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MacGuffin Snowclones

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These trope names contain the word "MacGuffin".

This is a potential source of confusion. For example, listing X as a Dismantled MacGuffin may cause someone to think that X is a MacGuffin, even if X is really not a MacGuffin. A MacGuffin must be a device that does nothing except drive the plot. The Dismantled MacGuffin trope doesn't care whether X did something more than drive the plot.

"MacGuffin" can appear in a trope name for different reasons:

  1. The trope really does require a MacGuffin.
  2. The trope frequently happens with a MacGuffin, but also works with Plot Devices that aren't MacGuffins.
  3. The trope uses "MacGuffin" as a fancy word for any important object, which doesn't match the rigorous definition on the MacGuffin page.