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These works have titles which are puns of some sort. The creators are probably slightly less proud of themselves than the creators of works with Double Meaning Titles. Or at least they should be. Like with the Double-Meaning Title, it's usually stubbornly resistant to translation to other languages, resulting in the need for a Completely Different Title.

Compare Justified Title. Idiosyncratic Episode Naming sometimes employs this. Translation Matchmaking may also lead to a Pun-Based Title. See Pop-Culture Pun Episode Title when the pun is based on titles of other works. When the pun is based around a character's name, use the subtrope of Epunymous Title.


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    Asian Animation 
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf:
    • The season Marching to the New Wonderland includes the word "xīhā" in its Chinese title, meaning either "hahaha" or "hip-hop". This is a pun because the opening includes a hip-hop portion and the season itself is about Weslie's humorous adventures.
    • The season Man Jing Tou uses this. "Manjingtou" means "slow motion", but the first word "màn" (slow) is changed into the word "màn" as in "manhua".
  • Stitch & Ai features Stitch and a young Chinese girl named Ai, whose name is pronounced the same as the English letter and pronoun "I".

    Fan Works 

  • Jack*Bot is a pun on "jackpot". This even extends to the actual jackpots, which are called "Jack*Bots."

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Frontier Wrestling Alliance show where Naomichi Marufuji and Minoru Suzuki came in to regain the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Titles from Doug Williams and Scorpio was called "NOAH Limits."

    Theme Parks 

    Web Original 
  • Every episode title of Deep Space 69 is a sexual pun.
  • Many episodes of Inanimate Insanity II are titled this way. For example, episode 3 is entitled "Tri Your Best", which is a pun on the phrase "try your best" while also informing that the focus of the episode would be a triathlon; episode 6, "Let 'Er R.I.P.", is a pun on the phrase "let it rip" while also implying that a previously Killed Off for Real character would be returning; and episode 7, "Everything's A-OJ", is a pun on the phrase "everything's a-OK" while also referring to the fact that OJ replaces MePhone as the host.
  • Keit-Ai has a pun-based title combining the Romanized versions of the words "Keitai" ("Mobile" as in "Mobile Phone" or "Keitai Denwa") and "Ai" (as in "Love"). This pun doesn't work using Japanese letters or characters.
  • Mr Repzion once made a video called, "Vampire Rants On Why Twilight Sucks." note 
  • Suburban Knights is a pun on "Suburbanites."

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