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RTP-Style Period Piece Location Shooting

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Imagine that you have a Period Piece and you want to shoot on location, but for some reason (e.g., the places you are filming no longer exist, it's too costly to build replicas on your set) you can't just go to the street or the place where you want to film.

The solution, as shown here (video in Portuguese), is simple: You film your actors doing stuff (in that video, protesting) in front of a green wall known as Chroma Key, change the color of your characters from color to black and white, then you go to the archives and grab whatever the footage you need, substitute the green wall with the footage and, voilà!, you have your solution, called in This Very Wiki a RTP-Style Period Piece Location Shooting.


Named after Radiotelevisão Portuguesa (RTP), the Portuguese public television broadcaster (which is often in a precarious financial position), which used this trope to great effect on the TV series Conta-me Como Foi and its Spiritual Successor, Depois do Adeus (used as an example in the afformentioned video).


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