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Opulent Outfits

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A rose by any other name would dress as sharply.

They say "Which one?" I say "Nah I want all 'em"
Happiness is the same price as red-bottoms
Ariana Grande, "7 Rings"

Fancy, expensive clothing, usually to show off the wealth of either those wearing the clothes or who bought the clothes for them, because looking cool and/or pretty isn't cheap.

Sometimes these outfits are fancy enough to be Costume Porn, which can range between outfits that are elegantly simple, to outfits so overdone they become Impossibly Tacky Clothes (and some fancy clothes of the past can seem that way).

Or they can range from higher quality versions of normal clothes, to an Impractically Fancy Outfit.

Heck, in the past, even certain colors could make clothing opulent due to the rarity of natural dyes.

Note that some of these clothing listed below isn't inherently a sign of wealth — jewelry, for example — but "the really good stuff" is still opulent.

Compare Big Fancy Castle, Big Fancy House, Cool Car.

Tropes (where at least a majority of the examples are opulent clothes)