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Multicolored Hair

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Some hair over the rainbow...note 
"Interest in your bold rejection of social norms as evidenced by your dyed hair."
Wealthy, Successful Protagonist to Lead Female, A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever

A character with hair of dramatically varying shades. Often, each individual shade would be perfectly normal (at least, by the standards of its medium).

Often the result of being Locked into Strangeness. A Super-Trope of Skunk Stripe. See also Kaleidoscope Hair, which changes color, Delinquent Hair and Anime Hair.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Olivie from Angélique (blonde/golden and dark pink/red). Some character designs also threw green into the mix.
  • Guts of Berserk gets a white streak in his hair after using the cursed Berserker Armor for the first time.
  • Hinoki Sai from Betterman. She has brown hair with the exception of her bangs which are red and green. Although the majority of her flashbacks suggest that the rest of her family have the same unusual quality.
  • Birdy from Birdy the Mighty has strange red and white hair; its exact appearance varies depending on the adaptation.
  • The Shinigami Ronald Knox in Black Butler has blond hair at the top and darker underneath, similar to H-neun.
  • In Black Jack, half of Dr. Black Jack's hair became white after a land mine blasted his head apart when he was a child.
  • A short-lived Bleach villainess, Berenice Gabrielli, had white and black hair.
  • Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist has hot pink-colored hair with yellow ends, in a manner that evokes the likeness of flames.
  • Bungo Stray Dogs has two characters with black-and-white hair, Akutagawa (black with white ends) and Q (white on the left, black on the right).
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba:
    • Nezuko's long black hair is reddish-brown in the last 1/3 of its length.
    • Mitsuri Kanroji's hair has a pink-to-green gradient, which is supposedly the result of her eating too much sakura mochi (a kind of mochi which is also pink and green). However, it wasn't perceived as normal by other people, and this prompted her to dye her hair black for a time. Because of her unusual hair colors and her monstrous physical strength (which made many men turn her down), she felt isolated until she joined the Demon Slayer Corps as a way to be among people who would accept her for who she was.
    • After consistently drawing Kanao with fully black hair, creator Koyoharu Gotouge then decided to make Kanao join the league of special colored black hairstyles as well; in a color illustration for the fight against Doma she was given pink hair tips, also used in a promotional sticker for Jump GIGA. However, this change to Kanao's hair wasn't retroactively put into motion for the anime adaptation, which kept Kanao's hair fully black as it used to be.
  • Jinzō Konchū Kabuto Borg VxV:
    • Ryūsei Amanogawa has dark brown hair with blonde bangs.
    • Big Bang / Taiki Amanogawa has maroon hair with grey bangs.
    • Ginga Amanogawa / Weiss Baron has blonde hair with grey bangs.
  • Shoto Todoroki of My Hero Academia has two-tone hair, half being white and half being red reflective of his ice and fire controlling powers.
    • His older sister, Fuyumi, has white hair flecked with crimson streaks. Whether this is indicative of her powers at all is unknown.
    • Sir Nighteye has dark green hair with yellow streaks. Judging by his no-nonsense personality and his blonde eyebrows, this is completely natural.
  • Kyoko Shirayuki from Manga/Keijo has long black hair with white/gray tips.
  • Tagiru from Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time has brown hair and a red tuft of hair that falls over his forehead when not pushed back by his goggles. A glimpse of his family shows this is natural, inherited from his mother (though her red is more subdued).
  • Digimon Universe: Applimonsters has Eri, who has pink hair in three different shades; the tips of her long pigtails are a lighter shade of pink from most of her hair, while a single strand of hair is a brighter pink. A milder example is Rei, who has a single dark streak on the front of his dark green hair.
  • Gotenks from Dragon Ball Z, being the result of a Fusion Dance between Goten and Trunks, has purple (from Trunks' hair) and black hair (from Goten's).
  • Sena of Eyeshield 21 has brown bangs, while the rest of his hair is black. This is probably a case of Author Appeal, since the main character of the artist's other manga, Blust, has black bangs with brown hair.
  • Hatsuharu Sohma from Fruits Basket has black and white hair. This is because he's possessed by the spirit of the Ox from the Eastern Zodiac, as well as representing his Split Personality (with the two sides of his personality being called "White Haru" and "Black Haru"). Since his hair is a side effect of the Sohma family curse, it's actually natural despite being Mistaken for Dyed by most people. This prompts a memorable and hilarious moment when the Student Council President demands that he prove it's natural; Haru drags him into the boy's bathroom and it's heavily implied that his "proof" was showing the president his pubic hair.
  • Rosé Thomas from Fullmetal Alchemist has brown hair with pink bangs in the first anime, black hair with pink bangs in Brotherhood. It's highly unusual in the naturalistic series where people mostly have common hair colors. The series is set in a technologically advanced early 1900s, so it's likely that Rose dyes her hair. Her Earth counterpart Noah in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa has completely brown hair to support this.
  • For most of the series, Bleed Kaga from Future GPX Cyber Formula has green hair with orange triangles on each side of his hair and a black tail.
  • Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl's Erio has very light blue hair but at times gains crystal-like glitter (that can flow off her without ending). Other characters notice this, mainly Makoto, but never mention it out loud.
  • Kaite Madigan from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray has black and blond hair as a result of his genetic enhancements not coming out quite right. His parents gave him up for adoption because of this.
  • Haikyuu!!:
    • Kenma Kozume has dyed blonde hair with black roots, often leading to opponents comparing it to pudding as well as earning him the In-Series Nickname of 'pudding head'.
    • Nishinoya Yuu also has black hair with a tuft of beige at the front.
  • Anzu from Hanamaru Kindergarten has her mother's blonde hair in the front and her father's brown hair in the back. This is completely natural.
  • In Hekikai No Aion, Yuzuki and Shizuki have black hair with blonde bangs.
  • Hikaru from Hikaru no Go has mostly black hair; his bangs are blonde.
  • When the magical girls of Il Sole penetra le illusioni transform, their hair gets rather longer and gets a gradient effect. Fairly subtle for most characters, but Priscilla's starts brown, turns red, then ends up white.
  • Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi has several examples of gradient hair. Himea has pink to blue hair with sparkles, Haruka has brown hair with purple ends, Aomi has a similar style with yellow hair, and Mirai occasionally has yellow to purple and light blue hair.
  • Yoshikage Kira from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 4 gets Norman Osbourne green-and-black stripes at one point.
    • Jolyne has green bangs and braids, with the rest of her hair blue.
  • In Juushinki Pandora, Leon has blonde hair on the back and red on the front, while Doug has green hair with some tips orange colored. Queenie's silver hair turns pale blue at the tips, while Jay's mostly black hair has a prominent red stripe.
  • Yukari from K has (dyed) purple hair with blue parts over his shoulders on either side. Notably, none of the other characters have unnatural hair colors (except for white/silver/slight pink tone) besides Yukari and Mikoto, who Word of God says dyes it. Misaki's is canonically "chestnut", and the Blue Clansmen with blue hair actually have black hair.
  • In Kämpfer, when Shizuku activates her Kampfer power, her hair turns white on the inside, sometimes rainbow.
  • Kill la Kill:
  • Kiznaiver:
    • Katsuhira's hair is off-white and brown.
    • Nico's hair is orange with (dyed) teal streaks.
  • Macross:
    • Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome has pink hair with blonde highlights, or vice versa.
    • Macross Delta: Freyja Wion has pinkish-orange hair with blond tips and roots, while Mikumo Guynemer has purple hair with blue-gray highlights. Justified by the former being Windermerian and the latter being an Artificial Human.
    • The Zolans, introduced in Dynamite 7, seem to have two-toned hair as a racial trait.
  • The titular character of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro has blond hair with brown bangs.
  • The titular Mao has black hair with a white fringe.
  • Marginal #4 has idol duo Lagrange Point, both of whom have blue and purple streaks in their hair.
  • In New Mazinger -a Mazinger Z spin-off- Major Kabuto is black-haired, but his hair's central part is red.
  • The anime adaptation of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid gave all the female dragons colored tips. Yana's hair is also green and yellow, though at least one of those colors is probably due to hair dye.
  • Nanbaka has cell 13's prisoners - three out of four of them have this trope. Specifically, Rock has purple hair with a large red stripe through the middle, Jyugo has black hair with red tips and Uno's hair is pink and orange.
  • Negi and his father, Nagi, from Negima! Magister Negi Magi have auburn hair on the top and black hair in the back.
  • Jibril from No Game No Life also has rainbow hair, starting with a red-ish pink at the top and going all the way down to purple.
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan:
    • Rikuo's normal hair is brown on top and black in the back and when, turned into a demon, his brown hair turns white.
    • Yuki-Onna/Tsurara has a hair color similar to Rikuo's demon form as well, only bluer.
    • Gyuuki's hair is green and black in the same pattern as Tsurara's.
  • Half the hair on Jio's head from O-Parts Hunter is white, to go along with his heterochromia. Being possessed by Satan does wonders for his personal appearance. After the Timeskip, the wonders aren't just for his hair, but his hair still is uncommon for the place where he lives.
  • Seikichi from Oh! Edo Rocket has a spiky orange fringe in the front and a fairly normal brown ponytail in the back. Interestingly, it's similar to Negi below, and Sora comments on this in a dub Actor Allusion.
  • Rebecca Miyamoto from Pani Poni Dash! has hair that is part blonde, part pink. Presumably, it's because she's half-American and half-Japanese.
  • Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt has dark blue hair with pink highlights. Furthermore, her hair seems to be blue on the outside and pink toward her scalp.
  • Pokémon: Kiawe has brown hair with red sections. It seems to be genetic, as his mother and little sister also have red streaks in their hair.
  • Potemayo is full of gradient-haired characters, and some of them are two-colored, such as pink/blonde on the titular moeblob, purple/magenta on Guchuko, and blue/green on Nene.
  • In Ranma ½:
    • In the manga, the rare color renderings of Akari Unryû give her greenish hair with two pink stripes.
    • Prince Herb of the Musk Dynasty (pronounced like the plant, not "Herbert") has long white hair that goes pink at the ends, except for his front bangs, which are navy blue.
  • In the epilogue of Rosario + Vampire, Moka's hair turns white and pink, since her two personalities have become one.
  • Gai from Saint Beast has blond hair with brown tips.
  • Death the Kid from Soul Eater has black hair with three white stipes that only cover half of his head, a fact that greatly annoys him because he has OCD and is extremely obsessed with symmetry. This is in a series where many characters have close-to if not exactly realistic hair colours. Kid's case is unusual and down to genetics (for want of a better word). Death is a Shiningami and those lines are the Sanzu Lines. When they connect, he will become a full Shiningami and succed his father. Near the end, he connects all of them, Lord Death fades into dust, proud of his son growing up.
  • Star Driver's Takuto has deep red hair normally, but gains a brighter red color and yellow bangs when he Apprivoises.
  • In the world of Strike Witches, where Magical Girls grow animal ears and tails when using their magic, Erica Hartmann just gains black highlights at the ends of her bangs.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Nia has pastel blue and yellow hair, layered in such a way that one might think the blue parts were the shadows at first.
    • Less noticeably, Kittan's hair is blond on top, but the sides, back, and eyebrows are either brown or black.
  • Sunny in Toriko, though each color tells what purpose his hair's many feelers are used for.
  • Urusei Yatsura: Lum in the manga had full-blown rainbow-colored hair that seemed to shift colors, yet this is hard to tell because colored images of it were often inked over a majority of it. The anime simplified it to lime green, something the manga gradually changed to match.
  • H-neun from Valvrave the Liberator has blond hair at the top, and brown under it. In the flashback parts, his hair is all brown, implying that he dyed the blond part.
  • Bear from Yo-Kai Watch has half of his hair as brown but the top is black. It's possible either one is dyed.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Yugi Mutou has purple and black hair with blond bangs, and it is implied that his grandfather looked like this when he was younger.
    • The Pharaoh was shown with these hair colors when he was born, but his dad has black hair, like a normal Egyptian. Some suspect that he got his hair from his unseen mother; on the other hand, anime hair doesn't exactly have to follow logic and science.
    • It has become custom for the protagonist of every new Yu-Gi-Oh series to have multicolored hair:
      • Judai of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX has dark brown and light brown hair.
      • Yusei of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's has dark blue hair with golden streaks on either side.
      • Yuma from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL has dark purple hair with magenta bangs.
      • Yuya of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V has two-tone green and red hair which earned him the fandom nickname of Tomato.
      • Yusaku of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS takes this up another level - as Yusaku, he has dark blue hair with a lighter blue and bright pink bangs. As Playmaker, his cyberspace dueller persona, his hair changes color entirely and becomes red with blonde bangs and pink streaks.

    Asian Animation 
  • The Happy Heroes character Nine has hair that is entirely white on one side of her head and entirely black on the other.

    Audio Plays 
  • Exit Tunes Presents ACTORS has Mike Enjouji, whose hair is fire-engine red save for one gray streak.
    • Phys Ed teacher Kagetora Chouno has an undercut where the top part of his hair is reddish-brown and the bottom part a darker brown.
    • Broadcasting Club VP Seijun Yuyama has teal hair with highlights in a lighter shade at the tips.

    Comic Books 
  • The Sandman:
    • Delirium has blondish-reddish-purplish-whatever-she-feels-like hair. It both changes color on a regular basis and is generally multicolored at any given time.
    • Rose Walker also has multicolored hair. It's blonde, red, and blue in The Doll's House, and then red with a blonde streak when she resurfaces in The Kindly Ones. Toward the end of the series, possibly as a symbol of finally coming to accept herself, she goes back to her natural color . . . which is puce. (Her grandmother and mother are also shown to have this hair color, meaning that yep! it's real.)
  • Melaka Fray from the comic books Fray and Buffy the Vampire Slayer has blue and purple two-toned hair.
  • Rogue of X-Men has a white streak in her brown hair. Jury's out as to just how she got it.
    • The Movie: Locked into Strangeness;
    • The Comic: Flip-Flop of God. Initially, she was drawn to be a woman in her sixties—the white streak was graying hair. When her age was settled down at being seventeen, the white streak was referenced as being dyed. When her backstory was established, she had the white streak even as a thirteen-year-old. While it's possible it was dyed, fans were unsure, since the placement of the white streak varied quite strongly whenever her look was changed. Finally, in her solo series, her hair is shown with a white streak from when she was a toddler, making it a physical mutation.
  • Norman Osborn from Spider-Man is drawn with red hair with black stripes, though it's possible that his hair is just in waves and that the red is to show the raised areas.
  • Batman's Two-Face has black hair on his normal side of his face and white hair on his scarred side (when artists don't just make his left side bald).
  • In the 2011 relaunch of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn of Batman fame has hair that is half red, half blue.
  • The titular XIII has a white stripe of hair, the result of being grazed by a bullet.
  • Melissa Gold, a.k.a. Songbird of the Thunderbolts has white hair with pink streaks. It's apparently natural.
  • War of Kings, trying to make the Inhumans look more, well, inhuman, drew the dark stripe and circle in Crystal's otherwise reddish-blonde hair, which in earlier stories seemed to be a weird hairband, as her actual hair colour.
  • Abby in Swamp Thing has white hair with a black streak on each side - sort of reverse Skunk Stripes.
  • It's almost easier to name Jem and the Holograms characters who don't have their hair dyed multiple shades. The Misfits have theirs as Delinquent Hair:
    • Pizzazz has a green mohawk that has some blonde and red highlights, with her natural black hair sometimes showing underneath.
    • Jetta has black hair with white highlights.
    • Stormer dyes her hair blue but has some of her naturally black hair uncolored.
    • Blaze has red hair with blonde highlights.
    • Clash has red hair with blue and green highlights.
    • Rio has his hair in two different shades of purple.
  • The Unbelievable Gwenpool has blonde and pink hair.

  • Nestis Towadi from D.J.I.N.N.: Way to Home has platinum blonde hair with brown streaks, the result of the Mixed Ancestry from her Native American father and blonde mother. Nestis is sensitive about her unusual coloration, but the only person who criticizes her hair is the local Alpha Bitch. Everyone else loves her look, especially Ingrid Hale who is borderline obsessed with Nestis' hair.
  • From Kill la Kill AU, Ragyou also has this true to canon, usually. It also serves as Kaleidoscope Hair, apparently, as it reacts to her mood, as was shown in a few comics.
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami takes this Up to Eleven, when Dark transforms into Du'arq, his Shinigami form, his hair is said to change to "every color of the rainbow but only in dark black like oil or something."
  • Detsniy Off Skiword has used this at least twice. In his Kid Icarus fanfic, Pit2 gains "Dark Black Rainbow Hair" in his Super Mode. In his Nintendo Wars fanfic, his new CO, Dusk, is said to have hair that is black and blue.
  • The “Urb” G'heddi'onians in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World usually dye their hair several or many colors. And when George becomes one so he can sneak around the Flying Island of Tipaan, he gives himself full rainbow hair.
  • In the one-shot Last Call, Lapis has black hair with blue tips instead of pure blue hair like in canon.
  • In Tokimeki PokéLive! and TwinBee, like their Canon counterparts, Risa, who has blonde hair with pink and aqua green tips and Yuu, who has black hair with green tips on her pigtails. Beverly also counts, since she has brown hair with blue tips on the ends of her sideburns.
  • My Hero Playthrough: Harley Quinn in this story has the half-red half-blue hair her canon counterpart once sported. Only here it is natural and the byproduct of her Quirk. She states that when she used to be blonde, that was the dye job.

    Films — Animation 
  • Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians has hair that's half black and half white. (According to some, this symbolizes that she's Two-Faced.) Perhaps surprisingly, this is carried over from the book rather than a Disney invention. See the Literature section.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Avengers: Endgame: Natasha, who had dyed her hair platinum blonde in Infinity War, sports red hair with blond streaks after the five-year timeskip following Thanos' snap. This likely represents her grief and apathy regarding her physical appearance that she lets her original hair color slowly return, instead of dyeing it a uniform color.
  • Instead of the Mystical White Hair implied in the book, the film adaptation of Cloud Atlas has the Fabricants go for a more traditional Asian hair cut, but with a few colored streaks in their hair.
  • Harry Potter: Narcissa Malfoy has white-blonde hair that she ties back and dark brown hair that hangs loose, neatly symbolizing her being a part of the brunette-haired Black and blonde-haired Malfoy families. In the books, Narcissa is flat out blonde, making her an odd duck in her birth family (weirdly, she is considered a normal member and just as elitist as any other pureblood. It's her brunette-haired older sister, Andromeda, who is a White Sheep). Helen McCrory was full blonde when she was first seen on set, but for some reason this didn't stick for the rest of the shooting.
  • The patchwork man in Mr Stitch has multicolored hair across the spectrum of possibilities for a human scalp.
  • In Pacific Rim, Mako Mori has some bright blue mixed in with her natural black hair, due to exposure to the poisonous agent Kaiju Blue.
  • In Poltergeist, Diane Freeling's trip through the afterlife to rescue her daughter leaves her with a streak of white at each temple. She is reluctant to dye them back, thinking they look "punk" (and possibly seeing them as a badge of pride).
  • In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Knives tries to dye her hair blue in order to compete with currently-blue-haired rival Ramona. She winds up with hair that is half blue and half (natural) black. Then she gets her highlights punched off and the whole thing is for naught.
  • In Sky High (2005), Warren Peace has dark hair with a red streak in it. Magenta has black hair with purple streaks, which even carry over onto the fur of her guinea pig transformation.
  • Karai from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) has black and pink hair.
  • Blink from X-Men: Days of Future Past, has dark hair with purple streaks.

  • Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony has Billy Kong, a mercenary with a criminal record in Taiwan, who nevertheless has several (unspecified) colors in his "manga hair". Fridge Brilliance may be involved here: it's implied that this, plus his slight build, leads people to underestimate him and not suspect that he's a professional assassin.
  • Avalon: Web of Magic combines this trope with Power Dyes Your Hair. When Kara's magic manifested for the first time in All That Glitters, her hair turns rainbow.
  • Cu Chulainn is most often described in Irish myth as dark-haired, but The Cattle Raid of Cooley gives him three different hair colors at once (and that's the least strange feature The Cattle Raid attributes to him):
    You would think he had three distinct heads of hair — brown at the base, blood-red in the middle, and a crown of golden yellow. This hair was settled strikingly into three coils on the cleft at the back of his head. Each long loose-flowing strand hung down in shining splendour over his shoulders, deep-gold and beautiful and fine as a thread of gold. A hundred neat red-gold curls shone darkly on his neck, and his head was covered with a hundred crimson threads matted with gems.
  • Louis Veyrenc de Bilhc, f
  • The Cosmere:
    • The Stormlight Archive: The Alethi people have pure black hair; those with mixed ancestry have streaks of something else, like blond or auburn, mixed in. The Irali people's metallic gold hair behaves in the same manner.
    • Warbreaker: The Royal House of Idris have hair that changes color in response to their emotions. When a character is feeling several emotions at once, or trying and not wholly succeeding in controlling their hair, they may have only some hair change color.
  • In the Discworld series Death's adopted daughter Ysabel has black hair with a white streak, while her daughter Susan has white hair with a black streak.
  • In The Fairy Rebel by Lynne Reid Banks, a girl is born with a patch of blue in her mostly-brown hair, due to a mix-up by the fairy responsible for her birth.
  • As noted above, Cruella de Vil of The Hundred and One Dalmatians had hair that's half-black, half-white. After she goes through a short but thorough Humiliation Conga that was sadly left out of the Disney version, the black half goes white and the white half goes green, apparently from stress.
  • The protagonist in Caroline B. Cooney's Losing Christina series has hair that is a combination of silver, gold, and sable.
  • The heroine of V. C. Andrews' My Sweet Audrina frequently describes her color as "chameleon": a mixture of platinum blonde, chestnut, red, gold, and white.
    • Not to be outdone, her rival in the same book has apricot-colored hair.
  • In Newsflesh, the character known as "the Fox" formerly Elaine Oldenburg started with naturally red hair, then added white with black tips.
  • The titular character of the Pan Kleks ("Mr. Inkblot") stories from Poland is often depicted as having rainbow hair.
  • In A Quest for a Maiden, the main character was hit on the head by her older sister, who was possibly a witch. Instead of getting a bruise, she got a streak of white in her brown hair.
  • Ghiscari people from A Song of Ice and Fire are described as having a mixture of red and black hair.rom Fred Vargas' novels (introduced in This Night's Foul Work), has brown hair with red stripes. This is because when he was a child, he had been attacked by kids from the neighboring village ; they had slashed his scalp with glass shards, and where he had been cut, his hair grew back red.
  • In the Wayside School books, Louis is described as having a mustache of many colors.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Canada's Worst Driver: Season 5's Jakob dyed half his hair red.
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger's Eiji has hair that's a mixture of blond and brown, with a white stripe through it.
  • Once Upon a Time: Ruby, Red-Riding Hood's cursed Storybrooke self, had red streaks in her brown hair. Because there weren't already enough indicators that she was Red Riding Hood.
  • Power Rangers:
    • Andros from Power Rangers in Space has hair in alternating stripes of black and blond. Somewhat unusual in that he's the only person on the show to have hair like that — we even see two other members of his Human Aliens species, and they both have blonde hair, though Zhane's contains spots of barely-noticeable silver.
    • Merrick in Wild Force, too, has Skunk Stripes, but in a more subdued way — two white locks on his otherwise dark hair.
  • Space Cases:
    • Catalina has rainbow hair, but she's a native of one of Saturn's moons.
    • Her interdimensional best friend, Suzi, has more normal-looking hair, albeit with purple and pink locks.
  • Claudia from Warehouse 13 has an ever-color-changing stripe in her bright red hair in later seasons.
  • Sense8:
    • DJ Riley Blue has bleached white hair with blue streaks. When she and Will are on the run from BPO the streaks start to fade leading to a scene of her re-dyeing them before her first gig since going into hiding.
    • Amanita Caplan has dreadlocks dyed in shades of pink, purple and blue, the colors of the bisexual pride flag.

  • The song "Five Colours in her Hair" by British boy band McFly.
  • While most Vocaloid characters have bizarre hair colours, some take it even further by having more than one.
    • Galaco is a half-blonde, half-brunette, and has pink, blue and yellow streaks on her bangs.
    • Kokone is a brunette with peach highlights.
    • MAIKA has white hair and red/pink Ojou Ringlets.
    • Mayu is mostly white-haired, but has rainbow-coloured highlights and the ends.
    • Merli has blue and purple hair. Her sister Aoki Lapis technically has a similar hair colour, but the contrast between the blue and purple is far more subdued.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Sputnik Monroe's gimmick was a blond cowlick.
  • TAKA Michinoku tended to die the front end of his hairs blond, because he was a delinquent.
  • Jeff Hardy, who is often nicknamed "The Rainbow-Haired Warrior".
  • Lady Victoria (not the Moreno family member), Angel Williams and Amazing Kong are known for their multicolored braids.
  • MsChif, Tomoka Nakagawa, Christina Von Eerie and Shotzi Blackheart all sported green in their hair while in SHIMMER\SHINE and elsewhere.
  • Velvet Sky's hair is usually blonde and brown.
  • World Xtreme Wrestling Television Champion The Puerto Rican Hound Dogg has red, blue and orange hair, both in his afro and his beard.
  • Allysin Kay typically has a blonde streak in her hair, which was lovingly copied by Jessicka Havok when they teamed as "Be Jealous".
  • Yoshi Tatsu's most consistent gimmick in WWE.
  • Kaitlyn has blonde and black hair.
  • A calling card of the "The Lucha Family" (Leva Bates, Jay Cruz, Eddie Rios, Mia Yim).
  • Jessica James has brown hair but started tying long red dreadlocks into it.
  • The Haitian Sensation tends to wear multiple colors throughout his ring gear, with green, blue, purple and red braids to match. And then multiple colors of beads on those braids.

    Puppet Shows 

    Video Games 
  • Albel from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has dark brown and blond hair.
  • Kyosuke Nanbu of Super Robot Wars has brown/gold hair, while his Expy, Reiji Arisu, from Namco × Capcom has black-white hair, due to a Skunk Stripe. His other Expy, Kaguya Nanbu also exhibits this trope with black hair and red. Raul Gureden has black-red hair. Rivalis Muilove has blonde/red hair.
    • Ibis Douglas similarly has red-orange/black hair, her black hair purely localized near her sideburns.
  • Kaguya Nanbu has red and black hair (as does her father) in the Endless Frontier spin-off, in the same pattern as their namesake. Emperor Nanbu's even carries over to his beard.
  • Karen of Harvest Moon 64 has brown hair with blonde bangs. She has this in all her appearences, other than Harvest Moon DS and Cute, which is justified because that is not the same Karen (it's the original Karen's inexplicably identical descendant). Karen has blonde bangs because her grandmother, Eve from the first game, was a blonde.
  • Mega Man Battle Network: Eugene Chaud has a white 'shroom and black sideburns.
  • Atlas from Mega Man ZX Advent has a large patch of red hair covering the rest of her brown hair.
  • Very common in the Jak and Daxter universe. Jak has blond hair with green roots, eyebrows, facial hair, and sideburns. Keira's hair is blue and green, while Daxter's starts out blond and moves through orange to red at the tips.
  • The Amarcians in Tales of Graces all have white hair with colored ends (known colors are red, purple, and green). For example, Pascal's hair has red tips though it's white.
  • Luke fon Fabre of Tales of the Abyss has blond tips to his hair, at least until he cuts them off.
  • The Tales Series: Prominent Seraphim/Malakim have dip tips that tend to follow Elemental Hair Colors in style (for example Lailah has red tips as a Fire Seraph while Zaveid has green tips as a Wind Seraph):
  • The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable games:
    • Levi (Material-L) has blue hair that's black at its lower half.
    • Lord Dearche (Material-D) has predominantly light tan hair that's black at its tips.
  • Touhou Project has several examples:
    • Byakuren Hijiri has hair that's purple at the top of her head and fades to brown/blonde.
    • Keine Kamishirasawa has blue hair (green as EX-Keine) with white streaks.
    • Shou Toramaru has tiger-striped blonde hair.
    • Tokiko has white-with-blue hair.
    • Seija Kijin has black hair with white and red strands in it.
  • Pokémon:
    • Gym Leader Gardenia from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl has light brown/burnt orange hair on top and black hair on the bottom, with the black zigzagging into her lighter bangs.
    • Gym Leader Piers from Pokémon Sword and Shield has long hair that alternates between black and white in patterns resembling his signature Pokemon, Obstagoon. His rare League Card from back when he was a child just starting his Gym Challenge reveals his hair has always been those colors, though it was much shorter.
    • Miror B. from Pokémon Colosseum and its sequel has a huge Pokéball-colored afro.
    • In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, the Pinchers admins Red Eyes and Blue Eyes both have blond hair with a front bang of their respective color.
  • Lemmy and Iggy Koopa from Super Mario Bros. both have rainbow hair in their 2D iterations. After the transition to 3D, only Lemmy still has rainbow hair.
  • Demolicious from HeroSmash has purple hair with brown roots and brown eyebrows. The brown roots are only noticeable in closeups as she wears a balaclava that hides half of her head.
  • Some renditions of The Emperor from Final Fantasy II have his blond hair turn violet at the tips.
  • Alto from Legasista has spiky blue hair with patches of red.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo has the good Witch NPC, she has chin-length black-hair that's streaked with stripes of red and purple.
  • The Sims 3 allowed players to give their Sims up to four different colours in their hair. The four segments were highlights, roots, tips and base, which was basically everything not covered by the other segments.
  • Lilith and Peri from Fire Emblem Fates both have blue hair with the bottom half being a different color. It's blue and red in Lilith's case, and blue and pink for Peri. Lilith's case is justified by matching the scales on her dragon form.
  • Most of Original Generation character from Fire Emblem Heroes. The complete list is:
    • Alfonse and Gustav - Blue with blonde tips.
    • Sharena and Henriette - Blonde with pink tips.
    • Fjorm - Blonde with silvery blue tips.
    • Gunnthrá - Pink with blonde tips.
    • Ylgr - Platinum blond with light blue tips.
    • Hríd - Light purple with light blue tips.
    • Laevatein - Lilac with pink tips.
    • Laegjarn - Light green except for her front lock which is orange.
    • Líf - Blue with grey tips.
    • Peony - Blonde with orange tips.
    • Mirabilis - Pink with purple tips.
    • Freyr - Light grey with green tips.
    • Triandra - Dark red with blue tips.
    • Plumeria - Grey with blue and purple tips.
  • Ensemble Stars! has a number of characters with two-toned hair:
    • Natsume's is red with white streaks.
    • Sora's is blond with a green streak.
    • Tsumugi's is dark blue with lighter blue streaks.
    • Wataru's is a silvery blue that fades to a richer blue at the ends. As a second-year it faded to indigo, showing that it's dyed.
    • Shinobu's is purple with pale yellow streaks.
    • Kuro's is red with black streaks; Tetora's matches, being black with red streaks.
  • Yo-Kai Watch: Bear's hair is half-brown and half-black. It's seemingly natural.
  • Two-tone hair is standard in Style Boutique due to dye being popular.
  • In the emails sent to Ness by Lois in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery he mentions that Ness has rainbow streaks dyed in her hair.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • Neopolitan's hair is half brown, half pink with white streaks.
    • Ruby's hair is supposed to be a extremely dark shade of red, but is just as often portrayed as a mix of black and red. It's apparently natural and inherited from her mother, Summer.

  • In Drow Tales, ankle-length hair dyed like this has become a means of displaying high social status. Drow typically have white hair and add red, blue, etc.
  • The Bare Pit has Famke, Zoot's sister, who has pink and white hair.
  • Julie Ann Carey in Aptitude Test has blond hair with pink bangs.
  • Marius (brown and blond), Sarah (black and red), Iddy Pop (light blue and dark blue/purple), and Portia (black and magenta) from My Life In Blue. It's only dye, though.
  • In Swiftriver, Miranda dyes the front part of her hair pink and the rest of her hair a dark burgundy-black.
  • Kalei of Kaleidoscope has half-green, half-brown hair.
  • Shannon of Bloody Urban has naturally blond hair with a lightning-bolt shaped green streak across the right side of his head.
  • From El Goonish Shive, Vladia looks like this naturally, due to the leopard spots in her hair.
  • Katrina of ''The Noordegraaf Files has highlights in her hair, which change style and color as time passes in the comic. Minor character Circe has a red Skunk Stripe in her black hair, matching her red and black clothes.
  • In Ensign Sue Must Die, the titular Ensign Sue has long blonde hair with a streak that changes color every strip. This is a trait of all Sues, and their Monster Progenitor, Sue Prime, has a rainbow streak.
  • Sadick from Charby the Vampirate has blonde hair that gradually turns teal at the tips and Yiska's hair is a couple of different shades of purple.
  • Devil's Candy: Kazu has a white swirl in his black hair.
  • Dora of Questionable Content normally dyes her hair black and has naturally platinum blonde hair; between strip #1311, which is immediately after a Time Skip of several months, and #1515, when she dyes it back to black, she has both colors at the same time since she was growing it out as blonde.
  • Dellyn Goblinslayer of Goblins has half a head of green hair on his "wooden" side, while the other half is greenish blond.
  • Julia Greenhilt from The Order of the Stick has two green streaks in her brown hair.
  • The Princess in Rusty and Co. has an anachronistic hairdo mixing blonde and purple.
  • But I'm a Cat Person's Patrick has blond hair with a brown streak in the front. It matches his dog form, a yellow puppy with brown spots.
  • In Homestuck, Eridan has black hair with a wide purple streak on the front.
  • In American Barbarian, Yoosamon and all his sons have red, white, and blue hair.
  • In Heartcore, Amethyst Lashiec's hair is pink with green bangs. The author has likened this color scheme to strawberries.
  • Added to the cast of Gunnerkrigg Court by the holographic projectors in Dr Disaster's "class". Annie's red hair gets a stripe of black that splits into two at the back, Kat's black hair gets a red forelock, Winsbury's blonde hair gets two black stripes running back from his temples, etc.
  • Vanamonde von Mekkahn, the Seneschal of Mechanicsburg in Girl Genius has hair that's blonde on top and brown on the sides.
  • Sam in Modern Day Treasure Seekers has red and orange streaks in her hair, before later dying her hair and changing the colors to blue and purple.
  • Assistant and Madam President, from Gloomverse, both have rainbow hair.
  • The Night Belongs To Us: Miss Chief, pale-blonde shading to teal. Not clear whether it's a supernatural effect or just hair dye.
  • Star Impact's Etna has a mess of red-and-lime Barbarian Longhair.
  • I'm the Grim Reaper: After becoming a grim reaper, Scarlet has black hair with the underside colored red.

    Web Original 
  • Surprisingly enough, for the most part, it's justified in Gaia Online's NPCs.
    • Vanessa (black with blond bangs) is a hairstylist, and she tells you that she does Sasha's (brown and blond) highlights and is annoyed that Mirai (blond, pink, and blue) is good enough to do her own.
    • The late Vladimir Von Helson's Skunk Stripes are attributed to aging, as is Edmund's white beard.
    • Brennevin's red-and-black hair is probably magic.
    • Currently unexplained are the Von Helson Twins' blond-with-red-tips and Liam's red-with-blond-tips.
  • Garcie from We Are Our Avatars had blue and yellow hair; after the stylist worked on her, she now has black and yellow hair.
  • Brenda in Night Hunters is describe having such hair from time to time.
  • Scene Wolf's hair is dark brown, white-blonde, reddish-pink, and hot pink with horizontal stripes.
  • The Notepad from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has multicolored hair that she says she uses to express herself (which amusingly includes the color green, a color she considers "not creative"). This trait carries over into a popular humanized version of her in fanart around Tumblr.

    Western Animation 
  • In Barbie Spy Squad the agents and the cat burglar have multicolored hair depending on what their disguise is.
  • Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series has half brown and half white hair.
  • Odd of Code Lyoko has a purple spot in front of his blond hair, either in his true form or with his Digital Avatar.
  • In Detentionaire, Lee Ping and The Serpent have black hair with a different amount of a different hue added to it, mostly red and marginally blue respectively.
  • In Dr. Dimensionpants, Phillip has rainbow-colored tail and manes.
  • Several characters in Ever After High and most in Monster High have Multicoloured Hair.
  • The titular character of Growing Up Creepie has literal rainbow hair.
  • The Hollow: Mira black hair is dyed blue at the tips.
  • Most characters in Jem keep their oddly colored hair to one tone. Danse inexplicably has three presumably natural colors in her hair: Blonde, pink, and blue. Clash had red and teal hair in earlier episodes, but it later turned purple.
  • The version of Trickster that appeared in Justice League Unlimited has lime green and purple hair, done so as a homage to Mark Hamill's portrayal of him in The Flash (1990) live-action series (they even got Hamill to voice him!).
  • The main character of Lady Lovely Locks of the same name has this, as well as her friends Maiden FairHair and Maiden CurlyCrown. Their hair is a normal color (blond, brown, red) with streaks of pastel colors in them.
  • June from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee had a pink stripe in her hair. This is the fairly rare example where it was explicitly dyed; the Te Xuan Ze gets a streak of white hair when it is her turn to maintain The Masquerade.
  • My Little Pony:
    • Both incarnations of Rainbow Dash in My Little Pony (G3) and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, as one could guess from her name. Cleverly, FIM Rainbow Dash always has the hot colours prominent, with the cooler colours hidden behind her neck to fit the Fiery Redhead trope.
    • Princess Celestia has hair of multi-colored pastel colors.
    • Several other characters, including Twilight Sparkle, have streaks of different colors in their manes.
  • Molly, Jordan, and Don from Ōban Star-Racers. Molly's hair is black and red, Jordan's hair is black and blonde, and Don's hair is black and white.
  • Amity's hair in The Owl House is aquamarine with a patch of brown in the front. Word of God states that the brown is her natural hair color but her mother forces her to dye it so she'll be color coordinated with her naturally green haired older siblings.
  • As does the tougher of the two Master Roshi expies on Perfect Hair Forever. Coiffio's hair even changes colors!
  • Princess Sissi has pale yellow bangs and the rest of her hair is honey-auburn.
  • Katrina Rad in The Problem Solverz has pink, blue, yellow, and rainbow hair.
  • On Ready Jet Go!, Eggplant's hair is red with blonde streaks.
  • Zak Saturday from The Secret Saturdays has mostly black hair like his father, with a white patch shaped like a five-pointed star that is his mother's white blond hair.
  • On Space Stars, Space Ghost once opposed Eclipse Woman, whose hair was half blonde and half black.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Garnet's very first form had hair that was an uneven mix of pastel blue and pink. Additionally, her usual form during the Gem War proper is depicted with a square afro that's half-red and half-blue, instead of the black it is in the present.
    • Bismuth has rainbow dreadlocks, resembling the rainbow colors of her gem, a bismuth hopper crystal.
    • By the movie, Sadie Miller has taken to dying her blonde hair green below her ears, leaving it her natural colour on top.
  • Total Drama: Duncan's hair is black with a bright green fauxhawk. Gwen's is black with broad stripes of an ambiguous color, officially teal but widely perceived as green.

    Real Life 
  • poliosis is a condition that causes locks or patches of hair to turn white, which is sometimes associated with conditions like Waardenburg syndrome (see Skunk Stripe).
  • Doc Hammer's (of The Venture Bros. fame) hair naturally grows in shades of blond and black. He attributes this to "a pigmentation problem or a birthmark or something".
  • While not natural, thanks to advancements in hair-dye, hair can be "low-lighted" with shades more intense than the original hair color. Since permanent dyes exist, and hair grows from the roots outward, even if you dyed your entire head, in a few months you'd have multi-colored hair.
  • The story goes that when the pilot of Alias was being produced, a girl was spotted on a college campus with horizontal stripes in her hair. A producer offered her $100 to cut a lock of it off, as one of the stripes was the exact color they wanted for Sydney's wig.
  • Many dogs and cats have multiple colors in their fur. In some dog breeds, such as Pomeranians, this is sometimes referred to as a "parti-color." The tabby coloration in cats is another example in animals.
  • Some hair lighteners cause a prismatic effect in strong sunlight.

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