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Well, what do you know: as it turns out, this page was a collection of tropes the whole time!


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  • Already the Case: A warning or request has already been followed by the time the speaker finishes.
  • Beautiful All Along: A nerdy-looking character turns out to be quite attractive as soon as they receive a makeover and a change of clothes.
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  • Canon Character All Along: An adaptation features a character who initially appears to be newly created for the adaptation, but later turns out to actually be the adaptation's interpretation of an already established character.
  • Connected All Along: Two characters who weren't seen interacting before are revealed to be related or familiar with each other.
  • Daydream Surprise: A short scene is revealed to have been imagined by a character.
  • Dead All Along: The story reveals a character to have been dead since the beginning.
  • Dying Dream: It's revealed that the story's events were just a hallucination the protagonist is experiencing as they die.
  • Earth All Along: A supposedly alien world turns out to be Earth.
  • Evil All Along: A character introduced as a good guy is later revealed to actually be a villain pretending to be good.
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  • Fantasy All Along: The story's events are revealed to all be part of someone's delusion.
  • Friends All Along: Two characters who antagonize each other are revealed to actually be friends.
  • First Girl After All: The protagonist gets together with their first suggested love interest after it looks like it isn't going to be the case.
  • Good All Along: A character initially assumed to be a villain turns out to actually be on the heroes' side.
  • He Was Right There All Along: The boss fight in a video game is in the boss room already, but doesn't show itself or attack the player until the player does something.
  • Human All Along: An individual appearing to be a monster, supernatural creature, or other non-human is revealed to actually be human.
  • It Was with You All Along: The hero searches for something they later learn already had the whole time.
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  • Knew It All Along: Character claims to have been aware of something before everyone else found out.
  • Magic Feather (a.k.a. The Magic Was Inside You All Along): Character who thought they needed something to do what they do best learns that they didn't need the object after all and are perfectly talented all along.
  • Narrator All Along: A character from within the story turns out to be the one narrating the story.
  • Not So Remote (a.k.a. Civilization All Along): Characters who think they're lost find out that they're actually closer to home than they thought.
  • On a Soundstage All Along: Music video ends with the artist shown to actually be performing the song while on stage.
  • Plot Device All Along: A mundane object used by the protagonist turns out to be the coveted MacGuffin.
  • Real After All: A being thought to be fictional or fake turns out to actually exist.
  • Suetiful All Along: Character ends up being a Mary Sue after all.
  • Using You All Along: The person helping the hero turns out to actually be the villain manipulating the hero to complete their goals.
  • Wrong Side All Along: The heroes turn out to have unknowingly been helping the bad guys the whole time.