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A Stock Phrase that's often said after a harrowing, near-death experience. It can also be used as a Badass Boast after coming Back from the Dead.


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     Anime & Manga 

     Comic Books 
  • In The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank arc of The Punisher, Frank interrogates a mook, and after he's done with him throws him out of a moving car. The goon, badly battered but still breathing, starts screaming that he's alive. And then a truck runs over him.

  • This — that he is still "alive" after 1665, personally granting himself in what he calls a "coarse but sincere stanza" — is the last thought left in Daniel Defoe's historical novel Journal of the Plague Year.

     Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor's final episode uses this for a very cruel Hope Spot. After being warned that Your Days Are Numbered and narrowly preventing the return of his own people (which would doom the rest of the universe), the Doctor whispers to himself "I'm still alive..." - and then Wilf knocks four times.

     Video Games 
  • Portal's GLaDOS gets a whole song devoted to this, which serves as the series Sequel Hook.
  • In Mass Effect 3, vorcha multiplayer characters can say this when revived by a teammate. Also, in the singleplayer DLC module Citadel, if brought along for the final mission, EDI can say this after being forcibly unplugged from the rest of the ship when the Clone and his/her mercenary goons hijack the Normandy, and having to do a hard restart because of it. Shepard and Joker are not entirely convinced, as her eyes are all askew.
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has Jill get infected with the T-virus by the Nemesis and falls unconscious. She is out cold for at least three days with Carlos taking care of her until she wakes up. She notes to herself that she's still alive.

    Web Comics 
  • Girl Genius: When they wake up after the sub they're in gets caught in a blast wave that should have killed everyone on board Dimo and Maxim have a little discussion as they realize they're not dead.
    Dimo: Huh. Howzabout dot. Hy is not dead. Dot is verra sooprizink. Hoy! hennyybody else not dead?
    Maxim:...Hy is tinkking about it. Ho! Vitch means hy is alive!
    Hadrian: *urg...*
    Maxim: Ho Ho! Doctor Rakethorn! Hyu is also not dead!
    Hadrian: Why on earth not?
  • The Order of the Stick: When Malack finally sees Nale again after a previous, violent falling-out, his reaction is a powerful Harm spell. Nale survives the attack, albeit bloody and smoking.
    Nale: Unnnh... I'm still alive.
    Malack: I'm not finished. Quickened Inflict Moderate Wounds.
    Nale: Crap!

     Western Animation 
  • In Beast Wars, Tarantulas exclaims a variation of this after being restored to his new body. Parallels to Frankenstein completely intentional.
    Tarantulas: I live... I live!
  • In the second episode of Gargoyles, Goliath shouts two variations of this in rapid succession.
    Goliath: We're alive! We survived!
  • Deadpool screams this trope with glee at the end of Hulk Vs.. Wolverine when it's revealed that he's the only Weapon X member (out of himself, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, and Omega Red) to survive the Hulk's rampage. As he belts this out a second time, the Hulk lands on him. Deadpool's agonizing groans can be faintly heard afterward.
  • In The Incredibles after Dash is flung off one of the hovering vehicle things, crashes through the rainforest canopy, and saves himself by clinging to a vine, he steps onto the ground, checks himself over and says "I'm Alive, yahoo!" in surprise and elation.
    • And promptly draws the attention of the Big Bad's Mooks again.
  • one VeggieTales movie has a character say this lie in the bloopers after falling off in the set (in the scene, it's a very high cliff)

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