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One style of Mockumentary, where it's a recognizable type of computer document — IRC chat log, forum posts, guestbook, Facebook posts, blog entries, email, etc. It's almost always a Fan Fic or history fic, mainly because it's an "easy" form, and it's almost always at least part-comedy, mainly because it would be hard to take this seriously anyway.

It could also be an Apocalyptic Log. May be integrated with a Fourth-Wall Mail Slot. Character Blog is a variant usually done as part of a larger work. Compare Gag Dub.



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     Fan Fiction  


     Live Action Television  
  • iCarly has a reasonable number of this. The general idea is often some kind of 'gossip blog' run by Wendy, with the characters posting messages on the site. Wendy will write an article claiming xyz have happened, and the characters come in so that Hilarity Ensues.

     Video Games  
  • The plot of Cytus II is told through blog posts and comments on the Twitter-like social media site iM. The DLC characters, meanwhile, have their story relayed via diary entries, recaps of camera and audio recordings, and e-mails.


     Web Original