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Monster's Favorite Petting Spot

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Who's afraid of the big bad dragon now?

Beasties (the bigger and more intimidating the better) that respond positively to petting will usually have that one favorite spot that'll cause them to drop their intimidating demeanor and flop over like a ragdoll. The spot may function as the creature's Kindness Button. Count on the Fluffy Tamer to find that spot within seconds. An Incompetent Guard Animal will let burglars pet their favorite spot.

See also Attack Its Weak Point, Reflexive Response, Standard Female Grab Area, and All Animals Are Domesticated.

Compare Music Soothes the Savage Beast which uses music instead of petting.

The Hotter and Sexier version for sapient beings (e.g. Funny Animal or Beast Man) is Fantastic Arousal.



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    Films — Animation 
  • How to Train Your Dragon has Hiccup discover that scratching a specific spot under a dragon's chin causes them to flop over. He discovers it on Toothless, then goes on to use that trick during Gobber's training, much to Astrid's dismay.

  • The Harry Potter books have this with The Monster Book of Monsters, a Care of Magical Creatures textbook that is actually a furry, sharp-toothed monster itself, and will try to bite the reader if s/he doesn't stroke its spine first.
  • In one of The Stainless Steel Rat books, Jim and his accomplice end up on a porcuswinenote  farm. The accomplice is freaked out when one approaches, but Jim simply takes a stick and starts scratching it behind the ears. Apparently, the quills make it difficult for them to do it on their own, and vermin are making full use of the cover.
  • In Dragonriders of Pern Dragons are known to love having their eye ridges scratched.

  • Inverted in Asian mythology, where dragons are said to have one inverted scale on their throat that, if touched, sends them into a furious rage.

    Video Games 
  • Pokémon: Thanks to Pokemon Amie and, later, Pokemon Refresh, you are able to play with and care for your Pokemon, making them do cute things along the way. This includes Pokemon that could be considered intimidating, monstrous, or even potentially evil, such as Ghost and Dark types or legendaries like Poke-Devil Giratina, Death God Yveltal, and the Poke-God itself, Arceus. Refresh shows there are spots they like having pet the most and the least.


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How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup learns that scratching dragons around the neck gives them pleasure, and can even knock them out.

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