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... then you'll love this completely mundane product. No, really, you will. Would they allow this Product Placement of this otherwise completely irrelevant product if you wouldn't love it?

More soberly, this is about a Product Placement or tie-in that is so minor to the work it's in that you don't recall the Product Placement in the main work — you only know about the connection from the advertising for the product. This includes cases where the product isn't in the film but is tied in with it anyhow.


A related phenomenon with music from an unpopular work is Break Away Pop Hit. Not to be confused with marketing works to fans of other works, i.e. "If you liked Harry Potter, read this!"


  • When the first X-Files movie came out, a commercial for a certain car was frequently broadcast. The music from the show played in the background, as if to say "if you like The X-Files, buy this!" The automobile had little connection with the movie other than being in it. And the film wasn't famous for its cool cars.
  • The Matrix Poweraide commercials were more entertaining versions of this trope.
  • For an entire month, the commercials for Branson's Tourism department advertised some sort of promotion for Bewitched. The connection is dubious.
  • "Bond Girl 007" perfume from AVON. Released to go with Quantum of Solace. There is no perfume in that film, and relatively little Bond Girl.
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  • The Rick Mercer Report does quite a few of these, mentioning "from the producers of _____, we bring you _____".
  • For some time, GSN kept promoting its revival of Chain Reaction as being "from the producers of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire??" when about the only other thing the two shows had in common was the Game Show genre.
  • In fact, these days, it's common for commercials to display the product in use in (usually fake) scenes from the movie, show the product's name, and then show the name of the movie that ties in the product.
  • "Ride more than the waves in Hawaii!" exclaims a Chevy ad during every episode of Hawaii Five-0, as the show's iconic theme tune, and car chases featuring Chevrolet vehicles, plays.
  • Parodied in the trailer for the VHS release Ren & Stimpy: The Stupidest Stories
    "If you enjoy sweeping cinematography, sentimental sagas, and in-depth character're really gonna hate this!"
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  • When The Martian was released on DVD in the UK, at least some copies came with a flyer advertising a brand of redskinned potatoes.


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