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Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold
aka: Hair Of Gold

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Queen Titania: Astral, the others are a young race, they have so much to learn. They don't remember that we were once their guides.
Princess Astral: Well... this one's different. He has blond hair, and soft blue eyes! And a smile that makes me feel like...
Titania: ... a warm sun?
Astral: Yes!
— Brief conversation referring to Tristan Andersen from The Other Kingdom

The character is a blonde. Therefore, obviously, she is young, beautiful, pure, kind, and innocent, and the innocence can range up to Virgin Power. If she fights, it's reluctantly and she tends to avoid violence where she can.

Victorian literature would also use it to portray her as delicate and fragile, if not actually Delicate and Sickly—being, of course, Too Good for This Sinful Earth. This part is largely a Discredited Trope.

Men falling under this trope are rarer, but the blond hero can also have Hair of Gold. Such a hero is more action-oriented than the Hair of Gold heroine, but he is also good, wholesome, kind to those weaker than himself, modest, and prone to be the Chaste Hero or Celibate Hero.

Often paired with Innocent Blue Eyes.

Compare and contrast Mystical White Hair, where a pale hair color denotes arcane traits, with or without Incorruptible Pure Pureness. Also compare the popular and fun-loving Everyone Loves Blondes, and contrast White Hair, Black Heart, for when light hair is paired with an evil character. Dumb Blonde can be related if Dumb Is Good is also in play.

Note: Not all blondes belong in this list. Not even all good blondes. If the character does not match the personality type, then they do not have Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold and should be listed only if they exploit the expectation (such as using their blonde hair to look sweet and innocent).


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  • Seven Virtues: "Charity" is portrayed as a blonde woman breastfeeding a baby who is not hers as a way to represent that her heart is compassionate toward everyone and an All-Loving Heroine all around.

  • In the Child Ballad Sir Aldingar, one variant describes the innocent queen's hair as yellow:
    "They've putten her into prison strang,
    A twalmon lang and mair,
    Until the mice and wild rattens
    Did tear her yallow hair."
  • "The Twa Sisters" Child Ballad has a beautiful and innocent blond girl murdered by her evil sister. A harp is made of her bones, and her golden hair is used for the strings. The magic harp sings out an accusation of her murderer.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics: Archie heroines tend to fit this trope, especially Betty Cooper, whose most common characterization is the nicest, most innocent and pure-hearted girl in Riverdale, in contrast to the more savvy, black-haired Veronica Lodge (with whom Betty tries to be friends and avoid conflict). Other strong examples are Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melody from Josie and the Pussycats.
  • Astro City: American Chibi sports blond Girlish Pigtails, and is one of the most dedicated heroines.
  • Aquaman: Arthur Curry can be a male example of this trope if he wants, though he switches into a Proud Warrior Race Guy at the drop of a dime. However, Aquaman is mostly characterised as being a benevolent ruler.
  • Black Canary: Though she technically dyed her hair Dinah Laurel Lance becomes this trope as much as Supergirl as well as being a loving wife to Oliver Queen the Green Arrow who counts in this trope as well.
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers is another male example.
  • Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers, Depending on the Writer and the continuity, although more often than not, she is generally portrayed as possessing this trait.
  • The Crow: Shelly is a blonde (which may surprise fans who only know the Brandon Lee film in which Shelly was a brunette and suitably goth-ish partner to the film's characterisation of Eric as an indie rock guitarist), whose beauty, purity, good-heartedness and innocence are constantly emphasised.
  • Fantastic Four: Sue Storm is a good superheroine, a good mother, and in general just a good person. She manages to play Team Mom to the majority of the Earth’s heroes.
  • The Flash: Barry Allen is a standout male example, his Nice Guy status rivals Superman.
  • "Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill": Golden Eyes, the titular heroine of the World War I serial, combines this trope with Curtains Match the Window. She's shown to be a friend to children and animals (sells her Plunder to finance an orphanage and has a Heroic Dog companion), faithful to her sweetheart Bill (rejects all the suitors that try to seduce her while he's away, then follows him overseas to join the war effort as an ambulance driver), and reluctant even to harm the German officer who captures and menaces her.
  • Judge Dredd: Judge Anderson is a pretty blonde with psychic powers, and is always portrayed as the most kind-hearted of the Judges, especially compared to stoic hard-asses like Joe Dredd.
  • Lady Death: Hope used to have blonde hair when she was a sweet young woman before turning into the eponymous protagonist and her hair fading to white and turning into a harsher person. Her half-sister Vandala, on the other hand, plays this straight, being a brave and valiant Valkyrie with golden hair.
  • The Mighty Thor: Despite being red headed in the myths, Thor is a male example, being very compassionate despite occasional arrogance. One of his nicknames is "Goldilocks".
  • Millie the Model: Millie is nice, young, and innocent, especially compared to her Fiery Redhead rival, Chili Storm.
  • Sin City: It's hard to tell because the comics are largely black and white, but Nancy Callahan is canonically blonde. A young woman working herself through law school by working as a topless exotic dancer off hours, she's probably the kindest and most innocent character in the comics (Word of God calls her "an angel" living in a Wretched Hive). She's acquainted with a lot of the major characters, who protect her from abusive or downright evil men out to hurt her.
  • The Smurfs: Smurfette, natch. Originally a creation of Gargamel with a black heart who hunts down the Smurfs for him, she reforms her devious ways and transforms into a golden-hearted Smurf with blonde hair to match, now becoming a member of our pint-sized blue buddies.
  • Spider-Man: Gwen Stacy was initially portrayed as a haughty ice queen, but ultimately she's remembered and beloved for her sweetness and loving heart.
  • Supergirl: All versions of Supergirl—including her Earth-2 counterpart, Power Girl—have a single thing in common: they're kind-hearted, blonde girls who don't want to see anybody getting hurt and use their huge powers to help and protect people. Kara Zor-El may be short-tempered, angsty, have anger issues... but she'll always be a good person deep-down:
    • Pre-Crisis Kara was an absolutely sweet, innocent child. She stopped being gullible when she grew up, and her adult self had quite the temper, but she always was a nice, selfless person. In Krypton No More, she flies across a galaxy to save lives because it's the right thing to do.
    • In the beginning, Post-Crisis Kara behaved as an emo, self-centered, angry, bratty teen due to Kryptonite poisoning. However, she began dealing with her issues, got cured, and developed into a kind, compassionate and cheerful woman.
    • New 52 Kara was a lonely, insolated teen who had anger issues and Survivor Guilt due to losing her family and getting stranded in an alien world. Even so, she went out of her way to help people and risked her life to protect others. In the Red Daughter of Krypton storyline she confronted her anger issues and got over her rage, angst and confusion. When Supergirl (Rebirth) kicks off, she has become the kind of person who will stop criminals, send them to prison and try to help them.
  • Wonder Woman:
  • X-Men: Before her corruption by Belasco, Illyana Rasputin was a sweet and innocent young child, with the malice she later struggled with entirely absent from her character.

    Comic Strips 
  • Non Sequitur: The blond Kate is the more optimistic and less ambitious Foil to her black-haired sister, Danae.
  • Peanuts: Charlie Brown's little sister, Sally, fits this trope. When he accused her of "evading responsibility" by trying to avoid kindergarten, she responded with, "I don't know what you're talking about... I'm too young and innocent."

    Fairy Tales 
  • "Goldilocks" combines both the innocence and the folly associated with blond hair.
  • "The Grateful Beasts" has a blond hero.
    "The youngest of the three brothers, whose name was Ferko, was a beautiful youth, with a splendid figure, blue eyes, fair hair, and a complexion like milk and roses."
  • "The Egyptian Cinderella": Rhodopis, a Greek slave sold to Egypt, is fair-skinned with hair that is golden and curly, which sets her apart from the other servant girls in her master's household who ostracize her for her foreign looks. She is also kind-hearted and friendly with animals.
  • The innocent, pure, kind and very beautiful Rapunzel has hair "as fine as spun gold".
  • Snow White of "Snow-White and Rose-Red" is often depicted with blonde hair, both as a contrast with Rose Red and to distinguish her from another Snow White and her distinctive look.
  • Princess Diana (no, not her), the heroine of the Italian Fairy Tale "The Curse of the Seven Children", is a kind and pure-hearted girl with hair like gold.
  • In "The Buried Moon", the kind-hearted moon spirit is described as having long golden hair, equated with moonlight and illuminating a dark and sinister bog.

    Fan Works 
  • The LDD-Fanfic, Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Last Time follows the 2007 Disney adaptation of Bridge to Terabithia, so Leslie Burke in this version follows this trope; however there's an entirely new OC, Dylan Hils, a young blonde boy which is one of the kindest, sweetest characters in the entire story so this trope applys to him as well.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Thor has a streak of Proud Warrior Race Guy in him and he's a formidable fighter, but he's mostly just a kind, loving, and lovable dad to Harry (he was incarnated as James Potter. Long story), who he takes great joy in embarrassing. He's also noted as being very good with children in general.
    • Steve Rogers, as canon, is a classic male example - he actually rescues kittens from trees.
    • Carol, under her spiky shell. While she is and remains a consummate Deadpan Snarker, she's also kind, protective, prone to Big Sister Instinct towards her little brothers (though she later admits that she gives them the brush-off more than she should) and any younger girl she encounters, and generally caring - something especially demonstrated in her interactions with Harry, who she handles with gentle affection (albeit sprinkled with the occasional Insult of Endearment). In fact, she's probably the main reason he's even sane after the first 20 chapters of the sequel. Since she's Steve's great-granddaughter, this is perhaps less surprising than it might be.
  • Code Wings 3.0 has Georgina Markson, a sandy blonde woman who is such a sweetheart.
  • A Destroyer's Remorse: Dirk was born with his mother's golden hair, and a heart to go with it. As he slowly started to go insane over the course of his reincarnations in Aionios, his hair faded to a dull, straw-like color.
  • How Bad Can A Little Gossip Be: An inversion with Mr Ricci's son, who is a creepy stalker towards Luca and an arrogant, prejudiced jerk just like his father.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: Two of the girls that Danny has gone out with are Sabrina Spellman, a Cute Witch and Kara Kent, both are blonde and are as nice as they come, if somewhat spunky.
  • In Mario in Animatronic Horror, Alex, the soul possessing Chica, has blonde hair, and she is the kindest out of the missing children, often baking cakes and cookies for others when she was still alive.
  • Celestine Lucross from The Night Unfurls has long blond hair, and she is The High Queen of Eostia.
  • Amongst the staff at the titular park in Prehistoric Park fanfic Prehistoric Earth are head veterinarian Linda Eberhart and her young assistant Yolanda Hall, who are both amongst the nicest and kindest characters present in the entire story. The both of them are similarly golden hearted and kindly when they appear in the fic's Continuity Reboot Prehistoric Park Reimagined.
  • From what little is known about Heather from Ma Fille, she was a blonde woman who loved and doted on her daughter Katrina.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic Resurrected Memories: The two OC's Christopher Morgan and Zoe Murray have blonde hair and are both very nice, understanding and friendly individuals. They even become Ember's friends and band mates to boot.
  • The Story of Apollo, Daphne and Luca: An Italian Tragedy: Rosa has golden blond ringlets and has a sweet, kind, helpful and caring personality.
  • In the Turning Red fanfic The Panda Chronicles, Jesse dyed his hair blonde but he is protective of his bandmates and is very reasonable.

    Films — Animation 
  • Pretty much all the Barbie films have the iconic blonde play heroines who are feminine, kind, brave, innocent, and pure of heart. One notable exception is Barbie in A Christmas Carol, where Barbie plays The Scrooge.
  • Disney Animated Canon:
  • Mr. Incredible and Dash from The Incredibles. Though he is getting on in years and has become more cynical with time, Mr. Incredible is characterized as a stand-up, classic superhero in many ways. Dash inherits his father's blond hair, and evolves into a hero.
  • Miguel from The Road to El Dorado is a male version, despite being a thief for a living. His lack of actual innocence is made up for by his genuine sweetness and optimism about the world in general. Overall he's a really good person who isn't above using puppy eyes to get his way.
  • Subverted, like many other fairy tale tropes, in the Shrek series. Prince Charming has blonde hair, a rugged masculine appearance and seems to be the bold hero. But he proves to be an extremely vain, self-centered, spoiled boy, and even rises to the position of Big Bad in Shrek the Third.
  • Strange Magic: Dawn, who is a Princess Classic. She's sweet and caring with her only flaws being overly obsessed with love and a bit air headed.
  • The Swan Princess: Odette grows up to be a Princess Classic with long blonde locks. Even Derek, who detested her prescence growing up, falls in Love at First Sight upon seeing how beautiful she's become. Odette for her part is shown to be a Friend to All Living Things, kind, devoted, pure, and brave even after she is cursed to be a swan and her father is killed by Rothbart.
  • Sindy The Fairy Princess: The titular Sindy is a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl who's kindness causes the Prince to fall in love with her, averting the Wiazrd's curse from taking over.
  • In Turning Red, Stacy has blonde hair and is the first person outside of Mei's circle of friends to openly embrace Mei's animorphism abilities, finding her red panda form cute.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Lucy in Across the Universe (2007). A peace activist during the Vietnam War, she turns on her fellow activists when they become violent.
  • Kvetuska from Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet is the classical Ingenue. She lives with her old grandfather who she takes good care of. She very naive and innocent, and she and Nick Carter (America's greatest detective) fall in Love at First Sight. When Nick needs her help and asks her if she's a brave girl, she answers with determined "I am a daughter of Jan Zizka's nation", referring to a great military leader from the Hussite Movement.
  • Rebecca "Newt" Jorden from Aliens though she has little PSTD after having her family get killed by the Xenomorpths remains a source of innocence in the film among flawed adults and nightmarish monsters.
  • Beauty in Jean Cocteau's adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.
  • Beyond Loch Ness: Zoe is the only blonde character and is polite to her ex-boyfriend, gets along well with the foreign exchange student her family is hosting, searches determinedly for said student after she disappears, helps Brody cope with his injured leg, and risks her life to draw the monster away from other people on multiple occasions.
  • Black Lightning (2009): Nastya is a blond love interest of Dima and is the only one to disagree with Kuptsov's "money over strangers" lecture.
  • Tim Burton:
    • Kim in Edward Scissorhands is a Double Subversion. She's first seen in a family photo where Peg describes her as her pride and joy. When we meet Kim, however, she seems like a bratty teenager. But as the film goes on and she warms to Edward, she is really kind and caring, thus fitting the trope.
    • Katrina in Sleepy Hollow (1999) is an example from Tim Burton's movies, complete with an evil blonde foil. She is kind and guides the hero through the weird town. Although Burton is most associated with the Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette look, it appears he has some fondness for blondes as well.
    • Alice in Wonderland (2010). Alice is adult and returned to Wonderland. She's a good and heroic variety of blondes.
  • Carrie (1976): Carrie herself is famously like this, up until that one scene.
  • Dance of the Dead: Blonde-haired Gwen is a Pom-Pom Girl and Friend to All Living Things who is friendly with the geeky students even before they end up fighting zombies alongside of each other.
  • The Angel in Date with an Angel is played by a platinum blonde Emmanuelle Béart, perfectly embodying this trope.
  • In the movie Dear John, Savannah is naive, kind, and morally upstanding. A case of Adaptation Dye-Job because she was a brunette in the book.
  • Giant Little Ones: Natasha is blonde, and a kind, friendly girl who's sweet to Franky when everyone else shuns him, becoming his girlfriend.
  • Amy Kane (Grace Kelly) in High Noon. Initially portrayed as innocent and naive, she proves to be the only person willing to help her husband fight the villains.
  • The Hunger Games: Prim is a compassionate young blonde girl who loves all living creatures and becomes a good healer at an early age, often helping her mother with patients. When Katniss leaves her family she doesn't bother suggesting that Prim learn to hunt because her attempts were disastrous, since the woods terrified Prim and whenever Katniss shot something it would make Prim teary and she'd talk about how they might be able to heal it.
  • It's a Wonderful Knife (2023): Winnie is a blonde teenage girl who's usually very friendly and kind.
  • Jesus in some film depictions, despite him being from the Middle East. See his portrayals in King Of Kings and Jesus Christ Superstar.
  • Princess Tilde in the Kingsman series is the Scandinavian love interest to Eggsy with blonde hair and shows her moral compass in her Establishing Character Moment when the Big Bad offers to participate her in his evil plan by calling him crazy. She shows to be also very good-natured when celebrating Eggsy's birthday alongside his normal friends, even when they rib on her lack of baking talent.
  • La Famille Bélier: Paula is a hard-working girl with dreams of her own and has light blonde hair.
  • The eponymous blonde from Legally Blonde, Elle Woods, averts the stereotype of the bitchy, stuck up sorority girl. Throughout the movie she is shown to be a kind and generous friend who doesn't discard people based solely on appearances like her pompous ex Warner.
  • Virginal Winifred Goodman in Lemonade Joe has long fair hair and she's very sweet wholesome all-american girl, and admired by many. The villainous Horace Badman alias Hogo Fogo uses her good heart and compassion. He's disguised as an old blind man and kidnaps her. It's part of his plan to bring down her fiancé Lemonade Joe, and he has his private plans with Winifred.
    Doug Badman: It makes me sick whenever I think about that dirty trick of yours with that pure and innocent girl.
    Horace Badman: Purity and innocence? What goodies for a pervert of my calibre!
  • Aurora in Maleficent, unsurprisingly, as she's more or less the same person as in Sleeping Beauty.
  • Manon of Manon of the Spring (Manon des Sources) is proud, beautiful, and no man's fool—but she is also good-natured at heart and righteous. Her role, in juxtaposition to the other characters, is basically purity personified.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Steve Rogers aka Captain America of Captain America: The First Avenger who is also a example of Incorruptible Pure Pureness, however subverted over time as his hair darkens, he grows a Beard of Sorrow and thanks to his actions becomes somewhat an Anti-Hero. In Avengers: Endgame Steve’s hair is blonder again signifying his return to grace.
    • Thor Odinson is very good example especially when he takes a level in kindness, it helps that Thor is very attached to his golden locks and has a meltdown when Stan Lee is shearing them off. Out-of-Universe despite Chris Hemsworth being all for getting rid of the hair in Thor: Ragnarok, he joked that he kept the blonde wig for his wife. Though in Endgame Thor's shaggy blonde hair returns.
    • Frigga's Thor and Loki's mother is very much this trope, Thor appears to have inherited her hair color, good looks, and kind nature... Loki got her sorcery and some of the aforementioned traits. Frigga's pure nature shows though her actions i.e forgiving Loki, ripping into her husband Odin for banishing Thor in a deleted scene, accepting Jane and sacrificing her life to save her from Malekith. She also gets Thor out of his depression in Endgame.
    • Maria Stark in contrast to the jerky qualities of her husband and son was an absolute angel and served as the glue keeping the family together. Maria's significance to her son Tony is especially felt when he beat the shit out of Bucky Barnes when Tony discovered he strangled Maria in 1991.
    • Black Widow bleaches her blonde while living off the grid as a fugitive in Avengers: Infinity War and she's still as compassionate as ever albeit a trained killer.
    • Played with in regards to Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (2019) she can pretty dickish and cold at times, but that’s just masking a inner compassion which is brought out of her by her loved ones and innocents being in danger. Given her past, Carol’s attitude isn’t too hard to understand.
  • Money Talks: Grace has blonde hair and is affectionate with her fiancee, friendly with Franklin, and quick to defend James and Franklin once their secrets are exposed.
  • In Pride & Prejudice (2005), one of the film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, the prettiest, gentlest, and most innocent Bennet daughter, Jane, is the only blonde among her sisters.
  • Fay in Riding in Cars with Boys has long, wavy blonde hair, and is a loving, supportive friend (to her best friend Bev), and a loving mother to her young daughter Amelia.
  • Pretty much any character played by Annasophia Robb, but especially her roles in Bridge to Terabithia and The Way, Way Back.
    • Averted with her role as Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where she was notably nastier than her book counterpart and stood out compared to the other child actors, claiming that she will always be a winner, calling Charlie a "loser" at one point, and showing off as she leaves the factory by cartwheeling.
  • Rosemary in Shallow Hal is blonde, kind, and generous.
  • Grace in Short Term 12. A sort of female Andy Dufresne who bucks the system in order to help the troubled orphans whom only she seems to truly understand (due to her having been one herself).
  • The female bodybuilder Loonie Jones, played by Raye Hollitt, in Skin Deep. Although her muscular appearance intimidates Zach a little, Lonnie, who is blond, is also kind and generous.
  • Ursula Ditkovitch in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 is very kind and supportive to Peter (even giving him cake and milk when he's depressed), and has long blonde hair that she wears in pigtails.
  • Star Wars
    • When young Anakin meets the heroes and brings them to his home in The Phantom Menace he volunteers to race in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace so that they could get the prize money. When his mother objects, Anakin reminds Shmi of her belief that people need to help one another, convincing her to allow Anakin to race for Qui-Gon Jinn. The boy has shaggy blonde hair.
    • Luke Skywalker The Hero was the literal poster boy for this trope in the Star Wars: A New Hope though his hair darkens over the course of the later movies and he gets a Beard of Sorrow in The Last Jedi.
  • In Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Johanna is definitely one of these, fitting the innocent, child-womanish category almost to a T. Johanna got this from her mother, Lucy, who is described by Sweeney as "beautiful" and "virtuous" at the start of the whole thing, if something of a "silly little nit" according to Mrs. Lovett. Of course, in the stage play, Johanna gets one of the two kills that Sweeney doesn't get when she guns down the asylum keeper Jonas Fogg.
  • Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl: Adele starts out as a very sweet blonde young woman who cares for her aunt, who's quite ill. Influenced by Beth however, she becomes far more callous to the point of her neglect killing her aunt.
  • Valentine: Kate Davies has long blonde hair and the only one among her group of friends who isn't a Jerkass (contrast with her friend Lily who is also blonde, airheaded, and makes fun of someone she bullied in school). Two acts of kindness during Kate's childhood wind up paying her dividends in the present day because she was the only one who was nice to the Big Bad when they were children, even when she rejected him, and wasn't part of the False Rape Accusation that ruined his life.
  • Vamps: Blonde-haired Goody is arguably the nicest character in the movie.
  • Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold: Yellow Hair is noted in her introduction to be heroic and indeed is a very nice young woman.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Kenneth Parcel from 30 Rock is a male example. He's innocent, idealistic, loves everyone, and shows Incorruptible Pure Pureness all throughout the series.
  • Cassiopeia in Battlestar Galactica, who decides to abandon her life as a Socialator to become a Med Tech. Other than her past life, she is sweet and kind, often looks after Boxey and even takes care of an ill-ridden Adama in "The Young Lords".
  • Lucrezia in The Borgias starts out this way, although between her abusive first marriage and scheming family it doesn't last.
  • The Boys (2019): Very much averted with Homelander. He presents himself this way but is easily the most sadistic of The Seven. Starlight, on the other hand, tries to be good of an example although she's part of the seven.
  • All three daughters on The Brady Bunch have " of gold, like their mother". This is because the four are the innocent girls, while all the boys have dark brown/black hair (they even colored Mike Lookinland's hair from its natural reddish for the first season).
  • Despite working for years in the worst slums of London's East End, Call the Midwife's young, lovely, devoted, soft-spoken Sister Bernadette remains as kind and hopeful as ever, her spirit shining as brightly as her seldom-seen golden hair. After enduring a crisis of faith over her calling when she falls in love with local physician Dr. Turner, she comes out of it radiantly in love and determined to continue serving God as a wife, mother, and midwife.
  • Diane Chambers of Cheers. During her years at the bar, she's essentially the Nice Girl and a Wide-Eyed Idealist who cares—deeply—for the others.
  • CSI: NY: Christine Whitney (Mac Taylor's girlfriend from seasons 8 & 9) is a warm, loving, compassionate blonde who endears herself to his team as soon as they meet her. She then puts her entire life on hold for 6 months to nurse Mac back to health after he's shot and almost dies. Later, when he shuts her out for a while due to repercussions from that, she does give him the cold shoulder for a couple of weeks, but then forgives him overnight once he seeks her out and admits what's going on. The final scene of the series has her happily accepting his proposal.
  • Degrassi has had three female characters that fit this mold.
    • The first was Emma Nelson, who was a trusting Soapbox Sadie nature lover until reality happened and she fell off the path. She fit up until Season 3 or 4, when she suddenly went to all sorts of impure, corrupt places and it went downhill from there.
    • Then came Maya Matlin, a cute innocent band geek. She still mostly fits the mold but she's shown to have some bite to her when pushed, but her intentions stay mostly good. And it didn't take much to put her back on track.
    • The writers played with this when Becky Baker was introduced, the faithful Christian. She's a "playing with" example because several of her actions qualify as bigoted and evil, but at the same time her intentions were pure, just her reasoning and understanding was misguided. Once she learned better, she's just as optimistic and innocent as ever.
  • Subverted in Dead of Summer: Amy Hughes was initially presented as a sweet, wholesome blonde girl who just wanted to be friends with everyone. Then "Home Sweet Home" revealed that she was actually an Ax-Crazy sociopath who had been secretly responsible for every terrible thing that had happened thus far.
  • In the Doctor Who episode The King's Demons, Hugh has this—a young knight valiant in his defense of his father.
    • One might argue that the Fifth Doctor belongs on this list. Peri thinks that he was sweet (a fact rebutted by the Sixth Doctor as more effete than sweet).
    • The kind and considerate Thirteenth Doctor seems to qualify as well.
    • Also the sweet and bubbly Jo Grant, companion to the Third Doctor, noted for her undying loyalty to the Doctor and her incredibly warm relationship with him.
  • Camille from Emily in Paris is bubbly, kind, and beautiful with pale blonde hair.
  • Elyse Keaton from Family Ties fits the trope being a loving mother, an Actual Pacifist due to her flower child background, and in general is a very kind-hearted and warm person.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Tommen and Myrcella are sweet, innocent, big-hearted blond children despite all the negative influences around them.
    • An inverted, male example; Joffrey Baratheon is a youthful, blonde Pretty Boy and a total monster.
    • Daenerys Targaryen silver-blonde (ironically for the name of this trope) hair is one of her and her House's most iconic traits, and despite her ups and downs, she's one of the most fundamentally good-hearted and caring characters on the show.
  • A literal angel Aziraphale from Good Omens (2019).
  • Don "Doc" Dogoier of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger stands out among his crew of pirates for being kind, gentle, shy, cheerful, and peace-loving—even more so than supposed Token Good Teammate (and dark-haired) Ahim, who has proven herself to have a devious side that Don doesn't share.
  • LazyTown: Ziggy has blonde hair, and is the youngest and kindest of LazyTown's children.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • Murdoch Mysteries:
    • Anna Fulford is a very young and very beautiful blonde with curly hair. She intuitively recognized that Detective Murdoch (suffering from Identity Amnesia) is a good man, even though he was pursued by men who claimed he's a killer, and she decided to help him. She's a bit livelier that this archetype tends to be but she fits the trope very well.
    • Mrs Enid Jones is very young, beautiful, and generally sweet and kind. She looks very timid and feminine, but she can take a good care of herself and her son. She has curly blond hair.
  • The New Normal has Goldie, a straight ally to gay couple David and Bryan. She stands up to her bigoted grandmother for them, and carries their baby.
  • Sharon, Carmen's naive Anglo friend in ¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.?, qualifies. When Adela is overwrought about her friend's death, Sharon acts more sympathetic than Adela's own grandchildren and expresses sincere condolences in her best (if awful) Spanish:
    Sharon: Yo muy sorry de you amiga!
  • In Victorian flashbacks, Sanctuary's Helen Magnus has long, curly blond hair. She's also more soft-spoken, cheerful, and younger (obviously) than in the present. Sometime after discovering that her fiancé is Jack the Ripper and being contracted by the Crown to kill Adam Worth, she goes brunette. She also has red hair during World War II.
  • Joceyln Schitt on Schitt's Creek occassionally gets stressed out, but she is unfailingly a devoted teacher, mother, friend and wife. She puts up with an awful lot from her best friend, Moira.
  • Gina on Sesame Street is a very compassionate and kind-hearted veterinarian.
  • Stargirl (2020): Despite her bratty attitude, Courtney still has her moments especially when she cares about her friends and family.
  • Despite being a Cowboy Cop who along with his partner seems to get around, Ken Hutchinson from Starsky & Hutch fits the bill as a male example. Jokes were made about his hair, too—mainly by Starsky.
  • Jessica and Mary in Supernatural have long blonde hair. Both of these women are killed off in the Pilot, and the loss of these kind loved characters serves as motivation for Sam and Dean to hunt demons.
  • Henry VIII sees Jane Seymour as this in The Tudors. In season 3, it becomes clear she has a little more depth, but Henry reacts aggresively to any indication that she doesn't agree with him. When she returns briefly in season 4, she's the only ghost Henry seems happy to see. Unfortunately for him, she is not as meek as before.
  • The Walking Dead (2010): Princes Benjamin and Henry of the Kingdom. Both are idealistic, noble, selfless, kind hearted, and compassionate. Both represent the future of The Kingdom. Both also sadly were killed because of the harsher nature of others.
  • The X-Files: The Serial Killer in the episode "Elegy" targets very young and beautiful women who have blond hair and who were very kind. They were all friends with a mentally handicapped man who was in love with them.
  • Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena's faithful companion and friend.

  • Dolly Parton can accurately be described this way. Not only does she have many songs with plenty of heart and actual blonde hair (not to mention her extensive collection of blonde wigs), she can really lift anyone's spirits in more ways than one.
  • The girl described in Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" (actually his then-wife, and muse, Pattie Boyd).
    "She puts on her makeup and brushes her long blond hair..."
  • In the Pentangle song "Cruel Sister", the good, innocent sister who is "loved above all things" by the prince is repeatedly described as having bright golden hair. Her evil sister is repeatedly described as having black hair and being cold and dark. The story is taken from a Child Ballad called "The Twa Sisters".
  • Claude Debussy's composition "La fille aux cheveux de lin" (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair), from the First Book of Preludes.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Stephanie Glass, who has platinum blonde hair and is genuinely nice.
  • Princess Riliane from Evillious Chronicles, though starting out as the opposite trope, becomes this after losing her brother, kingdom, and everything she valued, becoming a kind-hearted nun who spent her life raising orphans.

    Musical Theater 

    Myths & Religion 
  • Demeter in Classical Mythology is one of the few non-Jerkass Gods in the Olympian Pantheon. And explicitly described as a blonde. (Wheat-blond; after all, she's the wheat goddess)
  • Lady Sif in Norse Mythology has beautiful blonde hair in the Norse Myths which may come as a surprise to those familiar with the brunette Marvel Universe portrayal. Sif's hair appears to represent fields of golden wheat, that she may be associated with fertility, family and wedlock... so of course Loki shears Sif's curls off.
  • Inverted in Heinrich Heine's ballad "The Loreley": Loreley sits at the top of her cliff combing her golden hair (with a golden comb to boot), and this is one of the reasons why the hapless skippers cannot take their eyes off her. Unfortunately, Loreley is not as innocent or kind as she looks, because the ships which shatter on the river below seem not to bother her at all.

    Puppet Shows 

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Primarch Sanguinius from Warhammer 40,000 is a male example. The long-haired blonde is one of the most unambiguously good people in the otherwise morally dark grey crapsack galaxy of Warhammer 40,000. He is even known in-universe as "The Pure One", and naturally he gives up his life to save humanity.


    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Regina Berry is so sweet and innocent that she actually doesn't understand the concept of death or the consequences of her naive but dangerous actions.
    • Colias Palaeno in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth has a near-constant smile and is ridiculously friendly to everyone he meets. This is why Manny Coachen is able to manipulate him so easily.
  • Danganronpa
    • Sonia Nevermind is one of the kindest students in the series and is willing to befriend just about everyone in the cast, even her Stalker with a Crush Kazuichi (although she does wish he would tone it down and she does run out of patience with him sometimes). She even attempts to defend two other students who are convicted of murder simply because they were her friends.
    • Kaede Akamatsu has blond hair and is kind to fault, even becoming friends with Shuichi simply because she can tell he has low self esteem. When Monokuma shows up to start the Killing Game, she is adamant that no one will kill anyone else. She seems to subvert this when she's revealed to have killed Rantaro, but she was actually attempting to kill The Mastermind of the game in hopes of stopping it before it could begin. And then it turns out she was framed, meaning she didn't even kill anyone.
  • Fate/stay night: Averted with Gilgamesh who is only "Pure" in the sense that he has zero inhibitions.
    • Played straight with Saber, the heroic knight and selfless king.
    • Averted with Illya, assuming you accept the Word of God that says her hair is platinum blonde, not white.
  • The Letter has Hannah Wright, a blond and beautiful woman who is nice to pretty much everyone (at least initially). Averted with Lady Charlotte, who, while also blond and beautiful, was a horrible person and whose actions were the very reason the mansion became haunted in the first place.
  • Little Busters!: Komari has short blonde hair with side twintails and is extremely innocent, cheerful, and childlike. she is innocent mainly because her brother invoked this trope. He tried to shield her from anything painful, meaning that she cannot encounter things like death without breaking down entirely. She also has a bit of Dumb Blonde to her, too.
  • Laefe Frega from Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane is one of the nicest and truly good people in the game, and she has bright blonde hair. Compare with her blue-haired sisters who have qualities that bring them down in terms of likability and/or morality.
  • In War: 13th Day, Arsenik is both a Princely Young Man and a well-meaning gentleman, who definitely has the look down pat.

    Web Animation 
  • Happy Tree Friends has a bunny called Cuddles; he has bright yellow fur and is very kind and sweet, always wanting to help his friends and hang out with them.
  • Red vs. Blue has platinum-haired Freelancer Agent North Dakota, who's the closest thing the Crapsack World of RvB has to a 100% genuine hero. He's such a kindly and nurturing Team Mom that he even gets given the most childlike of the project's A.I.s, which he acts like a proud parent towards. All of this is a deliberate contrast to his twin sister, who turns out to be an evil blonde with Chronic Backstabbing Disorder that leaves him and other Freelancers to die in various circumstances.
  • Subverted by Yang Xiao Long in RWBY. She's actually a tough-as-nails Good Bad Action Girl, or at least as close as you can get in a PG-13 show. In her introduction trailer she plays the part of an innocent underage blonde girl wandering into a Bad Guy Bar, and then interrogates a mob boss by clenching his crotch and then beating the hell out of him and all his goons on her own. However there is no question she is firmly on the side of good.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Autmn has orangish-blonde hair, and there isn't a mean bone in her body.
  • Hazbin Hotel gives us Charlie Magne, the Princess of Hell, who has long gold hair and is the nicest, sweetest character on the series.

  • Cirque Royale: Cupcake, the hairy girl acrobat, is a blonde shy sweetheart with nervous anxiety tendencies. (She was originally drawn redheaded, but the change to blonde is explained in universe by her no longer dying her hair and going natural.)
  • Lizzie and Yuri from Dead Winter are both blonde and are definitely good people. Lizzie is The Hero of the story and while has her moments of being mean, genuinely tries her best to be pacifistic even in the face of hostile humans, gets along well with other survivors and children. Yuri Kashnikov could probably take the cake for the Hitman with a Heart trope, he's a kind Boisterous Husky Russkie whom decided to put the whole Blood Sport he was hired to take part in, on hold to help out local Badass Reverend Phillip save fellow survivors.
  • Rolan and Zalanna of Ears for Elves have this. In the former case, it shows that he's a high elf, as well as being innocent and such. For Zalanna, straight blonde hair symbolises her status and how she embraces it, and provides contrast with the Rebellious Princess Tanna's messy and short(er) brown hair.
  • His rare moments of Superpowered Evil Side Mad Scientist aside, Franken from Noblesse is very kind and patient.
  • In MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Mr. Hyde is a blonde and good unlike most adaptations of Jekyll and Hyde.
  • Elan in The Order of the Stick is apparently extremely attractive, although it's hard to tell from the stick-figure art. He is the sweetest and most innocent major character in the comic.
  • The hero of The Noordegraaf Files, Theo, is a seventeen year old Wide-Eyed Idealist with bright blonde hair. He's stated to be a really Nice Guy but overly trusting and naive.
  • In Thistil Mistil Kistil, while she is a trifle uncanny, Sigyn is still a gentle and generous woman.
  • Magick Chicks: Skye is a shy young animal telepath, who was formerly so pure of heart that Hecate was astonished to find her soul was utterly devoid of any malice. Which changed when she willingly tainted her soul in order to save Cerise's lifedespite having been manipulated by her.
  • Varden of Inverloch is secretly this (he dyes his hair so it doesn't show up in the dark). Although he starts off making a big deal about how he's only with them for his own convenience, he quickly comes to care about the group as friends, goes out of his way to save Acheron from a fighting ring, encourages Lei'ella to stand up to the Fantastic Racism, and can get very sentimental. Notably, his transition into this comes with the reveal that his hair is really blond.
  • Alice of Alice and the Nightmare has blonde hair and is the sweetest, nicest person in the entire comic, being kind to people and refusing to participate in Fantastic Racism upon hearing about it for the first time.
  • Hannelore in Questionable Content is the kindest soul in the strip, and despite her weird OCD, maybe the emotionally healthiest main character after Marten. She even forgives an obsessive stalker because his story breaks her heart.
  • Sandra on the Rocks demonstrates the trope by its loss. When she first appears, Marie, a natural blonde, is a cheerful, likable girl; after her Face–Heel Turn, she apparently dyes her hair black.
  • My Deepest Secret: The main character, Emma has blonde hair and is incredibly kind and helpful to those around her.
  • Subverted in Rebirth. There's Parish, Noah's wife, who's revealed to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who had an affair with Ian, resulting in Neo and who doesn't care about Noah. It's implied in regards to Abel, who has made less than kind remarks about Neo and also betrayed Noah alongside Parish in the other timeline, but is also really young and it's uncertain how much of his choices are influenced by others.
  • Princess Princess (2012): Sadie is blonde and has the kindly personality to match.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Sarah is blonde, and she's willing to help whenever she can, deeply loyal to her friends, and empathetic enough to offer even an unstable, potentially dangerous Immortal comfort and encouragement.

    Web Original 
  • Janine from Animerica symbolizes this in the purest form imaginable, making her a direct contrast not just to her Love Interest, but to the black-haired Lita and the red-headed Malin. In fact, just about every blonde (except for Takuya and Shirogane) in the series symbolizes this.
  • Apollo, Artemis, Aglaea, and Eros in Thalia's Musings. Apollo, though hardly a Chaste Hero, is one of the more moral gods in the Pantheon and renowned as a champion of moderate living. His twin sister, Artemis, is a sworn virgin. Both have healing powers, as does Aglaea, Apollo's granddaughter, who is a dedicated physician. Eros can make life difficult for his "victims", but he ultimately just wants everyone to find true love, something his parents never had.
  • Mega-Girl of the Whateley Universe. Not only is she a beautiful Exemplar with flight and super strength, but she's extremely feminine and bubbly. She's also a virgin (she's only a high school sophomore) mainly because she doesn't have a vagina yet.
  • Malachy in Moonflowers—he's polite and friendly, is taking care of his little brother due to their parents' deaths, and he makes friends easily with the female lead Alima. He's also Christian, making him a member of the Saintly Church. This contrasts with his friend Owen, a Tall, Dark, and Snarky pagan who's extremely bitter from nearly getting killed by a homophobic mob. Brighid Brennan is another friend, who's also very friendly and works as both a veterinary and a human nurse. Later on, Persephone appears and is very firmly this as well.
  • Diane, Duchess Tremontaine from Tremontaine exploits this trope to her advantage; she plays the role of a gentle, innocent Proper Lady eventually forced into power by her husband's tragic madness, but she's actually a Magnificent Bastard who also uses her beauty and sexuality to her advantage more discreetly, drove her husband insane by poisoning him with hallucinogens, and is actually an impostor who pulled a Kill and Replace on the real Diane years ago.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: Underneath his hat, Finn has a glorious head of long, beautiful, shimmering golden hair. Bilingual Bonus as "finn" means "fair-haired".
  • Courtney Gripling from As Told by Ginger counts as this, despite being the most popular girl in school, and despite being shallow, ditzy, and attention-hogging, which are more due to her rich, sheltered upbringing. Courtney feels real sympathy for people in less-than-enviable situations and is genuinely interested in the world outside her own, one of the reasons she befriended Ginger in the first place, and over the course of the series, becomes more and more of a friend to her. She's even proven on several occasions to be a better friend to Ginger than Dodie is.
  • Mary Grayson is blonde and beautiful with a heart of gold in The Batman. She dies because she's murdered by Tony Zucco.
  • Beverly Hills Teens has Larke who is the nicest character of the group.
  • Castlevania (2017):
    • Lisa is exemplar of this, her mission in life is to help and heal people to point where she’s willingly to learn science from Dracula whom falls in love with Lisa and marries her and even walks the world as a man at her request while she works as a doctor. However since this a Dark Fantasy Crapsack World Lisa is burned as a witch by the Corrupt Church for her studies and Dracula as result goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge believing Lisa was Too Good for This Sinful Earth, well he’s not wrong.
    • Alucard takes after his mother being a compassionate individual and seeks peace. Though he did want vengeance for his mother, he wanted those specifically responsible to be punished rather than the Destroy All Humans desire of his father.
  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers: Gadget is one of the nicest members of the cast and is a member of the team for a reason: she will never leave anyone in need.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door gives us Numbuh 362/Rachel. While not that big of a character during the beginning of the show, from the third season on, she becomes the overarching Big Good and is loyal to the organization she leads and serves.
  • Dragon Tales has the blue-eyed blonde Cassie, who is one of the most kind, loving and sensitive characters of the entire show (only Quetzal is as nice).
  • Patty Putty is depicted this way in the Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon. She has blonde hair as she does on her trading card and is also a very sweet girl.
  • Hey Arnold!: The lead character is blond and he's easily the nicest, most understanding person in the entire series and will go out of his way to help those who need it, and rarely has a bad thought about anyone.
  • The Incredible Hulk (1996): Betty Ross is usually a brunette but has blonde hair in this show. She is still as kind as she is usually portrayed as.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: Jimmy's blond hair is so pure and innocent (just like him), that it even induces niceness upon Lucius Heinous VII (who is an Expy of Satan) when he takes it for himself in "A Hair-Brained Idea".
  • Leni Loud, the second oldest sister of The Loud House is the sweetest and nicest of the kids, and is a platinum blonde. She is also The Ditz, which is more likely due to her good nature rather than her being a traditional Dumb Blonde, as she exhibits considerable Hidden Depths (being a skilled singer, lockpicker and carpenter) and is self-aware enough that she knows how much of an airhead she is.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Applejack, a hardworking, honest, and dependable Cool Big Sis and Lovable Jock who is one of the friendlier and more well-meaning ponies on the show, making her a case of Mane of Gold, Heart of Gold.
  • Bubbles of The Powerpuff Girls (1998). Friend to creatures great and small.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Dr. Bergs is the only prominent blonde in the cast and he stands out by being one of the sweetest and most understanding characters in Boxwood Terrace, as well as being naive and bumbling.
  • In the Regal Academy episode "Astoria and the Beanstalk," Astoria uses this trope to prove to the others that the giant is actually good, since he has long, blonde hair that he takes very good care of.
  • South Park
    • Butters Stotch definitely qualifies for this. He's by far one of the most innocent characters on the show.
    • Kenny McCormick (who was shown to be blond in The Movie) is an ambivalent example. Despite his perverted sense of humor, heavily swearing, drug use and being a sexually precocious 9 year old, he is also depicted as heroic (especially in his Mysterion persona),very empathetic when it comes to his friends and sister and rather smart, both emotionally and in general. Many of his deaths have been acts of heroic self-sacrifice (like in The Movie when he wishes for everything to be back to normal, despite knowing he'll go to hell in the process). He also parodies this trope as "Princess Kenny" by using a long blonde female wig (badly) to dress up as a typical example of this trope (a la Princess Zelda), but turns out to be a villain in this persona in South Park: The Stick of Truth.
  • Mikey and Gus from Recess, who are considerably the most innocent and pure among the main six.
  • Total Drama:
    • Granola Girl Bridgette is easily one of the sweetest and most kindhearted characters on the show.
    • Lindsay also qualifies. Although she's the epitome of Dumb Blonde (but not a natural blonde apparently), she's one of the friendliest contestants.
    • Geoff, Bridgette's boyfriend, and quite possibly THE Nice Guy of the show. Owen too; he's probably second to Geoff in terms of friendliness towards all the other contestants.
    • Dawn, despite her Creepy Child tendencies, was among the kindest and gentlest of the second generation competitors.
    • Dakota, who underneath her rich, spoiled girl appearance, is shown to be a nice and caring person.
    • Samey counts too, in contrast to her Evil Twin sister Amy.
    • Wayne, who is not very bright outside hockey, but is one of the nicest people in the series, as shown by how supportive he is of people, especially his buddy Raj.
    • Julia introduces herself as a sweet Granola Girl social media influencer who wants to share her "positive energy" with others. This turns out to be a fake persona she puts on to gain followers, and her real personality is that of a spiteful girl who has no problem intimidating and belittling others to achieve her goals. She ends up dropping the act after MK exposes her true colors to everyone and she realizes that she enjoys being herself, especially when this gains her many new followers who are implied to love her true side.
  • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race ran on this trope: Owen, Rock, Carrie and Geoff were some of the sweetest and kindest contestants competing and even Junior, though a bit more reserved, was a very mature and genuine person. Really the only exception was Jacques and even he was the less evil half of the show's Big Bad pair.
  • Total DramaRama: Even as little kids, Bridgette and Owen qualify once again. Bridgette is even more friendly and considerate than her teenage self in this spinoff, while Owen remains every bit as affable and cheerful as he was in the parent show.


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