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A phenomenon seen on wikis, when the contributors suddenly discover a new item to focus on. Essentially, Fancruft on a large scale.

The signs of this phenomenon are when multiple pages that have lain dormant for a long time suddenly get updated all at once... but all the updates relate to the same source. It's as if the editors can't resist bringing up whatever they've just found throughout their favorite wiki. Eventually, the surge dies down, only to reawaken with a new subject driving it.


This can be anything from a single deranged fan who just found a new obsession, to the premiere of a new cult classic that sucks in half the wiki's members, to a popular internet personality discussing a work in a video, and fans rushing that work's page with examples and memes relevant to the review, even if they haven't actually seen/read/played it themselves (*cough*That Guy with the Glasses*cough*).

Note that this isn't a bad thing, as long as the new information doesn't get too fancrufty. (And, as mentioned, what other wikis call fancruft, TV Tropes calls examples.) But if a wiki on baseball caps suddenly gets fifteen new articles, all about Mighty Max's hat, you know who to blame.

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