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Yes it is.

Nick Fury: Okay, your turn. Prove you're not a Skrull.
Carol Danvers: [destroys jukebox using her energy blast]
Nick: And how is that supposed to prove to me you're not a Skrull?
Carol: That's a Photon Blast.
Nick: And?
Carol: A Skrull can't do that.

Hand Blasts are a stock superpower where the character shoots blasts of energy as a projectile out of their hands, palms, wrists, fingertips or fists. "Energy" and "Projectile" in this case are broad terms, and can encompass nearly anything: a heat ray, laser bolts, concussive force, whatever. The subject simply points his hand (or finger) at a target, and a Bright Ray O' Doom shines forth. Sometimes it requires activating with the other hand.

Differs from Ki Manipulation and Kamehame Hadoken in that the Hand Blasts are not tied in to the subject's Life Energy or Mana (though they can overlap); the Power Source is usually external or some other form of Applied Phlebotinum. Many instances of this trope imply that anyone can fire the blasts if they simply had the right equipment or circumstance.

May overlap with Arm Cannon if the entire arm/hand is weaponized.

Subtrope of Energy Weapon. See also Breath Weapon, Eye Beams, Full-Contact Magic, Head Blast and Psi Blast.

If this is specifically through the palms, see also Power Palms.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Digimon:
    • A recurring example across multiple series is Leomon's Signature Move, Fist of the Beast King, which fires a lion-shaped projectile from his fist.
    • Digimon Adventure has Angemon, with his Hand of Fate attack, which fires a beam from his fist.
    • In Digimon Frontier, Agunimon's Pyro Punch, despite the name, has him create large fireballs around his hands and launch them. There's also IceLeomon, who uses an icy version of Leomon's Signature Move called Frozen Fury. Finally, Lucemon is able to fire blasts of concussive force this way, though the attack goes uncalled and unnamed.
    • In Digimon Adventure tri., Alphamon is able to fire blasts of green energy from his hands. In Digimon X-Evolution, Alphamon instead creates a magic circle in front of his outstretched hand and fires a Beam Spam from that.
    • Digimon Adventure: (2020) brings back Angemon's Hand of Fate and also gives us Goddramon's God Flame, a blast of holy fire from both fists.
  • Amagiri of Darker than Black has the power to shoot concussive force from his hands.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Androids 16, 17, and 18 had this.
    • Frieza's iconic Death Beam comes from his fingertips.
  • Gundam:
    • The Zeong from Mobile Suit Gundam has particle beam cannons in its fingertips. Bonus points in that the forearms can detach, becoming Attack Drones.
    • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam's Psyco Gundam, (Mk 1 & 2) feature fingertip-mounted particle beam cannons.
    • The Destiny Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny has palm-mounted, short-range beam cannons, but because its pilot uses them to perform Facepalm Of Doom attacks 99 times out of 100 a lot of fans don't even realize they're meant to be ranged weapons.
  • The clones of the lead girls in Kiddy Grade have this as their main attack.
  • Mazinger Z: In one of the first episodes, Mazinger-Z shot missiles from its fingertips. This weapon was quickly ignored for obvious reasons.
    • Great Mazinger: Great Mazinger's Thunder Break. The Humongous Mecha gathered lightning bolts from the atmosphere and blasted its enemy with it. Tetsuya came up with a bunch of variations: Great Mazinger shot a continued stream of electricity from its forefingers, launched lightning bolts from its open palms -or fingertips-, powered up its sword with it...
    • UFO Robo Grendizer: Grendizer's backhands shot energy beams.
  • As mentioned in the Mazinger Z example above, Gunbuster also shoots missiles from its fingertips... NUCLEAR ONES!
  • In One Piece, Franky and The Pacifistas can do this with laser beams. The beams themselves are rather thin but cause huge explosions, as opposed to the traditional "Huge energy wave". Interestingly, Kizaru- the marine admiral whose light powers their lasers were based on- never actually uses his powers in this manner; he prefers to extend his leg as if to kick and then releases the beam from his leg.
    • Subverted with Absalom. They're really just BFGs strapped to his arms and made invisible using his powers to invoke the image of this trope.
    • When Rayleigh first demonstrated a Haki strike on a wild beast, he did it as a Hand Blast rather than the usual darkening of the fist. Later on it's revealed that this is an advanced form of Armament Haki, where not only Haki is used to cover one's body as an armor, but it is also delivered into the enemy body and destroying them from the inside out.
  • Photon: The Idiot Adventures: Photon's flighty sister Aun can launch a stasis field from her fingers (or her mouth if she's panicking). She fires one off to freeze Photon's sand cart, causing him to topple off into a canyon. Keyne Aqua can shoot zap balls from her palm, but only if she's wearing an aho bracelet on that wrist. She fires off five of these at Photon, whom she'd found in her bed when she awoke.
  • Pretty Cure Passionato Harmony of Suite Pretty Cure ♪ does this.
  • From Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus' "Crescent Beam" emanates from her fingertip.

    Comic Books 
  • Astro City:
    • The villain HandGun had an arsenal of specialized gauntlets which fire different types of energy beams. When he's mysteriously murdered, his widow is stuck wondering what she's going to do with a basement cybernetics lab and about twenty different Hand Blast-producing gauntlets.
    • Glowworm fires blasts of radioactive green energy from his hands.
    • Nick Furst uses his hands to manipulate and control the energies inside his body.
  • The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot: Rusty.
  • Marvel Universe:
    • Black Widow: Natasha Romanoff has her Widow's Bite, aka small but deadly wrist guns. Those bracelets aren't just decorations.
    • The Incredible Hulk: As Harpy, Betty Ross could fire powerful concussion blasts from her hands; which were so powerful that she hurt and knocked-out the Hulk when they fought.
    • Iron Man:
      • Iron Man's signature attack is his palm-based repulsor beams.
      • War Machine not only has his palm-based repulsor beams, but also guns on the wrists of his armor. Of course Iron Man created the armor for him.
    • Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy: Drax the Destroyer could fire powerful energy blasts from his fists, but lost it when he was resurrected.
    • X-Men:
      • Cyclops' brother Havok fires concussive beams from his hands.
      • Dazzler can focus her light emissions into a laser beam.
      • Jubilee can shoot pyrotechnic energy plasmoids, or "fireworks" as she calls them, from her hands.
      • The Sentinels, are Humongous Mecha that typically fire Hand Blasts in their mutant-hunting endeavors.
      • Rolling Thunder, a mutant villain who appeared in X-Treme X-Men (2001), can fire concussive blasts from her fingertips like a gun. The blasts are strong enough to rend fortified stone.
    • Spider-Man:
      • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, has seldom-used, but surprisingly powerful finger lasers. The Hobgoblin stole them along with the rest of the Goblin's tricks, and upgraded them to include a Beam Spam mode.
      • The Shocker fires vibrating waves out of his gauntlets.
      • Shriek can fire sonic blasts from her hands.
      • Jessica Drew can fire bolts of bio-electricity, nicknamed "Venom Blasts" from her hands. Miles Morales and Asp of the Serpent Society/SerpentSquad also have this ability.
  • Strikeforce: Morituri: Radian could beam energy from the entire electro-magnetic spectrum, and wore focusing sleeves on his forearms to direct them. Similarly, Snapdragon used wrist-mounted projectors to focus her plasma blasts.
    • Thanos: Thanos can fire powerful energy blasts from his fists. This is revealed to be a potential ability for all of Earth's Eternals (Thanos's parents were exiled Eternals) but most haven't got the same aptitude for it. It's left unclear whether or not it's also been enhanced by his various modifications and resurrections.
  • The DCU:
    • Green Lantern: Sunspot, a villain whom Guy Gardner deals with in Legends, fires energy blasts from his right hand.
    • Legion of Super-Heroes: One way or another, this is probably the most common ability in the series.
    • New Gods: Darkseid had a weapon known as the "Killing Glove" made for him by Desaad. It was capable of firing an energy blast out of each of its fingers.
    • Phantom Lady: Delilah Tyler had a wrist-mounted laser.
    • Superman:
      • Cir-El, a time travelling human-Kryptonian hybrid who was thought to be the daughter of Superman and Lois (she wasn't) could fire "red sunbursts" from her hands.
      • The Eradicator can project energy blasts from his hands.
      • Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man: Lex Luthor wears armored gloves that are equipped with laser beams. They give off light from the same spectrum as a red sun to weaken Superman.
    • Teen Titans: Starfire, as well as her evil sister Blackfire, has this as her main superpower. Her body constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy.
    • Wonder Girl: When she first took the codename "Troia", Donna Troy could fire light energy blasts from her hands. She eventually lost this ability.
  • Empowered: The titular character can do this when her suit works — which is never guaranteed. Also deconstructed, she notes that even when at full power, using this sort of ability to aim and hit your target isn't as easy as you'd think, as her hand "doesn't have a scope on it".
  • Quantum and Woody: The titular duo each have a metal wristband that allows them to shoot energy blasts based on the quantum energy that they've been transformed into. Quantum fires a heat beam while Woody fires beams of force.
  • Stardust The Superwizard: Stardust can shoot various "rays" and "beams" from his hands, which can do things such as disintegrate people, crush people to death, shrink and grow things, and turn people into rats.

    Fan Works 
  • Boldores and Boomsticks: After Shade tries to teach Blake Shadow Ball by handing her one, her next attempt to use her Semblance results in Dark Pulse shooting from her hand.
  • In Child of the Storm, this is Tony's standard form of attack, through his repulsors.
    • Loki also tends towards it.
    • And until he really gets the hang of his telekinesis, it's Harry's primary default, too - usually along the lines of Kill It with Fire. It varies from 'take out an Elite Mook' to, when briefly aged up, 'blow up half a mountain with a small blast that's visible from thirty miles away'.
  • In The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, while Paul tries several times to use his Hand Blast, he can never get it to work, since it's likely a Psychoactive Power and only works when he's furious. Also, he knows he has no aiming skills and refuses to even try to use it when one of the others could be hit or he could set something on fire.
    • Also, Spectrem has at least three different kinds of Hand Blasts, all of which are entirely ineffective against Paul (except to make him feel good).
  • In With Strings Attached, while super-strong, Actual Pacifist Paul is freaking out and struggling not to go berserk on the Hunter's ass for slaughtering a bunch of wolves, his fingernails begin to glow as he clenches his fists, growing brighter and brighter. Eventually he has to swing around and let all that energy loose into the swamp to avoid cooking the Hunter. He had no idea he could do that; nor does he want to, and he has a Heroic BSoD over nearly killing the Hunter. Later, when they're fighting wraiths and it turns out they're transparent to physical attacks, the Hunter apologizes for not warning Paul in advance and assuming he would use his energy beams to attack them. Paul responds by looking at his fingernails and admitting he'd forgotten he could do that.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Transformers (2007), Ironhide whips out two huge cannons from his forearms. In fact, almost every projectile weapon used by the robots are like this, produced from their own arms and directly connected to their body.
    • More of a Shapeshifter Weapon. Ironhide's BFG's were mounted on his forearms, while the rest either used handheld guns or the replaced their hands with guns. By Dark of the Moon, almost everyone is using a handheld gun.
  • Done in Star Wars by two entire lines of CIS Battle Droids.
  • The ABC Warrior robot in Judge Dredd was armed with machineguns built into its hands. Cue the slaughter of faceless judges.
  • This is one of the key features of the device in Cowboys & Aliens.
  • Iron Man: Tony's iconic suit repulsors show up.
    Pepper: I thought you weren't making any more weapons?
    Tony: This is a flight stabilizer, it's perfectly harmless.
    [activates the stabilizer, gets knocked back into the wall]
    Tony: ... I didn't expect that.
  • The Mighty Strobe in The Specials has this. Amok has something similar, except their source is more random, due to a slight case of power incontinence, meaning they can sometimes come out his dick.
  • The protagonist in Pandorum puts on a wrist-mounted concussion gun designed to stun people. However, he's warned from the get-go that it's deadly at close range, which he demonstrates later by liquefying some mutant's head. The use of the weapon aboard a spaceship is justified, since bullets can either pierce the hull or ricochet.
  • Captain Marvel (2019): One of Carol Danvers's abilities is to shoot photon blasts from her arms. She uses this to prove that she's not a shapeshifting Skrull... which does nothing to assuage Fury's worries, because he has no idea what Skrulls can or cannot do.
  • One of the many New Powers as the Plot Demands that the Kryptonians had in Superman II as if heat vision Eye Beams weren't enough.
  • In the opening scene of Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, a drunken salaryman staggers home when he notices Yatsu pretending to shoot him with his finger. He blows it off until a couple of holes are blown out of him mere seconds later.

  • Appointment with F.E.A.R.: The Energy Blast is one of the four available superpowers you can start off with, where you're given the ability to fire a powerful beam of pure energy from your hands. It's Cast from Hit Points, however - you lose two life points every time you use it, and because of your character's Thou Shall Not Kill (humans) nature, you can only use your hand blasts for stunning supervillains (at one point however you're given the option to use this on a Threatening Shark; since you're fighting an animal, your blast turns the shark into Ludicrous Gibs).

  • The Cobra cyborg warriors in Timothy Zahn's The Cobra Trilogy have a laser built into each hand.
  • All of the powers in Gone are said to focused in the hands, however not all are hand blasts.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Harry Dresden pulls this when deprived of his staff and blasting rod. And it is awesome.
    • In a flashback, Justin tries to teach young Harry to gather energy in his chest and then send it out to the world, but Harry figures that can't be right because all his favorite comic book characters gather it in their hands.
  • In Auf zwei Planeten ("On Two Planets, 1897) by Kurd Laßwitz, Martian Repulsite cannons project a kind of cone-shaped particle beam which functions like a Iron Man's repulsor rays, but on a larger scale. They can be used e. g. to stop projectiles shot at yourself or to create artificial tidal waves.
  • The Starlore Legacy: The Protector of Ell Yon is a jeweled vambrace (piece of armor for the forearm) and the most powerful artifact in the Aurora Galaxy. It has many, many uses...but the most common by far is to shoot energy blasts out of its user's hand.
  • Both Blaze and War Hammer of Superheroes Anonymous can fire blasts of fire from their hands. They generally choose not to because said fire is the one thing that bypasses their defenses.
  • In Super Powereds, Michael fires cold blasts from his fists. It helps that his preferred fighting style is boxing.
  • Reign of the Seven Spellblades: To an attentive mage, fourth-year Vera Miligan's bangs hairstyle is an obvious clue that there's something off about her left eye: it's the eye of a basilisk, with a paralyzing gaze. It's also misdirection to conceal the fact that she has a second basilisk eye embedded in the palm of her left hand.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Stargate SG-1
    • The Goa'uld hand device, useful for energy pulse attacks and brain scrambling.
    • The wrist-mounted plasma repeater Kull Warriors carry as well.
  • Numerous examples from various shows of the Ultra Series. The eponymous characters of the shows might have a signature energy attack activated by forming a cross or an L shape with their arms, along with some less powerful Hand Blast attacks.
    • The Specium Ray, a signature attack used by eponymous hero of Ultraman. Activated by forming a cross with his hands.
    • Ultraseven has an attack called Wide Shot, with his arms in an L-shaped pose.
    • Ultraman Jack of Return of Ultraman has his own Specium ray.
    • Ultraman Taro makes a T-shaped pose with his arms to fire his Storium Ray.
    • The eponymous character of Ultraman Tiga has a signature attack from his right arm by forming an L shape with both arms.
    • Ultraman Nexus has signature cross-style and L-style energy attacks. He can also shoot small energy projectiles. His Evil Counterparts also have similar attacks.
    • Ultraman Max has two — his L-shaped Maximum Cannon, as well as the more powerful Max Galaxy, performed via firing from a wrist brace on his right arm.
    • The eponymous character of Ultraman Mebius uses an attack called "Mebium Shoot", with his arms forming a cross sign, similarly to the original Ultraman. He can also shoot small bolts of light on occasion.
    • Ultraman X fires an X-shaped laser called the Xanadium Ray by crossing his arms together.
  • The Skrills in Earth: Final Conflict are bio-engineered weapons designed to meld into the wielder's forearm and interface with the CVI in the brain. They produce a powerful energy blast that works equally well against organic beings, Energy Beings (like Taelons), and inanimate objects. Additionally, the Shaqarava is an organ present in a number of races (as well as Liam Kincaid) that allows one to project or absorb energy with the palms (strangely, Shaqarava is also a figure from Taelon mythology who destroys Umrath'ma the Liar).
  • Time Trax has an episode featuring Human Aliens called Procardians (and this is the only episode in the entire series even mentioning aliens). In lieu of our fight-or-flight, Procardians, when threatened, produce a powerful hand blast that can send a human into a coma. Things turn ugly, when two hunters happen upon the crash-landing site of a Procardian teen. He instinctively blasts one of the hunters, when he aims a rifle at him. This starts a Torches and Pitchforks hunt in the nearby town.
  • Arrowverse:
    • In Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, The Atom has forearm-mounted energy blasts, whose power can be adjusted as needed, from stun to a huge explosion.
    • One episode of The Flash (2014) has Cisco add a bunch of tech to the new Flash suit, one of which is this trope. However, the one time the beams get used is when Kilg%re takes control of the suit and uses the beam to blast Wally. Barry forces Cisco to remove the beams afterwards, despite their incredible usefulness against anyone without Kilg%re's abilities.
  • Played with in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Geordi was interfaced with a remote-controlled probe, and to himself (and to the audience) it looked like he was walking around with his legs and picking up objects with his hands. In reality, that was an illusion, and it was just the probe using tractor beams. The probe was armed, and did fire a phaser blast at one point; when this happened, it looked to Geordi and to the audience like the beam came from Geordi's palm. But obviously the probe didn't have a hand to fire it from per se.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons. The Color Spray spell fires a fan-shaped spray of clashing colors from the caster's hand. It can cause victims to become blind, stunned or unconsciousness. Many other spells use the hands for focusing and/or directing energy as well.
  • Most attack spells in Role Master are launched from the caster's palm.
  • In Warhammer 40,000, Space Marine Erasmus Tycho of the Blood Angels had a weapon known as the "Deadman's Hand". This was a gauntlet that had built-in laser guns in its fingers.

    Video Games 
  • The Blaster archetype in City of Heroes runs on this. For at least half of the power sets, the first few powers involve firing fire, ice, radiation, energy, etc. from the hands.
  • One of the Weapon Styles in DC Universe Online.
  • Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban: Your protagonists' fathers are so beefy with Bara Genre muscle that they can shoot it out the palms of their hands as an explosive blast that's strong enough to One-Hit Kill enemy bosses.
  • In Doom Eternal, the Icon of Sin fires streams of flame from its hands, forcing you to take cover until it stops.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Star Resistance: Forcestar's primary attack is launching a laser beam out of his hand. A weaker attack than other characters', it penetrates enemies and widens at every power up.
  • Ranged destruction spells work like this in The Elder Scrolls. The default fire spell in Skyrim, for example, is a gout of flame being blasted from the casters hand.
  • Players in E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy have access to a powerful psychic blast from their left hand, used mostly when an enemy is too close for long weapons to be aimed. The blast causes weak enemies to explode in a shower of blood, while more powerful enemies are violently shoved backwards.
  • Gemini: Heroes Reborn grants you an energy aura as one of the many psychic-based abilities, where you can collect and blast beams from your hands at onscreen enemies.
  • Genshin Impact:
    • The Traveler, when resonating with Anemo, can use Palm Vortex, which ends with an explosion of air-based energy.
  • In God Hand, Gene's sole 3-stock Roulette attack is the Shaolin Blast, where he blasts a hand-shaped projectile forward out of his God Hand. It turns into Double Shaolin in the final boss fight when he gets both God Hands.
  • One of the enemies in HEPH fires green beams from its hands.
  • The Gauntlets of the Necromancer in Heretic dish out a continuous stream of magical green lightning when used. The Tome of Power enhances the lightning so that it has longer range, drains the target's life into the user, and turns the lightning red.
  • Inazuma Eleven 2 has the Ganymede Proton hissatsu technique which uses a Hand Blast for soccer of all things; the user stands behind the ball, facing the opposing team's goal, and directs the beam at the ball to send it flying at the goal. Apparently it's technically not a handball if you don't directly touch the ball with either hand, or maybe Rule of Cool just takes precedence over the other rules.
  • The Boss from Jumper Two attacks by shooting red (which you must avoid) and blue (which you must reflect) energy balls from his hands.
  • The Final Boss of Kung Fu Chivalry casts laser beams from his fingertips.
  • The Slayer from the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 has the phase disruptor, drawing from their barriers for an area of effect blast from their palm.
  • One of the unlockable moves available to Raiden in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance might as well just be called "Hand Blast". Quick, easy to execute, and short ranged, but it knocks enemies back and is useful for shoving objects out of the way.
  • Samus Aran from Metroid has a Power Armor with an Arm Cannon replacing the right arm. That cannon can shoot missiles or blast the enemy with a dozen of different rays: Plasma Beam, Wave Beam, Hyper Beam, Phazon Beam, you name it.
  • Ellie of Monster Tale has a bracelet that lets her do this.
  • In Overwatch, Moira fires biotic healing out of her left hand, and a beam of dark purple energy out of her right.
  • The Hero class of Phantasy Star Online 2 can fire energy blasts from their hand when wielding a Sword, either a barrage of smaller ones or one larger charged shot. Like normal melee attacks, they restore PP with each hit.
  • Super Brainz in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has this as his primary ranged attack, dubbed the "Heroic Beam". It overheats rather quickly, making fighting at a distance only a secondary option for the Close-Range Combatant.
  • Red Faction: Armageddon has this, coming from the Magicfrom Technology nano-forge.
  • Appears several times in the Rolling Thunder franchise: Maboo in the NES version of the original, Gimdo in the Genesis version of Rolling Thunder 2, and Dread in the second phase of his final battle.
  • In Skeleton Krew, the first form of Dr. Moribund Kadaver the Final Boss will assault you with energy blasts from the hands, which he'll Beam Spam you repeatedly. Defeat him once and he turns One-Winged Angel, but in his larger form he lose this ability.
  • Trophy 2021: Trophy can shoots energy blasts from the palms of his hands.
  • Vectorman has energy guns in the palms of his hands.

  • Ben from Breakpoint City can shoot blasts of electricity from his hands.
  • Project 0: Noor is the first seen using these, the others might be able to too.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Ellen has an innate Transformation Ray ability which is fired in this fashion.
  • Grrl Power offers Maxima, who can do this. Sydney’s “pew pew orb” sort-of qualifies, it is a hand-held weapon apparently guided by her mind, although Sydney’s control over any of her orbs seems erratic at best
  • The mysterious girl in the beginning of Sarab has a gauntlet that does this.
  • unOrdinary:
    • Blyke can emit his powers a couple of different ways, with one being for him to let the energy build for a moment in his palm before shoving it at a target.
    • Levani's "Grenadier" ability lets her gather explosive energy in her hands that can be thrown.
    • Rouker's "Missiles" ability fires small explosive energy projectiles from his hands.
  • Wayward Sons: A number of characters' powers can be used for this.
  • XRS The suit allows the wearer to fire extremely destructive energy beams of pure radiation from his palms. These beams can vary in intensity and size.It can also do a similar attack with bolts of electricity which have a bit less damaging effect.

    Web Original 
  • Liches in Angel of Death can fire explosive blasts and, at higher levels, solid beams of magical energy.
  • Dreamscape: Aseir can fire a beam of darkness from his hands.
  • Chaka of the Whateley Universe has picked up one of these from watching a ninja use a Ki attack on her. She calls it the 'Chaka Chaka Bang Bang'.
    • Plenty of Energizers like Golden Girl can do it too.
  • The Call of Warr: Mabel fires a blast of magic out at Glintz-Terry, in order to keep him away from her and her sister. It doesn't do much more than topple him over, however.

    Western Animation 
  • Finn from Adventure Time has the Gauntlet of the Hero until it's destroyed.
  • This ability comes with firebending in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, where characters with firebending can shoot fire out of any part of their bodies, including their hands.
  • Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot: Rusty does it, and actually makes a shotgun style cocking of the arm before doing so.
  • Most 'bots in Challenge Of The Go Bots shoot beams out of their fists. Scooter is an exception, using his holo-disguise for infiltration. One episode has him replacing his damaged holo-generator with a hand-blast system, but the kick turns out to be too much for a small 'bot like him, so he goes back to the holo-generator.
  • Danny Phantom. While not really a thing ghosts usually do, Danny can fire ectoplasmic blasts or "Ghost Rays" from his hands.
  • The titular character in Birdman (1967) is a Winged Humanoid superhero who shoots power blasts from his hands. They were solar-powered, so savvy villains often tried to trap him in dark places.
  • Kim Possible:
    • Shego throws "plasma" blasts from her hands. The original concept was that the blasts were from devices in her gloves; it was later established as an inherent superpower.
    • One-shot villain Gemini has an artificial hand that can deliver electric shocks and launch bullet-sized missiles.
  • Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny: How the power of the Blue Dragon qi manifests for the impulsive Nu Hai.
  • Space Ghost uses his power bands to fire stun rays, heat rays and so on.
    • In his later years as a talk show host, he also showed off his "smell ray".
  • Like her comic counterpart, Starfire of Teen Titans (2003) is able to do this by feeling "righteous fury", and her sister Blackfire is able to do this in a similar fashion. Raven and Jinx can do this as well, but through magic rather than emotions.
  • In StarCom: The U.S. Space Force, the robot Torvek can fire laser beams from the palm of his hand. Other Shadow Force robots can do this as well.

    Real Life 
  • The Pistol Shrimp uses this attack as a hunting weapon: it can snap its claw shut so fast that the cavitation bubble generated can incapacitate or kill a small fish up to 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) away. This is more impressive than it might sound given that most species of pistol shrimp only grow to be between 3-5 cm long.
    • This power is shared by a few other shrimp species, including the Internet-famous mantis shrimp. Onetwothree DEATH!


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The Seventh Spellblade

"Arise". Nanao gets behind rogue upperclassman Vera Miligan and charges to attack, only for "Snake-Eye" to reveal she has an ace in the hole: a second basilisk eye embedded in the palm of her left hand. With no other option, Nanao wills her blade to strike faster than the light from the eye itself, cutting space and time itself to sever Miligan's hand before the attack can reach her (shown as the camera lens cracking). Oliver explains in a voiceover that, in the lore of the series, such an unblockable strike, executed within the "one step, one spell" distance, is known as a "spellblade" -- and furthermore, this one is entirely unknown to the world of magic. Like many of her other strange abilities, Nanao herself has no clear idea how she did it and is unable to subsequently reproduce the feat.

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