. 3) Add black bits. 4) If you feel like it, add a shark mouth detail like the nose of a fighter jet. Even higher-rarity ones keep the red, although it's generally cleaner.
  • Prevalent in Eversion. One common hazard are red hands on black arms that shoot out of pits when you get close. You'll be harassed by two walls of doom, one black and other red. The enemies gradually change color from light yellow to red, and then to black with red eyes. Finally, the only colors in the nightmarish secret eighth world layer are black and red on purple background.
  • The titular villain in Diablo is a Big Red Devil who has in his possession, the 'Black Soulstone', also occasionally having black as his secondary color. And of the Angels, two angels, Imperius and Malthael, wear Red and Black respectively... and Imperius is a Knight Templar Jerkass with zero respect on humanity, whereas Malthael got promoted into the Big Bad of the third game's expansion, intending to wipe out all humanity. It's that kind of game.
  • In Warframe, the Stalker, a mysterious character that avenges bosses and wears a modified Excalibur Warframe decked out in red and blank, and uses red and black weapons with wonderful happy names like Dread, Hate, and Despair. The Red Veil syndicate, also decked out in red and black jumpsuits, are the unfettered liberators of the Origin System; while they fight against the Grineer and Corpus and try to avoid civilian casualties, they use cold blooded torture and believe in a great purge.
  • Nightmare and Pyrrha Omega from Soul Series are the wielders of Soul Edge, a sword of pure evil.
  • In Darkest Dungeon, the titular location. All surfaces are obsidian black, there's red fog all over, the "decorations" dribbe blood, and being the Very Definitely Final Dungeon of a dark and gritty Lovecraftian game, it's not exactly lacking in the evil department.
  • Inverted in Supreme Commander with the Cybran. Despite rocking this colour scheme and a variety of other traditionally "evil" aesthetics, they are the least dark of the factions.
  • Persona 5: Downplayed. The game, which stars Anti-Hero Phantom Thieves, has a predominately red and black color scheme for menus, costumes, and area designs. Additionally, the protagonist's starting Persona wears red and black attire and has a rather sinister demeanor, while the protagonist himself wears a dark outfit with bright red gloves.
  • NiGHTS into Dreams...: Reala, who is The Dragon and NiGHTS' Evil Counterpart.
  • Overwatch: both Talon and Blackwatch use black and red as their primary colors; the former being fully evil, while the dealings of the latter being shady enough that they were shut down by the UN. Of the Talon members, only Reaper fully adopts the black and red palette (Moira's costume is black with purple accents, although her red hair does give off this vibe as well). In Blackwatch, however, every member has a black, dark gray, and red uniform that they use on missions.
  • Armello has Sargon, who while not officially stated to be evil, dabbles in Things Man Was Not Meant to Know and is a little more than unhinged. He also wears black robes and a red mask.
  • The Grimm Troupe in Hollow Knight.
  • Practically every malevolent thing in Viva Piñata has this color scheme.

    Visual Novels 
  • These are the theme colors of Danganronpa's Big Bad Mascot Villain Monokuma, whose body is half-white, half-black with a single red eye. There’s also(by extension) Junko Enoshima, with her strawberry-blonde hair being the only exception, and some white thrown in to better represent her control over Monokuma.
  • Dark Sakura from Fate/stay night wears a black dress with red lines all over due to The Corruption.
    • Gilgamesh has some red and black on his street clothes (and red eyes), his armor is gold with some black parts and his cloth parts are red; even his sword has black and red.
    • Saber Alter wears black armor with faint red eyes and a visor with more visible red eyes, again symbolizing The Corruption.
    • Archer A.K.A Heroic Spirit EMIYA falls into the anti-hero version with his black bodysuit and red semi-coat. At least until Unlimited Blade Works where he betrays the party and tries to kill Shirou.
    • For its prequel, we have Berserker, who is a Black Knight with a red visor, and any weapon he touches becomes just as black and red as he is. Subverted, as Berserker's true identity is Lancelot, who really just wanted to atone for his sins and figured the best way to do it was to have his king kill him.
    • Angra Mainyu, aka Avenger, specifically in Fate/hollow ataraxia whenever he’s in control of Shirou; his skin grows dark, he gains black tattoos all over, and his only clothes are red.
  • In Sunrider, PACT’s ships and mecha are painted red with black trimming, their officers and leaders wear red-and-black uniforms with gold detailing, and even their emblem is red and black, likely to symbolize their communist leanings. Unsurprisingly, they’re the primary antagonists of the series.

    Web Animation 
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • The Insurrectionists are a team of black-and-red clad soldiers who oppose Project Freelancer. Subverted, as they're just protecting UNSC property from the Freelancers, who are Obliviously Evil.
    • Played straight with Sharkface, a former Insurrectionist who returns in Season 13, who has no problem with assisting in the genocide of an entire planet in order to avenge his fallen comrades.
  • RWBY:
    • The Creatures of Grimm are jet black animalistic monsters with glowing red eyes that trail red light as they move. They are covered in bone white armour and whenever they open their mouths, the insides are as red as their eyes. Not much is known about the origin of the Grimm in-universe, but they swarm the air, the ground and the oceans, making it extremely difficult for both humanity and Faunus to survive and thrive. What people do know is that the Grimm do not attack animals, they only attack people, and are attracted to negative emotions. They don't kill people to survive, they appear to hate the very existence of humanity. Unknown to most of the world, the Grimm are led by a humanoid queen who can control them, and whose appearance is exactly that of the Grimm: although she looks human, her skin and hair are bone-white and covered in red veins. Her sclera are black and her eyes glow as red as the Grimm. She dresses entirely in red-trimmed black robes, and lives in a realm surrounded by oily-looking, ink-black pools from which the Grimm are born. As the show's Big Bad, she seeks the destruction of humanity itself in a secret shadow war with the show's Big Good that has been going on for thousands of years.
    • Adam Taurus is a violent and genocidal leader of the White Fang, who hates all of humanity for oppressing the Faunus and so wants to kill them all. He dresses entirely in red and black, and his hair is vivid red, except for two tufts that appear to be black horns. His sword has a long, red blade and when he uses his power, the entire world around him seems to turn to black silhouettes against a blood red sky. He invented the white masks the White Fang wear to hide their identities, using the Grimm as inspiration so as to strike fear into the hearts of humans. The leaders of the White Fang, of which he is one, have red designs patterning the masks to make them stand out from the crowd.
  • DSBT InsaniT: The Darkness counterparts are all black, except for their red eyes.

  • Many of Zoophobia's residents of Hell have this color scheme, and also commonly have it as their speech bubble color.
    • Red and black is technically the theme of Hell (with some exceptions).
    • Usually subverted in the "evil" aspect of this trope.
  • EVIL is a webcomic about villains, and aside from white, ONLY uses the colors red and black.
  • The black spirits from Off-White have red eyes and Tron Lines. The evil part is frequently averted, however.
  • The demons from Deities have this color scheme, as well as the setting of Hell.
  • Played straight and lampshaded in-universe by Umbria/Zaedalkaah from book 1 of Our Little Adventure. When she joined the Souballo Empire later she eventually started wearing their colors, though.
  • In Drowtales, the resident Living Doll Collector, Kharla, seems to like the Red/Black combo.
    • These are also the colors most often worn by Syphile, Ariel's abusive caretaker.
    • And Luliane switches to this outfit after the timeskip, because she's been possessed by Khaless, also qualifying this for Evil Costume Switch.
    • In the last two cases, a more innocuous reason for the colors are because they are the Sarghress clan colors, along with this trope.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Rich Burlew uses red/black word balloons for several demonic characters.
    • Redcloak's most distinguishing features are his, well, red cloak and black armor.
  • Slightly Damned: Pretty much any demon with a red and black color pattern (mostly fire demons) qualifies. Azurai and Dakos, however, take the whole cake and eat it, too.
  • Played with in Bandette, which is about a Classy Cat-Burglar. Bandette's costume is mostly red and black, because she's a criminal, but it's lightened with the primrose-yellow lining of her cape, which shows that she isn't actually evil.
  • Hilariously subverted in Darths & Droids, which has the very Obviously Evil Darth Maul turn out to be a private detective working for Palpatine (who is in the side of good here), and he was only fighting the Jedi in self-defense because they thought he was a bounty hunter.
  • This makes up Dark Star's entire color scheme in L's Empire. Including the text boxes.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: The Encyclopedia Exposita version of the map of the Known World has full-on Silent World areas, which have fallen to the Plague Zombie monsters, colored in black. The cleansed areas, which were technically reclaimed by some of the few human survivors but are actually closer to buffer zones between the Silent World and settlements, are colored in red.

    Web Original 
  • In Noob, the players of the Coalition, the enemy faction to the protagonists, are very prone to wearing red and black according to the webseries and comic. They also happen to be the faction that got saddled with the red cursor while the two other ones got yellow and green.
    • The novels and Neogicia reveal that these are the official Coalition colors. In addition, the brother and Necessarily Evil Psycho Sidekick of the Empire's leader wears clothes with this combination.
  • The uniforms of Doctor Steel's Army of Toy Soldiers are black with red (and some yellow) accents. (Although since Dr. Steel's retirement, red is still an official color but liberal use of it is discouraged, possibly to avoid their being confused with Nazis.)
  • The Auditor, the Big Bad of Madness Combat, is a pitch-black Living Shadow with glowing red eyes. When he claims Jesus' Holy Halo to wear, it turns dark red as well

    Western Animation 
  • Evil Coop from Megas XLR pilots a black and red mech.
  • Subverted with Cybersix, who dresses very promeniently in black with a partly red cape, but is the heroine. In the comics the series sprung from, this is explained by her stealing these clothes from a prostitute.
  • While there are several demonic members of the Jackie Chan Adventures villain gallery, two of them, Moon Demon Tso Lan (who is part of the second season's Big Bad Duumvirate) and Oni King Tarakudo (who is the Big Bad of the fourth season), play this trope straight with their color schemes when they appear in full form (Tso Lan also mixes this with Purple Is the New Black).
  • The main colors of the generally antagonistic Fire Nation in Avatar: The Last Airbender are red and black.
    • This color scheme continues to apply to all Fire Nation people, regardless of alignment, in The Legend of Korra, but is picked up by the Equalists (who ditch the Fire Nation's gold highlights for touches of industrial gray and stark white). It's subverted when it's used to make Asami Sato seem more insidious than she actually is.
    • Vaatu, the Dark Spirit, who is the Big Bad of Book 2 and the Greater-Scope Villain of the franchise as a whole, has a variation on this, having a bright orange eye amidst a sea of various shades of dark reds. It's in fact a neat inversion of the color scheme of Raava, the Light Spirit. Much like the Tso Lan example above, Vaatu also mixes this with Purple Is the New Black when he attacks and gets released from his prison.
    • The only major antagonist to dress like this in Book 3 is P'Li, the Red Lotus's firebending human cannon. However, in the finale, the Red Lotus mooks wear black and red clothes, which come in two forms: an externally black cloak with red inside (worn by the metalbender that poisoned Korra with mercury), and an arabic-looking black tunic with a red turban (worn by the guards keeping an eye on the captive airbenders).
  • The Cyclonian empire in Storm Hawks is associated with these colours.
  • Zelda's evil doppelganger in The Legend of Zelda looked identical to her, save for her top being black with a red vest instead of purple with a white vest.
  • Kabuto, the villain of Tokyo Mater, is a mean Japanese racecar who sports mainly black and red paint. His paint gets stripped off his body after losing to Mater at the end of the short, but for some reason reobtains it in Cars 2.
  • In Teen Titans, Trigon the Terrible is the most evil villain on the show, and is a gigantic red demon with black stripes on his arms, legs, and torso. Season 3's Big Bad, Brother Blood, normally wears white and gold robes, but the fighting outfit he wears underneath is red and black (with some silver) as is his whole body after he's upgraded himself with cybernetics. And Slade, the Big Bad of the series as a whole, has an iconic red and black mask, as well as an army of black robotic footsoldiers with a red mark at the center of their faces. Red X also has a red and black costume, but is Robin going undercover in his first appearance, and someone who stole the suit and identity in subsequent appearances.
  • XANA's primary colors in Code Lyoko are red and black.
  • The Son from Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force, and has grey skin, with red paintings on his face, black sclera with red pupils, and his armor is predominantly red and black.
  • The Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels is Darth Vader's enforcer in charge of hunting down Jedi fugitives, and is an Expy/Suspiciously Similar Substitute of the Son, with grey skin, red Facial Markings, black armor and a double-bladed red lightsaber.
  • Xiaolin Showdown:
  • ReBoot: Chaotic Evil villain Hexadecimal wears red and black.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • King Sombra has this for his color scheme in corporeal form.
    • And Trixie in "Magic Duel" before The Reveal.
    • And, of course, Lord Tirek, in "Twilight's Kingdom" has this as his natural coloration. They weren't going for subtle here.
  • The mysterious figure seeking "revenge" on Mike Chilton in Motorcity. He's given the nickname "Red."
  • Transformers:
  • In The Flight of Dragons, Bryagh (who is The Dragon as well as a literal dragon) is mostly black and red with grey streaks, and is extremely bloodthirsty and sadistic. His boss, Ommadon the Red Wizard dresses mostly in various shades of red with no black, but his One-Winged Angel form is a hydra-like beast which shares Bryagh's coloration.
  • Ben 10:
    • Ben and the Galvans' primary colors are black and green, so a lot of villains are black and red to oppose this. Vilgax is a prime example.
    • Albedo's Ben form after Ben damages his imitation Omnitrix has heavy focus on red and black, as well as white hair. The coloration spreads to his transformations in Omniverse.
    • Ship, a Galvan Mechamorph, turns red when he's controlled by the Forever Knights in an episode of Alien Force.
    • In Omniverse Malware, another Mechamorph, starts off half-finished and colored black and yellow, then when he gets upgraded he turns black and red. Dr. Psychobos' Nemetrix is black and red as well.
    • In the reboot, Kevin's Antitrix is black and red and all of his transformations have red eyes.
  • Lord Hater and his mooks from Wander over Yonder are adorned in these colors as well as a bit of yellow.
  • The Duke from Gawayn wears an exclusively red and black outfit.
  • Aku from Samurai Jack is mostly colored like this, with a touch of dragonscale green for his mouth, and is quite literally evil all over.
  • Averted in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. The titular hero's ninja outfit is completely black with dark red streaks (complete with red scarf), yet he's firmly on the side of good.
  • Averted with the heroine of Miraculous Ladybug, whose outfit is red with black spots because she's modeled after the ladybug, bringer of good luck. Played straight with her Evil Knockoff Antibug, though, with an inverted color scheme.
  • Doc Terror, the Big Bad of Centurions, is a Mad Scientist whose Cyborg half is entirely red, while his human half wears a red outfit with black highlights.

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