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Man of a Thousand Voices
aka: Woman Of A Thousand Voices

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"If we had some sort of machine which could imitate any voice, we'd only need one voice actor."
"We do; it's called 'Billy West'."

Voice Actors known for a wide range of voices, and therefore voicing lots of characters. Fact is, the industry is incredibly small, and there just aren't enough actors to cover all the exponentially increasing amount of characters and projects created each year. Being versatile is required.

Bonus points if the actor is able to avert Larynx Dissonance and Not Even Bothering with the Accent, but it's not vital.

Name comes from a nickname given to Mel Blanc, who was responsible for nearly every classic Looney Tunes character. (This is an exaggeration, however. He admits in his autobiography that he "only" did about 850 voices.)

Can overlap with Acting for Two, if the actor does multiple roles on the same show.

Interestingly enough, the vast majority of voice actors and vocal work don't create "voices" but are largely using their own natural voice with slight tonal changes, pitched up or down. Thus it is still possible for a Pigeonholed Voice Actor to ironically also have "a thousand voices," just people aren't aware of their versatility.

Not to be confused with Voice Changeling or Voice of the Legion.

Just choose a few key roles to give an idea of the actors' ranges. Save large lists for their own pages.

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  • Antti Pääkkönen is probably the most easily-known voice actor working in Finland today. He started in 1990 and has since starred in more than 80 films and dozens of series. It's impossible to list all of his roles, but some of the most well known are Mickey Mouse (has been the official voice since 1995), Bugs Bunny (from the late '90s), and Woody in Toy Story.





  • Although not voice acting as such, singers Giorgio Vanni and Cristina D'Avena performed most of the alternative theme songs from western cartoons and animes in Italy. Cristina D'Avena has sung hundreds of theme songs for three decades since the 80s, while Giorgio Vanni has started singing theme songs in 1998, and ended up becoming just as active as Cristina D'Avena throughout the The 2000s (until 2007/2008, before the end of the Alternative Foreign Theme Song era). Additionally, Cristina has also done voice acting.








    In-Universe Examples 
  • The Cat Who... Series: Jim Qwilleran is an in-universe example. In book #15 (The Cat Who Went Into the Closet), he creates a play with a dramatic radio re-enactment based on a historical fire which tore through the area. Although radio didn't exist at the time, attendees are asked to imagine that it did. Using historical newspaper accounts, he creates a script, voices the radio announcer, and splices in interviews by doing of recordings of himself in various voices, including an old farmer, an Irish brogue, and much more.
  • In-universe example in the Murder, She Wrote episode "Something Foul in Flappieville", set around a puppet show. The voice artist Nattie Holt, played by Maryedith Burrell, is known as the woman of a thousand and seventeen voices.


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