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Jaune: Whoa! Is that a scythe?
Ruby: It's also a customizable high-impact sniper rifle!
Jaune: A-what?
Ruby: It's also a gun.
RWBY, describing Crescent Rose and setting the stage for basically every other weapon in the series

It's two, two, two weapons in one! And sometimes more.

Sometimes, when you combine two weapons, you get something with a completely new set of properties — like combining a gun and a sword into a gun that shoots swords. Or you might get a more traditional Swiss Army Weapon — for instance, a gun that can turn into a sword. But the rest of the time, you get a Mix-and-Match Weapon — two weapons combined that retain the uses and elements of both. The classic example is a bayonet, which is nothing more than a knife strapped to a rifle, creating a weapon that can shoot or stab at will. Compare Bifurcated Weapon, contrast Morph Weapon.

See also Whip Sword. Instant Chucks is a Subtrope. Often overlaps with Impossibly Cool Weapon and Awesome, but Impractical.



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    Anime & Manga 

  • In Digimon:
  • Gamaran has Jaki, whose secret weapon is, essentially, a spiked flail with a hand-held kama in lieu of the handle, while his associate Kotaro has a sickle-bladed armlet connected to three long chains. The sequel tops this with Ichiki Oobayashi and his Enmiyabi, a sansetsukon with axe blades attached to it, making it a three-sectioned poleaxe.
  • Quite frequent in the Gundam series.
    • Probably the earliest instance is the Gundam Mk.II's Super Gundam configuration from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, whose beam cannon could generate a beam blade. Later on, the titular Gundam could do this with its Hyper Mega Launcher. This feature is even carried over to its modified successors in the photo novel, Gundam Sentinel.
    • Gundam SEED's Providence and Blitz both feature a specially designed shield housing both a beam weapon and a beam saber on the same arm.
    • Gundam SEED Destiny has the Akatsuki, which could attach its beam saber to its beam rifle for a more traditional bayonet weapon.
    • All of Setsuna's Gundams from Gundam 00 features a gunblade in some form.
      • Exia's GN Sword has a Rifle mode when the blade retracts.
      • 00 dual-wields mid-length swords that can double as rifles. When it gets its 0 Raiser upgrade, it can bring both swords together and fire either a massive energy beam or sustain the blast and bring it down like a massive sword. Later on it gets a GN Sword like Exia but has a greater energy output.
      • 00 Quanta is much more straightforward with the blade being able to fire beam shots but can fire a wave motion blast when its GN Sword Bits combine with it.
      • Additionally, Cherudim's GN Beam Pistols feature axe-like blades on the underside. This was actually the result of a compromise between its pilot Lockon (who didn't think a melee weapon was necessary) and chief engineer Ian (who insisted he have something to at least protect against enemy blades).
    • In Gundam Build Fighters Try, Meijin Kawaguchi's Amazing Red Warrior wields a weapon that's actually called a gunblade and is a beam rifle with a solid blade built under the barrel.
    • In Gundam Build Divers, Riku Mikami's Gundam 00 Diver/00 Diver Ace retains the 00 Gundam's GN Sword II weapons and its similar functions. When he upgrades to the Ace, the GN Sword II become Super GN Sword II, adding a grappling line to them.
  • Red-5's HEP Cannon in Majestic Prince. It can serve as a rapid fire rifle, a Wave-Motion Tuning Fork with a chainsaw on each prong, and can even lay Space Mines!
  • In Hunter × Hunter, Kurapika uses Sword Chucks before learning Nen.
  • In Kämpfer, Shizuka wields two chain-linked daggers. The chain extends so she uses this primarily as a ranged weapon. Not only can she block bullets and cut fireballs in half, she can even maneuver her daggers around corners.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, Kamatari has a giant Sinister Scythe, already an Awesome, but Impractical weapon, which has a very heavy iron ball at the end of a very long chain. It's intended to act as a counterbalance to allow use of the absurdly large scythe, but of course it ends up being a weapon in its own right. Interestingly, this is a scaled-up version of a real weapon called the kusarigama.
  • Zetman — In the Seinen manga and Tokusatsu Deconstruction, Alphaz had the Cell Delete, which is a sword combined with a gun.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami has Dark's crosshammer, which is explained as a crossbow that uses hammers instead of arrows.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising 2: Hades Revenge includes a chainhammer. The weapon is a chainsaw, except the chain has hammers attached to it instead of a saw.
  • Four Deadly Secrets: It is a RWBY fic, after all.
    • Alice’s Cheshire Silver is a two-handed sword which can split into two separate blades or become a dust-powered pulse rifle.
    • Aurea’s Sole and Luna, a cudgel (Luna) which turns into a carbine (Sol).
    • Venus' shotgun tonfas.
    • One of the VLFM's soldiers wields a dust-infused Whip Sword hidden as a belt. A 'Flex-Segmented Dust-Activated Blade', according to Ruby.
    • Another VLFM member uses a longsword that doubles as an energy weapon; a 'High-Energy Rail-Sword'.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Izuku's signature weapon, the Emerald Gust, is a set of gauntlets and boots with built-in pump shotguns, allowing him to pump his enemies full of buckshot with every punch and kick. He also has the sense to install safeties in case he ever needs to avoid using them and Mei refits them so the Power Fist portion retracts when Izuku needs to pull off a 100% Smash.
  • Service with a Smile: Along with the many canon examples, this gets referenced when the Malachite twins get accosted by thugs with knives. Miltia considers them unarmed, since "in Vale a knife didn't count as a weapon unless it was also a heat-seeking missile."
  • DNMC continues on the standard set by its canon counterpart with its titular team packing a pair of shotguns/swords, a grenade launcher/shovel, a sniper rifle/assault rifle, and a kusarigama/bow and arrow.


    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Abe's axe starts out as a completely vanilla weapon, but in a later fight scene, it's revealed that a hidden gun was installed into the handle when he surprises his opponent with it. We later even see a bayonet on it.
  • In Blade II, Reinhardt battles the Reapers in their lair, Dual Wielding a pair of pistols with big, curved blades running from the handle to the barrel.
  • In Captain America: Civil War, Hawkeye has a new bow that can transform into a bo staff for melee combat.
  • In Once Upon a Time in China, the main bad guy tries to surprise Wong with a gun hidden in his daggers. It doesn't work.

  • A weird dwarven halberd-hammer hybrid in Crataegus Sanguinea. Justified: after their victory elves forbade using spears, bows and swords, so dwarves made used these "poleaxes" and crossbows.
  • My Vampire Older Sister and Zombie Little Sister: Taori wields a combination of an oversized, triple-bladed chainsaw and a crossbow. The chainsaw is powerful enough to cut down large trees easily, while the crossbow shoots bundles of bolts that separate after firing to bombard an area. The whole thing weighs over 70 kg, and she can only use it due to having Super Strength.
  • Redwall: Most Badger Lords get a Forging Scene. The Long Patrol goes into some detail on the many ways Lady Cregga Rose Eyes' brand-new hooked axpike can hurt vermin.
  • In Slaughterhouse-Five, one soldier used a trench knife, which consists of brass knuckles with a knife sticking out of them. Also a Real Life weapon.
  • The superhero Chevalier from Worm has his signature cannonblade.
  • In X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar, the traditional Adumari blastsword, a sword with a low-power blaster embedded in it with the emitter placed where the point of the sword should be. The blaster is triggered by an impact with the tip.
    Wes Janson: So it's like a blaster you have to hit someone with. I have to have one.
    Tycho Celchu: Don't give him a new kind of weapon. It would be like giving a lightsaber to a two-year-old.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: On two separate occasions, both when fighting Lash, Mack expresses his desire to own and use "a shotgun-axe combination of some sort". In the episode "Watchdogs", Mack creates a jury-rigged version by duct-taping a meat cleaver to the end of a shotgun, and by the time of the season finale he's finally crafted a proper shotgun-axe which he continues to use in later seasons. The shotgun-axe would go on to achieve such mythic status that when Mack temporarily lends it to Coulson during a fight, Coulson reacts as if Captain America had just lent him his shield. Flint questions the weapon's practicality, pointing out that the axe head would make the gun too heavy and hard to shoot. Mack takes great offense to this and immediately snaps back that it also makes it real easy to chop people's heads off. One demonstration of said head-chopping later, Flint has been converted to the righteous path and agrees that the shotgun-axe is indeed an Impossibly Cool Weapon. And just in case you still didn't think it was cool enough, in a later episode, Mack demonstrates that the (bearded) axe head can even rotate 180 degrees and be used as a bayonet for stabbing as well. It almost qualifies as a Swiss Army Weapon at this point.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer had the Slayer Scythe. On one end, it was an axe, flip it over and it becomes a cudgel tipped with a stake.
  • Kamen Rider, being a Long Runner, has had a ton of these:
    • Kamen Rider 555's Kaixa wields a "Blaygun" which is a combination energy pistol and reverse-grip lightsaber. Additionally, the Riotroopers wield gunblade-like weapons that would later be retooled for Kamen Rider Wizard's Ganma and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's Ride Players.
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto has his Kunai Gun, which also functions as a handaxe when the barrel is gripped. His Super Mode had a sword-gun.
    • Kamen Rider Decade has the Ride Booker, which is a sword, a gun, and also the container for his transformation cards.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard gains the AxCalibur, a combination axe and sword, in his Super Mode. It's actually fairly similar to Buffy's scythe.
    • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid gives several characters multi-form weapons; Ex-Aid himself has a combination sword/hammer, Snipe has a handgun that folds out into a sniper rifle, and Lazer has a bow that splits to become two sickles.
  • In the Sherlock Grand Finale, "The Final Problem", the shaft of Mycroft Holmes's ubiqutious umbrella is revealed to be a Sword Cane. The handle then unscrews to become a pistol.
  • Numerous Super Sentai and their Power Rangers counterparts had guns that become short swords or daggers. Most notably The original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and its original Japanese incarnation Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.
  • In the episode "Hollywood Babylon" of Supernatural, the Concept Art of the monster from Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning shows him holding a flaming fraternity paddle with chainsaw blades around it.

  • Kip from the Cool Kids Table game Star War wields a lightsaber that can switch to blaster mode.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The Dwarven Urgrosh, a spear on one end and an axe on the other.
    • Dragonlance Kender weapons tend to provide several attack forms, tool or other utility function and a musical instrument (at least chime or bullroar). Hoopak: rod with a sling and spike at its ends acting as a shortspear, alpenstock, staff, sling staff and slingshot. Chapak: axe with prongs on the back side used as beaked prying bar or, again, slingshot arms, with haft hollowed to use as a blowgun or flute. Hachak: a poleaxe with a spike and hammer/beak on the other end, with shaft midsection detachable and hollowed to store a few darts. Battak: studded club with a spearhead at the end, useable as a sort-of-sling when the spike is removed from its slot. Bollik: bola/flail belt. Polpak: staff with a detachable short sword on the end, saw-toothed on one side. Sithak: shoulder-yoke that's weaponized by attaching blades at both ends and can be strung as a recurved bow shaft. Whippik: whip with a loop at the end making it ready to use as a dart launcher, noose or fishing pole.
    • Forgotten Realms Tritons has tapal as their weapon of choice. It's a crystalline piece with bent between boomerang's and fisher hook's, handle on the inside, edge on the outside and sharpened ends. Which allows the short arm to be wielded as a dagger and long arm as a short spear (when inverted), scythe or long saber (as a streamlined balanced "wing" it's the optimized for swim-by cut).
  • Exalted has quite a few of these in canon, though many of them have only one attack mode anyway. The Daikalbar is a polearm with an ungodly mess of slashy and stabby bits on both sides, though it essentially has only one combat mode with them. The Chain Daiklave, meanwhile, is actually not a chainsaw (that's a chainklave); it's a short daiklave attached to a dire chain that can be used as a sword, a dire chain, or a sword on a chain.
  • If you like the idea of using Zorg brand weapon clusters in your OGL science fiction games, there is a blatant copy in the OGL supplement 1001 Science Fiction Weapons. You will need to be proficient in both energy and slugthrower weapons to use the General Weapon System Mark 183, which contains a shotgun, particle beam, laser, micromissiles, and grenade launcher in one single handy pod. The more advanced Mark 490 contains an X-ray laser, stun ray, plasma gun, armour-piercing force bolt, and an antimatter gun.
  • Games Workshop games:
    • The Bloodstorm Blades wielded by Skarr Bloodwrath, from Warhammer and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, are a pair of mighty double-headed axes, each with a long skull-weighted chain attached. These blades turn Skarr into a maelstrom of gore on the battlefield as he uses the axe heads to reap the skulls of his enemies while the chains bring down those who attempt to stay out of the blood-mad lord’s reach.
    • Warhammer 40,000:
      • Certain armies — chiefly those of Chaos, the Imperium and the Orks — can field "combi-weapons", which consist of a standard gun (a bolter or shoota, as appropriate) with some kind of special weapon attached to it, like a rocket launcher or flamethrower. The special weapon portion can be fired once per battle, instead of the regular gun. Orks create these weapons by literally bolting bits of one gun onto the other.
      • Guardian Spears are polearms that combine a power blade with an integrated bolter (a fully automatic rocket-propelled grenade launcher) note . These spears are highly symbolic weapons that are only wielded by the Imperium’s greatest warriors such as the Watch Masters of the alien hunting Deathwatch and the Adeptus Custodes, the Emperor's personal bodyguards.
      • Some members of the Adeptus Custodes wield Sentinel Warblades instead of Guardian Spears. These massive swords, as long as a Custode is tall, incorporate a double-barrelled Bolt Caster into the crossguard that fires a hail of short range bolt rounds.
      • The executioner pistols wielded by assassins of the Eversor Temple are specialist combi-weapons consisting of a bolt pistol and a needle pistol. These weapons are able to unleash a hail of mass-reactive bolts before quickly switching to firing highly toxic darts that can kill with the merest scratch.
      • Tau Pathfinders thought bolting two guns together just wasn't enough gun, so they wield pulse carbines with an under-barrel grenade launcher and over-barrel markerlight.
      • The Kroot Rifle is a heavy musket-like gun that features downward-pointing blades under both the barrel and the stock, in imitation of the traditional Kroot fighting-staves.
      • Some versions of the Warscythes used by the Necrons combine the weapon's heavy energy-blade with a gauss flayer.
      • The Maugetar, a massive shuriken shrieker cannon wielded by the Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra, incorporates a deadly powered scythe blade into the barrel. Not only does this add to Maugan Ra's Grim Reaper visual aesthetic, the arcane weapon allows him to slaughter his enemies at both range and in close combat with equal skill.
    • Necromunda and Dark Heresy have the "Exterminator", a single use flamer that can be attached to a weapon to turn them into this trope. While in Dark Heresy the Exterminator can only be attached to melee weapons, Necromunda allows the player to attach them to any basic or special ranged weapon as well, turning them into cheap combi-weapons.
    • The 3rd Edition of Necromunda introduces a number of new forms of combi-weapon that reflect the nature of the Hoses that use them including the Escher needler-bolter, that utilises the pharmaceuticals of the female dominated House, and the more rugged and brutal Goliath plasma-stub combi-pistol.
  • GURPS IOU: Though not primarily intended as a weapon, the Po Peil Fishing Artifact (a parody of the Popeil Pocket Fisherman) is an ancient artifact made by a Precursor race that contains everything an interstellar fishing enthusiast might desire, in one compact device. This includes complex scanning equipment to determine food safety, a vast recipe database, essentially unbreakable hooks and lines, harpoon-shaped force beams and tractor beams for subduing and retrieving particularly stubborn quarry, and even a full suite of functions to terraform a world into an ocean planet and stock it with fish-like beings, should no such planet be handy . . . which is a bit inconvenient if you happen to live on the target planet. Unfortunately, its recipes (and its operating instructions) are all in a language no one has spoken or read for at least a billion years.
  • You have to be superhumanly strong to use most of them, but Naruni: Wave 2 for Rifts contains a series of mercenary multi-rifles, which tend to combine three weapons in one, such as the Silverfire, which contains a gun which fires silver projectiles, a flamethrower, and a laser; and others that combine plasma cartridge, laser, plasma beam, grenade, micromissiles etc. together, usually in combinations of three. Some can even have a vibro-bayonet mounted, for extra cost.
  • Many magical weapons in Rifts, such as rune or techno-wizard weapons, can also be used as both ranged weapons and melee, with both also having other features such as deflector shields or poison, and the ability to use spells (rune weapons having a varying amount to cast, while techno-wizard creations usually end up with a specific set which requires the creator's or another techno-wizards' work to upgrade). One example is a sword introduced in Federation of Magic, with massive damage, and the ability to increase it a lot, protection for the user, and the ability to fire charged particle beams.
  • In medieval and renaissance Europe, a bewildering variety of polearms was used for different purposes, with combinations of axe blades for chopping, spear heads for stabbing, hooks for dismounting, etc. The tendency of fantasy RPGs to try to use all of them was parodied in an issue of The Space Gamer magazine, published by Steve Jackson Games in 1985. One entry into a "Write a table for generating something useless" contest was a "Random Polearm Generation" table. It starts simply enough, with things like "ox tongue", "bill hook", and "glaive", but it works its way up to such nonsense as "glaive glaive" and "glaive glaive glaive guisarme glaive". Since that last one is seemingly inspired by the Spam Sketch, The Order of the Stick later borrowed it for their parody of the Cheese Shop Sketch.

  • Parodied in Spies Are Forever in which it starts off semi-normally, introducing us to a cane which is also a firearm. But then, the weapons just keep getting more ridiculous as it goes on to the point where even an apple is a gun.

    Video Games 
  • One of the weapons in the online RPG AdventureQuest is a Sawed-Off Gunblade, which looks like a flintlock pistol with two two-pronged blades attached on the bottom. The normal attack is slashing, while the rare special attack is a double-barrel shot. Both do fire damage.
  • In Assassin's Creed II:
    • The hidden blade is upgraded to work not only as a hidden retractable blade for assassinations and general knifing people in a cool way, but also as a gun.
    • There is also a syringe blade that injects poison on contact.
    • At one point it's also upgraded with a poison dart launcher. Then Assassin's Creed: Revelations takes it one step further by adding the "hookblade", although it's a tool for faster climbing rather than killing people. Correct use of the hookblade in the right areas can significantly increase the speed at which you can climb.
    • The Dead Kings DLC of Assassin's Creed: Unity has the Guillotine Gun, which is a grenade launcher combined with an axe.
    • You can get a pair of gunswords in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, if you complete all assassination tasks. They aren't any more deadly than any other pair of blades in the game, but they do provide for some unique finishing moves, such as stabbing a guy and then using a gun blast to quickly get him off the blade.
  • Baten Kaitos Origins presents an interesting one. A spear-tipped long-handled battleaxe, with a scythe on the opposite side. It probably wouldn't be very good, but Rule of Cool allows him to beat the unexpecting hell out of you if you aren't prepared.
  • Bayonetta introduces the Lt. Col. Kilgore. A pair of rocket launcher tonfas. And Sai-Fung. Called the 'gun-chucks' by fans.
  • One of the many available weapons in Bloodborne is a "saw cleaver": a blade with teeth on one side, and a clean edge on the other. This allows it to be folded in half at the hilt and used as a saw, or folded out and used as a cleaver. Other "Trick Weapons" also have the ability to change into different types of weapons. Ludwig's Holy Blade for example is a massive greatsword whose giant blade is actually a sheathe for a smaller longsword. And the Reiterpallasch is a literal gunblade, albeit more realistic, being a rapier with a pistol attached.
  • Lucca from Chrono Trigger apparently has one of these: a small mallet that also functions as a gun and a flamethrower (the last two seem to be located in the mallet's head). "Apparently" means it's not explicitly referred to in-game, but you can totally tell from the battle animations.
  • Command & Conquer: Generals:
    • The GLA specializes in this, as their units are hopelessly outmatched by modern US or circa-1970s Chinese units:
      • The Bomb Truck can be loaded with high-explosives, with anthrax or, (unlike the Scud Launcher, which can switch between both with every missile launched) both at the same time, though the cost of outfitting each truck gets prohibitive.
      • Technicals, Toxin Tractors, Quad Cannons and Marauders can run over the wreckage of enemy vehicles and recycle the parts to improve their own armaments. Most dramatic for the Technicals, who go from machine gun to missile launcher and the Marauders, who eventually get a second main gun.
      • Scorpion tanks can be given a surprisingly high-damage rocket against vehicles, while their shells can contain anthrax to greatly increase their efficiency against infantry.
      • The Angry Mob is armed with scavenged pistols (which can be upgraded to AK47s), Molotov Cocktails and rocks. And yet, they are scarily good at tearing down buildings.
    • The Chinese Overlord tank can equip a bunker for five soldiers, an Antiair and Anti-Infantry gatling turret or a propaganda tower that slowly heals all troops around it in addition to its twin main guns. In the expansion, the Emperor comes with a turret pre-installed, leaving room for another upgrade.
    • The US Humvee starts with a machine gun, but can be outfitted with a flying machine-gun-wielding Battle Drone (like all US ground vehicles), a missile launcher, and as loaded infantry fire out the windows, can fire missiles, grenades, sniper rounds...
  • Dawn of War: Some units have multiple types of guns mounted to deal with different targets, though only vehicles can use them simultaneously.
    • Imperial Guard, Space Marine tanks (and their stolen ork equivalent) have a main gun and side-mounted heavy bolters/lascannons.
    • Despite being an artillery piece and thus not belonging anywhere near the frontline, the Basilisk has a front-facing heavy bolter in addition to its gigantic Earthshaker cannon.
    • The Tau Commander's XV-22 armor turns him into a Jack-of-All-Stats, giving him a flamethrower against infantry that gets too close, missile launchers against structures and vehicles, and a railgun against everything, and while able to use all three at once, the equipment needs to be rebought if he's killed.
    • Obliterators use heavy bolters against infantry, plasma guns against heavy infantry, and lascannons against vehicles and buildings, all from the same multi-barreled Arm Cannon that was fused with their body.
  • Dead Rising 2 allows you to use the magic of duct tape to turn standard weapons, objects and doodads into zombie-slaying perfection.
  • Dead Space 3: Plasma gun not enough? Add a sub-machine gun to it at any bench. In fact just about any two basic power supply elements can be added to one of two major frame types to create hundreds of different possible weapon combinations. Careful planning can result in some really deadly weapons.
  • Yue Ying in Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires uses a weapon that combines a crossbow, knife, and gauntlet.
  • The flash shooter Enigmata has a variant: There are three "basic" weapons, and seven "rare" weapons. After picking up a rare weapon, you have to pick up a specific common weapon to get a much stronger fusion weapon.
  • While having many secondary weapons for most skills, Lance from EpicBattleFantasy uses his gunblade for normal attacks and certain skills.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • In For Honor, we get the Lawbringer and his poleaxe: a pole weapon that combines the blade of an axe, the point of a spear, and the head of a hammer into one weapon.
  • The signature weapon of the Gears of War series is the Lancer, an assault rifle with a chainsaw bayonet.
  • While older models in God Eater where either melee or ranged, new types have a BFG turn into a BFS with shield included.
  • Gunblades exist in a completely different form in Gungrave Overdose. They're essentially two red katana blades, each of which is attached to a machine pistol. They're also owned by an undead swordsman.
  • The Half-Life mod, Rocket Crowbar.
  • The Brutes of Halo have a penchant for sticking all manner of sharp objects on their weapons, since their phenomenal strength lets them deal as much damage in melee — if not more — as a shot from one of their guns. From smallest to largest: the Mauler has a small crescent-shaped knife along the hand guard, the Spiker SMG has a pair of hatchet blades, and the eponymous Brute shot is a grenade launcher whose underside is a fusion axe/scythe nearly the length of the gun. Even their Gravity Hammers are bladed!
  • In Iji, there are six possible weapon combinations, one corresponding to each main weapon.
  • The Monster Hunter series:
    • The gunlance, which is exactly what it sounds like. The weapon can be used to stab like a traditional lance, but can also fire explosive shells during an attack.
    • Monster Hunter 3 introduces the Switch Axe, an axe that can turn into a big sword.
    • Monster Hunter 4 adds yet another with the Charge Blade. It's a sword and shield (the sheath is built into the shield) that can combine together into a large axe.
    • Meanwhile, Gunners have access to Light and Heavy Bowguns, weapons that may look like Automatic Crossbows at first glance, but the muzzle flashes and attachable Hollywood Silencer place them firmly in this category.
  • Mortal Kombat X: Kung Jin's bow can be used as a bo staff for close-quarters combat and has a dragon head decoration mounted on the top that breathes fire.
  • Nazi Zombies: The map, Mob of the Dead contains the Blundergat, combining the compactness, appearance, and spread of a blunderbuss, with multiple barrels, and the sheer power of a gatling gun. There are also only two of these available, and one must be gain via the Easter Egg, but only if one had a Blundergat in the first place.
  • Whenever Nepgear from the Neptunia transforms into Purple Sister, her default Laser Blade turns into a gunblade.
  • Ninja Gaiden has Ryu's Kusari-gama, which in form is virtually identical to its real life counterpart. It consists of a small sickle, with a long chain connecting to a weight or spike attached at the hilt. Also, in a more literal interpretation of this trope, we have the Vigoorian Flail, a massive pair of sickles attached at each end by a chain, and wielded much like a set of nunchaku. When used to their fullest in combat, expect Ludicrous Gibs galore.
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle:
    • Margaret Moonlight has a pair of weapons called "Le Croissant du Ange" [sic], or The Crescent of Angels. One is pictured above. These are sniper rifles with stocks that are scythes.
    • Matt Helms has a fire axe/flamethrower. As a transforming weapon, Nathan Copeland has mechanical arms / boombox rocket launcher. Suda51 was so disappointed that he had to take Nathan out of the first No More Heroes that he was the first boss worked into the second.
  • The Rangers in Opoona use fairly conventional gunblades as their standard issue. However the title character's Energy Bon-Bon is stronger and so he never uses one.
  • Every weapon in Painkiller has a drastically different second firing mode, which makes the seemingly modest five-weapon arsenal much more versatile (it's even possible to combine the primary and secondary firing modes with some weapons). To wit, in Painkiller you have a weedwhacker that fires laser beams, a machine gun that shoots rockets, a grenade launcher that shoots foot-long wooden poles, and of course, a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning.
  • As each weapon in Perfect Dark has a secondary fire mode, a few of them fit this trope, but probably the coolest is the Dragon, an assault rifle that just happens to have a proximity mine built in.
    • The Super Dragon combines an assault rifle and a grenade launcher.
    • The RC-P120 gives the user the option of turning on a cloaking device, though this feature eats up ammo like crazy.
    • The Phoenix has the option of turning regular pistol ammo into miniature rockets that explode on contact.
    • Perfect Dark's most (in)famous weapon, the alien FarSight XR-20, combines a One-Hit Kill sniper rifle with a target-seeking X-ray scanner.
  • Phantasy Star Zero introduces a hybrid weapon called a "Gunslash" to the series: when used normally, it functions like a sword, but when held in a defensive position, it can fire off spreading projectiles.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 also features Gunslashes, which can now switch between sword and pistol mode. The Gunslashes themselves can be either this or a Morph Weapon.
  • Ragnarok Online: swordmace, though it's not too different from any other mace.
  • RuneScape has the Ivandis Flail, a silver sickle on a chain attached to a long rod. It IS unwieldy and is meant to be — it was devised as a weapon against mind-reading vampyres, and, unlike all other silver weapons, works PRECISELY BECAUSE neither side knows where exactly the sickle will end up, thus not letting the vampyre perfectly dodge the strike every single time. It also is a Mix-and-Match Weapon in a different, more straight sense. Silver sickles by themselves are used as a focus for casting a certain spell, one that causes select scenery objects to produce items. The rods themselves are used for a different spell, used to hold juvenile vampyres in place. The Ivandis Flail can do both.
  • Motonari Mori of Samurai Warriors 3 has a similar crossbow/claws/gauntlet combo.
  • Cervantes of Soul Calibur fame is known for Dual Wielding two swords with a pistol built into the hilt of the smaller blade.
  • In Strider (2014), Pei Pooh receives a set of hook swords (or some similar Chinese weapon, it seems) with built-in machine guns, which she uses for both slashing and shooting fireballs.
  • Vicious, a Hero Antagonist in the Tales Series Gaiden Game Tales of Crestoria, has pistol-blades (which he Dual Wields, naturally), and his animations show him seamlessly switching between slashing attacks and projectile strikes.
  • Tiger Road where you are a monk that starts off armed with the "axe" weapon. This weapon is a combination of double-bladed battleaxe and a flail with a long chain. The resulting "axe" weapon has a very large attack circular attack radius in a 2D game, letting it cut down enemies coming at you in all directions, as such every other weapon you pick up is actually worse than your starting axe.
  • Several playable characters from the Trails Series use this type of weapon.
    • While Randy Orlando from The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki uses a stun halberd as equippable weapon, one of common choices in Crossbell Police Department, he actually has one weapon he doesn't want to use anymore because it reminded him of his Jaeger days but had to during the "Ao" part of the duology; A mixture of submachine gun and blade called Berserga. Said weapon can be seen in his 3rd S-Craft.
    • Shirley Orlando, member of a jaeger group "Red Constellation" and Randy's cousin, has an even more extreme example. She has a mixture of chainsaw, rifle and flamethrower. All of the weapon's attributes can be seen in her S-Craft.
    • Fie Claussel from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel uses a pair of pistol swords (or combination of dagger and gun/pistol, your pick). Her crafts arsenal include slashing skill, gun skill or combination of both. This is advantageus since she has higher chance to unbalance enemies from the weapon covering three of four available attack types; slash, thrust and pierce, each with B proficiency.
    • Nacht Weiss from Akatsuki no Kiseki uses a standard bayonet as his weapon.
    • Juna Crawford, a character in Trails of Cold Steel III uses a weapon called "Gunbreaker", a mixture of guns and tonfas. She can also change her combat style between "strike mode" (close range) and "gun mode" (long range with AoE).
  • Warframe has a fondness for exotic weapons, so it's not surprising that quite a few of these pop up.
    • The gunblade category of melee weapons features the Redeemer shotgun-sword and the Sarpa burst rifle-sword, which can fire off shots as charged attacks or as part of combos from the gunblade Stances.
    • Spearguns are guns that can be thrown as spears. The Grineer-manufactured Javlok lobs fireballs when fired normally and explodes when thrown. The Corpus-designed Ferrox acts as a sniper rifle that can tether enemies when thrown. The Tenno-created Scourge behaves like a machine gun and emits a field that attracts gunfire to nearby enemies when thrown.
    • The blade and whip category of melee weapons are not conventional Whip Swords but rather are bladed weapons with auxiliary cords attached to the hilt, akin to a kusarigama. The Jat Kusar ups the ante by incorporating rocket boosters into the design.
    • A couple regular whips also stand out in this regard. The Lecta and Secura Lecta are half taser, while the Atterax is tipped with a series of rotary sawblades.

    Web Original 
  • Atop the Fourth Wall - Linkara is a big fan of swords (or axes) that can also be guns. Since quite a few Sixth Rangers wield them he gets to gush a lot. He does note, however, that what he likes are weapons that transform into other weapons; weapons that are two things at the same timenote  are silly.
  • Chaos Fighters has quite a lot of them: sword lances (sometimes double ended), blade guns (which the blades attached onto the barrels, axe halberd, pole shield and blade wands.
  • In Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy II, Rinoa has a Final Fantasy VIII-style gunblade called Vanishing Star. There's a good shot of it here, starting at 12:15. And an even better one here.
  • Parodied in Epithet Erased, where Giovanni's "Soul Slugger Doom Bat of Maximum Destruction" is really just a regular wooden bat with a knife duct taped to the end that he can take off and bat at enemies, thereby harnessing "all the powers of a knife and a bat". When told that it'd be more practical to embed the knife directly through the bat, he just scoffs that it'd ruin the bat.
  • Homestar Runner: Dangeresque, star of a series of home-made action movies made by Strong Bad, has his trusty Nunchuck-gun.
  • RWBY: As another Monty Oum production, damn near every single weapon can transform at least from a melee to a ranged version. It is used so much, Rooster Teeth decided to create a shirt saying "It's also a gun" (referencing Ruby explaining the phenomenon to Jaune). Ruby's Crescent Rose is a scythe (and a sniper rifle), Weiss's Myrtenaster is a rapier (and a Dust revolver), Blake's Gambol Shroud is a katana/sickle with a sharpened sheath for Dual Wielding (and a machine pistol), and Yang's Ember Celica are a pair of gauntlets (and also shotguns). And that's just the main four girls in a very large cast.
  • From Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG:
    958. No matter how practical, I can't have shotgunchucks.
    1012. Note to self: Lightsaberchucks...BAD IDEA

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Jet wields a pair of hook swords. He's never seen without them.
  • Star Wars Rebels
    • Halfway through the first season, Ezra builds his own lightsaber with a fully functional blaster built into the hilt so he can still defend himself while practicing his swordplay. It also has the the advantage of not looking at all like a lightsaber, so he can carry it openly without exposing himself as a Jedi.
    • Bo-rifles, traditional weapons of the Lasan Honor Guard, are capable of being rifles for distance or electrified staffs with 11,000 volts for melee. They're noted as being insanely heavy for non-lasat to wield, though the human Agent Kallus has been known to not only do so but do it one-handed. The weapon serves as Zeb's Weapon of Choice as well as Kallus' until he loses it due to the events of the Season 3 finale.
  • Starling from Storm Hawks wields some form of lightsaber-chucks, although the cutting abilities are only used once, to escape from some manacles.

    Real Life 
  • As mentioned in some examples above, the kusari-gama is one of these. Typically made from a handheld sickle with a chain that ends with a small weight, hence its name "chain sickle". Expect this to be stylized in fiction.
  • Rifles with bayonets: blade-on-a-gun.
  • There were a lot of swords etc. with built-in pistols at one point. They almost all turned out to be horrifically inefficient — use it as a sword, and it's badly unbalanced, use it as a pistol and you've got this long, heavy weight throwing off your aim. Eventually they were made more or less obsolete by the introduction of the bayonet. There were also full-sized pistols with hatchet blades attached to the barrel, or in at least one case, the butt.
  • An odd version of this turned up in the form of combat knives with a derringer concealed in the handle. They're hopelessly inaccurate beyond a couple of yards but probably quite effective for catching your opponent unaware.
  • There were lots of compound polearms from the Middle Ages and (even more) the Renaissance.
    • The halberd included an axe, a spear (useful for seeing off cavalry) and a hook (useful for pulling people off horses).
    • The knightly pollaxe ("head axe", often misspelled poleaxe). Favoured by knights on foot combat. Combines an axe blade (which can also hook someone's leg from under them) with a spike (useful for seeing off cavalry), and another spike for piercing armour or hooking the opponent. Some versions replace the spike opposite the axe blade with a warhammer, or even a hammer with a spike.
    • The bill had a meat cleaver, a couple of spikes and could be used to hook.
    • Axes could be designed for hooking shields.
    • The bec de corbin and the lucerne hammer combined a war hammer with a couple of spikes.
    • The guisarme - a 6-foot wooden pole with a hook for dismounting cavalry, a 3-foot blade, and a smaller blade poking out to the side so you could swing it.
  • Henry VIII had a Triple-barrelled Gun Mace
  • Early handguns were so difficult to reload that many came with ornate and heavy butts so that they could be reversed and used as a club after being fired.
  • Brass-knuckles with blades really exist and are called trench spikes. They were invented for the vicious, hand-to-hand close combat of World War I.
  • Whip Swords, like the chain whip and Indian Urumi, though they usually lack the cutting power of a sword or the reach of a whip.
  • Many modern militaries issue assault rifles that can be modified by the addition of an underbarrel grenade launcher, shotgun, etc.
  • The TP-82, a triple-barrel gun used by Soviet and Russian cosmonauts from 1986 to 2006 with them on space missions. It featured 2 smoothbore barrels for 12.5x70mm rounds (about 40-gauge) and a rifle barrel for 5.45x39mm ammo. The buttstock could also detach and be used as a machete. Unfortunately, this cool gun has now been discontinued due to Russia's stockpile of its ammunition becoming unusable, and has now been replaced with a regular semi-automatic pistol. In case you're wondering, you don't need the gun in space, you need the gun when your capsule lands in the middle of Siberia and you have to fight off wolves for a day or two.
  • The Objective Individual Combat Weapon. 5.56mm assault rifle and 20mm grenade launcher sharing the same body, optics and targeting computer.
  • The US Marine Corps developed a powerful portable machine gun called the T33, nicknamed "the Stinger." The first T33 was initially made by salvaging a Browning M1919 A/N from downed aircraft, adding the buttstock and trigger from a M1 Garand, and the bipod and rear sight from a Browning Automatic Rifle. This was a field modification made by Marine Corporal Tony Stein (recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor) during the invasion of Iwo Jima. They were later semi-mass-produced using the buttstock of a M 1919 A 6, producing the T33. It had a rate of fire in excess of 1,200 rpm, but tended to overheat, was not very accurate and chewed through ammunition at a prodigious rate.
  • The LeMat grapeshot revolver, from the US Civil War. Designed by a doctor from New Orleans, it's a 9-shot, .40 caliber revolver (which is More Dakka by revolver standards), with its cylinder rotating around a single 16-gauge shotgun barrel. The "business end" of the firing-hammer has a hinge, allowing it to be swung into the appropriate position for its two barrels. It was very popular with Confederate cavalrymen, and also proved moderately successful after the war, in France. The French version was redesigned for cartridge ammo rather than ball-and-shot.
  • The Other Wiki presents us with these oddities.
  • Behold the Splitting maul otherwise known as a Sledgeaxe, it's a sledgehammer with a modified axehead on one side, meaning it's both a sledgehammer and an axe at the same time. Not actually a weapon though sadly enough.
  • The mattock, used for digging hard ground and dealing with tree roots. Axe blade or pickaxe spike on one end, adze blade on the other.
  • The Apache Revolver. A combination of brass knuckles, a tiny revolver, and a small knife.
  • Apparently, in the mid-1800s the Norwegian post office had an issue with robbers attacking their mail carriers and, in 1846, decided that a good solution would be an unusually-elegant two-barrel percussion-cap knife/smoothbore pistol.
  • In the 17th century, someone had a custom made wheel-lock pistol that could also bludgeon people. While this isn't unusual they paid for it to be a mace that shoots people. The firearm resembles an ornamental war mace with a doghead and wheel sticking out of the side. There were also wheel-lock axes and a wheel-lock war hammer that shoot 6 shots, 5 of which are shot out of the hammer's striking end.
  • During the Age of Sail, several sailors had flintlock pistols that also served as boarding axes. Considering that fights aren't going to be more than a few feet away at minimum and quite a few yards at max they didn't need to be very accurate or comfortable to shoot as their handles were very straight to make swinging it easier.
  • 18th century flintlock fork and knife. Because if the food doesn't kill you...
  • Hook swords. The hooks let the wielder catch weapons or limbs, the spiked pommel makes up for the loss of the blade tip, and the knuckle guard protects the hand - plus, you may as well sharpen that too.
  • A bit downplayed, but the medieval falchion was intended to marry the power of an axe with the techniques of a sword. In effect, it is an axe-sword.
  • Introduced in May 2020, the Kukrax, the never-before-seen combination of a kukri and ax.

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