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Legend has it that there are other internet sites besides This Very Wiki. This page lists the details of this absurd idea.

The difference between a "web site" and a "web page" isn't always clear. Being the main page of a domain name seems like a rule of thumb, but even domains can be part of a larger site. Its probably better to discuss on a case-by-case basis.

Sub-categories include: Blogs, Image Boards, Image Boorus, Journal Roleplay, Webcomics, Web Games, Web Original Fiction, Web Serial Novels, Web Videos, Wikis & some Fora.


Sites that have their own pages here:

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    Web Original 

    Other websites 

Sites without their own pages:

New Media under discussion and under way:

  • ifwiki
  • Borindom music a blog written by a musician who is involved in the cloud music business. Not only does he analyze mainstream and indie music but pop culture in general.

Writer's Guides

  • Jeffery Carver's Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy online course.

Blogs What blogs get included here? Blogs of a troper nature of course, analysis of media etc. but basically anything that you think we would like. Include a brief blurb about the website and which areas of the wiki it is relevant to.

  • Nancy Friedman — Marvellously written blog entry, from someone who actually gets us.
  • — Anime Blog that has been referenced multiple times around the wiki. The writer inserts trope talk into alot of his entries.
  • RIUVA — Another anime blog rich with entries about anime and otaku culture analysis.
  • The Watchtower Of Destruction — The blog of "The Ferret", a writer and Webcomic author who provides interesting and informative musings, many of which are troper related material (Mostly television, sci-fi and writing). It is also one of the best webcomic review sites since Websnark cut back its operations.
  • Musings Of The Chatty DM - A Tabletop Games blog operated by a troper, brings tropes from all over the catalogue and looks at how they effect Role Playing Games. Well worth a read (His "Trope" and "Rule of Cool" tags are useful for seeing topics related to our interests).
  • Polite Dissent — written by a doctor, this includes medical reviews of various media of interest to him (episode reviews of House are a regular feature). Good writing and the commenters are of above-average intelligence and literacy for blog commenters, based on they're writing.
  • The Writer's Pad is a blog by an out of work small-time reporter. It features quite a few rants, some snarky pictures (a la Cracked style captioning) and curse words.
  • It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time is a blog written by a troper. Tropes (including the one that shares its name with the blog) are periodically referenced in the posts, and a permanent link to the site can be found on the links page, along with a warning that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. The posts meander over internet culture, video games, movies, charity promotion, and weird stories from the writer's actual daily life.
  • Tricia's Obligatory Art Blog is always a fun read. It's full of well researched paleontology diatribes, Disney movie reviews, and gardening. And she frequently links here, which is neat.


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