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Human Mom, Non-Human Dad

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"As it happens, I'm very much human... (sneezes and turns blue) ...on my mother's side."
Allen Francis Doyle, Angel

When is the last time you heard of a Half-Human Hybrid who was human on their father's side? As stated under Dhampyr, these creatures' mothers tend to be human, and their fathers... something else. In the case of Vampires and Little People, a human just seems more likely to successfully carry a hybrid to term. Or maybe the idea of a human lady being seduced and ravished by some dashingly handsome male vampire/werewolf/demon/angel/alien/whatever is more alluring to some audiences than the opposite, for whatever reason.

Additionally, a lot of half-human hybrids are the product of rape, love-em-and-leave-em seduction, or tragic romance. Generally, it's easier to justify a Glorified Sperm Donor if he's Not Even Human. Out of our traditional assumption that it is the men who travel and the women who stay home, or the simple biological fact that if a relationship ends or never existed in the first place while the woman is pregnant, she'll end up with the baby, comes the possibility that the child will be brought up among humans.


If the father does stick around in a mixed marriage with the mother, that's still no guarantee of a happy childhood. All will be discriminated against, and chances are one or both parents will be killed by bigots... sometimes inside their own family.

Can be considered a fantastic extension of Ugly Guy, Hot Wife.

Compare Mars Needs Women, where if other species find female humans attractive, it stands to reason that there would be more hybrid children. Such an offspring might result from a Monster and the Maiden partnership. Contrast Boldly Coming note . See also I Hate You, Vampire Dad.


Straight Examples:

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Blue Exorcist: The Okumura twins are the male offspring of a human mother and Satan. Rin's the only one who inherits the demonic tendencies, however. Or so we think; Yukio also gains demonic abilities later in the manga.
  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai:
  • Yuko in The Demon Girl Next Door has a demon father and a human mother. She takes after him in more ways than having horns and a tail.
  • Dragon Ball spat out five of these, all born from Saiyan dads and Earthling moms: Gohan, Goten (sons of Goku and Chi-Chi), Trunks, Bra (children of Vegeta and Bulma) and Pan (daughter of Gohan and Videl). Although Gohan, of course, was actually a half-Saiyan. Since no female Saiyans are known to have survived their planet's destruction, averting this trope was impossible.
  • In Endride, Louise's mom was Endra (basically human) and her father was Zoozian (humanoid animal). They endured a Maligned Mixed Marriage despite the discrimination and punishment it brought on them, but although Louise could pass as Endra, watching what they faced turned her into something of a Broken Bird.
  • Borderline case: In Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed and Al have a human mother and a father who is a living Philosopher's Stone. While said father is technically still human, he's also far from normal.
  • Inuyasha: Hanyou are people who are the children of humans and youkai (demons). Hanyou suffer discrimination from both humans and youkai, spending their entire lives searching for a place they can call home. The fourth film makes this the core of its plot, centring on an island that youkai and their human lovers could raise their half-breed children in peace.
    • Inuyasha is the son of a human princess and a very powerful dog-youkai; Inuyasha struggles for a long time to earn his half-brother Sesshoumaru's respect and lived alone for most of his life until Kagome changes his life, giving him friends and a village of humans he can call home. He even more-or-less reconciles with his brother, although that also requires some extra effort from a little human girl temporarily protected by Sesshoumaru.
    • Shiori is the daughter of a human villager and a powerful bat-youkai; Shiori is bullied by the humans of her village and learns that her father was murdered by his own father for consorting with a human.
    • Jinenji is the son of a mountain woman and a mysterious youkai whose nature is never explained. Jinenji and his very old mother live as hermits after his mother was exiled from the village for consorting with a youkai; she is so bitter that when Inuyasha and Kagome first meet them, they think Jinenji's mother is the youkai parent. When Jinenji saves the village's lives despite all the abuse he's received, the villagers learn to accept him.
      • In the case of Jinenji, Kagome and Inuyasha thinks, his mother was a mountain witch, and his father was a human. As they learns, that Jinenjis mother is a human women with a horrifying temper, the inversion of this trope is Played for Laughs.
    • In the anime, a filler episode focuses on a hanyou called Gyu-oh, who appears to be human, but who turns out to be human by day and a youkai by night. His father was the human and his mother was a bull-youkai.
    • In the sequel Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, twins Setsuna and Towa are half-demons. Their father is the powerful dog demon Sesshomaru, and their mother Rin is human.
    • Moroha is the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, and thus a quarter-demon. Her father is a half-demon and her mother is a human.
  • By product of technicality, this applies to the protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Giorno Giovanna. He's the son of a human mother and the series' Greater-Scope Villain, Dio Brando/DIO, who was a vampire at the time of his conception. However, as vampiric traits in JoJo aren't genetic, instead coming from a stone mask or through flesh implants, Giorno isn't actually considered a Dhampyr, with the only things that DIO's genes do to him is turning his hair from black to yellow in his adolescent years, as well as giving him the vampiric Kiai of "WRRYYYYYY!"
  • Kishin Douji Zenki has Prince Inugami, whose mother was a human lady named Rengetsu and his father was a very powerful demon.
  • Kongoh Bancho has the titular protagonist, as well as his brother and sister. What's worth noting is that their father is roughly the size of two or three houses stacked up (oddly, while the two males are Nigh Invulnerable ten-foot-tall mountains of muscle, their sister appears to be a totally normal teenage girl).
  • La Blue Girl: Miko is the daughter of King Seikima (a demon king) and Maria, a human woman. It was something of a political arrangement. Miko's clan originally used sex to hunt those demons because they were engaged in rampant rape; the marriage was a way of forging a truce between them so they don't rape/kill each other.
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan has an youkai grandfather and a (spiritually strong) human grandmother, his mother is human and his father is half-human. There are some other characters who share this trait too.
  • One Piece: Invoked with the Charlotte family. At least nine of Big Mom's husbands came from other fantastic races in the verse (three snakenecks, two merfolk/fish-men, a longleg, a longarm, a dwarf and a three-eye), resulting in nineteen confirmed hybrid children (four sons and fifteen daughters). This is partly due to Big Mom's desire to create strong children and partly wanting diversity in her family which is later revealed to have stemmed from once living with a large family of orphans who came from different races.
  • Rage of Bahamut: Genesis:
    • There's Mugaru, who is the son of a male angel and a female human.
    • Amira is also a nephilim. However, her father is a demon and her mother is an angel.
    • And you can also see Nina, who is the daughter of a dragon father and a human mother.
  • In Saint Beast, Kira and Maya's mother is human, and their father is the angel Lucifer. They are raised in Heaven by neither parent, but kept away from others due to Fantastic Racism.
  • In Silent Möbius, Rally Cheyenne's mother is human and her father is a Lucifer Hawk (basically a demon). Katsumi Liqueur has the same kind of parentage. Their heritages are part of the reason they can tap mystic powers.
  • Justified in Tokyo Ghoul. Itori explains that even if a female Ghoul managed to conceive a child with a human, her body would simply treat her half-human offspring like a food source and absorb it for nutrients. On the other hand, a half-breed conceived by a human woman would die from malnutrition in the womb. The mother of the One-Eyed Owl got around this through forcing herself to commit cannibalism, allowing her to give birth to a healthy Half-Human Hybrid. Hybrids turn out to be a lot less rare than initially thought, as the Washuu Clan have a Breeding Cult devoted to using human women to produce an army of Tyke Bomb hybrids. The one catch is that most hybrids are Blessed with Suck, born with enhanced physical traits but none of a ghoul's special powers and a significantly shortened lifespan.
  • Vampire Hunter D: Count Magnus Lee to D: "Was your sire ... Dracula?!?" Also, it's revealed the Count's daughter Lamirca was the result of a fling with a mortal.
    • In the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust movie, Left-Hand briefly implies that D's motivation for Charlotte Ellborne isn't money, it's the possibility that she and Meir Link could conceive another danpeal/dhampyr.
    • This seems to hold true for all of the (natural) dhampyrs in the books.
  • The kids in Wolf Children, with their dad being a wolf youkai.
  • The protagonist Yusuke in YuYu Hakusho is the descendant of a union between a female human doctor in feudal Japan and Raizen, one of the strongest demon lords of Makai. Yusuke then undergoes Mazoku Atavism, in which his demonic heritage springs to the forefront.
  • In Superior, Angelica is a second generation example, with both her father and grandfather being demons (well, half-demon in her father's case). Inverted with her son Gabriel in the epilogue.
  • It is horribly played straight in Goblin Slayer. The goblins there are all male, and to reproduce, they kidnap and rape women of other races, mostly humans and elves. The born children are not hybrids, but also goblins.
  • Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins is a demon. At the end of the storyline he marries his human companion Elisabeth and has a child with her. The first known half-demon.
    • Inverted with Ban. He is a human and marries the fairy queen Elaine. His son Lancelot is thus a half-fairy.
  • It is played straight with Emilia from Re:Zero. She is a half-elf. Although little is canonically known about her parents, it is clearly stated that she is the daughter of an elven father and a human mother.
    • Garfiel and Frederica are played it straight too. Both are half-siblings and have the same human mother. Garfiel is half a beastman and Frederica is a quarter.
    • Inverted with Sloth IF. Natsuki marries the oni Rem, and by the end of the story they have two children named Rigel and Spica.

    Comic Books 
  • Hellboy is the son of the human witch Sarah Hughes and demon prince Azzael.
  • Invincible is the son of the Ersatz Superman, Omni-man, with a human for a mother.
  • Raven from Teen Titans has the demon Trigon for a father. Trigon himself is the result of a union between a female member of a sect and the god they worshipped, both from another dimension.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • In most continuities Hippolyta retains her mythological parantage of the human queen who was the founder of the Amazon tribe and Ares, though it often takes a while for the full reveal.
    • Cassie "Wonder Girl" Sandsmark is the daughter of Zeus and a human woman. Which is perfectly in character with the mythological Zeus, and is why she gets away with her rather presumtious request of him the first time they met in Wonder Woman Vol 2.
    • The New 52 version of Wonder Woman is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus.
  • Nightcrawler, of X-Men fame, is the son of Mystique and some ancient mutant whose family is widely known as demons and/or were the inspiration for demons. Technically half human(mutant) and half human(mutant), but half human and half demon if you ask his father's family or any of their enemies. Not counting the fact that Mystique was originally intended to be Nightcrawler's father, so if not for some editor, he'd fall into the Human Mom Female Dad variety.
  • Firebreather is the son of a 300-foot fire-breathing dragon and a human woman.
  • Smax and his Half Identical Twin are the product of an ogre raping a human woman.
  • Genis and Phyla, the children of Kree Captain Marvel and Elysius, who confusingly was an Eternal artificially created by a super-powerful computer named ISSAC. Their father is an alien, while their mother is a member of a human subspecies. Oh, and their grandpa is a computer. Similarly, Suzy Sherman, aka Ultra Girl, is the daughter of a Kree father and a human mother.
  • From Marvel's mythological side: Ares, the Greek War God, has a half-human, mortal son named Alexander. Loki, the Norse Trickster God, also has a half-human daughter named Tess Black. (Actually, Loki has hundreds of children. "I'm a Norse god.." he claims. "It... happens.")
  • Ron Peterson/Captain Clarinet in PS238, son of the local Superman and Lois Lane equivalents.
  • Katar Hol's father is a Thanagarian and his mother is a Cherokee woman.
  • The Lilim, most famously as portrayed in Lucifer, is an entire race of this. Being the first woman, we can't even say Lilith just looks like a human. And she has at least one child with seemingly every living thing in creation except man.
  • Fables
    • Bigby Wolf and Snow White copulate while under the effects of a magic potion, (however, since Bigby is able to shift between wolf and human forms, Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action is averted,) causing Snow to give birth to six children capable of shifting between wolf and human forms and flying, plus a seventh who is a sentient gust of wind with no physical form. The flying and wind powers are a variation of Bigby's "huff-and-puff", which he got because he's the lupine version of this trope; his mother was a normal wolf and his father was the god-like, shapeshifting North Wind.
    • Beauty and the Beast have a child, and while both parents were human at the time, there was enough of Beast's powers transferred to make the child able to transform into a multi-limbed monster.
  • In DC Comics, Etrigan is the brother of Merlin (son of a demon father and human mother) in some stories.
  • In Runaways, Victor Mancha is the son of the killer robot Ultron and a human woman, although in this case, there was no insemination involved - Ultron built Victor's body. There's a popular theory that later Runaway Klara is the daughter of a mortal woman and some sort of god, though this has never been stated in canon.
  • Jonathan Samuel Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane.
  • Cougar from Youngblood is the son of a human woman and the king of an isolated tribe of Cat Folk.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm:
    • The basic premise is that Harry is the son of Thor. What complicates matters slightly is the fact that Thor was incarnated as James at the same time, since this was the first attempt at teaching him humility. As can be imagined, it went pear-shaped and Thor nearly went insane, leading to his memory being blocked and to the events of Thor.
    • Diana a.k.a. an adolescent Wonder Woman is the daughter of Hippolyta and Hercules (the nice Marvel version). Complicating matters is that Hercules was originally a demigod himself before ascending to godhood, and Hippolyta is an immortal Amazon.
    • The sequel reveals that Thor has an illegitimate half-brother, Vidar, who's much older than he is (as in, he's Frigga's age). While he theoretically had a claim to the throne, he dropped it like a stone after Thor was born, apparently with great relief.
    • Harry also has/had a half-sister, Torunn, born about 1000 years prior to the story when his magical contraceptives ran out earlier than he thought they would. Unfortunately, Thor spent the next few decades away from Earth in complete ignorance and she didn't inherit the lifespan, so he didn't find out until she was dead. Fortunately, she ended up as a Valkyrie in Helheim, one of Hela's ladies-in-waiting/monster hunters, and Thor is one of the few people crazy enough to visit Hel while still alive.
    • Merlin is an ambiguous case; as in the series, he had human parents, but he was Born of Magic (or at least, at its will).
  • In A Few Needed Adjustments, Natsume's mother is a normal human woman but her biological father is Kyubi.
  • In the Megamind fic Knocked Up, the alien Megamind ends up getting the human Roxanne pregnant. Their daughter, Emma, looks more alien thanks to her father having stronger genes.
  • In the Monsters, Inc. fanfiction Mom, Why Are We Different? Desiree Boggs' mother, Danielle DeMarsh, is a human, and her father, Randall Boggs, is a lizard-like monster.
  • The koopa-looking Bowser Jr in the Super Mario Bros fanfic My Pain, My Thrill is Peach and Bowser's son. Peach didn't realize she was pregnant and was comatose through the birth, so she didn't know Jr was really her's until she noticed they shared the same bent pinky. It wasn't even known that the two species could interbreed.
  • Annabelle from Shadows of the Past is with with a human mother and a Decepticon father. How this works is still trying to be decided.
  • Alex, Yulia and Paulina in Starship on a Grill and its sequel The Choice of Group have a human mother and a shape-shifting alien father. Alex and Yulia have inherited the shape-shifting ability and Paulina hasn’t.
  • The Ultimate Evil The Stronger Evil]]: While Drago, Future Child of the Fire Demon Sorcerer Shendu, didn't get any mention of his mother in the canon, he's given a human as his mother; Valerie Payne.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel fic Time and Time Again introduces Katie Summers, the Dhampyr daughter of Buffy and Angel. Despite Angel previously stating to Buffy that vampires are infertile, Katie states that it is possible, but only with a human mother and vampire father; most don't believe it's possible, in part because Katie claims most half-vampire children are killed by the Watchers Council before they turn thirteen.
  • The Star Trek (2009) fanfic Written in the Stars has Amanda Georgiana Kirk. Her father is the Half-Human Hybrid Spock and her mother is the fully Human Fem!Kirk.
  • Yin and Yang Series: Rita and Waikiki, whose mothers are both human, and whose fathers are both Keronians.
  • The Bridge: Miki Seguesa in this continuity is a hybrid of a Mysterian father and human mother, as are many of the psychics from the Heisei canon. However it is revealed the pairings can go both ways, as fellow psychic hybrid Io Shinoda had a Mysterian mother and human father.
  • In Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation, Alan and Adam Kent have a Kryptonian father (Klar) and a human mother (Lyra).
  • In Havfruen Og Bein, Charlie eventually learns that her deceased father was a merman.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The meanest trapper in Cannibal! The Musical, at least according to his song:
    "I can brave the nastiest weather.
    Even if it's 80 below."

    My pa was an elephant, but that's irrelevant.
    My ma was an eskimo."
  • The Fly II: Martin Brundle is the Spin-Offspring of Seth and Veronica in the first film; by the time he was conceived, Seth had accidentally turned himself into a Half-Human Hybrid of human and housefly but neither he nor her was aware of that until it was too late. That Martin is born a mutant and 75% human both factor into the differences between him and Seth once his fly aspect begins to emerge in earnest — he is much stronger and faster than his father ended up being, and retains his intelligence and moral code, ultimately netting him a happy ending in which he becomes completely human.
  • Beowulf in the 1999 film adaptation. In the CGI adaptation, it gets inverted with Grendel, whose mother is a hideously ugly snake-beast (that can make herself look like Angelina Jolie). Also Grendel's half-brother, Beowulf's son with the same creature.
  • Star Wars
    • Anakin's father is nonhuman regardless of which origin story is the truth. Either he was conceived by The Force or he was created by Darth Plagueis, a Muun and Palpatine's Master.
    • A little more straightforward example: Darth Maul is a Dathomirian... a hybrid born of a human (Witch of Dathomir) mother and a Zabrak father. This trope then becomes genetic: male Dathomirians resemble their Zabrak fathers, where female Dathomirians resemble their human mothers.
  • In Superman Returns, Lois' son shows signs of the same physical ailments Clark struggled with as a child when he was first acclimating to Earth's atmosphere. It is strongly hinted that rather than being the biological son of Lois' husband, the boy is Clark's son making him half-human and half-Kryptonian.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord, the main protagonist, has a human mother and a father who is "something very old" and unknown. This parallels the treatment in the original comic books, where his father is J'Son, Emperor of the Spartoi. As of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, his dad is revealed to be Ego, the living planet! Since this posed certain biological complications, A Form You Are Comfortable With was involved.
  • In The Golden Child, the character Kala is stated to be the result of a dragon raping her (human) mother.

  • In Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series this is the most common scenario for crossbreeds between humans and the chieri. Of course, given the chieri's reclusive lifestyle, ability to change gender and ridiculously long lifespans it is usually just more likely that such pairings tend to lean more towards human women bearing half-chieri children. There are exceptions however, such as in The World Wreckers, where a chieri bears the child of a human father.
  • Renesmee from Twilight. It's apparently only even possible for a male vampire to have a child with a female human; they can't even have children with female vampires (who can't have children at all).
  • Played sort of sideways in Animorphs. Tobias' father, Elfangor, was an Andalite who got Shapeshifter Mode Locked as a human before he was conceived, then regained his true form thanks to the Ellimist. His mom was a normal (if rather badass) human.
  • The interbreeding with fairies in The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries always seems to follow this pattern.
  • Most of the half-faerie characters in The Dresden Files.
    • Played with a bit too. One of the changeling characters mentions they were born when a male troll raped a female human.
    • Also Inverted. Sarissa and Maeve are the daughters of Queen Mab of the Unseelie Court and an unknown mortal man. Mab herself also claims to have been part human, and her mother is one of (or possibly two of) the world's most powerful faeries.
    • Harry himself is something of an inversion. His father was a stage magician, his mother a powerful, mysterious wizard.
    • Thomas and most of the Raiths. Interestingly, from a breeding standpoint, all White Court vampires, like Thomas, start out as vanilla full-blooded humans at birth (they may or may not even know they're anything but). A sort of symbiotic demon wakes up within them when they're between 15 and 18 - Thomas alludes to going into denial around 15 which 'ended badly', something which combined with the Raith family policy of not telling the truth, suggests that his demon manifested at 15, at the oldest. Inari, meanwhile, is on the verge of manifesting at about 18, and Connie is 18-20 at most, and also on the brink of manifesting/only just manifested (Connie is a complicated case) and gives them little subconscious nudges telling them to feed. If they do, it awakens fully and turns them into proper vampires, but if you can keep them from feeding and their first meal is a person they genuinely love and loves them back, it's killed, and they live out their life as vanilla humans. Alternatively, if their partner is superhuman enough to survive the experience, then they can continue as vampires, but without the same trauma attached.
    • As of Skin Game, add Goodman Grey to the list. It's heavily implied that his father is a naagloshii.
  • Toyed with in Bruce Coville's Rod Allbright Alien Adventures series. The title character's mother is human; his father is... well, actually human as well. Thing is, he's an Atlantean human, off a different genetic road.
  • The children's book My Dad, Atomic Ace. As the title implies, his father is a famous superhero with powers on the scale of Superman, while his mother is perfectly ordinary. The end of the book reveals that he's starting to develop his father's powers, on the somewhat weaker scale of his father's early years.
  • Queen Red and her human turned frog husband become an adoptive version of this in The Land of Stories when they adopt the Lost Boys from Peter Pan.
  • This is the case for Vladimir Tod in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. Partially subverted though in that his parents actually got married and led a very happy, normal life together until they were murdered.
  • H. P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror": The father of Wilbur Whateley and his monstrous brother, who looks more like the father is Yog-Sothoth, an Outer God locked outside space and time. How this happened is anyone's guess.
  • Played straight in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, when Percy is a demigod and the son of Poseidon, as well as the existence of children of all the other male gods. There are plenty of inversions as well (characters who are the offspring of Aphrodite et al), and the first one is lampshaded: Percy knows that the girl he's talking to is a human/god half-breed like himself, and he asks her "Who's your father?" The girl patiently explains that her father is a normal human, and it's her mother who is one of the goddesses.
    • The sequel books The Heroes of Olympus shows a large city in which demigods and humans live together, and have common children. Almost all of the children have a demigod father and a human mother, or a human father and a demigod mother, or even both parents who are demigods.
      • And then there is Frank Zhang, son of Ares and a demigod mother.
  • In the Night Huntress books, Cat's human mother was raped by her vampire father, resulting in Half Vampire Cat's conception. Taken a step further when her mother teaches her Fantastic Racism against all vampires. Yes, including Cat, the subject of much self-loathing.
  • Most of the vampires in Poppy Z. Brite's Lost Souls are born of human mothers and vampire fathers. Brite's vampires are a predatory subspecies of humanity, that interbreeds with and preys upon their human cousins. Interestingly, the younger vampires, such as Zillah and his lover and son Nothing, have so much human ancestry that they've lost almost all the 'classic' vampire traits such as fangs and vulnerability to sunlight. One character refers to a vampire woman who became pregnant when she was raped by a human, but her fetus killed her before its birth.
  • Werewolves in the Mercy Thompson series are biologically locked into this trope, as a female werewolf that gets pregnant will miscarry when her next lunar transformation kicks in. The one exception was Charles' mom, who suppressed her changes with Native American shamanic magic long enough to give birth, and her mate was also a werewolf, not a human. So, male werewolves must pair up with humans if they want to father kids. Mercy herself is the product of a human mother and a male coyote shapeshifter.
  • In The Chronicles of Prydain, the Sons and Daughters of Don — that is, most of the royalty in Prydain — are thus called because they are descended from a union between Lady Don (who is implied to be human) and the sun god Belin.
  • Played straight in Chronicles of the Kencyrath with Kenan who is the product of a Shifter father and a human (well, Kencyr Highborn) mother.
  • Played straight in Mikhail Akhmanov's Invasion, where Lieutenant Abigail McNeil is captured by the Faata and impregnated with the seed of a high-caste male (i.e. a powerful psychic). The resulting child, named Paul Richard Corcoran, develops his own telepathic abilities and uses them against the Faata, who have pretty much raped his mother. Averted with his descendants in the sequels, who can get the lineage from either the mother or the father (e.g. Corcoran had no sons, only two daughters).
    • Also averted with Mark Valdez's half-brother, whose mother is a Lo'ona Aeo. In fact, the half-brother himself is completely Lo'ona Aeo, as their reproduction is purely telepathic. Mark's father Sergey was only the catalyst to conception (this method is similar to asari in Mass Effect). Then again, given the Sergey Valdez is himself descended from Paul Richard Corcoran, he is not entirely human either.
  • The mother of Vlad and Lacrimosa in Carpe Jugulum was originally a human, whereas their father was born as one of the de Magpyr vampires.
  • The Wardstone Chronicles: Both Tom and Alice fulfill this trope. Tom is the son of the Lamia (a Greek demi-goddess) and a human sailor. Alice is the daughter of The Fiend and a human witch.
  • In The Otherworld, half-demons are always born from a human woman and a demon. The demons take on humanoid form to seduce, and apparently one of the ways cacodemons (chaotic demons) cause chaos in the human world is...fathering babies.
  • The Obsidian Trilogy: Vestakia's mother was a Wildmage human, and her father a Demon prince in disguise. When her mother found out the truth, she cast a spell to ensure that Vestakia has a human mind and morals, at the cost of Demonic physical features. Vestakia thus has a difficult childhood until she meets the heroes.
  • Space Captain Smith has Rihanna Mitchell. Comes in handy quite a bit.
  • Played straight and averted in the Deverry Chronicles. There are at least two half-humans with elven fathers, and one half-human with a dwarven father. The mook Loddlaen, however, has a human father and elven mother, and the lineage of the Maelwaedd's is traced back at least to the ascension to the gwerbrert seat of a male ancestor who had an elven wife. Which provides a convenient excuse for a half-elf son of the house who isn't known to be a half-elf. It's complicated.
  • Severely messed with in The Malloreon. A evil man agrees to help the demons attempt to interbreed with human women; such hybrids will serve the full demons. It does NOT end well for the mothers and most of the offspring.
  • Daine of The Immortals. Her mother Sarra was human and got a lot of flak from the village for having a bastard child, but she would always cryptically allude to Daine's father disapproving when they said she should get a husband. Her dad is a minor God of the Hunt named Weiryn, and it's from him that Daine gets her magic.
  • Magiere, (anti)heroine of The Saga of the Noble Dead is a dhampir with a human mother, vampire father. Justified in that Magiere's birth was only possible thanks to an elaborate magical ritual (vampires naturally being infertile) that consumed her father's energy and (re)killed him immediately following his having sex with her mother. Logistically, this would make a vampire being the mother essentially impossible (although in one early book a skeptical nobleman snidely asks Magiere if the vampire was her father or mother- she deflects the question, as at this stage she doesn't know).
    • However, it is inverted by Leesil. He is a half-elf, and has a human father and a elvish mother.
  • The dhampirs Joshua and Angeline Dawes from Last Sacrifice, have a Moroi vampire father and a human mother. They are members of the Keepers, where such mixed marriages are not uncommon.
  • In Auf zwei Planeten ("On Two Planets", 1897) by Kurd Laßwitz, the half-human, half-Martian Friedrich Ell is the son of All, a Martian spaceship captain stranded on Earth, and a German governess working in Australia. Ell was raised by both parents on Earth, but became a full orphan just before turning 21 (All never found a way to return to Mars). In the course of the novel another human/Martian couple is formed, consisting of German scientist Josef Saltner and the fair La, but the book ends before the two can seriously start to think about having children.
  • Kiriel, one of the main characters of The Sun Sword, is the daughter of a mortal woman and the god Allasakar (though her mother wasn't entire normal - as a healer-born, she had both Healing Hands and a Healing Factor, the latter of which was necessary for bearing a child of Allasakar's virulent power to term, and she still died in childbirth). Most of the god-born are like this, with the male gods being more likely to get involved with mortal women than the reverse, with the notable exception of the Mother's high priestess, who is also her daughter (the father being an unspecified mortal).
  • In The Nekropolis Archives, the Dhampyr Devona Kanti was born of a vampire father and human mother.
  • In The Shadowhunter Chronicles warlocks and witches are the children of demons and humans. However, it is implied that most or almost all warlocks are born between demonic fathers and human mothers. The warlock Magnus Bane even once says that it is a rare exception when a warlock has a human father and a demonic mother.
    • The Mortal Instruments: Clary was initially thought to be the daughter of an ordinary male human and a female Shadowhunter, but later turns out to be the daughter of the Big Bad Valentine, who is also a Shadowhunter.
    • In The Infernal Devices the Big Bad arranges that a shapeshifting demon gets a shadowhunter-girl who does not have any runes (the runes prevent that female shadowhunters can get pregnant by demons) pregnant. This pairing lead to the birth of Tessa Gray, a special kind of warlock who he needs for his plans. Apparently he has not had the idea, to bring together a male shadowhunter with a female demon, what would have made his plan a lot easier.
    • Will Herondale is the son of a male Shadowhunter and a female human.
    • Inverted in The Dark Artifices: Helen and Mark Blackthorn are the children of a male Shadowhunter and a female fairy. This means they have a half-human father and a non-human mother.
    • In Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy, Will Herondale and Tessa Gray have two children, James and Lucie. Will is a shadowhunter and Tessa is a warlock with Shadowhunter blood. James and Lucie have a half-human father and a quarter-human mother. Technically, the two are demonic to a quarter, and at the very least James has special forces for this reason.
  • In the Darkest Powers trilogy, Half-Demons like Rae and Liz have a human mother and a demon father
  • The Crimson Shadow: Siobhan had an elven father and human mother.
  • The plot of the German booklet series Maddrax plays on a postapocalyptic earth. There are many mutants, but also other species. One of these species are the hydrites, a kind of fish people that live in large cities along the seabed. Surprisingly, they can naturally reproduce with humans. The resulting hybrids are called mendrites. And almost all of the mendrites whose parents were known had a hydrite father and a human mother.
    • The mutants also often mate with humans. But apart from three exceptions (and two of them are twin sisters), all of these half-mutants have a mutant father and a human mother.
  • Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard has the titular hero and his friend Samirah, with whom it is playing straight. Magnus is the son of Frey, Samirah is the daughter of Loki, and both have human mothers. And some minor characters are also the children of male gods and female humans.
    • But Blitzen inverted it, for his mother is a goddess. However, his father is not a human, but a dwarf.
    • In the third book of this series, it turns out that Mallory Keen is also a demigod and inverts this trope. She is the daughter of a human man and a goddess.
  • Villains by Necessity: Sam, who is an assassin but a caring, friendly person overall despite this.
  • The titular character of Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D. is half-elf on her father's side.
  • The Devourers: The Stranger was born to a human mother by a werebeast father, which other werebeasts see as an utterly depraved act, akin to bestiality. The inverse would be even less likely because a werebeast mother would have to remain in human form throughout the pregnancy, an unbearable loss to them.
  • InCryptid:
    • Elsie and Artie are the children of Jane Price, a human, and Ted Harrington, an incubus.
    • Sam's mother was human and his father was a fūri. He's usually just considered a fūri, since he has all their abilities and physiology, and he's the only one we've seen so far. If he and Antimony have any kids, they'll be this trope too.
  • The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System: Ren Zha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong: Luo Binghe's mother is the human cultivator Su Xiyan and his father is the heavenly demon Tianlang-jun.

    Live-Action TV 
  • A few pop up in Farscape, though most involve Sebaceans, who were engineered from and look like humans.
    • Scorpius, who is the product of a Scarren male raping a Sebacean female.
    • Jothee, whose father is D'Argo, a Luxan, and whose (late) mother was Lo'Laan, a Sebacean.
    • Interestingly, the Scarrans tried to pull a fast one on Scorpius and told him that his father was a Peacekeeper male who raped a Scarran female. He quickly figures out the truth, though.
    • Inverted with D'Argo Sun Crichton who has a human father and an alien (Sebacean) mother.
  • Several in Star Trek, though the inversion is just as common (see below)
    • Spock is the son of a human mother and a Vulcan father.
    • Sela has a human mother, Tasha Yar, and a Romulan father.
    • K'Ehleyr, mother to Worf's son Alexander is the daughter of a Klingon father and a human mother though she embraces her human half rather than her Klingon half.
    • Naomi Wildman, whose mom is human and whose father is Ktarian.
    • An alternate-timeline episode of Star Trek: Enterprise has the titular starship turned into a generational ship. Some of the crew are descended from Phlox (a Denobulan) and a human woman named Amanda.
  • Doctor Who
    • The Eighth Doctor claimed to be "half-human on his mother's side" in the TV movie, and the Master's analysis of his retinal pattern seems to bear this out. However, this Retcon was controversial; both the TV series itself in its post-2005 Retool, and the EU before and after said retool, have alternatively tried to acknowlege or mock the infamous "half-human" line.note 
    • The Vespiform in "The Unicorn and the Wasp" plays this trope a bit straighter though. (Daddy was a giant wasp. Unicorns were probably not involved.)
  • One of the experiments in V. Robin Maxwell gets pregnant by a Visitor.
  • The Visitors' plan in V (2009) seems to be to capture human females and impregnate them.
  • Angel's Doyle is perfectly human—on his mother's side. His father was a Brachen demon. Later in the series and the comics there are more half-demons. Many parents are not known, but it is implied that in most cases, the father is a demon and the mother is a human.
    • But by Billy Blim it is inverted, he has a human father and a demonic mother.
    • In the series you can also see a demon, which uses male humans to pregnant human women with his brood. The brood, however, are not half-demons, but demons as well.
  • On Sliders, Wade got Put on a Bus by sending her to a breeding farm, where she presumably had babies with the CroMags as fathers. Justified in that, thanks to Quinn and Colin's parents, the Kromagg females always die at childbirth. This necessitates breeding Half Human Hybrids, while trying to keep their human emotions in check.
  • Earth: Final Conflict: Lili had a half human/half Jaridian baby. Liam is an interesting case in that he has three parents. His alien father Ha'gel was an Energy Being who took the form of Ronald Sandoval and, more or less, raped Siobhan Beckett (although no actual intercourse took place). Beckett gives birth in record time, and the child matures in a matter of days. Liam, thus, has the genes of not only Sandoval and Beckett but also Ha'gel (he has triple-helix DNA).
  • Kousoku Sentai Turboranger. One of the Dark Chick Half-Human Hybrid, Kilika, is born out of a male Bouma and a female human. We never know the gender of the parents of Yamimaru, however.
  • In Mahou Sentai Magi Ranger, Isamu was one of the Magitopians who went missing with Hikaru after their ill fated fight against Infershia and Meemy's Face–Heel Turn, Miyuki was a mere human at that point until she asked Magiel to give her holy saint powers to fight against the forces of Infershia and to give her children a chance
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess had a few human women who had children by male centaurs. Pass the Brain Bleach.
    • A friend of Hercules is a satyr. He married a human woman, and with her got three children. These, however, appear to be ordinary humans.
    • The titular Hercules is the son of Zeus and a mortal mother.
    • And it is implying that Xena is the daughter of a human woman, Cyrene, and Ares, God of War.
    • In the series, you can see several demigods, and most of them just play the trope straight. But four of them inverted it.
  • In The Outer Limits (1963) episode "The Children of Spider County", the main character learns he's one of a group of Half Human Hybrids whose fathers are aliens.
  • Alluded to in Tracker, where the main character, Mel, discovers that her grandfather was an alien.
  • The Fallen mini-series (and the original novels) are based on the myth of Fallen Angels coming to Earth after the defeat of Lucifer, many of whom impregnate human women. These children are Nephilim, half-angels who have their parents' angelic abilities (e.g. speaking any language, flying, creating flaming swords and throwing fireballs) but not the experience to use them. The angels who fought in the war, called the Powers, hunt down the Fallen and their offspring, believing it to be the Creator's will (Archangel Michael later reveals that is not so). It can be assumed that angels cannot reproduce amongst themselves, even though two are shown having sex. Also, it is implied that only male angels are fertile. No child of a female angel is ever mentioned. Additionally, all human women carrying Nephilim die at childbirth, which usually leaves the Nephilim resentful towards their fathers.
    • The protagonist is a special kind of Nephilim known as the Redeemer, prophesied by Lucifer to be able to redeem fallen angels who wish to return to Heaven. Apparently, for a fallen angel to die before redemption is a Fate Worse than Death (i.e. nothingness).
  • Scott Hayden, Jr., in Starman.
  • A less obvious example is Sabrina's parents in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Her mother is a human architect, while her father is a warlock trapped in a spellbook!
  • Out of This World (1987): Donna (Mom) and Troy (Dad); Troy is apparently a Human Alien, though the only time he actually appears "in person", he's a somewhat abstract ghostly form. For the rest of the series, he only "appears" by way of a communication cube, which the other characters often treat as though it actually physically is Troy.
  • A common occurrence on Supernatural, a show about monster hunters.
    • Oliver, a young demigod, who is the son of Prometheus and a human mother.
    • Jesse Turner, the antichrist, who has a demon father and a human mother.
    • Jane, a nephilim with unknown parentage (though among some fans is believed that she was the daughter of one of the archangels or guardian angels).
    • Jack, a nephilim born to fallen archangel Lucifer and Kelly Kline, a human woman.
    • One episode featured a rugaru who spent his life as an ordinary man. However, as shortly after his wife became pregnant, he lost control of his innate desire to eat human flesh and transformed into a rugaru.
    • Shapeshifters also tend to mate with human partners. A male shapeshifter has sex with a human woman, and the child is born a shapeshifter with little control over their abilities during their childhood. In some cases, the shapeshifter may even take the form of the man the woman loves, so she does not know she has sex with a monster.
      • Season 13 shows the shapeshifter Mia Vallens. She is one of the few benign monsters in the series. And also the daughter of a male human and a female shapeshifter.
  • In Smallville:
    • Maddie van Horn is born to a metahuman father and a human as mother. She inherits the same power set as her father.
    • Later in the series, there is a kryptonian who lives with a human woman and has a son with her. But he wears a bracelet with blue kryptonite, so he has turned into a human being.
  • In The Shannara Chronicles this trope is even played very strong. Will is a half-elf, and had an elven father and a human mother. Throughout the series of time is always told what his father was a hero, what powerful forces he had, what he has done special, etc.. His mother is against it only rarely mentioned after the first episode.
    • Later appears a small half-elf girl, who also had an elven father and a human mother, but she was conceived by a rape.
  • The X-Files has the mutant Eddie Van Blundht. He's playing it straight. He had a tail (which he had let himself be amputated), and limited shapeshifting powers. He used these to rape five women so that these babies got. Later it turns out that his father also had these abilities. His mother is never mentioned, but it is assumed that she was a human.
    • In another episode, one sees girls who are quadruplets, and nephilim. Her father was an angel, and her mother was a human.
    • Another episode has a demon. He makes a human woman pregnant because he wants a human baby, but all his children are also demons, even if the mother is a human. This episode also shows a female demon who wants to have a demon child, but when she pairs with humans, her children are also human. But at the end of the episode she gets a child of the male demon.
    • Later appears Dylan Lokensgard, who invert this trope. He is a kind of mutant insect-human hybrid. His mother is also such a creature, but his father is an ordinary human.
    • CGB Spender and Scully have as part of an experiment a child named William (later Jackson), who ist formerly believed as child from Mulder. But Scully was implanted long before his birth with Alien-DNA. This is the case of a human father and a mostly-human mother.
  • The Outer Limits (1995): In "Dark Child", Tammy Sinclair was conceived when her mother Laura was abducted and raped by an alien in 1984. The relevant alien, posing as the English teacher Marcus Fellows at Fairmont High School, entered Tammy's life around the time of her 16th birthday. He tried to convince her to join him but she decided to stay on Earth with her mother instead.
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has the eponymous heroine who is a half-witch. Her father was a powerful warlock, and her mother was an ordinary human.

  • sasakure.UK's Fukashigi Monoyukasy: The illustration for "Myriad of Ages Lullaby" makes it clear that Nagare is the child of a human mother and an ayakashi father.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Most of the demigods and other Half Human Hybrids in Classical Mythology. Hercules, the Minotaur, Romulus and Remus, Pollux, Minos, Helen, maybe Dionysus... There are some exceptions, but they're significantly outnumbered. (In fact, Zeus has had a lot of children with mortal lovers; that tends to happen with people like him.) A lot of these conveniently give a royal family divine ancestry, "justifying" their right to rule (e.g. the two Spartan royal houses' claim to descent from Zeus' half-human son Heracles or the archaic Athenian royals' claim to descent from Poseidon), or provide a "reason" for some aspect of a polis (the Athenian Poseidon story "explained" the city's dominance over the seas; meanwhile, the Myrmidons' claim to descent from Zeus's mating with Eurymedusa in the form of ants "explained" their name, which translates roughly as "Ant People").
  • Merlin is usually said to be half-human, with his father as an incubus, demon or the Devil himself. Other versions describe his father as a fairy. His mother is said to be a nun or a princess (or both), depending on the version.
  • Jesus. His mother was Mary, a human, and His father the Almighty God. How much that counts depends on your beliefs on the relationship of the human race and God, and where/what the difference is.
  • The Bible: The Book of Genesis very briefly mentions the Nephilim being the offspring of "the daughters of men" and "the sons of Elohim," a word that can mean "God" or "powerful people." What exactly that means is the subject of a great deal of debate among Judeo-Christian scholars. The book of Enoch depicts the "daughters of men" and "sons of God" from Genesis to be human women and angels called Watchers, making the fallen ones they birthed hybrids. Enoch never made it into the Jewish Tanakh though and most Christians ended up rejecting it too so if Genesis itself is a straight example of this trope or not is unknown.
  • Kintaro from Japanese mythology has many stories about his origin. One of them is that the princess Yaegiri fled from a war and was saved at the foot of a mountain by a red dragon god who fell in love with her and gave birth to a child with her.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the Dungeons & Dragons Greyhawk setting, the evil deity Iuz was the child of the human wizardess Iggwilv and the demon lord Graz'zt. (And Graz'zt has other children too, many with mortal lovers; Iuz is just the most well-known.)
  • Both played straight and inverted in Ravenloft, where the Gentleman Caller makes fathering half-fiends on human women a hobby. Hags, on the other hand, are an One-Gender Race who must invert this trope to reproduce. Harkon Lukas does the former a lot as well, red widows do the latter, and dread doppelgangers do both.
  • God-Blooded humans are fairly common in Exalted. Most written examples seem to involve the human parent being the mother, although this may be because female gods are capable of being much more discerning in the matter of child-bearing (not only do they generally not conceive unless they wish to, but they can control the length of the pregnancy), while male gods have to put up with the same randomness as everybody else. Inverted with any reference to women Lunars producing beastmen progeny (most notably Raksi, the Queen of Fangs.)
  • In Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons, Dragons are inherently magical creatures and can often shapeshift. This has led to almost anything being able to carry the half-dragon template, caused by the parentage of the character or creature being a dragon on either the father or mother's side, although it seems that it is more common for the father to be one. This had led to many jokes to do with the heritage of half-dragon characters. (Doubly so if said character is a Druid). In fact, in the 2nd edition rules, it was explicitly stated that only male dragon/female humanoid pairings can produce half-dragon children.
  • The Forgotten Realms have numerous half-dwarves, which have a dwarf father and a human mother. Female dwarfs multiply slowly so that this breed would probably die out if they did not mate with humans. Half-dwarfs that are human to the other half differ only slightly from pure dwarves.
    • There are also half-fiends. A cambion is born when a male demon and a female human get a child together. An alu-fiend, on the other hand, is the child of a male human and a female demon (mostly a succubus).
    • In the early days, when the drow were still on the surface, it was playing with most of the half-drow straight. For these were begotten when the soldiers of the drow attacked human or elven settlements and raped the women there.
      • But in the time since the drow have been banished to the underdark, there seems to be more instances where it is inverted. Female drow have sex with each when they are hoping for greater power for themselves or their family, and are also commanding their slaves in their bed (which is also nothing more than a rape).
    • Wulfgar, a friend of Drizzt, was abducted and raped by succubi, and had several children with them.
    • Another friend of Drizzt later has a child with a female dragon.
  • Illiyan Nastase in Warhammer 40,000 was a half-Eldar (fathered by an Eldar mercenary on a human female) Space Marine who served as the Ultramarines' Chief Librarian and Astropath. Early Installment Weirdness doesn't begin to describe how incompatible this is with current canon.

  • Dionysus of Euripides's Bacchae. Interestingly, his case is the result of tragic romance, as opposed to how most of Zeus' children were conceived... The fact that his aunts and cousin deny his divine parentage sparks the conflict of the ancient play.

    Video Games 
  • Dante and Vergil from Devil May Cry, born of the demon Sparda and his human wife Eva. Nero as well was born of an unknown human mother and a half-demon father.
  • Diablo III Leah is the daughter of a human mother, Adria, and a demon father, Diablo. She was conceived by them to be her father's host for his attack on heaven.
  • Laharl from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is the product of the demon king's marriage to a human witch.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • Alucard from Castlevania. His nonhuman dad is Dracula.
  • Naja from Sands of Destruction, his nonhuman father is the previous Lupus Rex.
  • In Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Syrus Darkhunter has an elven dad and a human mom, and is discriminated against by the elves of Silvermyr because of it.
  • Hakha is Killzone is half-Heghan, half-human. It's never stated which parent is which but Rico suggested shoving his Chaingun up his papa's butt, presuming that he was Helghan from his father's side. Strangely, at one point, Rico tells Hakha that a bunch of Helghast Elites "look just like [his] mama!"
  • Kokonoe in BlazBlue has a human mother (Nine) and a cat father (Jubei), which explains her nekomata appearance.
  • Octodad, in which the main character is... An octopus who is a father to human children. In Dadliest Catch, when his family finally learns his secret, his son asks where did he and his sister come from, leading to an "Everybody Laughs" Ending.
  • In God of War, the anti-hero protagonist, Kratos, is the demigod son of Zeus, King of Olympus and All the Gods, and a mortal woman. Zeus overthrew his own father - Kronos, the King of the Titans - and seized control of all Creation. After Kratos slays Ares and is anoited the new God of War, Zeus betrays and murders his son to prevent him from visiting the same fate upon his father. Ironically, Zeus' pre-emptive strike becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; Kratos is reanimated by the vengeful Titans and leads them in a war on the Gods that culminates with Zeus' destruction and the fall of Olympus.
  • Erana in Quest for Glory had a human mother and a faerie father, per Word of God.
  • Eriko's dad in Illbleed. It's never explained exactly what he is, but he clearly isn't human.
  • The Baldur's Gate series has the protagonist, most antagonists, and a whole pile of others who are only seen briefly or just hinted at, as the children of Bhaal, god of murder. The main antagonist of the first game has a human mother as does Imoen. Some of the others that appear in the games have non-human mothers, such as giants and dragons, but many of those only shown briefly in flashbacks and the like appear human. The race of the PC's mother is up to the player.
  • In Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, fraternal twins Kharg and Darc were born to a human mother and a Deimos father. Both of them possess the same magical powers as their father, but only one inherited obvious Deimos features at birth. The other looks completely human until he sprouts wings.
  • Played straight for two generations in the backstory of Myst, with a D'ni and his half-human son both marrying humans from Earth's surface. Three generations, if Rivenese are also considered human.
  • Fire Emblem Fates:
    • Kaden and Keaton are shapeshifters, turning into a fox and a wolf respectively. Their potential wives are all human except a female Avatar, who is half human, so their daughters Selkie and Velouria will fit into this trope. If either of them marry Azura, Shigure will fit this trope and inherited their class.
    • Anankos is one of the godlike First Dragons, and the Final Boss of the game. He's also the father of the Player Character, whose mother is a human woman named Mikoto.
    • The male Avatar is half human, with the ability to turn into a dragon. His potential children will end up being a quarter dragon, and inherit his shapeshifting ability. Subverted if he's paired with Velouria or Selkie, who are beast shapeshifters like their fathers.
  • Possibly seen in the Dragon Age games, depending on how one aspect of Dragon Age: Origins is resolved. If the Warden is male and agrees to participate in the dark ritual with Morrigan (or refuses the ritual but slept with her earlier in the game), he becomes the father of Kieran, her son seen in Dragon Age: Inquisition. If the Warden who fathers Kieran is a dwarf or an elf, the boy is this trope.
  • In Sable's Grimoire: Man and Elf, Victor the half-elf has an elf father and a (deceased) human mother. He himself married a human woman and fathered quarter-elf children with her.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In the New Vindicators universe, all Nephilim are this, as all the seven fallen Seraphim they are descended from are male who sleep with human woman, almost always with the express purpose of making Nephilim children to use as minions. Played with a little, as the Seraphim can change their forms (one, Semyazza, often appears as a woman) and probably don't have the same sense of gender that humans do. However, no Nephilim has yet been carried to term by a female Fallen.
  • Tales of MU
    • Played straight with the main Half Human Hybrids, Mack (demon father) and Steff (elf father).
    • Gender-flipped with Steff's half-ogre boyfriend, Viktor.
  • Whateley Universe example: Sara Waite (Carmilla) had a (mostly) human mother and a powerful lust demon for a father. Dad liked mom so much that Sara is his only child.
  • The Loved Ones in Day of the Barney. When the girls that Barney has taken under his wing as his Special Friends turn thirteen, they are taken away and out of sight. Meanwhile, Barney rapes them and impregnates them with the Loved Ones; the girls die giving birth to them.
  • Chatoyant College: Corrie finds out, in Books 5 and 6, that her (missing) father is actually a werewolf. The reason why he was not within her life is because her mother chucked him out because he neglected to mention that fact until she was pregnant.
  • Drawtectives has main character Gyorik "York" Rogdul, who is a half-orc on his father's side.

    Western Animation 
  • In Samurai Jack, "Daughters of Aku" isn't just the name of a cult; Ashi and her sisters are his literal children, conceived when their mother drank his demonic essence.
  • Raven, from Teen Titans. As mentioned in the Comic Book section, she is half demon.
  • While Diana/Wonder Woman in the DCAU universe is actually a statue of clay given life, her "mother" is still Queen Hippolyta, but her "father" is strongly hinted to be Hades, himself in this version being a Composite Character made from both Ares' and his own comic versions.
  • Gargoyles
    • As with the Mythology example, according to Word of God, Merlin is the son of Lord Oberon and a human woman. This is also gender-flipped with Fox, who has a human father and Titania as her mother. She was not aware of this until just after she gave birth to her own quarter-fairy baby.
    • Thailog was grown in a lab, but refers to Sevarius (the geneticist involved), Xanatos (the financier and mentor), and Goliath (the genetic donor) as his three fathers. He later created Delilah, who is 90% Gargoyle (on her mother, Demona's, side) and 10% human (on her mother, Elisa's, side).
    • A story involving Anansi features a proud female panther who that Trickster God turned into a human woman who had several children before being permitted to return to her original form.
  • In one of The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror specials, Maggie's father is one of the green tentacled cyclops aliens, Kang, who abducted Marge and impregnated her with some sort of ray.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy has Nergal Jr. - his father is (obviously) Nergal, a Humanoid Abomination from the centre of the Earth, and his mother is Aunt Sis.
  • Leela and Kif's offspring on Futurama.
  • Human Tracy + dog Brian = Dylan on Family Guy.
  • In Adventure Time, Marceline's father is a soul-sucking demon who rules the Nightosphere, while her mom is a human. To make things more confusing, Marceline has been a vampire for the last 1,000ish years.
  • An often-forgotten part of the backstory of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) involved a rocket ship from Earth crashing on Eternia. King Randor, the ruler of Eternia, fell in love with the now-stranded pilot and they married. So He-Man and his twin sister She-Ra are half Earthling and half Eternian, not that you can tell the difference.
  • In Star vs. the Forces of Evil, "Monster Bash" reveals that Miss Heinous, a.k.a. Meteora Butterfly is the child of the humanoid Queen Eclipsa and the beastly monster she took as her lover.
  • An episode of Ben 10 has the eponymous hero meet a couple of these. Ben erroneously believes that he has broken Gwen's computer and subsequently enters a wrestling match to win the prize and replace said computer. There he meets two bipedal mutants who speak admirably about their mother. Later in the episode, it's revealed that she's a normal human. The pair even lampshade the trope by saying something along the lines of "Folks say we take more after our pa."
  • In Spider-Man: The Animated Series you can see Blade. Blade is the son of a male vampire and a human woman. His mother gave him up in a nursing home to keep him from living the life of a vampire. But as a half-vampire, Blade decided he wanted to be a vampire hunter. Tragically, his mother was turned into a vampire a short time later, and now Blade's main enemy.
    • In the films, Blade became a half-vampire because his pregnant mother was bitten by a vampire. In the first film, he later also meets her as a vampire. However, it may be that this variant was too savage for the creators of a children's series, so that they would leave open the possibility of being born in the natural way.
  • Bojack Horseman: As it turns out, while BoJack and Hollyhock share the same father (Butterscotch), the latter's mother is a human. That said, this show still follows the Either/Or Offspring rule.
  • Crispin and Basilo from Trese are the children of the god of war Talagbusao and a human woman. Despite this kinship, and although they didn't start out like that, they fight on the side of good.

    Real Life 
  • Conspiracy theorists who believe in the existence of ancient astronauts believe that the "Starchild" is the child of a male alien and a human woman.


    Anime & Manga 
  • Dragon Half has the eponymous half-human half-dragon girl Mink have a human father. This is mostly so one of her friends can question how someone hatched from an egg has a belly button. The series also features Mink's rival Vina, who has a Human Dad and a Slime Mom.
  • Krillin and Android 18 are an inversion of the norm for Dragon Ball Z, though admittedly she is human, too, just enhanced.
  • Macross: The children of Max and Milia. He is a human, she is a Zentraedi. They have seven children.
  • Chibi-usa of Sailor Moon has a human father and a Lunarian (through Reincarnation) mother.
  • Momoko in Wedding Peach has a human father and an angel mother. The others love angels are full angels born to human mothers when their bodies, but not their souls, were destroyed.
  • Inverted in the manga Oh, My Sweet Alien! - a human guy and his alien wife have a child together.
  • Truly inverted in Hakoiri Devil Princess case. As the father of the main protagonist himself was actually a regular human who married with an angel.
  • Berserk has Isma, whose long-dead father was a human and her missing mom was a mermaid-like creature called a merrow.
  • Sunday Without God has Ai, whose father was human while her mother was a gravekeeper (basically humanoid, but has the power to grant true death to the deceased).
  • In Spice and Wolf, Lawrence, an ordinary human, is paired with Holo, a harvest goddess whose natural form is an enormous wolf. By the end of the series, Holo is pregnant with his child.
  • In Blood+ Riku is raped by Diva, which leads her to get twin daughters from him. At this point, Riku is no longer a human, but a vampire. However, he was a human all his life, and a vampire a few days. Diva, on the other hand, was almost 200 years old, and was born as a vampire. Thus it is in this case a former-human father and a non-human mother.
  • Justus from Shakugan no Shana inverts this trope also. He is the child of a male human and a powerful female ''Crimson Lord''.
  • The Familiar of Zero has the half-elf Tiffania. Her father was a human, and her mother was an elf. Outwardly, however, she looks hardly different from a pure elf, except that she has really big breasts (which does not seem to occur with elves) and uses an unusual magic for elves.
  • The anime Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? has Eina Tulle. She is a half-elf, and has a human father and an elven mother.
    • You can also see Ais Wallenstein. She is a good fighter, and later it turns out that she is a half-fairy, the daughter of a human man and a female fairy.
  • Albus from Grimoire of Zero is a witch. Her father was an ordinary human, but her mother was also a witch.
  • Several species in Monster Musume are all-female races or cross-fertile with humans, and at least one main character, Centorea, has a human father. And of course, any children Kimihito has with any of the Cute Monster Girls would have a human father.
  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water inverted this. Nadia, at the end of the series, is the last Atlantean on earth. The epilogue shows that she marries the human Jean and has a son with him.
    • Played straight with Captain Nemo, who is also an Atlantean, and the human woman Electra, who have a child together.

    Asian Animation 
  • In Flower Fairy, protagonist Xia An'an has a fairy mother and a human father.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, in the "Lover's Vow" segment, a man unknowingly marries a gargoyle who has taken on human form. In a variant of the "yuki-onna" scenario (see Mythology below), both the wife and their two kids turn into gargoyles when he breaks a promise to her.
  • Here is the film different from the anime. In Blood The Last Vampire Hunter Saya is a dhampir, and she chases since 400 years vampires. She is the daughter of a male human and the vampire queen.
  • In Seventh Son, Tom and Alice both have humans as fathers and witches as mothers (in this film, witches are a separate species from humans).
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties: Enn ends up fathering children with an alien entity who has taken the form of a beautiful young girl. It is implied they did not actually have sex and the impregnation occurred because of their spiritual connection.
  • Species:
    • In the original movie, Sil, a hybrid of alien and human, inverts this trope. In fact, the whole movie is about being created to spread her alien species on Earth and wiping out humanity, which is why she should be hunted down and killed. Sil was created in a labor, but later has a son with a human man. And although he is only a quarter of an alien (unless the extraterrestrial DNA is dominant), he looks much scarier in his monstrous form than she does.
    • The sequel Species II plays it straight. Patrick Ross is a male hybrid, and has several children with human females during the movie. But the birth of his children is terrible.

  • In The Camp Half-Blood Series, all of the demigod children of the female goddesses are inversions of this trope.
  • The main characters of Children of the Lamp, John and Philippa, are the children of a djinn woman and a human man.
  • Jim Butcher likes this one — in his Codex Alera books, this trope is inverted in First Lord's Fury when Kitai, a non-human Marat woman, has a child with Tavi, a human man.
  • In Slimy Underbelly, the Big Bad villain is the product of a female Eldritch Abomination's affair with a human male.
  • The young girl Merle from Dark Reflections Trilogy was born between a human male and a female Sphinx (which could but shapeshift into a human). However, she appears to be an ordinary girl without special powers.
  • Going back to David Eddings and the world of The Belgariad and Malloreon, an odd twist combined with an inversion. Eventually fleshed out in the prequel novel Belgarath the Sorcerer. Dryads (forest nymphs, in line with the name) are considered humanoid monsters, but they have the ability to have children with humans. An entire line of Tolnedran emperors take on Dryad wives. Thing is, the results aren't Half Human Hybrids. Male children are human while female children are Dryads (this is because Dryads are Always Female, they need human males for reproduction). This is eventually shown to have carried through to Ce'Nedra, the latest of the line. She is a Dryad, and she eventually has children that keep to that trend.
  • In Deep Secret, it's noted that a female centaur can have a child with a human, but that a human mother's body would not be able to handle a centaur fetus. The main centaur character in the novel has a human father and a centaur mother.
  • Inverted in Dragonlance, with Tanis. Yes, his father was a rampaging pillager who raped his mother while raiding her village. No, his mother wasn't human, she was an elf. His father was the human one.
  • Implied future inversion: In The Elenium and The Tamuli trilogies by David Eddings, it's strongly implied that Sparhawk's daughter Danae will marry the young thief Talen when she grows up. Their children will fit this trope, since Danae is really the Child-Goddess Aphrael.
  • Inverted in The Fight for Home as Sarah Collins is the child of a Silician mother and human father. However she winds up being raised by her human father and has been brought up believing she is full human.
  • In The Grim Reaper's Apprentice, Jax's mother is a mostly-normal human. His father is the Grim Reaper.
  • Harry Potter
    • Groundskeeper Hagrid is revealed midway through the series to be half-giant; his father, a wizard, was entirely human, but his mother was a giantess (it's best not to consider the logistics of it).
    • Fleur is another inversion; her maternal grandmother was a veela, meaning that her mother is half-veela and she herself is one-quarter veela. (In fact, veela may be a One-Gender Race, though it's not clear.)
  • The His Dark Materials has the witches. They are always female, and mate with human men. When the children are boys, they are ordinary humans, but when they are girls, they become witches.
  • Inverted in all cases in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth (The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, etc.) and the films based on them: The father is always the more 'mundane', the mother the more 'exotic' parent: a few human males marry elven women, one elven male (Thingol) marries a female angel (Melian), and one mostly-human male (Aragorn) marries one elf-human-angel hybrid woman (Arwen), but the reverse never happens. The closest it comes is when the human-elf-angel hybrid Dior marries a purely elven woman, but he's still the more mortal of the two. Additionally, the various misfortunes befalling the families and children of these unions are never a result of the mixed marriage being rejected by their respective societies. The one known example of a female human and male elf falling in love never married, because he (Galadriel's brother Aegnor) believed a Mayfly–December Romance would only be even more painful than remaining apart (which noticeably never stopped Arwen or numerous other female elves). Aegnor's refusal becomes rather funny since he ended up dying long before Andreth, and they remain apart but forever pining for each other even in death.
  • In The Magician's Nephew, the epilogue mentions that King Frank and Queen Helen, the only two humans to remain in Narnia immediately after its creation, have two sons who both marry nymphs, thus founding the original royal houses of Narnia and Archenland.
  • Ryadd Eleis from the Malazan Book of the Fallen, whose mother was a goddess and dragon shapeshifter who raped a human man. Granted, he was unwillingly possessed by a wyval at that moment, but the point still stands.
  • In the short stories of H. P. Lovecraft:
    • Inverted many times in "The Shadow Over Innsmouth": the protagonist's non-human heritage is matrilineal (his great-great-grandmother on the mother's mother's mother's side was a Deep One). Also Obed Marsh, the person who started the mating with the Deep Ones and also was the protagonist's great-great-grandfather married a Deep One woman. So did his human son Onesiphorus from the first wife.
    • "The Thing on The Doorstep": Ephraim Waite's wife is heavily implied to be a Deep One - or at least, have some Deep One blood. Their daughter is Asenath, who is "dark, smallish, and very good looking except for over-protuberant eyes".
  • Damsel from Soon I Will Be Invincible has a human father and a Green-Skinned Space Babe mother, but was created in a laboratory, as her parents were reproductively incompatible.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe has Boba Fett. He marries a kiffar woman, and has with her a half-kiffar daughter. She also marries a human, and gets a quarter-kiffar daughter.
  • Inverted in Thief of Time, in which the (female) Anthropomorphic Personification of Time bore a child to a mortal man.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Inverted in Kamen Rider Kiva, where Wataru is the son of a Fangire woman (Maya) and a human man (Otoya). There doesn't seem to be anything that would stop Fangire and humans from mating except for the rules of the species.
  • Bewitched. The show inverts this trope when Darren and Samantha have their baby Tabitha.
  • Charmed uses this, depending on whether you view witches as human or nonhuman. If they're nonhuman, the trope is inverted in the case of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe (human dad/nonhuman mom). If they're human, the trope is played straight in the case of Paige (human mom/nonhuman dad). If they are human, Piper's sons and Phoebe's children have this true about them as well. Whether they're human or not, the trope is inverted in the case of Paige's children, since she married a "mortal" human, Henry, and is half Whitelighter (and thus, technically, nonhuman). Of course, Paige, as well as Piper's sons Wyatt and Chris, is half dead person, so it isn't clear how that works, but their fathers are still nonhuman.
    • Later, you also sees Max Franklin, a boy who is the son of an ordinary human and a witch.
      • The Canon explicitly states that witches are not half-human beings. If a parent is a witch (usually the mother), then the child is also a witch.
    • Brandon, the half-warlock from the first season, played this trope straight as well.
    • The series also has half-demons. Demons often mate with humans because their descendants can be inconspicuous walk among the humans. Half-demons have many demonic forces, but also a human soul, so that they can feel feelings like love and decide for the good (even if the temptations of evil are very strong).
      • The first half-demon you see, Cole Turner, inverts this trope. His father was a human and his mother was a demon.
      • The second half-demon in the series, a manticore-baby, also inverts it.
      • But the third half-demon, Sirk, just plays it straight. His father was a mighty demon, and his mother was an ordinary human.
  • Both inverted and invoked in Battlestar Galactica. The inversion is obvious first: Boomer is a Cylon. Then we learned who it was invoked by: Teyril & Cally. That second actually becomes an aversion when we learn that the boy is actually Hotdog and Cally's son - two humans,
  • Inverted in Babylon 5, when John and Delenn give birth to David Sheridan. Many episodes reference extensive medical intervention that is needed despite Delenn's transformation in order for this to happen, so it's not likely that humans and Minbari are naturally interfertile. It also helps that Delenn is descended from Sinclair who has turned himself into a Minbari named Valen.
  • Inversions of this trope are just as common in the Star Trek universe as straight examples:
    • Lorian, T'Pol and Trip's son on the alternate time-displaced Enterprise and daughter/flawed binary clone Elizabeth (human father, Vulcan mother)
    • Deanna Troi (human father, Betazoid mother)
    • B'Elanna Torres (human father, Klingon mother)
    • Benjamin Sisko (indirectly) (human father, kind-of wormhole alien mother... it's complicated)
    • Raffi's unborn grandchild (human father, Romulan mother)
    • and all have non-human mothers and human fathers. Benjamin and B'Elanna also face the problems inherent to the trope: Benjamin's mother walked out on him when he was a little boy, and B'Elana grew up resenting her mother for driving her father away.
    • Averted with Kirk's son in the "Shatnerverse" novels, whose mother is a genetically-engineered Klingon-Romulan-human hybrid. According to Spock, the kid is also Vulcan by virtue of his Romulan blood. The boy turns out to be genetically identical to the Precursors found by Picard in "The Chase", even though he should be missing many other genetic markers, such as that of the Cardassians.
  • Andy Bellefleur's half-fairy, quadruplet daughters on True Blood. Their mother is Maurella, Sookie's fairy cousin, who gave birth after her accelerated fairy pregnancy and promptly left her babies with Andy in the human realm.
  • In Doctor Who, the Doctor's granddaughter Susan, a Time Lady, marries a human man. The Doctor Who Expanded Universe shows us Susan's half-human son Alex.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer there is Robin Wood, who is the child of a male human and a female "metahuman".
    • The series also has a female demon named She-Mantis. She assumes a human form, but she actually takes the form of a giant mantis. She rapes virginal men, preferably male teenagers, and then lays eggs. The offspring, however, are not half-demons, but the same creatures as the demon.
    • At the end of the plot in the comics, Xander, who is a pure human, though a very strong one, has three children with Dawn, who is a magical construct.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh, where Gilgamesh's mother was a Goddess named Ninsun and his two fathers were another God and a mortal man, which incidentally would have been one of the first cases of a human hybrid recorded in literature.
  • While Greek mythology plays it straight most of the time, there are many inversions of this trope as well. Achilles is a notable one. Usually a demigod's father is one of the male Jerkass Gods who bed anything in a skirt, but his father is a human Happily Married (We Are as Mayflies notwithstanding) to a nymph. Furthermore, Hercules and so on are usually taken to owe their heroic power to divine inheritance. Achilles' invulnerability doesn't come from this.
    • An Enforced Inversion in Achilles' case. His mother, Thetis, caught the eye of Zeus, until Gaia predicted that any son that Thetis bore would be more powerful than his father. Zeus wanted to avoid that, so he dropped Thetis like a hot potato, and (if memory serves) forbade her from marrying a god. He actually set her up with a mortal man who was described as being weak (so that Thetis' child wouldn't be that much stronger) but he was Badass Normal enough to hold onto her no matter what ugly form she took.
      • In The Iliad, Achilles' mother was Thetis but his great-grandfather was Zeus. When boasting about his godly parentage, it's always his descent from Zeus he mentions, never his (much more direct) descent from Thetis. In this sense, he plays this trope straight.
    • Also from the Trojan cycle there is the Ethiopian king Memnon (who ends up being killed by Achilles), the son of the goddess Eos (rose-fingered Dawn) and Tithonos, a brother of king Priam of Troy. Memnon's brother Emathion had previously been killed by Heracles. According to some sources, Phaeton was the son of Eos and the demigod Kephalos (son of Hermes and Herse).
    • The goddess Demeter and her mortal lover Iasion had a son, Plutos, god of wealth. According to other authors, Demeter also had other children from mortal lovers.
    • Various non-Homeric sources state that Odysseus fathered children by Circe (a goddess) and/or Calypso (a nymph) when he was held prisoner by them. According to the most common version, Telegonos, son of Odysseus and Circe, in the end accidentally killed his father. According to some Italic authors (but not Virgil), Circe then married Telemachus (son of Odysseus and Penelope) and gave birth to Latinus, who eventually became Aeneas' father-in-law.
    • From The Aeneid, Aeneas. Not only was Venus his mother, according some legend his human father Anchises was half-naiad on his mother's side too. In any case, being the ancestor of the Julian family (and consequently, Gaius Julius Caesar), this divine parentage was vital to Roman Cultural Posturing. However, Aeneas (in Greek: Aineias) had already been known as the son of Aphrodite (Venus) and Anchises to Homer (in the Iliad), Hesiod (Theogony) and the "Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite" centuries before Virgil.
  • Inverted with the most popular legend about the Yukionna in Japan. A man married a Yukionna disguised as a human woman and has several kids with her.
    • Japanese Mythology would invert this all the time, especially with myths about the kitsune. A kitsune would marry a human man and have a happy life and numerous kids with him, only for her cover to be blown by a person/a dog/alcohol, and forcing her to leave her husband and children forever. Depending on the story, either Love Conquers All and the kitsune wife comes back to be with her husband at night (when no one can see her), or she leaves forever.
    • A lot of these pairings end with the non-human mother leaving, generally after her husband breaks a promise like talking about the yuki-onna after being warned to never speak of her (despite the only person he told was his wife who was the yuki-onna), discovering her real, embarrassing form after warning him not to look such as becoming a huge dragon to give birth (the baby was a normal human) or a crane to weave feather-light cloth, or discovering she'd been deceived like the heavenly maiden whose magic clothes were stolen by the man she eventually married and had kids with.
  • There are also the Scandinavian myths of Huldra (female forest-spirits), who will occasionally marry and start families with human men. The same thing goes for selkies in Scottish mythology. Selkies are human woman/seal shape-shifters, who will do the bidding of any man who hides their "seal-skin".
  • In one Lakota creation story, the first two people are both male, so they take wives from the animal kingdom. Eventually, they stop doing so when this starts creating monsters.
  • Hrolf Kraki's Saga has an inversion where the main character's half-sister is half-elf on her mother's side. It also featured Bodvar Bjarki who might be a straight example, as his father was cursed to turn into a bear by day and no longer fully human due to that curse.
  • According to some Judeo-Christian traditions Samael employed a quartet of fallen angels to trick and seduce men, raping them in the event that does not work. The offspring from these unions is raised for the purpose plaguing mankind, though they sometimes turn out to be somewhat decent people despite their heritage.
  • According to a French folk tale, the powerful Lusignan family was descended from Melusine (sometimes spelled "Merlusigne"), a female water-spirit who married a knight but had to leave him when he once saw her in her true form.
  • Oscar from Irish mythology is the son of a human father and an elf mother. Later it turns out that he also has a sister. Obviously, there are no half-elves in Irish mythology, and the common children of elves and humans are also humans.
  • Abe no Seimei; born to Abe no Yasuna and Kuzunoha, the latter purported to be a kitsune demon.

  • In The Gamer's Alliance, the human cleric Delora and the demon warrior Omaroch are the parents of the half-demon children Refan and Kareth.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Commonly averted in the cases of Half-Elves in earlier editions. Background material tend to have a large portion of half-elves being the result of rape on Elven women by human raiders or mercenaries, seeing as how elves are better than humans, thus male (and female) Elves tend not to seek out females outside of other Elves. This is especially common in the Dragonlance setting.
    • Inverted with hags and hagspawn, given that hags are an all female race. With one known canonical exception, hags usually kidnap and rape human males, then eat them and bear their offspring. Male children are hagspawn, while female children are hags.
    • Harpies are, like hags, an all-female race that is often portrayed as relying on human(oid) mates to procreate. Again, like hags, their partners are usually involuntary and/or don't always live through the experience.
    • In 2e, there was an obscure all-female race known as the weredragons, who depended on human men to father their daughters.
  • Pathfinder involves many all-female One-Gender Race species that thusly use human and demihuman men to father their daughters. Harpies, hags, sirens, thriae queens (giant bee women), medusas... of course, the vast majority of these species also kill and eat their partners after mating, which is why they remain designated as "monsters".
  • Because the stereotype for Half-Orcs in D&D and Pathfinder is to make them a Child by Rape and thus playing this trope straight, a few prominent half-orcs avert the first trope and usually do so by inverting this trope. One of the oldest examples is from the Planescape setting, where the Factol of the Bleakers was born between a loving couple of human man and female orc.
  • Scion averts this, as a Scion can be the child of a human woman and god or the child of a human man and a goddess.
    • In fact, the vast majority of the goddesses are just as busy making Scions as their male counterparts. Even Hera, in the Dodekatheon, is known to take human men to give her Scion children. Of the original six pantheons (Pesedjet, Dodekatheon, Atzlanti, Aesir, Amatsukami, Loa), only three deities refuse to make Scions naturally at all: Artemis (devoutly lesbian; when she wants sex with a human, she's always chasing skirts), Athena (who for some reason just can't shake that "virgin goddess" thing) and Osiris (who is less unwilling and more unable; he's castrated).
      • In fact, given the existence of an Epic Appearance perk that allows completely functional genderbending, and which is the canonical source of one sample Daeva scion (mom was a human; "dad" was Kali genderbent into a male form), there may actually be some Artemis scions who were actually born, not adopted.

  • In the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Iolanthe, Strephon has a human father and a fairy mother, and consequently is half-human from the waist down. At one point he laments that he will have to watch half of him grow old while the other stays young, and it's fairly obvious what he's referring to here.

    Video Games 
  • The Continuity Reboot DmC: Devil May Cry averted this by turning Eva, the twins' mother, into an angel rather than a human, making Vergil and Dante half-angel, half-demon nephilim.
  • In DragonFable, inverted for Nythera, who's half-dragon on her mother's side, and Zhoom, half-sand elf from his mother.
  • Inverted in Shantae, where all half-genies (like the main character) are this by default since genies were an One-Gender Race. Then again, Shantae's own father may not have been an ordinary human, as she seemingly inherited her trademark Prehensile Hair from him rather than her genie mother.
  • Averted in Mass Effect, for a certain definition of "mother" and "father." Half-anything hybrids are impossible due to each species being very different from each others. The only exception is with the asari. They're a mono-gendered race that reproduces by melding their nervous system with that of someone else; this act scrambles some of the DNA in one of their eggs, producing the genetic diversity necessary for continuing adaptation. The asari is always the "mother" if one takes a mother to be the one to bear a child.
  • Flipped in Po Po Lo Crois, in which Pietro and his sister are indeed half-dragon, with a draconic ruler being their grandfather, at that, the mother is actually the dragon.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy VII, Aerith's father was human and her mother was Cetra, an ancient race that had long since left the planet.
    • Final Fantasy X plays it both ways. Yuna's father is human and her mother is an Al Bhed, a race of atheists with swirling green eyes. She also has a relationship with Tidus, who is a dream.
  • The Fire Emblem series plays with this trope occasionally.
    • Played with in Fire Emblem Jugdral, depending on your pairings : indeed, characters with Holy Blood can be seen as not totally human, since they're the descendants of warriors who got special powers by drinking the blood of ancient Dragons and making pacts with them to fight an Evil Empire.
    • Fire Emblem Elibe:
      • Nils and Ninian are the children of a female Ice Dragon named Aenir and a human, Nergal
      • Roy can be the result of this if Eliwood is paired with Ninian, making him quarter-Dragon.
    • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has a straight example with the Lehran and Altina line, since the former was a black heron laguz and the latter was a human, but is inverted with Soren's parents, since his mom is a black dragon and his dad is a human.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening:
      • The game mostly uses Boldly Coming for most of its shape shifters. The only way this can be played straight is if a female Avatar marries Yarne, causing the resulting male Morgan to be part Taguel.
      • Nowi (a dragon) and Panne (Taguel) can marry human men and have Half-Human Hybrid children (Nah and the aforementioned Yarne, respectively) with them... including a male Avatar. Similarly, Tiki (also a dragon) can marry a male Avatar and be the mother of a female Morgan.
      • Of course, the Avatar being the Avatar of an evil dragon god makes every pairing including him or her this trope.
    • Fire Emblem Fates has any of the children produced by a female Avatar (except Selkie and Velouria, who have nonhuman fathers). Their grandfather Anankos was a dragon, a female Avatar will be half human, and the children will end up being a quarter dragon, with the ability to assume a dragon form.
  • Played straight in Lunar: Silver Star Story with Jessica's beastman father and human mother. Potentially inverted with Jessica and her love interest Kyle - although they don't have children during the story, it seems inevitable that they will live happily ever after (in a Slap-Slap-Kiss sort of way).
  • Tales of Symphonia:
    • Inverted with Raine and Genis Sage, who had an elf mother and a human father. Likewise for the half-elf Kate, whose father is the Pope.
    • Played straight with Lloyd who has a human mother and angel father. Played with if you realize his father Kratos was originally a human who transformed into an angel.
  • Breath of Fire II inverted this trope. The hero is a child of a human priest and a dragon: that white dragon sealing the entrance of the caves at the back mountains.
  • Dragon Age:
    • The setting inverts this trope with the elves, who can interbreed with the humans but the offspring is apparently fully human, or close enough. Given their status as Enslaved Elves, it almost always means Human father, Elven mother.
      • For a specific example, if Alistair does the ritual in Dragon Age: Origins instead of a male player character, the trope is in play because Alistair is a half-elf. His father was a human; his real mother is the elven mage Fiona. However, he himself is unaware of the fact.
      • In Dragon Age II, one of the more significant NPCs is Feynriel, a half-elven mage who needs Hawke's help more than once. Feynriel's father is a somewhat sleazy human merchant, while his mother is a kindly elf woman.
    • Played straight with the Darkspawn, and specifically with the Broodmothers. Maker, the Broodmothers...
  • The epilogue of Baldur's Gate indicates that the male player character can end up having a son with Viconia (so long as you complete that romance and choose to remain mortal), so he is half drow on his mother's side and half human/surface elf/whatever on his father's. Same with Aerie in Baldur's Gate II. The child is half winged elf, half whatever-the-player-is.
  • Inverted in Dragon Quest IV. The Chosen One's mother was a Zenithian, while daddy was a mere mortal woodcutter who got incinerated by the Zenith Dragon before he forced mommy to abandon her half-human infant on earth. Some Fantastic Racism there... On top of this, mommy is still alive, and reveals the whole story while trying to hide her own identity... poorly, as she can hardly hold back the tears while talking about how painful it would be for the hero's mother to see her child again.
    • Also inverted in Dragon Quest VIII, which has a similar setup for the hero's parents, with the added twist that daddy was also royalty, making this legacy even more extra-special. Lampshaded by Angelo after The Reveal, when he makes a comment to the effect of "One is special enough; being both is just RUDE."
  • Gender-flipped in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny - Jubei Yagyu's mother is an Oni who fell in love with his human father.
  • One of the Multiple Endings of Star Ocean: The Second Story has one of Claude and Rena's endings with the latter, a Nedian, announcing to the former that she's pregnant with their child.
  • Inverted twice in Guilty Gear. Dizzy's father was a human (unknown) and her mother was a gear (Justice). In Guilty Gear 2, Sin's father is human (Ky Kiske) and mother is a gear (Dizzy).
  • In The Sims 2, your male Sims can get pregnant by male aliens. Of course, this means that the human, despite being male, plays the "Mom" role, so this trope arguably still applies.
  • Inverted by Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend, whose mother is the Emperor of the demons, Succoria, and whose father is the leader of the human rebellion, Riggnarok.
  • The Updated Re-release of Disgaea 3 has Rutile, whose mother is a Nekomata demon.
  • Django and Sabata from Boktai were the children of Ringo, a human, and Mani, one of the Immortals and the sister of Hel to boot! One line states it's the reason the boys can come into contact with dark matter and Klorofolun without becoming undead and is Fan Wanked as the reason why Django could become a half-vampire.
  • The Dragon Commander is a bastard child of the King of Rivellon and an ancient dragon; albeit one who seduced the king while in human form. In-game, the Commander can morph into a massive dragon to aid his armies in battle.
  • Sable's Grimoire inverts it with Drakan, who has a human father and a dragon mother. The sequel Man and Elf also has Lisha's half-brother Hagan, whose mother is a dark elf and whose father was an unnamed human.
  • League of Legends has two examples, with one playing with the trope and the other inverting it.
    • Before the Institute of War retcon, the half-dragon Shyvana played the trope straight, being born to a human mother and a shapeshifting draconic father, but persecuted for it by true dragons. In the current lore, her situation is closer to an inversion: she is instead the result of a mortal, male human’s magic mingling into a dragon egg, and the villain of her backstory is her draconic mother.
    • Sett, meanwhile, was the child of a Noxian human and an Ionian Vastaya. His dad left him at a young age, leaving him to take care of his mother on his own—which led to him first entering and then becoming the boss of an underground Ionian fight pit.

    Web Animation 
  • Satina of the web animation of the same name is the daughter of Lucia, the demonic queen of hell, and Dave, an ordinary human man.

    Web Comics 
  • The Order of the Stick:
  • So far, inverted in Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. We've seen some five half-breeds so far; each time, the non-human was the mother.
  • Usually averted in Dela The Hooda, as well as in the more erotic comics made by Style Wager and Greg Older. In human/furry relationships, the human is usually a man, and the furry is a woman.
  • In Darken, Mink and her siblings' mother is a huge dragon, though she is often seen in a human form. Since they're all half-dragons, their father is presumably some manner of humanoid.
  • Roommates (and it's Spin-Off Girls Next Door) plays with this. From the main characters two have supernatural ancestry, Javert and Jareth. Javert is an inversion, he has a Witch Species mother and a fully human father (and she doesn't like to talk about the relationship). Jareth a subversion, he has a Fair Folk father and a Witch Species mother, but even as she looks human and was mortal once but isn't. Oh, and both have powers, Jareth is a highly powerful Fair Folk, Javert passes as human most of the time but we shouldn't underestimate his True Sight + Anti-Magic combination.
  • Inverted in the Fur Will Fly webcomic with Brad (human male) and Paige (mouse female), who have a daughter that takes after her mother in appearance and her father in personality.
  • Inverted in The Dreadful with devikin, who are always female and breed true with human males, giving birth to identical devikin daughters.
  • In Scandinavia and the World, New South Wales is portrayed as the daughter of Wales, a male human, and New Zealand, a female sheep.
  • Inverted for Antimony herself in Gunnerkrigg Court. Her father is human (in the physical sense), and her mother is the descendant of a fire elemental; the latter is mostly human due to many generations of Half-Human Hybrid-ization, but still has strong etheric powers linked to her element, and an unfortunate tendency to die after reproducing, "passing on her flame" to her daughter. Coyote snarkily lampshades how "interesting" the original marriage of man and elemental must have been.
  • In Erma, the titular character is the elementary school-aged daughter of a human father and Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl mother, with the mother's family consisting of various species of Youkai. They're shown to be a perfectly normal, loving family like any other.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Grace's human gene-parent was female, and her other gene-parents were a terrestrial squirrel and 2 different aliens. However, the squirrel's sex is unknown (and due to LEGO Genetics being in effect could easily have been male or female) and both aliens belong to One-Gender Race species with No Biological Sex so its possible Grace doesn't have a male gene-parent technically.
    • Both Played Straight and Inverted for Adrien Raven. He is himself the child of a human male and a female immortal, but also has had multiple children with human women.

    Web Original 
  • In the first season of Drawtectives has Harper and Emery, who are the children of the human Sorin and the tiefling Lotta.

    Western Animation 
  • Stargate Infinity had Ec'co, who got the gender-flipped version of this, as his father is human. In a further subversion, his species is only remotely human. see this picture? He's the green guy all the way on the right. And the females aren't that much different from the males.
  • Roxy of Winx Club has this with an inverse of a father for a human and a fairy for a mother.
  • Gwen and Ben from Ben 10: Alien Force have a human grandfather and alien grandmother, though these genetics only really affect Gwen.
  • Regular Show has Margaret's robin mother and human father. She's actually a robin (on the outside, at least) rather than human.
  • Inverted for the DCAU character Warhawk, who is the son of the human John Stewart and the Thanagarian Hawkgirl.
  • The titular character from Steven Universe has a human father, but his mother is a Gem, an alien race of nigh-immortal beings. This example is extra weird because Gems are a non-organic race that don't reproduce naturally, so thus Rose had to sacrifice her physical form and actually become half of Steven to give birth to him. The idea of a Gem hybrid is inconceivable to most Gems, with flashbacks showing that even Steven's caretakers initially believed that he was just Rose arbitrarily taking on a new form and refusing to change back.
    Peridot: You're some type of quartz, right? You must have been made here.
    Steven: Uh, I came from my mom and dad.
    Peridot: Are those some kind of rocks? Or another planet?
    Steven: No. My dad's from Earth, but my mom's a Gem.
    Peridot: You're some sort of...hybrid? How is that possible?
  • Song of the Sea has its central family be a human father and selkie mother. Son Ben is human (referred to as such several times during the movie), but daughter Saoirse is a selkie like her mum.
  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars one sees a clone which is deserted from his unit, and is a Twi'lek woman together. And they have two children who are half-human hybrids.
  • In the finale of Star Wars Rebels it's revealed that Twi'lek Hera Syndulla has given birth to a son with human Kanan Jarrus, sometime after his death.
  • American Dragon: Jake Long, with a bit of a wrinkle: the maternal side of Jake's family have the power to transform into dragons, and he and his sister have inherited it, but because the power of transformation always skips a generation, his mother is human herself in all other aspects.
  • Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender is a human-Galra hybrid, being the child of Krolia, an alien woman, and an unnamed human man. However, he appears fully human in spite of his strong resemblance to his mother.
  • Tom from Star vs. the Forces of Evil is listed as the son of "the Big Guy" in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, but the episode "Club Snubbed" reveals that Tom's father is actually a Mewman named Dave (the nickname being in reference to his explosive temper), while his mother is a demon who stands about forty feet tall.

    Real Life 
  • Councillor Simon Parkes, from Whitby (UK?), claimed he fathered "Zarka" with the Cat Queen. This does not necessarily mean Zarka really exists, but Simon Parkes claims she does (and the Cat Queen for that matter).
  • Non-Africans, who average 5% Neanderthal DNA, do not have any known Y-chromosome genes (which are passed down from the father) which are of Neanderthal origins, which suggests the inverted version may have been the case when humans and Neanderthals interbred (or that male hybrids were infertile, making this a case of human dad, hybrid mom).

Alternative Title(s): Human Mum Nonhuman Dad, Human Dad Nonhuman Mom