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"No. Just… No" Reaction
aka: No Just No

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She's talking about kissing. Either that or Ako is vehemently opposed to family picnics.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, in an infinite expanse of NOs from the Dimension of NO with a statue dedicated to their great creator, the God of NO, who wept tears of NO that filled the oceans with NO and brought about billions of creatures who were NO!"
Linkara, on Jaime hitting Brenda

What a character says when something is wrong, stupid, or squicky enough.

The usage tends to be:

Alice: So the Big Bad sees a mouse and dies of a heart attack. The heroes spend the second hour of the movie talking about The Power of Friendship.
Bob: Are you making this up?
Alice: Wait, let me finish. And then this monkey princess Idol Singer and her 28 penguin back-up dancers show up.
Bob: No. Just… no.


Bob: I've got it! The giant dogs could live in our house for the week!
Alice: No. Just… no.


Bob: [discovers that Sesame Street isn't immune from Rule 34] No. Just… no.

A step beyond "That's just wrong," or "That's wrong on so many levels." The step beyond this is a Visible Silence. The step beyond in the other direction is the HA HA HA—No reaction.

See also Flat "What", Dude, Not Funny!, Sick and Wrong, And That's Terrible. It can be followed, preceded or coupled with a Rapid-Fire "No!" or a Blunt "No".

Note: this trope is for In-Universe examples only. It is not to be potholed for anything tropers themselves find squicky or stupid.

In-Universe Examples Only:

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Durarara!!, Erika wonders aloud if Shizuo and Izaya have some sort of hatesex thing going on and gets this from Kadota, Walker, Togusa, and Celty. Shinra, on the other hand…
    Shinra: You know, they just might
    Celty: [Shut up right now!]
    • On a more serious note, "No. Just no," are Mikado's exact words in vol. 6 when he learns that some of the Dollars have decided to strike back at Chikage by taking two of his girlfriends hostage.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi has Ako giving one of these when Yuuna reveals that she "wouldn't mind" giving a "deep, passionate kiss" to her father.
    Ako: No, no, no, that's not okay! That's just… not okay!
  • In One Piece, Franky and Robin clash from time to time in this fashion when Franky's Large Ham personality is too much even for her stoicism.
    Franky: Oi! What are you doing, Nico Robin? Just dock to my left arm, quick!
    Robin: No way.
  • Osomatsu-san: When the other Sextuplets (minus the utterly shaken Choromatsu) learn of Nyaa Hashimoto's crush on their eldest brother, they storm her apartment with the following conversation:
    Nyaa: [shocked] How can I help you?
    Karamatsu: Let's get this straight. Regarding our eldest brother, one… two…
    Kara, Ichi, Jyushi and Totty: Just don't!
  • Phantom Quest Corp.: It's no secret that Ayaka drinks. But you know it's bad when she finds out Bosco's anemic, due to only feeding 4 times a year, and offers to let him have a sample of her blood — and he politely declines.
    Bosco: [averting gaze] I'm, uh, afraid that won't do.
    Ayaka: [offended] And why not…?
    Bosco: [clears throat and leans away] Something to do with the, um [ahem] …alcohol content of your blood.
  • Tomo-chan Is a Girl! has a non-verbal version. Tomo's friends Misuzu and Carol are helping her pick out a swimsuit in the hopes of making her Childhood Friend Jun see her as a woman, but Tomo's first choice is a completely unflattering and boyish one-piece. She says it should be alright and asks Carol to back her up; Carol's response is to drop her Perpetual Smile and give Tomo a blank stare of disdain, which is shocking enough to stun Misuzu and make Tomo immediately apologize.

    Audio Plays 

    Comic Books 
  • From Runaways:
    Molly: Can I ask you a question about girl stuff?
    Gert: Under no circumstances.
  • In Batgirl Adventures, when Batgirl learns from Harley Quinn that there've been rumors going around about her (Batgirl) and Supergirl:
    Batgirl: What?! Who says… Forget it! Forget it!
  • In Lumberjanes, Jen's reaction to the mermaid is just a face of utter exasperation and three words: "NO. WAY. NOPE."
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: MJ wants Peter to take her swinging around. "No". She insists, begs, but the answer is still "no".

    Fan Works 
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series, Katara says this word for word in her narration when Sokka plans to introduce a sixth flavor into five flavor soup… fireflakes. For context, Katara has, so far, gone from absolutely loathing fire flakes to slight acceptance of them, not unlike her relationship with Zuko.
    You can't do that to five flavor soup.
    You just can't.
    No… just no.
  • Evangelion 303: After a very long night, Asuka and Shinji are quietly sipping coffee in a local shop when a thought occurs to her.
    Asuka: Let me get something straight, Shinji…
    Asuka: You drove all the way from Cardenas to here last night… without sleeping..?
    Shinji: Um, Yeah…
    Asuka: And we're just going to clear out of here… and head straight to dinner in BAKERSFIELD??
    Shinji: Uh…
    Asuka: No, Shinji. Just. No.
  • In Hail to the King (Qwapdo), a human wakes up in King Sombra's body. When he asks if Princess Cadence is Sombra's daughter, this is her reaction.
  • In The Bridge, Mane-iac tries to force Gigan to marry her. When Irys comes to his rescue, Mane-iac angrily demands to know why she's interfering and asks if she's Gigan's mate. Irys reacts, "ICK! NO! LORD NO! GAK!"
  • In Total Drama Comeback, this is generally Heather's reaction whenever someone brought up her and Ezekiel up until her elimination episode
    Heather: Though… he has proved more talented than I thought… I MEAN NO! No no no no no no no no-
  • In Memories Of Others most of the prospective genin teams get an explanation behind their status (i.e. partial fail with one or two students salvageable), except for Team Six which gets a simple "Fail. Just… fail."
  • DC Nation: Someone asked Donna Troy about the thought of Wonder Woman dating Batman. Her answer, "That would make Dick my nephew. No, just no."
  • In Sleepy Supervillainry this is Hawk Moth's reaction when he realizes that he's about to akumatize someone angry with him again.
    • The Short-Legged Vixen references the above when Hawk Moth tries to akumatize Lila-and she switches the focus of her anger on him.
    "Nope! Not going through that again! Nope!"
  • In Chapter 31 of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Ash and Misty are training together, trying to learn how to perform Water Pulse without much success. After a while, they both come to the conclusion that they have it easier to pick new moves when they need them, often in life-or-death situations.
    Misty: So, you're saying this would come easier if we were in a moment we'd really need it? I guess it makes sense, but not sure how much that helps me out.
    Ash: We can probably think of something. Maybe Iris had some ideas…
    Misty: No. As much as I really would prefer not running miles up hills, the only thing that harms is my shoe soles. Do you want her trying to get us to really want water to throw? She's liable to start setting things on fire!
  • In Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters, this is Will's reaction when, after learning everything about the Guardians, Matt wants to join the fight on Meridian.
  • The Raven's Plan:
    • When Bronn brings up the castle he's still owed, Tyrion offers to make him the new lord of Castamere. This trope is, word-for-word, his reaction to that idea.
    • This is also part of Tomard's miniature mental breakdown when he learns that Arya (whom he still thinks of as "little Arya Underfoot") grew up to be a Faceless Man, something he simply can't wrap his mind around.
  • Another Hatchling: While not voiced in exactly these words, this is Samus' reaction to the idea that Ridley might have been interested in mating with her:
    Samus: Let's not finish that sentence so that I never have those mental images, thank you very much, […] ) "I'll well admit to being open-minded when it comes to interspecies relationships - Spike, Gandrayda, Rarity, and whoever else springs to mind - but leave Ridley out of that equation, especially when it comes to me!"
  • In Bat Brats, Blackfire has this reaction when Control Freak presents himself as "your hopeful groom":
    For a brief moment, Blackfire was mistaken for a ballistic missile on Russian radars.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Peter has this reaction after using a Japanese public bath for the first time, immediately trying to change the subject rather than discuss it further.
    Izuku: How was…
    Peter: Don't… just don't… Let's just change and get the hell out of here.
  • A Possible Encounter for a Phantom: Freakshow's meeting Dani Phantom and realizing there are two Danny Phantoms causes him to react this way out of refusal to believe this.
  • The Thunder of Dragons:
    Harry: Well. Ron showed up here halfway through the week expecting to find somehow that you had 'come to your senses' and were ready to run away with him.
    Sirius: I set him straight pretty quick. He's… gonna find it hard to… perform with his passel of witches over the next week or so.
    Hermione: What does he expect? That somehow I will deny my dracken instincts to stay with him? Give up my ability to have children for his philandering self? No. Just... no. Thanks for debilitating him for awhile.
  • In My Brother's Best Friend (Is Not My Boyfriend, Jeez!) Harry comes out to the Weasleys after Mrs. Weasley tries to push Ginny and him together for the nth time.
    Ron: Harry. Mate, you're not like, into me or something, right? Because, I love you man, but you're not...
    Harry: Ron, stop, please! No, just- no, Ron, I don't like you like that, okay! Ugh, what is it with you Weasleys and your horrible pairing choices!
  • In Struggle and Strife, Cloud Strife, reincarnated as Jaune Arc has just finished wiping out a massive Grimm nest when Salem starts talking to him through one of her Seers. His response is a quick "Nope." as he bisects the creature.
  • Universe Falls: The Series: In episode 8, Wendy and Lapis learn the Tent of Telepathy has reopened and go to investigate, but almost immediately return and refuse to go back. This turns out to be because Robbie Valentino (Wendy's ex) and Jasper (Lapis's "ex") are both working at the new Tent of Telepathy.
  • In Harry Potter and Defeating Dark Lords, Inc. Moody advises Harry to be on the lookout for a future pureblood bride to protect himself from matchmaking attempts.
    Moody: Go for a walk. And don't ignore seventh years, either. Five years may seem a huge difference now, but when you are a hundred, it won't. Ignore first and second years unless you are already friends. Age of consent for a witch is twelve, and I don't want you in trouble.
    Harry: Twelve? Twelve?! Moody! No way! I mean, no, just no!
  • A Surprising Revelation:
    Ron: You know… I wouldn't mind if you and Ginny...
    Harry: Merlin, mate, she's like my sister! No, just no.
  • In Magical Blocks and Bonds Harry needs to break some blocks on his magic by having sex and is trying to pick a partner.
    Susan: Didn't you used to date Cho?
    Harry: It didn't work out, she was still hung up on Cedric, and needed a replacement boyfriend.
    Tracy: But you must have at least found her attractive to date her.
    Neville: And she doesn't cry about Cedric all the time anymore.
    Harry: No just no. I couldn't. She wasn't interested in me, she just liked the fame she'd got as Cedric's girlfriend and I don't know whether she was dating me to fish for information on Cedric's death or she thought dating the boy-who-lived would be a good way to become even more popular. I don't think I could trust her not to demand a relationship or marriage.
  • Harry Potter and the Duke's New Clothes:
    Draco: Pletwicket sent [Harry] three sets of robes for court.
    Harry: Well I sent the first set back. Purple velvet and feathers. No, just, no. The purple brocade and white fur is bad enough, I feel like a twit. But that's apparently the least I can get away with for formal regalia as a Duke at an official event.
  • In Fireworks Harry gets his eyesight fixed and scar removed.
    Hermione: No need for a glamour now Green-eyes. Lets go get our potions.
    Harry: Green-eyes?
    Hermione: It's your most dishy attribute.
    Harry: Hermione, Just NO!
  • Kiss of Life:
    Ron: Come on, Mione, say you'll be my Valentine.
    Hermione: I am so sorry. But you have to realize how ridiculous it would be – you and me? Just... no.
  • More Fragging Paperwork: Optimus, trying to figure out the best way to start a condolence letter to Ratchet's family, tries out 'Dear Ratchet's womanbot' as an opening sentence. His thought on how that sounds is "No. Just... no," causing him to give up on Ratchet's letter for the time being.
  • In Harry Potter and the Garden of Intrigue Ron suggests getting detention with Snape so Harry can talk to him.
    Hermione: I could probably work out a formula for next week's Lightening Liquid that makes an inert substance from the explosion.
    Ron: Right on!
    Harry: No, just... no. Snape still hates me, even if he liked my mom, and I'd rather not give him a real reason to punish me - you've seen how he is when I'm trying to behave!
  • Confusion Is Mine, Saith the Lord:
    Harry: Listen to me. No one is having a dramatic meltdown, okay. And that includes not hurling accusations at each other and turning on each other. No. Just—no to all of that.
  • In Inspected by No. 13, Madame Olympe responds "No, just no" to a suggestion of full-contact tiddlywinks for the third task of the tournament, saying "We hosted one of those tournaments two years ago. Dozens died, and they're still scrubbing the blood off the ceiling of my dining hall".
  • Fifth Year Rebooted:
    Snape: And between Miss Weasley and you?
    Harry: Ugh. Just no. I don't want a girlfriend that looks a bit like my mum and what if she becomes like her own mum?
  • Harry Potter and the Odd Rebellion:
    Susan: You are nothing like the story books. You are so much better. I'm really sorry about flying lessons. I've already complained to Moody. I pointed out that we need defensive and offensive flying training.
    Harry: You are not letting Alastor Moody conduct strafing runs in the new arena! Alice will….no. Just no. Dan might approve though.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Lion King (1994): Scar wants Zazu to sing him something happy sounding instead of the downtrodden depressing songs he's been singing him.
    Scar: Come now, Zazu, do lighten up. Sing something with a little… bounce in it!
    Zazu: [sarcastically] It's a small world after all…
    Scar: No, NO! Anything but that!
  • In Justice League × RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen Part One, Superman introduces himself to Yang and Ruby as this. Being that Supes is now a dorky-looking teenager, Yang has to shoot him down with a "Yeah... no."

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Men in Black II, at the end the agents try to console Agent J with unwanted advice and well-wishing. At the same time Zed begins alluding to freaky kinky sex adventures of his own, leading to:
    Agent J: [to Frank] No advice. [to K] No talking. [to Zed] HELL no!
  • Lawrence's reaction to hearing the phrase "a case of the Mondays" in Office Space.
    Peter: When you come in to work on Monday and you're not feeling real well, does anyone ever say to you "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays"?
    Lawrence: No… [disgusted] No, man. Shit, no man! I believe you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that, man.
  • Glass Onion gets a moment when Benoit Blanc is giving his summation. Benoit shouts out that Miles' murder method of killing Duke, AKA, putting pineapple juice (which Duke is deathly allergic to) in his own drink, get the group to look at Birdie Jay while she twirls in a dress, and put the pineapple drink in Duke's hand while he was distracted was dumb. Birdie responds that the plan was so dumb, it was brilliant, to which Blanc irritatedly responds that no, it was just dumb.
  • Sabrina (1995): When Linus realizes that David intends to flirt with Sabrina, he invokes this.
    Linus: David… no.
    David: What are you talking about? I was just…
    Linus: NO.
  • Son of the Mask: Tim has this reaction to seeing Otis wearing the mask.
    Tim: [shaking his head] No… NO.
  • Brightburn has a rare non-comedic example. Brendan's uncle Noah, upon seeing his superpowered nephew appearing with the intent of killing him gives this reaction.

  • Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot: In Death in the Clouds, the coroner presiding over the inquest for the titular murder has the legal equivalent of this reaction when the jury brings in a charge against Poirot.
  • This review of John Ringo's Paladin of Shadows series coined the phrase "Oh John Ringo No!" for the numerous examples of what the author admits is an adolescent macho fantasy wank. The author shows up here.
    • The phrase even made it onto a t-shirt, with the profits from shirt sales going to the Helen Bamber Foundation, an organization that helps women who have been forced into prostitution… which happens quite a bit in the books of the series, by the titular character and the bad guys alike.
  • Princesses of the Pizza Parlor: In Banquets and Other Social Disasters, when Penelope had a chance to voice her rejection of possibly being assigned a task, she just rejects it without giving an explicit reason, unlike the other two rejectors, her reasons against it being clearly established in earlier episodes:
    "No. Just no," said Penelope.
  • In the Vorkosigan Saga novel A Civil Campaign, Miles Vorkosigan's former boss says this to his current love interest:
    Illyan: Do you know all those old folk tales where the count tries to get rid of his only daughter's unsuitable suitor by giving him three impossible tasks?
    Ekaterin: Yes…
    Illyan: Don't ever try that with Miles. Just… don't.
  • In the Warrior Cats series, Lionblaze thinks about his Clanmates and wonders if any of them might be siding with the Dark Forest. When he gets to Whitewing, his thought is "Never. Just… never."

    Live-Action TV 

  • The producer Sophie often has this reaction on Behind the Bastards, such as whenever Robert wants to emulate his idol L. Ron Hubbard and buy a boat so he can force his followers to search for gold.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • This was Tony Schiavone's reaction when Ed Ferrara's shameless parody of Jim Ross was first shown, given that both Tony and Jim were close friends offscreen.

    Stand-up Comedy 
  • One of Gabriel Iglesias' most famous bits is about how he's not fat, he's "fluffy". He explains that there are five levels of fatness: Big, healthy, husky, fluffy, and DAAYUM! He then discovered that there was a sixth level of fatness beyond that which he simply calls "Aww Hell Naww!"

    Video Games 
  • In the iOS game Highborn, when a wizard suggests that Jessica the Gorgon might be pregnant, Trillian's reaction is "No! Don't you even suggest THAT!"
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: one dialogue option for turning down a particularly gruesome sidequest is your character going "No… no no no no no… no".
  • Two examples in Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC:
    • When Shepard decides that Maya Brooks should be the one to go through the vents to sneak into Khan's panic room, she says "What? NOO!! What?!"
    • During the party at Shepard's apartment, you may find EDI questioning a thoroughly flustered and embarrassed Samantha Traynor on how she found EDI's voice sexually attractive when they first met. This eventually moves on to EDI offering to send her links to lesbian organic-on-synthetic porn sites, to which Traynor responds "What? NO! No, no, no, no, NO! Okay, sure." Tali's Squick reaction completes the scene.
  • Mortal Kombat X
    • "Do not even think about it!" Said by Kung Lao when Mileena tries to flirt with him.
    • Johnny Cage's daughter Cassie has this reaction in some pre-match dialogue with Jacqui Briggs.
      Cassie: Don't speak to me ever.
      Jacqui: I just said your dad's kinda hot.
      Cassie: Stop it!
  • Mortal Kombat 11 has a few instances where Johnny tries to get his friends to sign on as actors in his films, but they flatly refuse each time, either because they say his films suck, or because they'd have to put up with him.
    Scorpion: (monotone) The answer remains, "No."
    Johnny Cage: (enthused) But you'd be co-starring with yours truly!
    Scorpion: Exactly.
  • Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V has this reaction when Lamar misinterprets one of his musings as a proposition: "What? No. Jesus, no."
  • At one point in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Viridi speculates about what the Chaos Kin's eating habits might be like in unsettling detail. Considering what's on its plate at that moment, Pit is not amused.
    Pit: Wow, Viridi. Just… wow.
  • Akiba's Trip has an optional mission where Nanashi has to dissuade a forty-something woman from cosplaying in public at the behest of her child. The third option for how to respond is:
    Nanashi: Naw… just naw… Let's get that off you.
  • BlazBlue has one ending where resident Lethal Chef, Noel, tells her friends that her cooking has improved. Her 'sister', Lambda, promptly says: "…No. Noel… never."
  • Batman: Arkham Origins: After completing the main story, Batman receives a Most Wanted mission from Gordon to track down escaped Blackgate prisoners. When Batman tracks down one such prisoner, he starts singing "Jingle Bells, Batman smells" while laughing his ass off. Batman simply says "No" in a tone somewhere between deadpan and irritated before punching the convict's lights out.
  • The second Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest had a level named Cardinal Man, the second-lowest scoring level. One judge, Garirry, gave it a 1 out of 50 and wrote simply "No." for his review. (His score breakdown also has "No." written in the Design, Aesthetics, and Functionality categories.)
  • Arno, the main character of Assassin's Creed: Unity, gets a particularly deadpan version at the Marquis de Sade's… interesting choice of opening comment.
    Marquis: [as Arno approaches] Ah… Which is a more incisive commentary on corruption in the bishopric? Seven nuns seducing a parish priest into debauchery, or an enormously-endowed Benedictine sodomizing a goat named Pius?
    Arno: No force, in heaven or on earth, will make me answer that question.
    Marquis: Quite right, Arno, the goat it is.
  • In Bug Fables, Queen Vanessa's response to Team Snakemouth asking if she's the Wasp King's wife is a mortified "Heavens, no!" Considering that he stole the throne from her, brainwashed all her loyal subjects into becoming his attack dogs, and implied to have been torturing her with his fire magic, one can't really blame her for her reaction.
  • In Lamplight City, the Player Character Miles Fordham comes across a bit of poetry written by the high-society woman, Madam Du Prée, the victim of one of the crimes he is investigating. Both Miles and his partner, Bill, react with outright disgust to said poems. The player can try to prompt Miles to read the poetry again, but Bill immediately shuts that idea down:
    Bill: Oh dear god, no. Please, let's not expose ourselves to that drivel again.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, this is Cullen's reaction to one of the war table operations. He absolutely refuses to take part in tracking down a rival minstrel for the organization's resident bard.
  • In God of War (PS4), Brok mentions how his unpleasant and apparently debaucherous nature got him banned from Alfheim. In Ragnarök, Sindri asks Kratos and Atreus if they know what a "Juicy Nokken" was, leading to this exchange and one of the few instances that elicits a reaction from Kratos.
    Atreus: What's a Juicy Nokke—
    Kratos: NO.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: In "Painting the Town…", right after Roman escapes with the help of Neopolitan's illusory powers, Weiss makes a pun referring to how their plans "fell apart". Yang answers with this trope word for word. After some bickering, she reveals that the timing was decent, but the quality wasn't.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • Homestar has this reaction, coupled with HA HA HA—No, to Coach Z taking his cheer-up song in "Decemberween Short Shorts" as an invitation to come to his house for Decemberween.
    • In the Strong Bad Email "animal", Strong Bad tries to think up an imaginary animal version of himself, and one of his attempts is a gastropod-like creature called the "red-steckled elbermung". His response to a picture of the elbermung is a frustrated "No, no, no!"
    • In "Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold", Strong Sad's burst of good cheer when he takes the lead in the flying contest causes him to suddenly get long, feminine legs. Everyone except Coach Z ("I am into this!") expresses disgust, with The Homestar Runner's reaction being "Um, no… just no."
  • The Breakfast Cowboy short by Cyanide and Happiness ends with a very definite No.
  • Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation review of The Conduit opened with one of these.
    Yahtzee: No. Nonononononono. I can't do this, it's been too soon since Wii Sports Resort.
  • In Hunter: The Parenting, Pyotr assuming that Kevin's "special interrogation" is something sexual is met with unilateral "no"s and groans of disgust from all the other characters.
  • In Suction Cup Man 4: Business or Pleasure, Business Guy has this reaction to the titular character's method of getting around the court order denying him the ability to use climbing-grade suction cups:
    (SCM climbs up the side of Business Guy's building with suction cup-mounted dildos)
    Business Guy: NO. THE FUCK!! YOU ARE NOT!!!!

  • Darths & Droids: Mace Windu's reaction to Qui-Gon Jinn suggesting that the Force being in balance would be a good thing. What with the Jedi being the light side and the dark being in total remission.
    Qui-Gon: So that's a no, then?
  • Used in this strip of Full Frontal Nerdity, when Lewis botches his rolls to carve a pumpkin. Nelson enters the empty room later and proceeds to "nope" his way out of the room.
  • El Goonish Shive: Sarah and Grace decide to design a Male Variant 5 form, when Female Variant 5 is infamous for being a big pile of Tedd's fetishes. They call Susan, who is asocial on a good day and borderline Asexual, to see if she wants to help.
    Susan: Just a moment. I have a multitude of extravagant ways of saying "no" to this, and I need to decide on one.
    Sarah: [gives a long speech about the intersection of feminism, sexism, and fetishes]
    Susan: I have decided on an elongated "Nnnnnope."

    Web Original 
  • SCP Foundation:
    • The response of SCP-076 (Abel) at being given the mission to approach SCP-001 (Gate Guardian), apparently an angel (more specifically: One of the Cherubim set by God to watch over the entrance to the Garden of Eden). This answer was given before what the mission actually involved was revealed.
    • Also said word-for-word in response to 507's request to challenge 076 to fifty rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe.
    • SCP-096 will go on a rampage and tear anyone and anything to shreds of they see its face, even if it's just a photograph, though not if it's a drawing. When the one man to survive its initial retrieval was asked if he wanted to see an artist's rendition of its face, he had this to say.
  • The "Nope" meme.
  • The end of "Breakfast Cowboy" Cyanide and Happiness

    Web Videos 
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • His review of Drop Dead Fred.
    • In his review of Rock-A-Doodle, he instantly shuts down the Villain Song on the grounds that "No song that starts with 'Tweedley-dee' can be any good."
    • In the review of It (2017), this is the reaction of the actors playing the Loser Club after learning about Beverly having sex with the boys in the sewers at the end of the first half of the book.
    • While reviewing Food Fight, when it reveals "the villain of the film is… the villain of the film", M. Night Shyamalan appears and rather than say "What a Tweest!":
      M. Night Shyamalan: Naw, man, just… just naw…
  • Do not try to make Ian from Smosh watch Speed Racer America. He has the superpower to judge a movie by its cover.
  • The Angry Joe Show:
  • The Cinema Snob had this reaction after finding out Crazy Fat Ethel from "Criminally Insane" was in "Sodom and Gomorrah: The Last Seven Days".
    Random Villager: Let it be me! Let it be me!
    Crazy Fat Ethel: [sinisterly] Let it be me.
    Snob: No. No. Please God, I don't want that!
  • Ursa's reaction to The Porn Critic, most of the time.
    Porn Critic: Uh… hello… umm… [consults sheet]… Sursum? I'm the Porn Critic!
    Sursum Ursa: Ahhhh…
    Porn Critic: Oh come on, I'll ease you in gently. I have lube!
    Sursum Ursa: OK, one: it's Ursa. And two? No. Just… no.
  • The Cartoon Show: Tom's reaction to a possible sleepover with Cartoon Guy is to go Laughing Mad, cut the laughing off with a "nope!", and openly takes his chances with the zombies outside.
  • Yogscast:
    • During the 2013 charity livestreams, Zoey Proasheck reads out fanfic of Ravs and Teep (a giant, sapient dinosaur from the Blackrock Chronicle) making out "for like ten hours". Ravs is not exactly pleased to find out this sort of stuff exists.
    • When Sjin and Lewis Brindley are working on the former's farm, Sjin jokes about putting a (literal) seed in it and shouting "Say My Name" note , with deliberate innuendo. Lewis immediately reacts in disgust.
  • InTheLittleWood's reaction to "Elsa's Baby Birth", when he sees Elsa breastfeeding a baby, although this was more about the game moving from the source material's more PG content.
  • In The Weirdest Christmas Traditions Around the World by Matt Santoro, Matt talks about the Tio de Nadal, a traditional log in Spain that is beaten by families until it poops out gifts. Matt then reads aloud the song that goes with the log. After he reads it, he shakes his head in disgust.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    • In Linkara's History of Power Rangers review of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, in the final battle when the masters turn into animals as their "highest form of potential''. Linkara just gives a deadpan "no… no" for a few minutes.
    • He had a similar reaction to the New 52 Jaime hitting Brenda (his friend with an abusive father) to trick an enemy into thinking he was under the control of the scarab.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter had three of those reactions; two during his Elf Bowling: The Movie review after Rebel finished his stereotypical rap introducing himself and then said "OH FUCK NO! FUCK NO!" when Bagger started to sing. He had another reaction during his review of Da Boom Crew tearing down their Totally Radical slang.
  • Danisnotonfire has this reaction to a few questions he receives in his "Internet Support Group" series. Notably, a girl who had a crush on a teacher who was twice her age just got a stern "no" in response, while a guy who had a crush on his cousin got a whole stream of them.
  • Folding Ideas: During his review of The Nostalgia Critic's The Wall review, this is Dan's response to Doug claiming that "In the Flesh" is 'vague enough to put down anyone you feel'.
    Dan: **Beat** No Doug. No, it really wasn't.
    **Cut to Pink ordering his audience to put all the queers, blacks and jews in the audience up against the wall while dressed as a Nazi**
    Dan: It really… Really, really wasn't that vague.
  • CJ DaChamp couldn't make it through Redo of Healer for a review. Even though the series contains a Rape Discretion Shot instead of being explicit, CJ admits that it was too much even for him and called it quits. It gets brought up in later videos as an example when sexual assault is implied.
  • One Unraveled evaluates which Mega Man Robot Masters were worth risking a robot rebellion for. In his categories on the scale of "worth it" to "not worth it", he has one titled simply "NO."
  • In Chadtronic and Brutalmoose's crossover review of How to Be Cool at Parties, one "fun party trick" involves a middle-aged white man pulling his shirt over his head, tying it down with a headband, and explaining, "This is what a sheik would wear on a festive occasion." The boys' only reaction is a single large subtitle saying "Don't do this."

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: In "Still", Ice King offers to "dress like Jake" as a bonding exercise, and as he starts taking his robe off a paralyzed Jake (who goes naked, though claims to wear pants that are invisible due to being made of spider webs spun by pixies) lets out a horrified "NOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO!"
  • American Dragon: Jake Long has this in the episode "Act 4, Scene 15": Jake and his crush Rose will play the protagonists in Antony and Cleopatra, and when Rose suggests they rehearse at his home Jake has an Imagine Spot of how his Amazingly Embarrassing Parents and Annoying Younger Sibling would react (very funny and completely spot-on), and replies "My house is being fumigated".
  • The Amazing World of Gumball has this in season 1 episode 17 "The Party" when Gumball considers numerous girls to ask to be his date, counting several as possibilities. Then "Sussie… no."
  • Ben 10:
    • In the Ultimate Alien episode "Duped", Ben goes through a Literal Split Personality, and a sensitive version of him decides to sing his Transformation Name Announcement. Kevin can only reply with "Never do that again."
    • In the Omniverse episode "And Then There Was Ben", Ben is traveling the multiverse searching for Omnitrix users to help him out. Upon traveling to a timeline where Argit has the Omnitrix, one of the Bens just drops a blunt "no" as the group quickly backs away.
  • DC Super Hero Girls 2019: Jessica Cruz's reaction when Star Sapphire assumes she and Hal Jordan, who Jessica despises, are dating.
  • Family Guy: This is David Letterman's reaction when Peter Griffin, disguising himself as James Woods, reveals that his new (and completely tasteless) comedy movie was "September 11th, Two-Thousand-FUN." The public reactions are also exactly as one expects. Which was exactly as planned, as Peter was attempting to ruin James Woods as revenge for Woods stealing his identity.
  • KaBlam!: In the Prometheus and Bob short "Spear," Prometheus considers teaching Bob how to use the titular weapon The monkey walks up to him, grabs his arm and shakes his head. Seeing Bob wildly waving a stick around, and remembering their usual antics, Prometheus agrees and ends the tape there.
  • King of the Hill: Hank reacts this way to Bill's clothing, the uniform of the local baseball league.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls has the Human Cutie Mark Crusaders checking how many hits their video made. Human Cheerilee has this reaction verbatim and tells them that "the school computers are for research purposes only".
  • One episode of Phineas and Ferb features a planet about to collide with the Earth. Buford has a little trouble with the concept:
    Baljeet: Our planets are going to collide! You know what that means, don't you?
    Buford: Yeah, it's like when you have two sets of keys and keep one in the car.
    Baljeet: No, it's… [beat as he processes what Buford said] NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • The Simpsons:
    • In one of the segments of Season Eight's "Treehouse of Horror" episode "Citizen Kang", Homer is abducted by Kodos and Kang. Homer turns his back on the aliens and drops his pants, assuming that the aliens want to probe him. They make it clear that they really don't:
      STOP! We have reached the limits of what rectal probing can teach us!
    • In Season Eleven's "Beyond Blunderdome", featuring Mel Gibson As Himself. After Homer is the only person that criticises Gibson's newest movie (a remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) in a test screening, Gibson, himself unhappy with the finished product, recruits Homer to make an edit that will appeal to the common man. Homer's suggestions are… not what Gibson was hoping for.
      Homer: Okay, here you need a musical montage where you try on lots of funny hats. It'll let us see your playful side!
      Gibson: No.
      Homer: Yeah bu—
      Gibson: Just no!
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: In "Mystery of a Thousand Moons", Captain Rex's reaction to the idea of training Jar Jar Binks to use a blaster:
    "I am not training him."
  • In an early episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender, Coran attempts to spoon-feed Shiro his lunch like a baby. This is Shiro's reaction.
    Coran: Open the hatch! Food Liom coming in!
    Shiro: No. Just… no. [walks off]
  • On Young Justice (2010):
    • A non-verbal one when Red Tornado walks into the Team's kitchen to find Miss Martian happily cooking away while Conner lies on the couch, covered head-to-toe in cookie dough. Rather than bother asking, or even making his presence known, Red just turns and walks out the room.
    • when the Justice League are discussing potential new members:
    The Flash: Still, we could always use more raw power, and Earth has a third Green Lantern, Guy Gardner
    Hal Jordan and John Stewart: No.
    The Flash: But we could really—
    Hal Jordan and John Stewart: No.

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