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Narration: He dumps Margot and the helicopter and goes off on a SUPERHERO MONTAGE! He nearly kills a JEWEL THIEF, blocks a STREET with a BOAT, and gets a little girl SLAPPED IN THE FACE.
Super-Chris: I'm sure that all the chaos, panic and confusion that's bound to result from this sudden spate of alien sightings won't cancel out the benefit of me catching a few burglars!
The Editing Room's abridged script of Superman: The Movie

There is a scene where a hero, or Superhero, has just passed his first trial by fire, usually pulling off a spectacular rescue in costume and is feeling exhilarated and raring for more. On that note, since he is dressed for the occasion and has nothing better to do for the night, he decides he might as well go on patrol.

This is where the On Patrol Montage comes in: we see a series of relatively small incidents where we see the hero strut their stuff running rings around minor crooks and menaces, and perhaps some more rescues, as the public looks on with astonishment at what the new hero can do.

As a variant if the hero in question works on assignment, he could have a rush of small assignments or dispatches where he deals with mundane felons or menaces with ease. This can also include public events where he gets initial accolades by the public for his good deeds.

This soon ends and then the plot deals the buildup to the climatic battle with the Big Bad.

Contrast Crime Spree Montage. It may overlap with Good-Times Montage and Lock-and-Load Montage.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • Pokémon Origins: Due to being a 4-Episode series focusing on specific events, all of the events in Pokémon Red and Blue from getting the Boulder Badge to Pokemon Tower get this treatment. This includes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gym Battles.

     Films — Animation 
  • Hercules: Done as a musical number, "Zero To Hero".

     Films — Live-Action 
  • Superman: The Movie: After saving Lois from a crashed helicopter, he goes to stop a cat burglar, gets a cat out of a tree, stops a gang of crooks and saves Air Force One in one night.
  • Ghostbusters (1984): After their first hunt at the Sedgewick Hotel, the Busters have a slew of calls to capture ghosts and become a media sensation.
  • Spider-Man: After his big goof, we see a montage of Spidey stopping crimes around New York and becoming quite a topic of conversation.
  • RoboCop (1987): On his first night on patrol, Robo stops a convenience store robbery, rescues a woman from Attempted Rape and saves the mayor who's being held hostage in city hall. The next day, the media are abuzz about this new superhero in town, wondering where he came from.
  • After Harry Griswald masters his ability to transform in Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., he proceeds to go on a crime-fighting spree, ranging from turning pimps, whores and drug-dealers into sushi (which, given this is Troma film, is okay for a police-officer superhero to do), to helping old ladies across the street and becoming New York's #1 superhero in the process
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • In Captain America: The First Avenger, once Cap goes on his first mission, there is a montage of him and the Howling Commandos attacking Hydra bases.
    • The first third of Spider-Man: Homecoming has a scene of Spidey going around the city and helping out various random people, such as catching a bike thief and helping a lost old woman with directions.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: While people on TV debate over "Must there be a superman?", Superman is seen saving people in various places (a little girl from a burning building during Día de los Muertos, the crew of an exploding Russian space rocket, people on roofs during a flood and a whole ship stranded in ice).
  • In The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin and his Merry Men get to work terrorizing Prince John's Mooks by shooting them dead for their villainous deeds.
  • Downplayed in Inspector Gadget (1999): Gadget solves case after case and becomes a newspaper darling, but it's just because he's being sent on trivial assignments like rescuing cats stuck in trees, and he himself ends the montage by confronting the police chief and stating that this kind of work is a waste of his powers.

  • The sequence in Protector of the Small during which Kel declares war on hazing and goes on patrol through the halls every night, beating up (or getting beat up by) senior pages who are having fun with the newcomers.

    Live-Action TV 
  • This is used at the start of the Robin of Sherwood episode "The Power of Albion" to show the outlaws getting back to normal robbing-the-rich-and-giving-to-the-poor under the new Robin Hood.

    Western Animation 


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