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Sun, sand, and a whole lot of coconuts.note 

The video game level version of Beach Episode—a level on the beach.

These levels are not entirely Under the Sea, but feature the edge of land and water. This can be an easy, fun and relaxing level in the style of a Beach Episode, but not always, since the beach can be dramatic. Expect palm trees, sand, fun Caribbean-style music and jetskis. Be wary of Stalactite Spite from falling coconuts, and possibly the occasional Threatening Shark. May overlap with Gangplank Galleon and/or Under the Sea, or located near a Port Town.

Musically, the beach area almost always has background music with steel pans, pedal steel guitars, or ukuleles. Instrumentation stereotypical to tropical islands.

Compare the just-as-tranquil Green Hill Zone, which is more grassland or inland than Palmtree Panic and will usually be one of the starting levels. There is considerable overlap between the two.



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     Action Adventure 

     Driving Game 
  • There are a few of these (such as Baroo Coast) in Star Wars Episode I: Racer. They're a real pain, because sand noticeably slows you down and water just stops you outright.
  • The Big Blue stages in F-Zero GX.
  • ModNation Racers' track editor can let you make tracks in a beach area if you chose to go with a Seaside Setting.

     Fighting Game 
  • Rival Schools: United By Fate has the Gorin High Training Camp stage, which takes place on a sunny beach (complete with an ice-selling shack on the background).
  • Street Fighter V has the Kanzuki Beach stage, a private beach owned by the character Karin and her family
  • The Tekken series has a few. There's a secret beach stage in 2 when you meet the criteria in Arcade mode to fight Alex, 3 has the beach in the Tekken Ball minigame, 4 has the very big beach stage, and Tag 2 has two: the "Eternal Paradise" stage, which is a beach resort, and "Coastline Sunset" located in the Philippines where the combatants fight on a road next to a bay/beach-y area.

     First Person Shooter 
  • The Beach in Water Warfare, where the copious damaging water and obstructions make the map difficult to navigate.
  • The second level of Command & Conquer: Renegade takes place in a beach assault that GDI is staging on Nod.
  • The penultimate mission of Ghost Recon: Island Thunder, letting you enjoy both a long walk on the beach and the wrath of an automatic grenade launcher.

     Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games 
  • Reynard Beach and Zaylope Beach are two such examples in Ace Online, although the palm trees have probably been long vaporised by the ongoing war between Arlington and Bygeniou.
  • Wonderland Online makes use of this trope in the starting areas.
  • MapleStory has the Florina Beach area, filled with monkeys, crabs, and turtles.

     Party Game 
  • Mario Party:
    • Yoshi's Tropical Island from the original game.
    • Pirate Land from Mario Party 2, with a few Gangplank Galleon elements.
    • Waluigi's Island from Mario Party 3, which also has a few Down in the Dumps elements.
    • Castaway Bay from Mario Party 6.
    • Goomba's Booty Boardwalk from Mario Party 8.
    • Blooper Beach from Mario Party 9.
    • Megafruit Paradise in Super Mario Party, with a few Level Ate elements.
  • Emerald Coast, the first board in Sonic Shuffle combines this with Slippy-Slidey Ice World, due to Void's magic freezing half the board.

     Platform Game 

     Puzzle Game 

     Racing Game 
  • Pokémon Dash is set within a series of islands, so of course there is plenty of coastline.
  • Every Mario Kart game has had at least one original beach course. Most of them are placed near the beginning as far as difficulty goes, but there are a few outliers. This is the list of beach-themed courses over the Mario Kart series, not including courses remade for later games:
  • Iggy's Reckin' Balls has Soft Sun Bay, set on a sunny beach with a lot of beach-goers. Unlike most examples of this trope, however, it's in the mid-game, not the early game. Courses set in Soft Sun Bay do show up right from near the start, but the game does not actually feature it until World 4.
  • Hydro Thunder has the Lost Island, which is a racecourse through the rivers of an island in the Pacific with stock tropical setpieces along the sides of the track.

     Real-Time Strategy 
  • The Pikmin series has Distant Spring in the first game, Perplexing Pool (which is a revisited form of Distant Spring) in the second, and Tropical Wilds in the third. Due to the abundance of water, the areas are explored more easily with the Blue Pikmin.

     Role Playing Game 
  • Chrono Cross: Opassa Beach.
  • Kingdom Hearts I has one of these both at the beginning and the end of the game in the form of Destiny Islands and a destroyed version of the islands' main area respectively. The latter returns in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage as the site of the final boss battle against a massive swarm of Heartless.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VII has Costa Del Sol.
    • Final Fantasy XI has Bibiki Bay, Valkurm Dunes, and Buburimu Peninsula.
    • The first third or so of Final Fantasy X once you get out of Zanarkand is Palmtree Panic, comprising Besaid and Kilika Islands.
    • Final Fantasy XII has Phon Coast near Arcadia. One of the few instances of the characters relaxing and acting juvenile.
    • There's also Sunset Beach in Bodhum from Final Fantasy XIII, which subverts it by only being part of an interactive flashback sequence. It was originally planned to have been a proper level, but it never made it into the final game.
  • EarthBound has Summers, a beach resort town about midway through the game. It's quite a bit more relaxed in pace than the previous areas, though not safe - overzealous cops, muscled beach jocks, taxis and street signs are still out to get you, albeit at a low encounter rate. Also references overinflated prices at tourist resorts by jacking up the price on everything at shops.
  • Wizardry 8 has Bayjin, a tropical-themed area inhabited by Rynjin.
  • Mass Effect: Virmire. A beautiful beach area, completely unlike the desolate or otherwise depressing locations in the other main-quest missions up to that point, yet it's also one of the most dramatic locations in the game.
  • Xenosaga gives us Pedea Island in the beginning of the third game, which really contrasts with the whole futuristic outerspace setting of the series.
  • The Beach Stretch of Gal Da Val in Phantasy Star Online Episode II.
  • Mario & Luigi:
  • Isle Galados, one of worlds in Miitopia.
  • Most Pokémon games have at least one beach area. There aren't any wild Pokemon on the beaches themselves, but go surfing and you'll run into plenty of Tentacool/Tentacruel and Wingull/Pelipper, plus things like Goldeen/Seaking and Mantyke from time to time. (Frillish/Jellicent in Gen V). The Swimmer, Tuber and Sailor trainer classes are often found here. Plenty of other water Pokémon are found by fishing with various rods. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Emerald seem to have the most individual beach areas, due to Hoenn being a warm, tropical region with lots of coastline, but there's plenty of coast in the first five gens. Pokémon Sun and Moon also has plenty of beach areas due to being based on Hawai'i.
  • Dark Chronicle: "Goodbye, Shingala", Chapter 4, is set at the beachside village of Veniccio. The action segments take place in the Ocean's Roar Cave dug into the nearby cliff.
  • Endless Ocean and its sequel are made of this,since your base is a tropical island.
  • Napple Tale contains an oceanfront-themed level called Once Summer. The later half of it follows the seabed, but the ocean magically parts to form a passage, allowing the heroine to proceed on dry land. It's for the best, since she has Super Drowning Skills.
  • Tortuga archipelgo in Fantasy Life, complete with actual palmtree-based enemies.

     Shoot Em Up 
  • Blastnya in Heavy Weapon combines this with Remilitarized Zone. Amusingly, you can see sunbathers relaxing on the beach even when it's raining bombs.
  • The entirety of Island Wars takes place on small islands in the sea, and the Palm Trees on the island serve as a player's Video-Game Lives. Depending on the mode, you're either trying to bomb the heck out of another player's trees while defending your own, or both players are desperately trying to protect their trees from an invading enemy force.
  • Summer Star in Space Invaders '95: Attack of the Lunar Loonies! has its first three stages set on a beach, with enemies taking cover behind sand dunes and palm trees.

     Simulation Game 

     Sports Game 

     Wide Open Sandbox 

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