Games are an age-old way of passing time with friends and fleecing strangers for money.

!!Types of Games
* UsefulNotes/{{Arcade Game}}s: Games played on a special booth in a public arcade.
* {{Audio Game}}s: Games specifically designed to be played without the use of graphics.
* [[PlayByPostGames Forum Games]]: Games played in the style of text adventures, requiring a computer.
* ParlorGames: The oldest genre of social games, requiring no special equipment.
* TabletopGames
** BoardGames: From ''TabletopGame/{{Monopoly}}'' to [[TabletopGame/{{Chess}} chess]], the classic test of skill and wits between friends and foes alike.
*** EuroGame: A recent style in board gaming, first becoming widely popular with the mid-1990s success of ''The Settlers of Catan''.
*** [[WarGaming War Games]]: Board games that attempt to simulate realistic military conflict. Many are infamous for having LoadsAndLoadsOfRules (and cardboard counters). ''Advanced Squad Leader'' is probably the most famous example.
** CardGames: From poker to ''MagicTheGathering'', a way to win money and while away the empty hours.
*** {{Collectible Card Game}}s are a recently popular variant.
*** TabletopGame/{{Poker}} is a particularly [[FountainOfMemes famous]] card game.
** Tabletop Miniatures: The intersection of Board Games and Collectible Card Games, featuring ''TabletopGame/HeroClix'', ''VideoGame/MechWarrior'', ''TabletopGame/MageKnight'' and others. They often employ Turn Based Strategy.
** {{Tabletop RPG}}s
* [[{{Pinball}} Pinball Games]]: Formerly a type of UsefulNotes/ArcadeGame, but the rise of home collectors and DigitalPinballTables means pinball is more often played outside of arcade-type venues nowadays.
** PhysicalPinballTables
** DigitalPinballTables
* VideoGames: The most recent variety. Video games throw you into enthralling or addictive worlds where you forget yourself for a brief period. Any of the above categories can be translated to this format. Originating with UsefulNotes/{{Arcade Game}}s, subgenres include [[InteractiveFiction Text]], [[AdventureGame Adventure]], {{MUD}}s, {{MMORPG}}s, {{RTS}}, {{FPS}}, and more.
** {{Platform Game}}s
** {{Role Playing Game}}s
** StrategyGame: Games that require strategy or tactics to win.
*** ConstructionAndManagementGames
*** TurnBasedStrategy: An ancient type of game made popular again.
*** RealTimeStrategy: A more modern incarnation of the strategy game.

!!Games by Origin
+ JapaneseGames

!!Tropes common to games in general:
++RolePlayingGame Tropes
* AreaOfEffect
* ArtisticLicenseStatistics
* CallingYourShots
* ChooseYourOwnAdventure
* CombinatorialExplosion
* CrazyPeoplePlayChess
* DeepImmersionGaming
* DiminishingReturnsForBalance
* DisasterReliefGame
* EmergentGameplay
* FakeBalance
* FakeDifficulty
* FakeLongevity
* GameOfChicken
* HumanChess
* InstantWinCondition
* JokeCharacter
** LethalJokeCharacter
* KingmakerScenario
** XMustNotWin
* LateExportForYou
* LetsMockTheMonsters
* LoadsAndLoadsOfRules
* MassiveRaceSelection
* MasterConsole
* NewRulesAsThePlotDemands
* NoExportForYou
* NoPlotNoProblem
* NotTheIntendedUse
* ObviousRulePatch
* PlayerArchetypes
* PowerEqualsRarity
* PrestigiousPlayerTitle
* PromotionalPowerlessPieceOfGarbage
* SanityMeter
* ScavengerHunt
* ScrabbleBabble
* SlidingScaleOfCooperationVsCompetition
* SlidingScaleOfObjectiveVsSubjectiveGames
* SmartPeoplePlayChess
* SplashDamage
* SplashDamageAbuse
* SquareRaceRoundClass
* SurpriseCheckmate
* ThatOneRule
* VariablePlayerGoals
* VariantChess