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Kim Jong Un: Why did he do it! Why!?
General: He was a Honeydick, sir...
Kim Jong Un: A what!?
General: He deliberately appealed to the emotional, less rational aspects of your nature, and seduced you into advancing his personal agenda.
Kim Jong Un: But I was honeydicking HIM!

The Mole sent to gain the trust of a specific person... horizontally. Usually female, sometimes even a heroic Fake Defector, the uniting thread is that there is one target and this one target is to be seduced. The others might be suspicious or even hostile, but that's incidental.

Might be une espionne who wears a night dress.

In Real Life, this is also a term for a grifter's Blackmail scam wherein a sexy woman approaches a wealthy married man and gets him into a compromising position (preferably in bed, though in some cases just a passionate embrace will do), while her partner-in-crime secretly takes pictures. Then the pictures are sent to the man with a demand for money; no money, and the wife gets sent copies of everything. This is the classic form; there are plenty of variations, but they all rely on using sex as bait to get someone to do something unwise, then making them regret it.

A variation of this can be seen in Japan, where a female scammer frames up a random guy in the subway for doing The Chikan and asks for a lot of money in exchange for not telling the cops. It has also been used in espionage, where the trapper gains secrets from the victim.

While the Femme Fatale Spy archetype is well-known, men can take this role as well, such as the "Romeo" agents of the East German Stasi during the Cold War, sent to seduce the secretaries of West German ministers or those with similar access to secret information. Other male examples may target Armoured Closet Gay men; this is an especially effective blackmail strategy if the target is married to The Beard and/or lives in a homophobic environment where being outed could threaten his reputation and safety. Or, if he's an even bigger Jerkass, a spy who is good at crossdressing may pretend to be a woman in order to seduce a straight man.note  In this sort of plot, the usual tropes about glamorous female spies will probably appear to be played straight... until the Unsettling Gender-Reveal.

Also the name of special computers made to appear as desirable targets (typically governments or large corporations); used by cybercrime investigators for trapping playful hackers and crackers to learn their techniques.

Compare The Vamp and Femme Fatale Spy, the two character types most effective at this. See also Go Seduce My Archnemesis and Chained to a Bed. May start with The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction. Also #31 of The Thirty-Six Stratagems, and thus one of The Oldest Tricks in the Book. Has nothing to do with actual honey... usually. For extra messiness, can be followed up with In Love with the Mark or High-Heel–Face Turn. If it's being performed by a policewoman to catch criminals, it's more likely a Dirty Harriet. For Lighter and Softer variations, see I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! and Favors for the Sexy. Not to be confused with the Innocent Innuendo that is Agent Provocateur; that job is actually very, very unsexy. Also compare Literal Maneater, where this strategy is used so she can devour the guy. See also Psychosexual Horror.

See Shady Lady of the Night if the Honey Trap happens to be a prostitute.

Has nothing to do with literal honey traps for capturing wasps.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The title character of 009-1, Mylene Hoffmann aka 009-1, is the rare protagonist version (and might have been built with this specific purpose in mind). The fact that Mylene has machine guns built into her breasts means that she can defend herself even if the target finds out and tries to turn the tables on her while she's naked and theoretically unarmed.
  • Irina Jelavic (aka Bitch-Sensei) from Assassination Classroom is an expert at this. She's also teaching a couple of students her techniques.
  • Played for Laughs in Asteroid in Love. In the manga, the Newspaper Club gets the Baseball Team members to help with Mikage's boring (as in drilling) exhibit by claiming they're being interviewed by Ayano, who does look reasonably beautiful, but then Generic Cuteness applies to this series.
  • Ayakashi Triangle: Matsuri intercepts a curse meant to kill Suzu, which only seems to split her lover into Opposite Sex Clones. In fact, the curse was still inside the male Matsuri, who was meant to spread it to Suzu through sex. They're even unknowingly controlled into overtly seducing Suzu.
  • One faction in the seventh episode of the original Bubblegum Crisis OVA sets up a Dirty Old Man scientist with this type of trap. This group and the Knight Sabers, who were hired to protect the scientist, carry out their plans with various types of Room Disservice and a fake ambulance after a faked heart attack.
  • Yumi Horikoshi from Case Closed did this, threatening her ex-boyfriend Kazushi Nakanishi with sending R-rated photos of themselves (taken in the past) to his new girlfriend. And Kazushi got so pissed that he killed her.
    • Also, Akiko Sayama from the "Night Baron Virus" case. She invited Asshole Victim Ebara to her and her boyfriend's hotel room, spiked his drink, dressed him up as the Night Baron and threw him off the balcony.
    • A Rare Male Example is Shuichi Akai, who in the past was instructed by the FBI to strengthen his position as The Mole inside The Syndicate he had infiltrated by dating a membress who also was the older sister of one of said syndicate's top scientists. However, he ended up falling in love with the woman for real...
  • In Ceres, Celestial Legend, Yuki Urakawa was a potential C-genomer — a descendant of a tennyo — and a honey trap was laid out for her in the form of the new science teacher. He acted affectionately towards her, playing on her being a loner and searching for someone to love her, getting into an illicit relationship with her and giving her the medication to awaken her latent powers. When she learns this, she chooses to burn him and herself alive, refusing to believe it.
  • A Certain Magical Index: Lessar tries to seduce Touma to cement his ties to Britain. She does this by telling him she's trying to seduce him to cement his ties to Britain. Touma, however, assumes she's being The Tease and largely ignores it all. Lessar actually does like Touma for real, she just thinks getting him to work for Britain would be a great way to keep him close.
    Lessar: What's wrong with you!? You should just do what any man would and jump me already!
    Touma: I don't think there's anyone on the planet who would blame me if I slugged you for what you just said.
  • In Darker than Black, Shihoko acted as one of these against Huang as part of her backstory.
    • Shameless Fanservice Girl Brita worked her way into the American embassy to spy for the EPR by sleeping with an official, too.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, actor Barry Khan pulls this off by having an actress working on the Great Saiyaman movie with Gohan flirt and kiss him in order to try and blackmail Videl, taking photos of the kiss to do so. However, Videl sees right through this and husband and wife kick the man out.
  • Saki Miyajima in Durarara!!, who does this to get her boyfriend Kida back, following Izaya's instructions to do so.
  • Melissa Mao plays one early in Full Metal Panic! Sigma to capture a rogue Mithril agent.
  • Shows up constantly in Great Teacher Onizuka. In this setting, it seems as if half of all teenage girls have tried at least once to get somebody in a compromising position, usually for money, and the attempts are usually successful. Taking that for granted, the series experiments with motivation and choice of target, from Mean Girls blackmailing equally shady adults to Urumi in her introduction staging a molestation scene and running for the police (played for laughs; her victim's just very upset by this and she wasn't really trying to hurt him) to vigilantes trying to see who they can convince to "cross the line" and become an acceptable target for physical brutalization.
  • Gunslinger Girl. This was Alessandro "Sandro" Rissi's job for Public Security before he became a cyborg handler. As a result, his colleagues tend to assume he's a Handsome Lech. However the trope is deconstructed; rather than a smooth ladies man, both Rissi (and his female mentor Rossana) had to adapt their personality to whatever would appeal to the target, preventing them from forming real relationships as it was like they had no personality of their own.
  • Rina Mamiya from Higurashi: When They Cry helps her lover Teppei Hojou to swindle rich men of their money via having Rina seduce them, then start a chain of blackmailing and extortion. When they target a certain Mr. Ryuugu to steal one million yen from him, though, Ryuugu's teenage daughter Rena decides to protect her father and herself from Rina's charms. Bloodily, if needed.
  • Done in a slightly unusual way in Kamisama Kiss when Tomoe, a male Kitsune, has to distract Jirou. First, he tries to get him drunk and when that fails he notices Jirou is attracted to the heroine Nanami and is very much in denial about it. And since shapeshifting is one of Tomoe's powers, he succeeds in distracting Jirou.
  • Played with in Andy Seto's The King of Fighters manhua. Vice from the Orochi group not only attempts to seduce Kyo Kusanagi, but she does so while disguising herself as Kyo's girlfriend Yuki. It fails, however, as he soon realizes that a Tsundere like Yuki wouldn't throw herself at him in the circumstances they're in.
  • In Knight Hunters, Yohji Kudou's role in Weiß frequently involves striking up a relationship with a female target in order to get information, especially in sequel series Weiß Kreuz Gluhen. Unfortunately for Yohji, he's very bad at keeping himself from getting emotionally involved, leading to a breakdown and near-Face–Heel Turn toward the end of Gluhen.
  • In Maria no Danzai, Kumiru Shikimi regularly hooks up with older men online and goes on dates with them, acting like a sweet, caring, innocent girl... until she reveals that she's actually underage and charges them obscene amounts of money to keep the fact that they were about to sleep with her under wraps. If they refuse to pay up, her helper will just beat them to a pulp until they change their minds. She describes this as "going fishing".
  • Ribbons Almark from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is the very rare Ho Yay version. He pretended to care for his boss Alejandro Corner, playing on the other man's obvious trust and affection (and possible romantic/sexual feelings) for him... only to betray him in the very last moment. FUCKING RIBBONS, instead.
  • Johan from Monster uses Roberto as one of these at least once, which is... interesting. To a lesser degree, Johan acts like one himself while disguised as his sister Anna.
  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation:
    • The Boreas Greyrats were interested in bringing Rudeus into their political battle and offered to let him do whatever he wanted with Eris. Eris' mother went so far as to dress her in a thin nightgown and send her to Rudeus' room with instructions to offer her body. Rudeus recognized the trap would be triggered if he and Eris ever had sex and did his best to be cautious.
    • Sylphy's two attempts to bed Rudeus were very similar in nature to this, though the goal was simply for the two to develop a romantic relationship. The trap wouldn't have even been necessary if it weren't for Sylphy's timid nature and Rudeus misinterpreting the situation.
  • This is what Charlotte Pudding turned out to be in One Piece. As Big Mom's favorite daughter, she was sent by her Evil Matriarch mom to attract and marry the Vinsmoke family's Rebel Prince son Sanji so she could lure his family into entering an alliance that was a complete farce to begin with, allowing Big Mom to murder all the Vinsmokes and the Straw Hats) Red Wedding-style. It failed when Sanji, despite having realized her nature, told Pudding that her much-loathed Third Eye was beautiful, causing her a sobbing Villainous Breakdown.
  • Played horrifically and literally straight with Solution Epsilon from Overlord. She plays the part of a voluptuous meido Innocent Fanservice Girl... but, as anyone foolish enough to take her up on her flirtations discovers, she's actually a sadistic Slime Girl who can devour humans whole with her amorphous body and who enjoys digesting humans alive simply For the Evulz (and the sound of their screams).
  • Subverted in Private Actress. Satoka tries to set a situation where it looks like she had sex with her handsome and much older co-star to get more publicity, but said co-star's Guile Hero of a daughter foils this attempt.
  • Rebuild World: Heavily conversed. Akira, who grew up being betrayed by everyone he met, is implied to have been a victim of these causing Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality. As an excuse for her Shameless Fanservice Girl behavior, Alpha says she's training him to resist these, and she also tries to keep Akira isolated by saying Sheryl is attempting to ensnare him in one. Sheryl helps Akira with her Guile Hero talents, which include being an expert at honey traps, and seeing her do that elicits a Trauma Button panic in Akira. Nonetheless, when she digs some information out of The Rival Katsuya by flattering his Pride and acting like The Confidant easing his Survivor Guilt, Akira praises her for that ingenuity; rare warmth for her from Akira's Sugar-and-Ice Personality. So, Sheryl continues honey trapping Katsuya, leading into an explosive Love Triangle due to Viola and Inabe's interference. However, that information from Sheryl allows Akira to set up a Batman Gambit and kill Katsuya, by forcing him to defend his teammates, leaving himself vulnerable.
  • In Rosario + Vampire, a slug monster blackmails Kurumu into dating her with some rather... candid photos he took of her. This works because Kurumu is noted to be very innocent, shy and chaste — as far as succubi go.
  • Rurouni Kenshin:
    • Tomoe Yukishiro took up the role to avenge her fiancé Akira Kiyosato, whom Kenshin killed. Too bad she ends up falling for him instead.
    • In RK Ibun: Ashitarō zenka ari, Asahi Kubota is forced to try befriending the titular Ashitaro solely to try getting from him a "treasure" that he had found between the Juppongatana's dissolution and being thrown in jail: Shishio's sword Mugenjin.
  • In Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Saber Rider himself hit it off with a beautiful girl who turned out to be this. He easily unmasked her, however, and later she died/was sent back to the Vapor Zone.
  • Genderflipped examples: the Amazon Trio from Sailor Moon. In either continuity they were in, they would first try to seduce or befriend their soon-to-be victims; when their targets rejected their advances, the Trio member at work would reveal himself as a villain and whip out the Mind Rape to try peeking into their victims' dreams.
  • As par for the course, Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei subverts this by introducing anime-obsessed fanboys who are so thoroughly engrossed in their love for all things 2D that they are, in fact, immune to the 3D allure of a honey trap.
  • In Skip Beat!, this becomes a major part of Saena Mogami's background. She was working on a high-profile case in her law firm and dating a guy named Misono, who was actually a spy sent by the opposing company to sabotage her case. He succeeded in stealing the case data and disappeared into the night, with nobody even knowing anyone called Misono to have existed, and Saena was left with her case ruined and her boss' reputation in shambles. And later learned she was pregnant by said honey trap. This is her reason why she was always abusive and cold towards Kyoko, seeing her as a living embodiment of shame and her greatest failure. She did end up leaving her with Sho's family because she thought it was the kindest thing she could do to her.
  • In SPY×FAMILY, as an undercover spy, Twilight will often sweet talk and even sleep with any woman who may prove useful in an operation. In Mission-01, after Twilight, who's going by the name Robert, steals and destroys some Blackmail material of an Ostanian politician that's useful to Westalis (his homecountry), he's on a date with the politician's daughter in a fancy restaurant, where she thinks he'll propose. However, Robert flat out tells her she's simply too dumb to hold a meaninful conversation and dumps her right there before walking out of the restaurant. In Mision-35, after a mission with fellow agent Nightfall, aka. Fiona Frost (who has a crush on Twilight), Twilight, who's now going by Loid Forger, takes Yor on a date to put her mind at ease. As the date progresses, Yor gets drunk and starts asking Loid if he loves Fiona, and Loid makes the assupmtion that Yor' s jealous because she's fallen in love with him, and for the sake of their (fake) marriage/Operation Strix, Loid decides to take advantage of the situation by telling her he's fallen in love with her as well and proposes that they should get married for real. It backfires when Yor's romatic inexperience, combined with the booze in her system, results in her getting nervous and kicking him in the face, which makes Loid think she rejected his advances, however when she sobers up the next morning, they clear up the situation.
  • Spy Of Darkness: This is Q-section's primary method of operation. This being a hentai, it seems that their mission statement includes bedding all of their targets prior to arresting/assassinating/interrogating them.
  • In Stepping on Roses, Soichiro married Sumi to set her up as one for his rival Nozomu, as well as to get his share of the family inheritance In a twist, Soichiro ended up falling for Sumi... and so did Nozomu - who went the Yandere way.
  • Mari Minami from the Vampire Princess Miyu manga, who seduced/befriended boys so her Shinma father could feed on their blood.
  • Wicked City:
    • At the very beginning, Renzaburou had a very detailed and hot sex scene with a beautiful High-Class Call Girl. It quickly became Fan Disservice when the woman turned out to be not just a Dark Action Girl sent to kill him... but a demon. More exactly, a spider woman with Vagina Dentata and all. Renzaburou barely escapes with his life and she swears revenge, becoming a major antagonist in the movie.
    • The Dirty Old Man working with Makie and Renzaburou is set up and almost killed by a beautiful prostitute who's actually a demon. It was a part of said old man's plan, tho.
  • In Wild Rock, the lakeside clan is getting all the wild game thanks to Emba, leaving the eastern forest clan hard up for food. Since Yuuen is useless at hunting, his father figures that if Yuuen pretends to be a woman he can convince Emba to give them some of the game he kills. Yuuen quickly feels guilty about the deception, but then it turns out he was doing a really poor job and Emba knew all along.

    Comic Books 
  • Black Widow: The Black Widow originally got her start as an Iron Man villain, sent by the Soviets to seduce him in order to learn his secrets. (In fact, this was pretty much her MO as a villain, and likely how she originally got her name, before pulling a Heel–Face Turn and joining S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Daredevil: Daredevil has been on both sides of this fence with Typhoid Mary. First, she was sent by Kingpin to seduce and later kill him, and would have done so except her "good" personality fell for him legitimately. Later, Matt got closer to her good side and had sex with her, then had the cops take her away before she woke up in the morning.
  • Disney Ducks Comic Universe: In the backstory of Back to the Klondike, Goldie invited Scrooge to dine with her and drugged his coffee to steal his gold. It's implied she had scammed other people the same way.
  • Nightwing: Dick Grayson has been both the target of a Honey Trap and a Honey Trap himself. He's a sucker for a beautiful woman, while at the same time being a natural charmer.
  • Sin City: Blue Eyes is a hired assassin that is used in this manner, although it seems that she could have been a more standard shoot-and-kill assassin but apparently really likes sex.
  • Star Wars: Shira Brie from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.
  • Supergirl: In the storyline Starfire's Revenge, the titular villain orders her conman Derek to romance Supergirl and then slip a depowering pill into her drink when she is distracted so they can get her killed.
  • Thunderbolts: In the Thunderbolts (2012) Annual, Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) and the Punisher (Frank Castle) go to Jotunheim and pick a fight with a horde of Frost Giants in order to get the attention of Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)—Flash's on-off girlfriend from when he was a member of the Secret Avengers. When she shows up to take them to Valhalla, she and Flash end up in bed together... which enables the Punisher to steal her magic sword Dragonfang and an Asgardian helmet. Flash is indignant to learn this was the plan all along, but the Punisher tells him to shut up, suit up, and get out before she wakes up.
  • Venom: In Venom (2003), Trish disguises herself as a scantily-clad cowgirl at a bar in order to infiltrate a S.H.I.E.L.D. squad sent to apprehend Eddie Brock, seduces one of the soldiers, murders him once they're alone, and then disguises herself as him using the Venom symbiote clone.
  • Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor occasionally acts as a date to get close to and feed misinformation to his targets, the first time in Sensation Comics #10 (1942) where he went on a number of dates with and acted the foolish drunk to "Dolly", an Axis spy. Wonder Woman is generally very displeased when he's called on to spy this way.
  • X-23:
    • Laura has used this at least once. On a pedophile. When her niece was kidnapped by a serial child killer, Sarah Kinney snuck the teenage Laura out of her cell on an unauthorized mission to look for her. Laura disguised herself as a girl scout to catch the killer's attention and distract him long enough to finish him off and rescue her cousin.
    • While shaking down some old contacts from the Facility while helping Hellion locate Mercury, who had been kidnapped for experimentation, Laura is shown dressed rather provocatively after throwing one of her targets from a window. While not explicitly stated, it's certainly suggested this was the manner she used to get close enough to interrogate him.
  • Zatanna:
    • Zatanna (2010):
      • Mikey dresses up in a revealing outfit (daisy dukes and a tight blouse with a bare midriff) in order to seduce Evil Puppeteer Oscar Hampel to find out what he did to Zatanna.
      • Yuki-onna (Who despite the name is a Succubus rather than a Yuki Onna) attempts to kill Zach by approaching him as a gorgeous woman and trying to lure him to an "intimate location". Zatanna manages to put a stop to her because she gets the chance.
    • Zatanna: Everyday Magic: Nimue pulls this off on Constantine, flirting and seducing him and once she has him on her bed, she puts a curse on him by biting his hand, marking him as a Human Sacrifice for a Trader demon.

    Comic Strips 
  • The government of China produced a comic strip on April 2016 in which a young and pretty Chinese woman dates a foreigner (who turns out to be a spy) who convinces her to release government secrets to him. It was made to warn Chinese women about dating foreigners.

    Fan Works 
  • All Assorted Animorphs AUs: "What if Jake seduced a sub-visser?" is about Jake asking out a high-ranking member of The Sharing on a date in order to learn about the Yeerks' plans.
  • In Avenger Goddess, when Diana comes to find Thor, Jane, Darcy and Selvig initially assume that she is basically intended to be one to Thor, playing on his ‘delusion’ of godhood, before she demonstrates that she genuinely is a goddess and proves that Thor is telling the truth about himself also.
  • best served cold (Nyame): A heroic example. The premise of the story is Laurel spending the five years between the sinking of the Gambit and Oliver's return seducing and marrying Malcolm in order to gather information she can use as evidence against him after finding out he was responsible for the former.
  • A crossover fic between Buffy and Stargate eventually has a small school built in Colorado to train the newly activated slayers with an injured Willow acting as the headmistress. Eventually, rumors begin circulating in the nearby town of a strange school near the Cheyenne Mountain base full of young attractive women with the most common theory being that it's a large-scale Honey Trap school set up by the military. *
  • In A.A. Pessimal's Discworld fics about the Guild of Assassins, the sultry and adventurous teacher Madame Emmanuelle-Marie Lapoignard les Deux-Epées attempts to teach an optional module to senior girls on Honey-Trap Techniques and Strategems. Her intention is to point out to her girls that if you think the way to a client's heart, (or indeed his kidneys, liver, or jugular vein) is through his stomach, then you are most assuredly aiming too high. The course was cancelled after several senior girls attempted to defect to the Seamstresses' Guild, and parents started complaining to the school management.
    • A sub-plot in Hyperemesis Gravidarum concerns what happens when people belonging to the diplomatic communities of two Embassies, representing countries locked in a bitter state of mutual hostility, try the Honey Trap on each other simultaneously. The two people involved decide they really like each other anyway and elect to have a damn good time, whilst the two Ambassadors collude in using it as an informal, reliable, and mutually beneficial channel of communications for sharing the sort of information that would prevent their nations ending up in a bloody and ruinous war. Again.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles, At one point, Solas accuses Evelyn to be this, thinking that she’s trying to offer herself to him to make him give up on trying to escape Ostwick Circle. She isn't and immediately chews him out for that accusation.
  • In The Fledgling Year, Gyneth is revealed to have been not only The Mole reporting back The Conspiracy, but also planning to seduce, marry, and eventually assassinate Archenland's crown prince.
  • In Harry Potter and the Paradigm Shift Tonks commented that Occluding while wanking was a required Auror skill because they might be called upon occasionally to get information horizontally and it would be bad if their "lover" was a Legilimens.
  • In the appropriately titled Miraculous Ladybug fic The Honey Trap by Mystic_Raven20, Marinette, after two heartbreaks, works in an agency carrying these out. Normally, it ends with the girl filmed making out with the husband, although sometimes, she would let him bring her home, where the tipped-off wife is waiting already.
  • Maidenless No Longer: Melina attempts this on the Tarnished, as she is worried he won't go along with her plan since he doesn't need her to turn runes into strength (because he's already as strong as he can possibly be). It... well, it doesn't make anything worse, but he was always planning on saving her, so it doesn't really change anything. Of course, then he starts seducing the rest of the female cast, and she wonders if she awakened some "horrible lusts" in him.
  • In the Girl Genius fic On Her Undying Majestys Secret Service, a reference to On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and so has a Bond Girl Expy in Melisande, which has a possibly false etymology relating it as the French version of Melissa, a name connected to the Latin for Honey, "Mel". And like many Bond Girls, she falls In Love with the Mark.
  • Rise of the Minisukas: General Taihou calls his plan to have Mana to seduce Shinji in order to extract Nerv's secrets out of him "Operation Honeytrap". Meanwhile, the Minisukas, who are planning to catch her and send her away from Shinji, call Mana by the codename "Red Honey".
  • In Rising of the Sleeping Soldier, when her attempt at joining Alucard's party fails, Malty breaks into his room and tries to sleep with him. He does not fall for it for a second, literally fetching Motoyasu just to get rid of her.
  • Ruin of the Yiga: Kogha thinks that his adoptive daughter (who is actually Zelda, The Princess Who Carries the Blood of the Goddess) can convince the chosen hero of the Goddess to defect to the side of evil. Neither Sooga nor Ruin are fully on board with that idea.
    Sooga: [dangerously calm] You want Ruin to seduce the Hylian Champion?
    Kogha: WHAT!? No! Not my sweet, precious baby! No, what's wrong with you? [to Ruin] Baby, if he touches you, you kill him. Go for the guts. You're too good for him.
    Ruin: [dazed] Thank you, papa.
    Kogha: I'm not telling you to seduce him. Just entice him. Be friendly. Let him know things are good here. That's all I'm saying.

    Film — Animation 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In Anaconda, Terri tries one of these on the manipulative Serone, who by then has pretty much taken over the whole expedition. Double Subverted, as it's so obvious (she has shown nothing but contempt for him up to that point) that Sarone knows immediately that they're trying to distract him to knock him out. He catches them and kisses her anyway, but gets knocked out by a second guy he didn't foresee.
  • The Assignment (1997). An American naval officer trained to become a Doppelgänger of terrorist Carlos the Jackal finds that his assignment involves sleeping with Carlos' ex-girlfriend. As he's Happily Married he's rather disturbed by this, whereupon Donald Sutherland's CIA character quips: "Don't think of it as cheating on your wife, think of it as fucking for your flag."
  • Several instances in Bad Company (1995) about a corporate espionage team that uses blackmail to gather information. In one instance they barge in waving a video camera on a middle-aged man having sex with a younger woman. Nothing unusual except the girl turns out to be his niece. Who later approaches the team asking where her money is.
  • Catherine Trammell in Basic Instinct arguably does this.
  • Bit: Duke lures a couple men into a back room with the promise of sex, then feeds on both fatally.
  • Bordello of Blood is a movie about a brothel, run by female vampires who eat their clients.
  • Breaking the Girls: Alex seduced Sara, and it turns out this was precisely to manipulate her into committing murder. However, this was actually Sara and Nina's plan—they were manipulating Alex the whole time.
  • In Call Me Bwana, Americans Matt and Frederica are sent to Africa to retrieve a space capsule with government secrets, and Soviet agent Luba is sent to seduce Matt so he'll lead her to the capsule. The plan falls apart after her High-Heel–Face Turn.
  • In The Film of the Book Clear and Present Danger, Felix Cortez, head of "Security and Intelligence" for Colombian drug lord Ernesto Escobedo, takes up the Honey Trap role himself in order to get information from Moira Wolfson, who is the personal secretary of the Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • In Clegg, Suzy uses herself as bait to lure Dirty Old Man Lord Cruikshank back to his hotel room where she murders him.
  • Jude (Miranda Richardson) is an IRA honeytrap in The Crying Game.
  • Cut to the Chase: Nola seduces Max to manipulate him into not realizing she's actually the one who'd taken Izzy, pointing him toward the Man (who'd been her boss and also after her) in hopes that he'd kill him.
  • The seemingly sweet and innocent female lead turned out to be this in the Plot Twist for the film Derailed 2005.
  • The Distinguished Gentleman: Jefferson Johnson, the protagonist, runs a scam in which he baits a prominent man with illicit sex, then has the woman's "husband" or "lover" show up and blackmail him with exposure — an old con known as the "badger game". Johnson takes it a step further by showing up in the guise of an FBI agent and arresting the "con artists". He'll hustle them right off to jail, but the mark is going to be subpoenaed as a witness. This, of course, is exactly what the mark doesn't want, so he "bribes" Johnson to keep his name out of the press.
  • The eponymous villain in Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine creates female robots who seduce rich men and steal their assets after marrying them.
  • In Drive a Crooked Road, gangster Steve Norris sends his girlfriend Barbara to manipulate Eddie Shannon into falling in love with her, and then persuade him to act as the Getaway Driver for the gang's bank robbery.
  • Escape to Athena: The headquarters of La Résistance is in the local whorehouse, with the girls being used for collecting secrets, and taking Germans prisoner when it's time to liberate the town.
  • The Exception: Brandt suspects this of his lover Mieke after she reveals she's with the Dutch resistance. Particularly it would make sense why Mieke had essentially leapt into sex with him, as he's a German officer. Mieke denies it however.
  • Femme Fatale (2002): Laure seduces the model with the jewels on her dress to steal them. She also later seduces Bardo and gets him to help her by doing so, then kills him when he's of no more use.
  • Flodder: In a famous scene from the first film, Daughter Kees seduces the Flodders' (married) neighbor in his garage so her brothers can record it to blackmail the neighbor, who's a car salesman.
  • The title character in Foxy Brown uses this trick on more than one occasion.
  • The Funhouse Massacre: At the start of the movie, Miss Quinn (aka, Eileen) seduces Warden Kane and briefly makes out with him... and then she kills him with a garrote wire so she can take his keys and free her father and several other Serial Killers from the asylum.
  • Future World (2018): Ash is used as one to seduce the Prince to overpower him, grab his gun and she hands him over at the Warlord's order.
  • The Reveal of Get Out (2017) is that Chris' girlfriend Rose Armitage is in on the scam to seduce young African-American men (and at least one woman) and bring them over to the family's secluded estate, so that they could be hypnotized into the "Sunken Place" and have most of their brain scooped out so that an old white person's brain/mind can inhabit their new body.
  • Used repeatedly in The Good Shepherd. By nearly every woman in the entire movie!
  • In Grand Slam, Jean-Paul Audry is a French playboy whose job it is to seduce Mary Ann; the executive secretary with the only key to the room with the safe holding the diamonds.
  • Head in the Clouds: Gilda works for British intelligence and the French Resistance through dating German officers, with her relationships providing her the means to glean information from them.
  • In High School U.S.A., Beau sends a pair of girls to seduce Archie and Chuckie and trick them into wrecking the Firebird.
  • In Highway to Hell, a female demon poses as Rachel and tries to have sex with Charlie as a distraction.
  • Dr. Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Notable in that she honey trapped both of the Joneses.
    • She was only partly successful in the case of the elder Dr. Jones, in that he slept with her, but did not, as he pointed out to his son, trust her (it helped that she talks in her sleep). Indy, on the other hand, fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
  • In the little-known 2006 film The Insurgents, a group of disillusioned Americans prepares to detonate a truck bomb in order to spark a revolution. In need of a driver for the truck, they set the one female of the group as the Honey Trap. The guy they find later turns out to have been a Honey Trap himself, sent by a government agency to infiltrate the group.
  • The Interview: Discussed. At great length, by many different characters, mostly in the form of a Spear Counterpart to this trope, which they called "Honeydicking".
  • The James Bond franchise has had a few of these, including Bond doing it himself on a couple of occasions.
    • In the Bond parody Casino Royale (1967), the daughter of the infamous Mata Hari is shown her mother's former bedroom, and marvels at how large the bed is. She's informed that the German army was rather large in those days.
    • The most notable example is From Russia with Love. Pretty Soviet cypher clerk Tatiana is ordered to seduce Bond as part of a KGB plan to give false information to the British. Unknown to her, her handler is actually working for SPECTRE, and the aim it to kill is to kill Bond in a manner that will embarrass MI6.
    • Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye is an assassin version; she's shown killing a man during sex so that her collaborators could steal his ID. Later she tries to do the same to Bond himself and he almost falls for it, if not for the fact that when she slaps her thighs around him toward the end of the fight, it seems to knock some sense into Bond (after all, Bond had discovered the body of the last unlucky person to get a good squeeze from Xenia).
    • A more prominent example would be Vesper's boyfriend, whose entire job is this. He seduces female agents and gets them to fall in love with him. He then "disappears" and his superiors (Quantum) then claim his life is in danger to force the female agent to sell secrets/help them. When Bond catches him in Quantum of Solace he's in the process of doing this to a Canadian agent.
    • Downplayed in Die Another Day; at the hotel in Hong Kong a masseuse is sent to Bond, compliments of the management. Bond starts making the moves on her, causing her to remark that she "isn't that kind of masseuse." Bond replies that he "isn't that kind of customer", then reaches down and grabs the gun strapped to her thigh. She's actually been sent to spy on him by the management (all Chinese intelligence), who are hiding behind a mirror in the room (it appears Bond's gotten a bit more cunning since From Russia with Love).
  • Jennifer's Body: Jennifer, once possessed, uses her sex appeal to seduce many boys so they'll go off with her somewhere secluded, then eats them alive.
  • The Jigsaw Man (1983) has a male version with a British agent dating the daughter of a double agent who defected to the Soviet Union, in case he gets in contact with her. On hearing that the defector has supposedly died (the KGB actually faked his death), his superior snarks that he can now screw her with a clean conscience.
  • Kenau: Magdalena goes to the Spanish camp to offer herself to Don Frederique, who she knew fancied her as he had already slept with her before thanks to her unscrupulous husband, to become a spy for the local defenders.
  • This is part of O'Ren's backstory in Kill Bill. Noticeably, it happened when she was eleven... because O-Ren used herself as an HT since the killer of her parents was not just a Yakuza lord but a pedophile. Before he could bone her, O-ren stabs him to death with his own katana, bitterly telling him to look at her face and realize her identity before he dies. She then pulls the sword out of the Dirty Old Man's stomach (and gets smeared with his blood), takes his gun, kills two of his bodyguards, and escapes.
  • This is explicitly described as one of the last tests for the recruits in Kingsman: The Secret Service. All three remaining recruits (yes, even the female) are told their goal for the night is to seduce and get to know, "in the biblical sense," the same young woman. It's a cover for the real test, which involves them being drugged, kidnapped, and interrogated about the Kingsman. The real test is if they'll give their lives for the organization, or spill their guts under threat of death.
  • Kiss Of The Vampire: Maia, a vampire, seduces and has sex with humans frequently whom she then feeds on afterward (she's shown biting a man right after the act in one case). She also does this with Xenia by proxy, presenting her with a human virginal young woman (knowing her weakness for them) then blackmailing her for feeding because Xenia's the leader of a Vegetarian Vampire group.
  • The Love Witch: Elaine easily uses her beauty and charms to lure men in who she then kills.
  • The Martian who dresses as a woman to get into the White House in Mars Attacks!.
  • M.F.A.: Noelle seduces most of her targets into getting in compromising positions so she can kill them.
  • Munich contains the line "beware the local Honey Trap" when the team is in London. The above comment is initially spoken as a joke by a married member of the Israeli team who turns her down not realising it's literally true — the woman is a female assassin setting them up for murder.
  • North By Northwest contains one who is also a Double Agent.
  • Patriot Games: Annette poses as a server at a bar where her boss O'Donnell meets with the rival IRA brigade commander Jimmy, then is next seen in bed with him at a motel. Before things can go further, she shoots him, as he's trying to stop O'Donnell and their cell.
  • In the French movie The Patriots (1994), a Mossad team is hoping to recruit a married nuclear scientist, so an agent befriends him under the guise of a jet-setting businessman. First, he invites the man on an outing with a couple of pretty girls but warns his team that "sluts will scare him off", so nothing untoward happens. Later, however, he entices the man to try a High-Class Call Girl that he's paying for, and their tryst is recorded and used for blackmail material when the scientist has second thoughts. There are male versions of this trope as well; at the end of the movie the protagonist (who's thinking of writing an expose of Mossad) finds that his sister has now acquired a handsome Israeli boyfriend...
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Elizabeth Swan, where she thanks and kisses Jack Sparrow for coming back to save them. As they near a mast, she deliberately chains him; this is because the Kraken is after Jack only, so she decides that Jack be trapped and eaten instead of the entire crew.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: In the London Chase Scene, Jack takes cover inside a wealthy older lady's carriage, and immediately leans over to smooch her behind the ear before resuming his escape. She's apparently not displeased by this event... until she realizes that he's just fled with her jewelled earring in his mouth!
  • Polar has a team of professional assassins called the A-Team, including Sindy whose job it is to keep the mark distracted so her colleagues can sneak up and kill him while they're having sex.
  • Red Wolf, a "Die Hard" on an X-type film set on a luxury cruiser. The ship's lounge singer, Elaine, seduces the Captain (after the ship's First Mate offers to set his boss on a date) only to suddenly hold the Captain at gunpoint, and when the Captain tries fleeing his exit is blocked by the First Mate. Turns out the First Mate and Elaine are a Big Bad Duumvirate and lovers spearheading a terrorist organization, and they're after the secret Plutonium stash in the cargo bay, but things quickly goes out of control.
  • Implementing a Honey Trap is the point of one of the Farm's tests in The Recruit.
  • Red Sparrow: The Sparrows, who are highly trained to seduce targets and manipulate them into really believing it.
  • The image is from the 1985 TV movie Secret Weapons.
  • Sheroes: Diamond seduces Jasper to have sex with him and search his room afterward. Later as well she seduces Koon so he can be kidnapped by her and her friends.
  • The Siege (1998). CIA agent Elise Kraft is asked by her Arab informer whether she's sleeping with him as part of this trope. She jokes that she had to get special permission from her superiors first.
  • Sky High (2005) has a PG-rated version, and a rare instance of the villain herself doing this. Gwen Grayson, aka the Super Villain Royal Pain, becomes Will's girlfriend to get access to his house — and from there, his superhero parents' Secret Sanctum and the Pacifier weapon they have stored there.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022): Rachell's new husband-to-be turns out to be an undercover GUN agent meant to inflitrate the family so they can spy on Sonic, who was adopted by Rachell's sister Maddie. The whole operation is codenamed "Operation Catfish", to Rachell's complete outrage. That said, the secret agent did actually fall in love, even though he states the first rules of undercover work is not to do that.
  • Mae Monroe in The Specialist acts as a honeytrap while seeking revenge for the murder of her parents.
  • The Suicide Theory features Brad, a handsome bartender who flirts with male bar patrons and invites them back to his apartment for sex—only to call in some thugs to beat the shit out of them for being gay. After he pulls this on Percival, however, Percival's friend Steve hunts him down, kills his thugs, and shoots Brad in the groin.
  • In Surf Ninjas, Ro-May says something in Patusani in order to entice two armed guards into the dense foliage. After a bit of disbelief, they follow her only to be quickly beaten up by Johnny.
Johnny: "What did you say to them?"
Ro-May: "You'll find out on our honeymoon."
  • Theresa & Allison: Theresa is seduced by a woman, only learning she's a vampire when the latter bites her while they're having sex. After becoming a vampire herself, Theresa had seduced many women then fed on them once they'd become vulnerable.
  • They/Them (2022): Gabriel seduces Stu and they have sex, only for it to be revealed he was in cahoots with the camp staff, flushing out LGBT+ teens who need more aversion therapy in their view.
  • Toomorrow: When Williams learns that Vic is having problems with his girlfriend Amy, he sends another alien, Johnson, in disguise as a hot girl to seduce him. It doesn't work, because just as they're about to have sex, Amy shows up, saying she wants to talk about their relationship, and the two make up.
  • The movie Traffic (2000) contains a homosexual Honey Trap as part of an elaborate drug scheme.
  • In Tsogt Taij, the Tibetans are desperate as the armies of Mongolian prince Tsogt Taij approach Lhasa. Too weak to resist the Mongolians militarily, they hit upon the idea of sending a sexy Tibetan princess to Tsogt's son, Arslan Taij, who is leading his father's advance army. It works beautifully. Arslan, who has a bad habit of thinking with his wiener, falls in love with the hot princess, submits to the Dalai Lama at her urging, and calls off the attack on Lhasa.
  • Under the Skin: The alien takes the form of a highly attractive woman, who uses her looks to lure men into a strange location where they're killed (apparently to eat).
  • We Are the Night: After being discovered in a pool after hours by security guards, Nora and Louise entice them into the water with the implicit promise of sex. Though Louise promises Lena they won't be harmed, first Nora fatally drains one man's blood and then Charlotte cuts the other's throat.
  • The White Orchid: The White Orchid turns out to be one. She seduces men and women to kill them or take their money.
  • X-Men Film Series

  • In the late 16th/early 17th-century Japanese short story Akimichi, the title character sends his wife to sleep with the man who murdered his father as part of a plan for revenge. However, things don't quite go as planned.
  • Lale's mission in The Assassins of Tamurin.
  • In the Backstrom novel He Who Kills the Dragon, a shady big-time art dealer who relies on Bäckström for "little services", (ie, corrupt favours) arranges him a high-class escort for the night as a "thank-you". Bäckström, vain, egotistical, and with an exaggerated belief in his own pulling power, believes the beautiful woman who picks him up in the hotel bar and takes him home is genuinely attracted to him and finds him irresistible. It doesn't occur to him for one second that she's been paid for and it's a Honey Trap to drag him deeper into corruption. note 
  • This is what water nymphs do in Below, taking the guise of an ideal woman to match their target's desires, then getting close enough to sting them unconscious and rob them. Lila is obliged to try it on two men at once, one of whom is a better liar and has enough lore to figure out what she is.
  • Older Than Feudalism: The Bible has Delilah, who is supposed to find out the secret of Samson's strength so the Philistines can defeat him.
    • A heroic example is Judith, who seduced the general of Nebuchadnezzar Holofernes, got him drunk, and beheaded him when she got the chance, saving the city.
  • Jacky in the Bloody Jack series is forced to be one of these during the Napoleonic wars as an alternative to being hanged for piracy. She manages to escape with her virginity miraculously intact.
  • The Brethren has the homosexual blackmail version; three small-time scammers accidentally hook a man the CIA is vetting to become a Presidential candidate.
  • Happens in several books by John Ringo. Notably in Cally's War.
  • The primary scam of the Wendells in Centennial. Referred to as the "Badger Game", Maude would seduce a man and bring him to their bedroom while Mervin was supposedly to be out of town. Mervin would "return unexpectedly" and threaten to shoot the man trying to sleep with his wife, who would be more than willing to negotiate for his life and reputation. Worked perfectly with the local Minister, from whom they obtained a free house. The second attempt ultimately made them millionaires, although their target ended up dead, he had a satchel of cash on him.
  • The Chronicles of Dorsa: The prostitutes in the brothels which exist within the port of Persepos. As sailors who land come and have sex with them, they get vulnerable, then infected by shadows to enslave them for use as breeding slaves. Akella specifically refers to them as "honeypot traps".
  • Felix Cortez in Clear and Present Danger is a former Cuban intelligence officer working for the Medellin drug cartel who seduces the secretary of the FBI director. It doesn't last long as the cartel doesn't realize the potential they have and break Cortez's cover by assassinating the director. Cortez escapes but is enraged by their stupidity. Cortez also recalls being trained at the KGB's own academy in Moscow, which included a class on honey traps, and the irony of Russians trying to lecture a Latin man about romantic entanglements.
  • Cradle Series: Akura Mercy is mortified when she realizes that her mother Malice (quite literally one of the most powerful people in the world) expected her to seduce her friend Lindon to keep him close to the family. Of course, Malice is far from short-sighted, and makes it clear that she would accept nearly anything, so long as Lindon is under control. The point of the tongue-lashing is that Mercy is being Lindon's actual friend, instead of tying him and Yerin to the family with various debts.
    Malice: I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: your friends have grown too powerful to remain free. I will shower them in glory and power... but they will be mine.
  • In Cryptonomicon, Lawrence Waterhouse, while monitoring radio signals in Qwghlm, believes his host's maid is a honey trap (although he is happy to let her seduce him).
    • And she is.
      von Hackelheber: I learned, through some of our agents in the British Isles, that a man matching the general description of Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse had been stationed to a castle in Outer Qwghlm. I was able to arrange for a young lady to place this man under the closest possible surveillance. His security precautions were impeccable, and so we learned nothing directly. In fact, it is quite likely that he knew that the young woman in question was an agent, and so took added precautions.
  • Jacqueline from The Day of the Jackal, a girlfriend of a late OAS member, starts a relationship with a high-ranking French official to gain information that helps the Jackal.
  • In "The Devil in Iron", the plan to catch Conan the Barbarian revolves around the slave Octavia alluring him, and then making him think she's escaped.
    "Then, shortly after the parley, before he has time to forget all about her, we will send a messenger to him, under a flag of truce, accusing him of stealing the girl and demanding her return. He may kill the messenger, but at least he will think that she has escaped.
    "Then we will send a spy — a Yuetishi fisherman will do — to the kozak camp, who will tell Conan that Octavia is hiding on Xapur. If I know my man, he will go straight to that place."
    "But we do not know that he will go alone," Jehungir argued.
    "Does a man take a band of warriors with him, when going to a rendezvous with a woman he desires?" retorted Ghaznavi.
  • In the Dirk Pitt Adventures novel Vixen 03, a senator tries to blackmail Congresswoman Loren Smith with some photos he had taken of a hot date she had with Dirk Pitt. Unfortunately, he offended the photographer, who told the story to Dirk. Dirk's response was to tell the senator that unless he destroyed the negatives and dropped the issue, Dirk would introduce the photographer to his father - Senator Pitt, head of the Senate Ethics Committee. Since the career damage to the senator of being caught red-handed in attempted blackmail was far greater than the damage he could inflict on Loren by exposing that an unmarried Congresswoman is having a consensual sexual relationship with an unmarried man who is well above the age of consent, he folds.
  • Parodied in the Discworld novel Making Money, when the middle-aged Pucci Lavish tries it on Moist von Lipwig. She is overweight, rather dim, and dresses in a manner that might be attractive on a woman one-third her size (provided that said woman was a particular stunner to begin with), After running like hell, Moist concludes that it would have to be a very strange jury that believed he'd be attracted to her. (And then Coppers Fred Colon and Nobby Nobbs, who had been watching the whole thing, comment that he must have been losing his touch - after all, he jumped into a random coach without checking it out first.)
  • Genderflipped in Don Quixote, where a young man asks his best friend to try seducing his wife in hopes of testing how faithful she is to him. Needless to say, it goes From Bad to Worse very fast.
  • Dragonvarld: Evelina, a pretty teenage girl about Ven's age whose father robbed him, easily charms him into going off with her alone to supposedly get back the money he stole. It's revealed she has been the honey trap often in robberies or con jobs her father pulled before as well.
  • Dune:
    • This is the Bene Gesserit's standard modus operandi. They're a little unusual in that they mostly do this using known Bene Gesserit, usually solicited by the target as a mistress or wife. The reason this works is that it's been going on so long that there's clear evidence implying people are better off having a Bene Gesserit "bride". This is because the Order is playing such a long game, for a sufficiently high stake (uncontested permanent domination of humanity) they have no interest in the profits from petty blackmail and ensure information flows enough to somewhat benefit their "marks". This also eases any loyalty issues among their agents. (Of course, if they can't get somebody in overtly...)
    • In God-Emperor of Dune, the Ixian's scheme to derail Leto II's Golden Path was to remind him of his humanity by presenting him with the perfect woman for him. They started by genetically engineering an Opposite-Sex Clone of their ambassador Malky, one of the only people who seemed to understand Leto II. Then they raised her for her entire life in a chamber shielded from prescience to ensure Leto II wouldn't be able to predict her arrival. Finally, they used Malky's knowledge of Leto II to raise her to be empathetic enough to appeal to Leto II's lingering desire for a connection with another human being. When the Ixians presented Hwi Noree as their new ambassador to Leto II, Leto II immediately felt Love at First Sight for her and proposed marriage. Even when he became aware of the Honey Trap scheme, he couldn't bring himself to reject Hwi.
  • Done with a twist in Enchantressnote . A slave trader sells a female slave to an innkeeper in the Saxon British Isles. The goal is for the slave to spread tales of the luxury and wonder of the East, so that the next year when the trader comes around, young women will be willing to go with him into slavery.note 
  • In Tom Holt's Expecting Someone Taller, Wotan sets one of these for Malcolm Fisher, sending his daughter, the Valkyrie Ortlinde to try to seduce Malcolm into giving up the ring.
  • The Firm plays this trope straight with the main character.
  • The Mossad have a male agent seduce the secretary of a banker in order to gain access to his files in the novel The Fist of God. Also, in the same novel, an Iraqi high class-escort uses her skills to get information out of her mark, a general in the Iraqi Army, which she then passes on to the head of a rival Iraqi intelligence service.
  • In the Gentleman Bastard series, the expert thief and confidence trickster Sabetha offers her thoughts on the trope as a strategy for finishing a job. She also briefly gets Locke out of the picture by getting him to kiss her on a spot where she had drugged her skin.
    "Woman convinces man to impale himself on his own hard-on. There's a very old story!"
  • Getting Even by George Hayduke (it's a multi-volume work, so it might be volume two or three), describes the following (this is from memory so it's slightly paraphrased):
    Get a good-looking girl and an equally-together guy who can pass for a girl with some help. Have the two seduce the target, and take both of them back to his room. The real girl should distract the guy, while the other "girl" removes "her" skirt and panties. At some point after this, you should rush into the room with a camera. Alternatively, you can set up an infrared camera, to take pictures without him finding out.
  • Girls Don't Hit: Joss seduces people when useful for becoming close with her target, and notes that men are especially easy, rarely thinking twice about allowing women into their houses.
  • Gender inversion in the Gor series: Male slaves to trap free women into slavery.
  • The Han Solo Trilogy: Bria works undercover after joining the Corellian Resistant by her cozying up to high-ranking Imperial officials (from an admiral to a Moff) so she can get information from them. However, unlike in many cases it doesn't include having sex with them- one uses her as cover (since it's implied he only finds Human Aliens attractive) while others simply want eye candy on their arms since they're older men, to make others from their generation jealous.
  • Hover Car Racer: No sex is involved, but Jason's rivals, Xavier Xonora and Barnaby Becker, persuade Xavier's beautiful cousin Dido to pose as one of Jason's fans so he'll go on dates with her and tell her about his strategies and weaknesses, after which she reports back to Xavier and Barnaby.
  • The Innsmouth Legacy. The FBI get admittance to Miskatonic University by blackmailing a professor who enjoys forcing his attentions on his Negro maids. So the FBI provide him with a maid who works for them as an informant.
  • John Rain: A variation in The Detachment. A hit team has a hidden camera in the hotel of their target and see him having sex with an escort girl, so Dox rings the target up and pretends to be a blackmailer running a badger game to lure the target out of the room to somewhere quiet where he can make the payoff, but actually to be murdered.
  • The Little Drummer Girl is about a woman recruited by Mossad to act as a honey trap for a terrorist. In the film's coda, we see another terrorist have his throat cut by a male Mossad agent who's in bed with him.
  • In one Lord Darcy story, a female spy tries it with the main character. Works both ways, with him mainly feeding her misinformation - and taking his time with it.
    • Another story mentioned a decorated Naval Captain who was forced to resign when it was discovered that his mistress was a Polish spy, though Naval Intelligence was never able to prove that he had ever told her anything classified, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • In Lust Caution, a Chinese university student working for a Nationalist resistance cell during World War II is instructed to seduce a high-ranking member of the pro-Japanese occupation government in order to enable his assassination.
  • One of Lieutenant Vulpes's assignments in The Mirador is to seduce Felix. He succeeds, but given that Felix "has a rather... casual attitude towards sex" (Mehitabel), it doesn't go as planned.
  • In "Money With Menaces" by Frederick Forsyth, a short story from the No Comebacks collection, a clerk at an insurance company is blackmailed by exactly this scheme.
  • Becomes a Discussed Trope in The Nightmare Stacks when the Laundry becomes aware that a spy from an alternate universe is making moves on math geek-turned-vampire Laundry operative Alex Edwards. They don't tip off Alex in the hope that the spy might be swayed over to their side. She does fall for him and much prefers living on Earth, but her defection is also based on pragmatic concerns as she realizes the planned Alien Invasion has no way of succeeding.
  • Backstory of No Deals, Mr. Bond had MI-6 setting up several agents made from the children of undercover agents in East Germany to seduce several targets under the pretense of getting information, but it was actually a ruse to secure two powerful figures for defection.
  • In No Good Deed..., Elsabeth Soesten is hired to spy on Lord Cuncz, the Baron of Leyen, to determine his part in a conspiracy against the local Prince-Bishop. Needing a way into his castle to search for any incriminating evidence, she settles on this approach to gain access upon hearing rumors from a couple of townsfolk of young local women being taken to him for the night before being returned the next morning. It's ultimately subverted, however. It turns out that Elsabeth's and Hieronymus's Mysterious Employer is actually Cuncz himself, who is setting up his co-conspirator for his own ends, and he wants her to find the papers. So Cuncz plays along and seduces her by letting Elsabeth think she's seducing him by playing along with his attempts to seduce her. The real kicker is that none of this is even necessary to his plans at all; Cuncz just goes with it to take advantage of the opportunity to bed her!
  • The Reluctant King: Jorian seduces Princess Yargali, who's the Kist's guardian, so she's distracted while it's stolen (although he needs little encouragement as Yargali's highly attractive to him).
  • The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.: The time-traveling DODO organization recruits "diachronic operatives" ("DOers") to send out into other time periods and achieve various objectives. They're organized into various skill sets, one of which is specialized in seduction.
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms
    • Diao Chan was dispatched by her adoptive father to sow mistrust between Dong Zhuo and his right-hand man/adopted son, Lu Bu. It might have been the Ur-Example if prostitution and espionage hadn't claimed the titles of the world's oldest and second-oldest professions respectively.
    • Originally, Sun Shangxiang's wedding to Liu Bei was meant to be one of these. However, thanks to Zhuge Liang's machinations, it becomes a legitimate wedding and ends with Liu Bei in a better position than before.
  • Sherlock Holmes:
    • Beryl Garcia-Stapleton is forced into this role by her husband Jack Stapleton in The Hound of the Baskervilles, by posing as his sister in order to seduce Sir Henry Baskerville, although she refused the latter even after physical violence. He also tricked the disinherited and desperate Laura Lyons into writing the letter that would leave Henry's old uncle Sir Charles defenseless enough to succumb to Stapleton's lethal plans.
    • Also, gender-inverted in both "Charles Augustus Milverton" and "The Retired Colourman,":
      • In the first, Holmes masquerades as a plumber and courts the maid of a blackmailer to gain her trust to get her to give him information about her boss's house and help Holmes sneak in. Watson highly disapproves of this, Holmes isn't exactly thrilled either but is happy to say the maid has another lover who will most assuredly ensure she's not left broken-hearted.
      • In the latter, Holmes sends Watson on a fact-finding mission, and is then irritated and even perturbed that Watson didn't think to seduce any of the female neighbors of their client to get information out of them, pointing out that to forgo such an avenue of investigation is a waste of Watson's "natural advantages." Holmes apparently just doesn't learn. (Watson was presumably a widower again at this point in the timeline. From the text, Watson either refused to dignify Holmes's suggestion with a reply, or his response was such that it had to be omitted from the story.)
  • The Silerian Trilogy: Elelar's espionage work is done almost entirely through seducing powerful men, then getting useful information from their loose lips after she becomes their mistress.
  • Smiley's People, Otto Leipzig does this to Oleg Kirov, who, to use Connie Sachs' phrase, "walked in with his eyes wide shut."
  • Swan's Braid & Other Tales of Terizan: In "Swan's Braid" Terizan decides to have sex with Swan after seeing she only beds slender brunettes, fitting the description herself. Afterward, she can steal Swan's braid. However, it turns out Swan anticipated something like this and she catches Terizan in the act.
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy plays with this trope. When The Mole knows George Smiley is beginning to suspect him, he seduces Smiley's wife (who is already known by all to be repeatedly unfaithful) and makes sure everyone at work knows, so that any accusation Smiley makes against him will be disregarded as retribution.
  • Chauvelin hires Theresias for this purpose in The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Theresias first asks her would-be employers if they're not worried about her Becoming the Mask.
  • Victoria features a Rare Male Example, with a Camp Gay boy in drag seducing and blackmailing a senior politician. The mark is not homosexual; he was simply taken in because the guy's, er, fieldcraft was just that good.
  • In The War Of Don Emmanuels Nether Parts'', the eponymous character is 'enlightened' enough to take all the village whores for a medical check-up every month and supplies antibiotics to those that don't pass (in an era before AIDS). When the village is attacked and one of the whores has syphilis she is sent to infiltrate the officer class. Who suddenly find a pressing need to return to the capital with its military clinics. The 'fighting over the girl' part only happens once the entire group finds each other in the clinic waiting room.
  • The Wheel of Time: After swearing fealty to The Chosen One Rand, Lady Colavaere secretly sends several agents to provide female companionship to him, in hopes that one will become his bedmate and feed her compromising intelligence. Defied by Rand, who not-so-subtly scares them off; and by Aviendha, who eventually beats Colavaere until she promises to stop.
  • In Where the Crawdads Sing, Kya watches female fireflies flash their mating signal. One of them suddenly switches to the signal of another species, and when a male of that species flies over to mate with her, she grabs and eats him.

    Live-Action TV 
  • One of these appears in a 1000 Ways to Die case, seducing the political candidate that was The Rival to her boss and then siccing the press on him to ruin his career. She then dies when she develops a fatal allergy that causes her a brain aneurysm through... sneezing too strongly.
  • The honeytrap trick is used many times in 24, most memorably by Mandy.
  • In Alias Sydney's mother Laura/Irina Derevko was an elaborate trap set up by the Russians to gain info on Project Christmas.
  • The Americans. Soviet sleeper agents Philip and Elizabeth Jennings both use seduction as a means to cultivate assets.
  • Arrow. In Season 3, Thea Queen spends several episodes being hit on by a handsome and cocky DJ she's hired for her nightclub, whom she eventually takes to her bed. He's actually a member of the League of Assassins and Thea barely escapes with her life.
  • Battlestar Galactica:
    • Caprica Six uses this to get into Baltar's head (and, er, other parts) to steal the codes for the defence network, enabling the Cylons to wipe out the Twelve Colonies. She regrets it.
    • Gina Inviere seems to have been doing this with Admiral Cain. Then she was found out. And found herself the prisoner of her mark. On a ship full of survivors of a genocidal massacre perpetrated by her side. She was in for a predictably unpleasant time.
  • Through flashbacks, we find out in The Big Bang Theory that Leonard's very short-term Asian girlfriend Joyce Kim was actually a North Korean spy trying to get more info about Leonard's government work.
  • The Bill featured several storylines about women acting as honeytraps, including a gang of prostitutes who lured wealthy businessmen to hotel rooms before drugging them and stealing their money and laptops, and a gangster's girlfriend who picked up men in nightclubs; she and her girlfriends then robbed them.
  • Various villains in Buffy the Vampire Slayer use the honeytrap trick, Darla being a notable example.
    • Faith likes to pull this one in reverse on the vampires.
  • A variation in the Blue Bloods episode "Lonely Hearts Club". Danny and Jackie use the tactics of an anti-prostitution sting (female cop, Jackie in this case, poses as a prostitute) in order to catch a Serial Killer preying on High Class Call Girls.
  • In The Borgias, Pascal, a young man that Micheletto falls in love with, is actually a spy for Caterina Sforza and was sent to seduce Micheletto because of how close to Cesare he is. Unfortunately for him, they find out he's sending messages to Caterina's other agents, and he's eventually killed.
  • In the Burn Notice episode "Seek and Destroy" Fiona picks up the Villain of the Week's hitman in a bar, in order to mess with the VOTW's head. Michael's commentary explains that being a honey trap isn't actually as easy as it looks.
    "Most men have a sense for when a pickup is going too well. If it's too easy, they get suspicious. If it's too hard, they move on."
    ... and ...
    "Once an operative has a guy on the hook, she needs backup to make sure things don't go too far. The proper sedative for cocktail hour ensures an early evening. Chloral hydrate is a mild but effective choice. ...So long as the target's interested in drinking it." (cue the target actually trying to follow through with Fi, who inflicts Grievous Bottley Harm to subdue him)
  • In Chris Ryan's Strike Back, a female medical NCO seduces John Porter, a SAS man who has been reactivated to help in the rescue of a journalist. It's revealed to him that she works for Section 20, the section of the Secret Intelligence Service he is working with, in a "honey trap" role. Layla, another Section 20 officer, states that they felt Porter was suffering from "self-esteem issues" including "sexual inadequacy". Basically, he needed to have sex.
  • In the Chuck universe, almost every female (and the majority of male) spy are trained in the art of seduction. This includes the heroine, Sarah. Indeed, it's how Sarah meets Chuck in the first episode. Being trained in seduction doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any good at it, however: Casey is so bad at it, he failed the class twice.
  • Colony: Red Hand's female operatives use seduction to make men do things they wouldn't ordinarily do, such as suicide bombings.
  • Control Z: Sofia uses the hacker's feelings for her in the end to provoke a confession.
  • Coronation Street: Jez Quigley trapped Steve McDonald by getting a pretty girl to flirt with him and lead him to an empty car park.
  • Counterpart (2018): Clare gets Baldwin vulnerable by sleeping with her, stealing Baldwin's gun and allowing a hitman in. Baldwin survives despite this.
  • Cracker episodes "To Say I Love You" and "True Romance" both have female murderers who use sex to entrap their victims.
  • Dark Desire: Darío only seduced Alma to get near her husband Leonardo, who he wants revenge on for prosecuting Darío's father (whom he's convinced firmly was railroaded). However, he later falls for her legitimately.
  • In Doctors, an old friend of Julia's asked her to try to seduce her fiancé to prove he was loyal. Unfortunately, Julia got the wrong man.
  • A variation of this in Eastenders where Billy meets his future wife (called honey) after meeting her in a honey trap to check if somebody's husband is faithful. Honey got confused and mistook Billy for the person she was meant to be checking on so plenty of misunderstanding there.
  • Elementary: In Season 3's "Terra Pericolosa", Sherlock masquerades as a fawning college girl who would love to get a look at the suspect's collection of rare Americana:
    Sherlock: I am an obsequious American history major who's been fawning over his collection. I enjoy water sports and people who don't suck.
    Watson: You're a honey trap.
    Sherlock: I'm a patriot.
  • Emmerdale. When the Dingles wanted revenge on Scott Windsor they got stripper Chastity Dingle to lure him to an empty building with the promise of sex where they kidnapped him.
  • Farscape: Chiana is always flirting with some guy to provide a distraction for the team or get important information. Surprisingly, Sikozu also pulls one in the same trilogy, getting one of the space station employees to trust her so she can get into the system and assist in their escape.
  • Doron in Fauda flirts with (and begins dating) a Palestinian doctor who is — somewhat distantly — related to a Hamas guerrilla he's tracking. One notable scene has him (Doron) bugging her phone, pretending to add her number to ask her out.
  • Saffron from Firefly, for her own criminal ends. It helps that she has received training as a professional Companion somewhere in her Mysterious Past.
  • First Kill: Elinor is a beautiful young woman, easily luring men or women into getting alone with her before she feeds on them fatally.
  • The Fixer. Rose Chamberlain was thrown out of the police for trying this tactic, which was deemed "entrapment". She continues to use it to gather information for the protagonists in the series.
  • A French Village: Marguerite seduces a German soldier to get his key for the radio room so Lucienne will sabotage it.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Osha uses her femininity to put one of the ironborn off his guard to slit his throat and also uses this to distract Theon via hanky-panky long enough for her and the boys to slip out. She attempts this on Ramsay, with disastrous results.
    • Melisandre uses this to get away with restraining Gendry.
      Davos: If you mistrust fancy people so much, why were you in such a hurry to trust her?
      Gendry: You're me. Never been with a woman. Never talked to a woman, really. And then she comes at you with big words, no clothes.
      Davos: She does know her way around a man's head, I'll give her that.
    • Sansa Stark is a non-blatantly sexual version, as she's offered as a wife to Ramsay Bolton to help solidify the Boltons' rule of the North by including the Starks again. The real purpose is to get her close enough to take revenge, which she does, but not before suffering horribly.
    • White Rat falls victim to one when a prostitute he sees regularly sells him out to the Sons of the Harpy.
  • On Gilligan's Island, Ginger was sometimes a PG-rated version of this when Mr. Howell was being a Jerkass, using her to coerce Gilligan with her charms to pry information out of him or getting him to agree to something. It worked on at least one occasion, but on another, it didn't (because the Skipper interrupted her attempt and told Gilligan to stop listening; he did, at which point the Skipper told Ginger, "You can go tell Mr. Howell it didn't work!"
  • Sue from Glee did this to Principal Figgins in order to get her job back.
  • In one episode of Grimm, a Wesen who can shift genders at will (with a Split Personality between the two) has a variant on the con trick; the female side seduces a man, then shifts to their male self in the bathroom and barges into the room through another door claiming to be a jealous husband. The victim offers cash in return for being allowed to escape, which the Wesen naturally accepts. It all goes wrong when a victim returns for his cell phone and sees them leaving in female form.
  • Hanna: Hanna goes out with Abbas to get close so she can assassinate him. She has no intention of doing so however, faking his death instead while hiding Abbas in a safe house. They later develop real feelings for each other and have a relationship.
  • On Heroes, Noah (while still a Company agent) sends Elle Bishop to seduce Gabriel Gray/Sylar to encourage the development of his powers. Then the whole thing goes belly up when Gabriel discovered she lied to him about not having powers.
  • Hightown:
    • Frankie Cuevas Sr. has his girlfriend Renee act like she's willingly turned informant to Ray, and gets involved with him. Eventually she uses this to record her giving him oral sex on tape, ruining Ray's investigation, and he's suspended.
    • In Season 3 Sarah, an undercover state trooper, begins seeing criminal Owen Frawley to infiltrate his uncle's syndicate.
  • Stacey Monroe from Hustle frequently acts as a honey trap during con tricks.
    • Also, her replacement, Emma Kennedy, from season 5 onwards.
  • Both sides use these in Hogan's Heroes, although given the show's rating it's only limited (onscreen, at least) to makeout sessions. Hogan himself could be considered a male honey trap, given his tendency to seduce even the women of the Gestapo. It's also used by Fraulein Richter on Frau Linkmeyer's fiancee, to discredit him and make it look like he was having an affair before the wedding.
  • In From the Cold:
    • Anya served as one to get information the SVR needed, by becoming close with a spy's daughter, plus her friend Su-Yin, tempting him with the lure of a threesome so he does her favors.
    • Later, as Jenny, she does the same thing with a criminal, including having sex but it appalls her after doing so.
  • In the Canadian series Intelligence (2006), the Vancouver Organized Crime Unit routinely uses escorts from a local agency for the espionage version of this. One of the subplots involves an escort eventually becoming an important source of information on a huge corporate conspiracy the man she seduced is involved in.
  • In the Dark: Sterling turns out to be one, as she's got a girlfriend already but gets into a relationship with Jess (her girlfriend's actually ordered it) as a spy to ensure she and her friends obey the gang's commands.
  • Iron Fist (2017). In "The City's Not For Burning", Joy Meachum encourages a Congressman's wife to seduce Davos so she can be blackmailed. Though she's an attractive woman, Davos finds the idea distasteful and their sex scene is played for Fan Disservice.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, being about sex crimes, features more than its share of this trope. Additionally, both female and male detectives have acted as the Honey Trap themselves in order to get suspects to lower their guard and incriminate themselves.
  • On Leverage, this role is usually filled by the Ambiguously Brown Sophie. Though occasionally Parker does this role, although she isn't as effective and Hates Being Touched.
    • ''Leverage'" also featured an episode where they faked a nonexistent Honey Trap to claim that a Senate seat was going to be vacant.
  • Mentioned by name in Life On Mars; a prostitute asks Sam Tyler for police protection, then drugs him, rapes him, and takes photos so he'll stay in line.
  • In the Lost episode "The Economist," Sayid and Elsa both play Honey Trap for each other. It doesn't work out for either of them, but they do seem to enjoy themselves along the way.
    • Later on in "He's Our You", Sayid falls victim to this at the hands of Ilana the bounty hunter.
  • Lovecraft Country: Ji-Ah, being a gorgeous young woman, easily leads men to their doom by simply offering them sex, which they quickly accept and then are not just murdered but have their souls devoured too.
  • The Chilean reality show Manos al fuego is all about this trope, as it's about people (generally women) who test the fidelities of their significant others (generally men) by contacting the showrunners and asking them to send out attractive people out to use all their sex appeal to seduce them.
  • Merlin:
    • There's a subversion. After her kingdom is invaded, Princess Mithian seeks out King Arthur's help to rescue her father - though she's actually being coerced by a disguised Morgana to lure Arthur out into the wilderness where his enemies lie in wait. Although Mithian is a) attractive and b) Arthur's ex-fiancé, neither (rather oddly) is referred to or made out to be a factor in why Arthur chooses to help her. It's this trope played along the lines of Damsel in Distress instead of Femme Fatale, with Mithian used as bait to play on Arthur's altruism rather than his hormones.
    • Played straight in the series finale with Gwaine and Eira, yet another of Morgana's Camelot allies. Gwaine does pick up on it after her first betrayal, though, and uses her to feed Morgana false information.
  • Midsomer Murders:
    • In "Dead Man's Eleven", Stephen Cavendish is having an affair with with a bartender in town, who is in on the murder plot and is using the relationship as means to frame him.
    • Deconstructed in one episode, where one of the murder suspects is a retired one. She became one because her husband, also a former MI6 officer, was impotent so she started sleeping around. Her superior officer noticed and, rather than reprimand her, suggested she take up the sex trade in service of her country. By her own admission, it was far from liberating and ended up making her feel like a whore. All the more creepy because her superior officer was her father-in-law. It's part of the reason she tried to murder him and her husband.
  • In the 1990's series of Mike Hammer, D.A. Barrington is forced to go to Mike Hammer (whom he loathes) for help when he's blackmailed using the above-mentioned "girl who turns out to be a crossdresser" trick.
  • One season one episode of Mission: Impossible featured dueling honey traps. The villain of the week was a spy trying to seduce Cinnamon into revealing the location of the person he was sent to kill, while Cinnamon was trying to seduce him into falling into a trap where he's caught trying to kill his target, so as to discredit him and his faction of his country's intelligence service. The IMF team succeeds in accomplishing their mission, but Cinnamon's last lines make it ambiguous as to who had succeeded in seducing who.
  • Motherland: Fort Salem: Scylla is tasked by the Spree to recruit Raelle to their side by any means necessary. However, they soon suspect Scylla's romantic feelings for Raelle are genuine, which later proves to be true.
  • Murdoch Mysteries: Abigail, the Victim of the Week in "In the Altogether", lures men to her apartment and gets them into compromising positions so that her partner can photograph and blackmail them.
  • In the My Own Worst Enemy episode "The Night Train to Moscow", Edward is working with Mariam, a female agent protecting the Kazakh president. They need a high-ranking KGB agent's credentials to break into the Kremlin and save the president. Mariam suggests seducing the man, which Edward agrees is the best option. Once they've gone off with the KGB agent, Mariam excuses herself, and Edward realizes that she meant for him to do the seduction.
  • The Night Agent: Maddie's professor seduced her for use in his environmental advocacy. His boyfriend had seduced him too to instigate this so he could get close and kidnap Maddie.
  • Nikita does this multiple times, both onscreen and off, though it normally doesn't get as far as sex. Also gender-flipped in a flashback when the target turned out to be gay, and Nikita had Michael backing her up.
  • Nip/Tuck: In "Shari Noble", Liz falls for a The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction when going to a lesbian bar and getting the attention of what she considers a "10" and tragically, the Head-Turning Beauty woman turns out to be a honey trap who only brings Liz to her home in order to steal her kidney.
  • Nirvana in Fire: Banruo's disciple sister, Fourth Sister (Jun Niang) is set up as this to get information out of Mei Changsu's messenger Tong Lu. This is partially subverted when Jun Niang actually falls for Tong Lu and later helps him escape.
  • Once Upon a Time: Regina The Evil Queen tries to cause this trope by telling Belle that True Love's Kiss can heal Rumplestiltskin. It can, and almost does, but Rumple senses this trope in action and furiously tells Belle to leave before he's rendered powerless. Subverted in that Belle wasn't actually intentionally doing this.
  • One Life to Live. Desperate to be free of her Gold Digger husband, Dorian Lord asks her niece Blair to seduce him, upon which Dorian will have a Private Detective take pictures of the tryst, allowing Dorian to divorce him without him getting any of her money. However, Blair doesn't want to cheat on her husband, so after she blindfolds David and ties him to the bed, Dorian takes her place. After signing the divorce papers, David is stunned to learn that he "committed adultery" with his wife!
  • Open Heart: Dylan tries to flirt with Jared in order to distract him. It doesn’t work; he’s really intense about his supply closet getting stocked.
  • In The Palace, Princess Eleanor gets her secretary, Simon, to seduce the king's secretary, Abigail, in order to learn what the king is hiding.
  • Princess Agents: A variant, since the woman plans to kill the man rather than get information. Yuwen Yue finds a naked woman waiting for him in his room. She tries to seduce him, pushes him down on the bed, then tries to kill him. She fails because Yuwen Yue already knew she was an assassin and expected the attack.
  • The Professionals
    • In "The Female Factor", a young prostitute is used to seduce a politician so he can be blackmailed into passing secrets to the KGB.
    • As part of The Con in "The Untouchables", CI5 hire a High-Class Call Girl to seduce a 'cultural attaché' who's using his Diplomatic Impunity to commit assassinations.
    • A male version happens in "Blood Sports" when a terrorist has seduced the sister of the man he's seen assassinating in the Action Prologue, to enable him to get close to his target.
    • Another male version in "A Hiding to Nothing", where the Latin Lover of an older government secretary, posing as a struggling journalist, convinces her to feed him information for a big scoop. CI5 have to inform her that no such journalist exists. They assume at the time that he's a Palestinian terrorist; ironically he turns out to be an Israeli agent.
  • Quantico: Nimah seduced a man who'd headed up the terrorist cell she infiltrated, to get more information on the cell's plot.
  • In the 1983 Australian mini-series Scales of Justice, a notorious crime boss arranges for one of his escort girls to become the secretary of a (married) politician who is campaigning against him. The two have an affair, and it's revealed that photographs were taken of the event. The crime boss doesn't bother sending the photos to the politician; he simply walks past him at a public event with the girl on his arm. The series ends on the politician's shocked expression.
  • Karen in Shameless (UK) once gave a soldier a blowjob to distract him while the others snuck Ian out of the protected area. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The Shannara Chronicles: Eretria has no qualms whatsoever about using her sexuality to get her targets to drop their guard. She seduces Will to rob him when he's sleeping after they have sex.
  • In Sherlock, Sherlock himself is willing to do this at one point in order to gain access to a high-security office belonging to a villain, starting a relationship with his PA and convincing her to let him go in by showing her an engagement ring over the camera. She dumps him as soon as she figures out he was using her, taking loads of absurdly kinky stories about his sex life to the press and even on television, but it's apparent from their conversation that he couldn't bring himself to go any further with her than kissing.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World: All of the adventurers except for Summerlee have this played on them frequently. Surprisingly, it doesn't always work.
  • Sisters. After her attempts at filing a complaint against the psychologist who seduced her fail because he lied through his teeth and made her sound delusional, middle sister Georgie sends youngest sister Charlie to him as a patient, knowing that it's only a matter of time before he tries to do the same to her. Sure enough, he does. But this time, Charlie has it all on tape. And with her being a doctor herself, the review board is bound to believe her.
  • Starsky & Hutch:
    • One episode involved a dance studio whose employees were seducing and then blackmailing wealthy married clients. Hutch reversed the trap, going undercover as a client and sleeping with one of the blackmailers to get them to incriminate themselves.
    • In the episode "I Love You, Rosey Malone", Starsky romances the daughter of a mobster in a bid to get information. However, he falls in love with her just as hard as she falls for him, and he winds up disgusted with himself.
  • Stargate Atlantis: This shows up in "The Lost Boys" and "The Hive" two-parter episode. During an infiltration of a Wraith Hiveship, Lt. Colonel Sheppard rescues a cocooned girl, but he and his team are quickly captured by the Wraith and locked up again. She explains that she witnessed how her whole people were annihilated and cuddles up to him for warmth. Sheppard initially tries to comfort her, but when she gets suspiciously inquisitive about the world he comes from, he realizes that it's a ploy. It turns out that she's a Wraith worshipper and a personal pet of the Hive Queen.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Played for Laughs in "For The Cause". Garak lives on the station. His Arch-Enemy Dukat has a daughter who has recently moved to the station under Major Kira's guardianship. When she asks Garak out on a date, Quark and Garak have a hilarious discussion regarding the possibility of Ziyal being a Honey Trap set up by Kira to kill Garak on Dukat's behalf. Averted; Ziyal's not a honey trap.
    • Not played for laughs though when Kira herself uses these tactics to infiltrate a Cardassian-controlled area, usually by posing as a prostitute (in "The Homecoming") or a 'comfort girl' ("Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night").
  • The Thin Blue Line episode "Honey Trap" was about Inspector Fowler and Detective Inspector Grim recruiting Constable Habib to catch a criminal via a honey trap. The criminal arrested her.
  • Time After Time: Brooke Munroe seduces John so she can hold him captive as a test subject.
  • Utopia (US): Colleen Stearns. Although in this case, it was less about anything sexual and more about using general affection and companionship, she got Mike to marry her so she could secretly control him.
  • The Wheel of Time (2021): Lanfear seduces Rand in the guise of Selene, a seemingly ordinary innkeeper, to become his lover in hopes of winning him back after she'd once had a relationship with his former incarnation thousands of years before, along with turning him to the Dark like her no doubt.
  • The Wire:
    • In the midst of Avon Barksdale's turf war with Marlo Stanfield, Avon decides to send a woman named Devonne to seduce Marlo. However, Marlo smells a trap and has Chris Partlow and Snoop stake out the place where Devonne has arranged to meet with Marlo. While waiting, Chris spots an SUV responding to Devonne's presence and confirms Marlo's suspicions. Chris has his driver pull up to the Barksdale car, and then fires a shotgun blast through his side window, wounding Avon and killing a Barksdale soldier named Tater. Later, Marlo and Chris track down Devonne, and Marlo shoots her to death in front of her house.
    • Tosha and Kim, the two stick up women, frequantly use flirting and sexy disguises as a way to get close to their targets. In the case of Brother Mouzone's bodyguard Lamar who is Not Distracted by the Sexy, they do dress scantily again, but actually exploit Lamar's love for animals by bringing a dog with them.
  • In an early episode of Wiseguy, OCB undercover agent Vinnie Terranova finds that the mistress of a mobster is actually an undercover policewoman who lampshades the Double Standard involved. "If I were a man I'd be regarded as some kind of James Bond." In the "Counterfeit Yen" arc, an intelligence official who's been hung out to dry by his fellow conspirators orders an escort girl to cheer himself up. He forms a relationship with her over time, and she tells him of a publisher she knows who's willing to offer money to tell his side of the story. It turns out the "publisher" and the girl are both KGB agents who offer him asylum in the Soviet Union. Faced with disgrace and imprisonment in the United States, or exile as a traitor behind the Iron Curtain, he decides to Take a Third Option and shoots himself.

  • Bally's Mata Hari pinball machine shows the title character as a seductress and spy.

  • In The Hidden Almanac, one storyline describes a war between a colony of house mice and the squirrels that live in the backyard. One significant event in the war involves a female mouse infiltrating the squirrels disguised with a false tail, and seducing a high-ranking squirrel to learn about their battle plans.

    Pro Wrestling 

  • The Heidi And Frank Show includes a recurring segment called "Put Your Man Where Your Mouth Is," in which female listeners volunteer their male partners to have their fidelity tested by getting hit on by a Playboy Playmate of the Year. The test is to see whether the man takes her number and whether he's called it by the time they broadcast. Very few men have passed the test.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Spirit of '77: Characters, male or female, can be the Honeypot story type, which gives characters the skills using charisma and looks to get things done. As the game is set in The '70s, think Charlie's Angels, Starsky & Hutch, or any number of Exploitation Films.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: The card "Spy-C-Spy" depicts what clearly is a Honey Trap.

  • City of Angels: Mallory forces Stone into a compromising position on his own bed so a photographer can rush in and take a flash picture. She then steals his gun before running out, helping frame him for a murder subsequently committed with it.
  • The College Widow (1904): Peter Witherspoon asks his daughter to be this for Billy Bolton, a talented half-back he wants in Atwater's football team. Jane spends the first act slowly catching Bolton's attention and later, romancing him. Her mission is to ensnare him so thoroughly that he chooses to live near her (on the Atwater campus) over attending his father's alma mater.
  • M. Butterfly: the French diplomat Gallimard falls in love with a Chinese opera singer named Song Liling and has a long-term relationship with her, only to learn many years later that Song is a male spy sent to dupe him into revealing trade secrets to the Chinese.

    Video Games 
  • Zhores in Absolute Obedience is a rare male example. The whole reason for meeting him is one of his former victims wants to get revenge.
  • Played with in Alpha Protocol, where the player needs an attractive female to get close to a man. He can suggest she employ her (not inconsiderable) sex appeal or that she uses her skill as a reporter. Suggesting she play seductress actually leads to her making a snarky comment about always wanting to be someone's Honey Trap and weakens your relationship with her. Playing up her professional qualifications makes her consider the Player Character more favorably.
  • Prior to the events of Baldur's Gate III, Astarion was one of these. His vampire master Cazador tasked him and his six siblings with seducing people for him to feed on. He bedded literally thousands of people over the centuries, all against his will.
  • If your Courier in Fallout: New Vegas is female and has the Black Widow perk, you can become this to Benny. When you meet him in the Tops casino, you have a dialogue option that allows you to seduce him. At first, he's rather disturbed and confused that a woman who he shot in the head is hitting on him, but naturally, he goes along with it and leads you up to his suite, dismissing his cadre of heavily-armed guards as well. After a (very funny) off-screen sex scene, you're given the option to snuff him with a pillow while he's asleep. This is one of the easiest ways to snag that Platinum Chip from him.
  • In Far Cry 4, Mohan Ghale sent his wife Ishwari to spy on and seduce Pagan Min because he didn't think she had a place directly fighting in his rebellion. It ended up working too well, as Ishwari genuinely fell in love with Pagan and had a daughter with him. When Mohan found out he killed the child, and in retaliation, Ishwari killed him and then fled to the United States with Ajay, the protagonist of the game.
  • The notorious Wall Market section of Final Fantasy VII features Tifa attempting to be one of these in order to get some information from a nasty, lecherous gangster. Aerith and a Disguised in Drag Cloud sneak in to try and save her but eventually agree to help her with her plot. Depending on how the player does at dressing Cloud up, you can also have him seduce the Don into giving information.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Sonia Reed from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, who was sent by her boss Nergal to seduce her way into the life of a very powerful warrior named Brendan Reed and seize control of his clan. She very nearly succeeds, but then Brendan confronts her and she kills him. Even more, she's an Artificial Human, which coupled with her lovely looks means that she probably was created or modified with the trope in mind.
    • In Fire Emblem Fates, Azura and Hinata's supports involve a pretty Nohrian girl as a G-rated version of this, using her lovely looks to gain Hinata's trust. Azura, however, catches on and confronts her. She turns out to be a noble girl who bullied Azura when she lived in Nohr, and it's implied that her clan ultimately fell out of grace and that's why she's a spy.
  • In Freeciv, this is the reason why communist nations produce better spies.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
  • Hero King Quest: Peacemaker Prologue: Spiderweb disguises herself as a human in order to join the Hero Prince's inner circle and get in his good graces. He develops a crush on her, right up until she kills him to prevent him from killing her sister.
  • Hitman (2016): One of the targets in the first mission is Dalia Margolis, a former Israeli spy and supermodel who is now the leader of a criminal spy ring, used to specialize in this, and now she encourages her underlings to do the same. During the mission, you find out she plans on using famous fashion model Helmut Kruger to seduce the daughter of the owner of one of the world's biggest megacorporations in order to steal secrets on said father's business deals.
  • The League of Legends champion Cassiopeia specialized in this. She would seduce ambassadors who came to visit her father, the second most powerful man in Noxus, and lure out all their secrets. This backfired on her when she tried it on a Freljordian ambassador. He refused to reveal anything until she swore an oath of secrecy upon a runed blade — after which he let himself be embraced by her. When she later went to report the information to her father, she broke the oath. As a result, she went through an agonizing transformation into the gorgon we see her as today.
  • In Mass Effect 2 Commander Shepard, either gender, acts as the honey trap for Morinth in Samara's loyalty mission.
  • EVA in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is a shameless homage to the Honey Trap Bond girl. For both sides (Snake and Volgin).
  • Attempted and subverted in Octopath Traveler II. Temenos is investigating a cult in the town of Crackridge during his third chapter, and its residents are hostile to him as he's a cleric of the Sacred Flame. They send a woman named Reiza to get rid of him; after she convinces Temenos to follow her out of town, Reiza proceeds to flirt with him as a distraction. She asks to check out his "mighty staff" and offers to "sheathe" it for him, but Temenos sees through this (as he spotted her wearing a necklace that the rest of the cultists have) and immediately shoots her down.
  • Rise of the Third Power: Sparrow takes on a civilian identity, Brooke, in order to get close to Rowan and trick him into leaking intel. While she did gain affection for him to some extent, she still reports this information back to the Arkadyan Empire, resulting in the Resistance HQ being destroyed.
  • In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Tosh refers to Ariel Hanson as bait and/or a trap several times. On the one hand, he's psychic, so he ought to know — but on the other hand, he's also quite possibly violently psychotic (and Hanson is the one who tells you he might be violently psychotic — it's complicated). The jury's still out on what exactly the truth is/was.
  • In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it is possible to romance Keira Metz by going on a rather lovely date with her, which also includes one of the series' infamous sex scenes. It's all a ruse, however, as at the end of their love-making, she knocks Geralt out with a spell. Turns out in her entire quest line, she was manipulating Geralt into clearing the way to a mage's laboratory so she could steal his notes and use the knowledge on them to buy favour with the Ax-Crazy King Radovid. She has no real antagonism with Geralt and can even be convinced as to the insanity of her plan and turned into an ally for a battle later on, but her deception is still ruthless and amoral, but hey, Geralt seems to be into that type of woman.
  • Edward in Witches' Legacy is a male example. He's sent to seduce Lynn into a trap by the witch hunters. Of course, it backfires when he falls in love with her and she shows she's a good witch.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Daiteikoku, Honeytra makes honey traps with photos of herself having sex with Japanese military officials to blackmail them into working for China.
  • To steal a helicopter in The Eden of Grisaia Millie puts on quite a show for the actual pilot and then knocks him out and steals his uniform when he's successfully lured in.
  • In Shall We Date?: Ninja Shadow, Tsubaki Kusunoki uses himself as this in his route, intending to get Saori to love him so he can use her potential affections to his benefit. But by the time he reveals it and an understandably heartbroken Saori calls him out, his feigned feelings have become real...
  • In Sunrider Liberation Day, Chigara is revealed to be this. As one of the Prototypes, she was given Fake Memories and planted in a place where she would meet the protagonist Kayto Shields, join his crew, and fall in love with him… all as part of a long-reaching plan to have the peoples of the galaxy rally behind Kayto and make him their leader, so that the Prototypes’ leader Alpha could then manipulate him through his love for Chigara. In an unusual twist on this trope, she herself is not aware of her role or her true nature as a Prototype.
  • In Villainous Nights, Renzei "Falcon" Feng turns out to have specialized in using seduction as a tool via which to perform assassinations for Optimus. A scene late in the character's second season indicates that Optimus purposefully assigned him a lot of this kind of assassination mission as a means of testing his loyalty and breaking him down emotionally. His initial flirtations with Monarch in his first season were also staged, albeit with the intent of recruiting her rather than killing her.
    Renzei: When it bothered me, I asked myself how I'd want to die if I had to. "After sex" always sounded alright.

    Web Animation 
  • Etra chan saw it!:
    • Akane is hired by Tachibana and Azami to seduce the latter's husband, Kuroki, so they can fabricate the evidence that he was cheating, in order to get the compensation money from him. Fortunately, Kuroki knew about their scheme and Akane felt guilty for trying to trick him because she was only in it for the money, plus she perceives him as an honest man who refuses to cheat on his wife.
    • Yuzuriha tries to trick Kuroki into having sex with her so she and Hiiragi can squeeze him out of his money by using the fabricated evidence of adultery that Hiiragi would take if Kuroki agrees to let her in his house. Fortunately, Kuroki doesn't fall for her. It turns out she was also doing the same thing to several men before Kuroki.
  • Helluva Boss: Loona serves as this in "Spring Broken". I.M.P. needs to take out multiple targets at a spring break party, so in order to not draw attention and cause a panic, Loona assumes a Human Disguise of an attractive goth girl, then flirts with the targets to lure them away from the party, where the imps kill them.

  • In the backstory of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures Cyra used her charm to seduce the Dragon M'Chek and carry out of an affair with him that everyone in the city of Hishaan knew about. This in itself was nothing to write home about as Cyra was a literal succubus, but it turned out to be only a cover for her true agenda, mainly killing M'Chek and taking over the city by absorbing his power, an idea that went horribly when she enacted it.
  • In Girl Genius, Euphrosynia Heterodyne is believed to have manipulated the Storm King and used his love for her to enact his downfall. As this happened around 200 years before the story, most of those who might actually know what her initial motivation was are long gone. There are also hints that perhaps no one but Euphrosynia really knew what she was after, though it is known that she used her connection with him to try and steal secrets from his friend's hidden workshop.
  • Though it was (hopefully) without any actual sex, recent revelations in Gunnerkrigg Court have shown that Antimony's mother Surma acted like this to Reynard to lure him into the Court to "contain" him. It worked, but at least one person wound up dead and Surma left the Court with Anthony Carver, severing their contact with their friends Anya and Donald Donlan and Surma's then-boyfriend James Eglamore.
  • In Ow, my sanity, a junior Delta Green agent tried to gather information on David by having his crush seduce him. He turned her down, saying she was either lying or too tsundere for his liking.
  • In Pixie Trix Comix, scheming wrestling boss GiGi wants to divorce her husband, but also wants to avoid him getting hold of any part of her family’s business in the settlement. So her (clearly very dedicated) secretary/assistant FiFi seduces him while taking pains to ensure that she gets a clear video of the act in which he identifies himself by name.
  • In Sluggy Freelance:
    • Monica acts as Riff's girlfriend in order to get information for Chilus' cult. Oddly, her ability to keep Riff ensnared seems to be based not so much on sex appeal as "acting like a random nutcase."
    • Another girlfriend of Riff, Sasha, also played this role against him for Hereti Corp. Riff actually came to believe he loved her, only for her to attempt to assassinate him. She also faked a relationship with a man named Tommy, even to the point of being married for 5 years, only to leave him after Hereti Corp successfully out-lobbies the senator Tommy was working for.
  • In Spying with Lana, this is part of Lana's modus operandi.
  • In the Tales Of Gnosis College, Jill Keeney accepts a mission of this sort with the aim of overthrowing a Latin American dictator.

    Web Original 
  • Vivian from Felarya is well-known for using seduction magic on smaller humanoids, both male and female. Being a 70 foot naga and a predator, she then proceeds to eat the people she seduces.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Anya is sent by the Matheson Crime Family to seduce Nivek Cheavin, the boss of the Nightstalkers, in order to spy on the gang's activities. Haruko Mizushima, posing as a young woman, infiltrates Castle Barjassil in the past by seducing King Anshar who wanted to marry her, and this is how she gets closer to the king's treasure chamber to steal a valuable artifact. She later ends up becoming a target of many people who wish to protect her from harm, only for her to reveal later how she'd been using them all for her own ends.

    Western Animation 
  • Parodied with a Visual Pun in Adventure Time's Season 5 episode "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita". The Ice King tries to impress/seduce Princess Bubblegum by sneaking into her room with a literal pot of honey and pouring it on her waffles. Spoiler alert: It doesn't work.
  • Used and explicated in an episode of Archer — of course, it's one of Archer's favorite operations. Which is why it's a rude shock when his mom sets him up for a honey trap with a male agent (a Cuban operative who would hate to have word of his gayness get back to the rather homophobic Castro) in order to retrieve sensitive info.
    • And Archer, being Archer, gets upset when the Cuban turns down his vulgar come-ons. "'Not my type'? I'm EVERYONE'S type!"
    • Happens again near the end of Season 5, with Archer himself as the victim. After being seduced by the wife of the Central American Republic of San Marcos' dictator Gustavo Calderón, he is repeatedly blackmailed at the threat of having her expose the affair to her husband... into having more affairs with her. Mercilessly lampshaded by Malory.
      "That's the honey pot! How could you fall for it? It's espionage 101!"
  • Batman: The Animated Series had a Poison Ivy scheme where she created plant-based human copies to each perfectly appeal to a bunch of rich men (Bruce being one of them), intending for the men to rewrite their wills to include their new flames before she would murder them and reap the rewards.
    • She'd previously attempted this by herself with Harvey Dent in her debut episode. Seducing and then leaving "Mr. District Attorney" in a life threatening coma via a passionate kiss. Here though Ivy's motivation was strictly revenge for Dent's involvement in the near extinction of a rare breed of rose.
  • Beware the Batman: "Wayne hooked. Awaiting instructions." Sent by Bethanie Ravencroft.
  • The Season 2 finale of Rick and Morty reveals that Tammy, Summer's high school friend who hooks up with Bird Person is actually a government agent employing this in order to get the target and all of his terrorist friends in one place. She reveals herself in the middle of the wedding reception, resulting in a massive firefight in which she kills the husband herself.
  • In The Venture Brothers, a flashback shows that the Blue Morpho (acting under the orders of Jonas Venture) once disguised himself as tennis star Billie Jean King and seduced supervillain Dr. Z all just to get a jade statue from him. Dr. Z for his part was utterly baffled as to how the Blue Morpho was able to pull it off considering that he claimed that they performed every sexual act there was before he revealed himself.
  • In Voltron: Legendary Defender, the paladins come to the aid of two stranded aliens and their robot. The female quickly catches the attention of Lance, who offers to show her the Blue Lion. She ends up stealing it with the aid of her partner, with the intent of giving it to the Galra Empire for a reward.

    Real Life 
  • Mata Hari was a famous instance during World War I, until she was executed by firing squad in 1917.
  • The KGB and Stasi used this method - in fact, the KGB even had a special school of seduction, the “Sparrow School” (or so the rumour went), to train agents. Well, they tried to use this method anyway. With mixed results. For instance:
    • Sometimes the targets gleefully enjoyed the, errr, "ministrations" of the ladies in question while not giving up secrets. These were often people who were warned, realized what was going on, or who did not have as much information as thought.
    • The honeytraps were, however, often pretty successful in targeting the secretaries, wives, and daughters of Western officials and personnel — women who would have access to information. They were, curiously, unable to repeat the success to the same level against male aides of such people. The fact that women are more susceptible to traps of this kind (contrary to popular and conventional views) has also been noted by other agencies. (There are other examples below.) It was likely due to no one expecting women to be targets at all, or if it happened, weren't expecting them to fall for it. The most common theory is that women are usually on their guard against men hitting on them, so if an agent managed to get past that, they were a lot more open, while for men, the fact that a girl well out of their league was paying them such rapt attention raised alarm bells. An alternative theory is simply that men were specifically warned about the chances of this happening while the women were not.
    • Forty women were prosecuted by the Federal Republic of Germany for passing secrets to their "Romeos", many ending up in prison as a result.
  • Defense contractors and other firms handling sensitive or classified data warn their employees about this very clearly. They will put up conspicuous workplace posters that say, in effect, "If she's a 10 and you're a 2, be careful." They also constantly warn employees, that disclosing sensitive information could get them not just fired, but serious prison time.
  • A method used by men to force women into prostitution is to seduce the woman, and then use the established relationship to press her into prostitution with emotional blackmailing. A variant, used by pedophiles, is to initiate cybersex via Skype, and then use the data material to blackmail the teenager into doing more and more explicit things in front of the webcam.
  • In the '50s, the KGB wanted to gather blackmail material on Indonesian president Sukarno. They had a group of young women pose as stewardesses on his flight, then take him back to his hotel room for an orgy. It didn't go as expected: When the KGB showed Sukarno the film, he thanked them for a lovely night and asked for a copy of the film to take home with him.
  • Murder victim Bobby Kent went out with his "friends"/killers because he was promised sex with one of them.
  • Luring gay men down to Africa and then blackmailing them (because homosexuality is very illegal in most countries) is a common form of romance fraud.
  • Honey traps were one of the most common missions for female Ninja or kunoichi. They would be sent to seduce an important target, and either interrogate him via pillow talk, use the threat of revealing the thing to blackmail him, or assassinate him during or after the deed. Kunoichi were trained, like all ninja, in the creation and use of a wide variety of drugs and poisons, and many were trained in the use of a special kind of concealed daggernote , making them deadly assassins even when naked.
  • Similarly, in ancient China, beautiful women were often sent as peace offerings — even if they didn't act as spies, they often did at the very least distract their targets from their usual duties and inspire jealousy among the other men (and women) of the court. (It's why The Thirty-Six Stratagems advises the utility of such women.) At least two of the famed Four Beauties of Ancient China, Xi Shi and Diao Chan (the latter's more fictional, but she's based on a nameless handmaiden that existed) became famous for doing this and led the demise of two men of high power (King Fuchai of Wu, and the tyrant Dong Zhuo) with their act.
  • Apparently there were some cases where beautiful women were sent as tribute/ransom. Said women having been infected with STDs. Guess what happened next...
  • The first sex scandal in the history of the US government: a man set his wife to seduce Alexander Hamilton, and then pretended to be outraged and threatened to go to the newspapers in order to extort money.
  • Bait cars (cars set by the police as traps for car thieves) are often called "honeypots". Unprotected computers that are attached to the internet specifically to serve as bait for malicious hackers can also be known as honeypots.
  • Katrina Leung worked as a double agent for China and the FBI. She seduced several FBI employees including her FBI handler who got her information of use to China.
  • Cheryl Bentov, aka Cindy, an American Mossad agent, seduced former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu (who had disclosed Israeli nuclear secrets) by posing as an American tourist, becoming his lover and persuading him to go to Italy with her, where he was kidnapped and smuggled to Israel.
  • In 2006 a British Defense Attache in Pakistan was brought back to the UK after it emerged a girlfriend/lover of his was a Pakistani Intelligence Officer. There are sources that say his actions compromised Western operatives and operations in Pakistan but the British government denies this.
  • A North Korean woman named Wong Jeong-Hwa was imprisoned in 2008 after she admitted seducing South Korean military officers in exchange for classified information.
  • A US diplomat was photographed in a "compromising situation" with a female Polish in 1961 and was blackmailed into revealing secrets.
  • In 1987 a US Marine Sergent embassy guard in Moscow called Clayton J. Lonetree was convicted of spying against the United States for handing over documents he was assigned to after being honeytrapped and blackmailed by a female Soviet Officer.
  • Anna Chapman, who pled guilty to acting as an agent for a foreign government, has been described in the media as a "modern-day Mata Hari" and a "honeytrap" for obtaining a British passport by marrying a British man and allegedly having affairs with prominent businessmen. Needless to say, she is (for now) legally unable to enter the United Kingdom.
  • Similarly alleged Russian spy Katja Zatuliveter, who worked as a researcher for the BBC and a politicians PA, has been labeled a honeytrap and "blonde temptress" by the UK press who strongly implies the MP in question hired her out of lust and didn't do the proper background checks.
  • During the Cold War, British Secretary of State for War John Profumo was accused of putting national security at risk by having a sexual relationship with alleged call girl Christine Keeler, who was reputed to also be sleeping with Eugene Ivanov a senior Naval Attache at the Soviet Embassy in London.
  • MI5 sent out a 14-page document to British banks, businesses, and financial institutions warning about the danger of Chinese intelligence services blackmailing Western businesspeople over sexual relationships.
  • Russian model Ekaterina Gerasimova was allegedly employed by Kremlin to seduce at least half a dozen of their high-profile critics to destroy their reputations and for blackmail purposes.
  • An aide of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had his BlackBerry stolen by a woman who picked him up in a nightclub.
  • When a lawsuit couldn't be delivered to Mick Jagger, an attractive young woman was sent to ask to see him backstage. He let her in and promptly got served (both literally and figuratively).
  • Another British MP Ian Clement admitted he was seduced by a woman in Beijing he suspects of working for Chinese intelligence.
  • A 16-year-old British girl was convicted of murder for leading her boyfriend to a block of flats where she knew a group of teenage boys were waiting to attack him.
  • In 2010, two Icelandic women living in London admitted conspiracy to rob by acting as honey traps for a violent criminal gang. The judge apparently fell for their charms too as he let them walk free despite at least one of the men who was robbed was also being beaten and threatened with a gun.
  • Spy Sylvia Rafael has been called a Mossad honey trap.
  • During the Vietnam War, one of the largest intel sources for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese intelligence operations were bars and brothels catering to American GIs.
  • Prostitution stings, where a female cop goes undercover as a sex worker to arrest anyone who employs her services, are well-known in cities. The morality of this practice makes it controversial, and it is not as commonly used nowadays. South Park parodied this with a male cop who performed prostitution stings a little too enthusiastically while Disguised in Drag.
    • The inversion of this trope involves male cops who pretend to be potential clients and arrest any prostitutes who proposition them.
  • Consumer activist Ralph Nader wrote a book criticizing the automobile industry in America. General Motors responded by hiring private detectives to tap his phones, and investigate his past. When that revealed nothing that could be used to discredit him, they hired some prostitutes to come on to him and trap him in compromising situations. It didn't work. Nader successfully sued General Motors and the New York Court of Appeals expanded tort law to include "overzealous surveillance," covering both the investigations and the prostitution set-ups.
  • World War II American spy Betty Pack used her feminine wiles to get an Italian naval attache to give her the Italian Naval Code book (some say he gave her fake codes, but the Italian fleet's movements were predicted much more accurately, suggesting he didn't) and seduced the French Embassy's press attache, who gave her information to use against the Nazis.
  • In 1939, the Sicherheitsdienst (Nazi secret service) took over a fashionable brothel in Berlin called Salon Kitty (named after the brothel's owner and Madam). The entire building was wiretapped and most of the girls were replaced by female spies who were trained to gather secret data from the various foreign dignitaries who visited the brothel through sexual means.
  • A Taiwanese Army Major General Lo Hsien-che was drawn into a honey trap set by a "tall, beautiful and chic" Chinese agent and supplied her with top-secret information in exchange for sex and money in what has been described as the worst espionage case in Taiwan for 50 years.
  • In the '70s and '80s, the Children of God got their female members to use a method called "Flirty Fishing" which means using their sexuality - anything from flirting to full sex - to convert men to the cult. They kept exact records of their "fruits" (successes), a 1988 statistic showed that more than 223,000 men had been "fished". The cult also used Flirty Fishing to curry favours with local men of influence such as businessmen, politicians, or police.
  • Fili Houtteman and two accomplices were given suspended sentences after it was found that photos of her cavorting naked with Daniel Ducruet, the husband of Princess Stephanie Grimaldi, were taken after he was ensnared by her in a honey trap.
  • One very bizarre incident involved Frenchman Bernard Boursicot, who attempted to woo Chinese opera singer Shi Peipu, who also happened to be a spy for China and convinced him to engage in low-level spying for the Chinese government; only for (several years later) Peipu to be revealed to be male and the child that was supposedly fathered by Boursicot having been purchased from a doctor. This incident ended up inspiring the Very Loosely Based on a True Story play M. Butterfly.
  • Rose O'Neal Greenhow was a Southern socialite and spy for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. She was hugely successful because men seemed incapable of refusing her anything. On multiple occasions, she seduced Union officers and politicians to where they were willing to betray their duty (and left a few suicides in her wake).
  • A young woman Nancy Michelle Mendoza stood trial for entrapping wealthy businessmen this way for a San Diego gang to hold hostage.
  • During the investigation into the horrendous murder of single mother Rachel Nickell, London cops tried to frame up a local man called Colin Stagg, their preferred and only suspect. The problem was, while Stagg was undoubtedly the sort of oddball loner with a slightly tarnished past who might have graduated to sex murder, nothing tied him to the crime, he had an alibi, and he repeatedly refused to confess, even under heavy pressure. So a WPC was recruited to be a "whore for the law" and to befriend him, first by mail and then in person, and to do all it took to get him to confess. Stagg was convicted of the horrendous murder on very dodgy evidence. This echoes police practice in the Barry Bulsara case, where another loner oddball was fitted up for the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando. Unfortunately for the Met, an appeal court threw out the charges against Stagg and he received compensation for false imprisonment. Even more unfortunately, the real killer, Robert Napper, a schizophrenic who had already committed a number of rapes in the area but gone un-arrested despite his own mother telling the police he'd confessed to her, went on to murder another woman and her young daughter while the police were solely focused on Stagg.
  • During The Great Northern War, Charles XII of Sweden overran Saxony and decided to keep his army there for a year of rest. The Elector of Saxonynote  sent his Swedish-born mistress to meet the King at his headquarters, hoping she could induce him to end the war and get out of the Elector's land. Charles absolutely refused to see her.
  • On a minor scale, it's not uncommon for some thief gangs to have pretty women as their members - with the specific "mission" to distract male victims while the others rob them silly.
  • During the Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile, it's said that there was a group known as the "Brigada Rosa" (Pink Brigade), made of female celebrities who would use sexual favors to get information for the CNI (the dictatorship's Secret Police, whose top agent Alvaro Corbalan had ties with the local jet set).
  • Used in the assassination of "the Red Prince", Ali Hassan Salameh. The Mossad knew about Salameh's love for women and sent an agent posing as a British national who was working for the British-based arms of welfare organisations supporting Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The agent supposedly started an affair with Salameh to gain his trust. This eventually led to Salameh's assassination by detonating a car outside the agent's apartment as his convoy drove by.
  • Roald Dahl, of all people, served as this during World War II, as explained in this Cracked article and this Drunk History segment.
  • Gender Flipped with the 'Romeo' spies of East Germany.
  • The sisters Freddie and Truus Oversteegen were members of the Dutch Resistence in World War II, and they specifically flirted with Nazis to then kill them as soon as they lowered their guards.
  • This was echoed in the early stages of The Troubles when British soldiers on local leaves in Stroke Country were seduced by girls pretending to be from sympathetic parts of Northern Ireland. When the girl got the lonely squaddie "home", he ran into Provisional IRA militants who shot him, having used her as bait. British soldiers were ever after warned about this sort of thing. The tactic has also been used by Protestant militants, angry about having their "right" to chastise their Catholic neighbours being constrained by unsympathetic security forces: in this case humiliation rather than murder was the objective.
  • The Taliban used young boys as honey traps against the Afghan police. The Afghan police refused to give up their boy lovers.
  • As a Fidelity Test, some clingy jealous girls will have their hot friends or family members attempt to seduce their boyfriends. If the seduction attempt succeeds, things could get dramatic. Even if they pass, the boyfriends could get quite angry that their partner didn't trust them.
  • During World War II, Special Operations Executive would use 'decoy girls' to chat up trainees to see if they were vulnerable to this approach. If the trainee revealed anything about their secret work, they failed.
  • Fear of this technique being used on gay men during the Red Scare prompted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to screen them out of the Canadian civil service using the "Fruit Machine" - a device that supposedly tested whether a man was gay by measuring pupil dilation when exposed to photos of nude men.
  • The Heidi and Frank radio program in Los Angeles had a recurring segment called "Put Your Man Where Your Mouth Is" in which women would volunteer to have model Dani Matthews flirt with their boyfriend to test his fidelity. Several days later, Dani would appear on the show and tell the story of how she approached the man and gave him the number of a burner phone. The hosts would then check the phone to see if the man had left her a message, thus failing the fidelity test.
  • The court speech against Neaira, a famous Greek hetaera, contains accusations of her and her husband carrying these out. The Athenian law allowed a husband to kill his wife's lover on the spot if caught, so they could demand a sizable ransom.
  • Members of the IDF are frequent targets of Palestinian operatives pretending to be pretty women on dating apps for the purpose of gathering intelligence or blackmail material.
  • "Pig Butchering" Scams (or shāzhūpán, 杀猪盘) are a type of 419 Scam that originated in China, but exploded globally during the start of The New '20s, that works like this: The mark is contacted on a dating app (or sometimes by "mistakenly" receiving a message from the scammer on a messaging app like WhatsApp) by someone using the picture of an attractive man or woman, the scammer then quickly establishes rapport, learning about their victim, building an emotional connection for a period of weeks or even months (this is called the "fattening" stage, akin to fattening a pig for slaughter, hence the name), eventually they would comment on being into investing (usually in cryptocurrency, but sometimes also on gold or forex) and after establishing trust with the mark they would invite them to invest with them, usually saying that they have an uncle or aunt with inside information for investments. The victim is then lured into depositing all their money into something that may look look like a legitimate investment platform, but in reality it's an account controlled by the scammer who then vanishes with all the money (this is appropriately called the "butchering" stage).
  • Concurrent to the above are the less elaborate but just as damaging dating scams from West Africa (usually the scammers are based in Nigeria, Ivory Coast or Ghana) and India.
  • During the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Ukrainian hackers pretended to be attractive women on dating sites to lure Russian soldiers into giving away their locations. The Ukrainian military then launched missile/drone attacks on several Russian bases the locations of which were revealed by this deception.
  • New York real estate developer Charles Kushner was prosecuted and imprisoned for, among other crimes, hiring a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law William Schulder, having the encounter filmed and then sending the tape to his sister. The crime Kushner was convicted for was witness tampering, since he was in effect retaliating against Schulder for cooperating with federal prosecutors who had indicted Kushner for illegal campaign contributions and tax evasion.


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