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Recap redirects here. For information on recap episodes, see Recap Episode.

This is a directory of all recap pages existing on the wiki, grouped in a variety of different ways: medium, genre, franchise, etc. When a list is too large to be useful here, it is broken up into folders and, sometimes, separate pages.

Expect unmarked spoilers in these pages. You Have Been Warned.

For help on how to create a recap page, please check out Recap, currently under construction.


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By Medium:

If a recap page covers multiple media, please list it on all of the applicable subpages. If there are too few entries for a subpage, please add to the folders below.

By Company or Brand



The following are groups of pages that have one or more problems and are in need of Wiki Magic.

Please list a page here and give some details about what is needed. Please do not start conversations here, and instead take them to the page's discussion page and/or the forums.

Missing episodes from the list

Please list pages here that are missing episodes (as in they are not on the page, nor are they a Red Link)


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