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Blenders, while mainly used for making delicious drinks like smoothies, can also be used to combine food into one odd mixture, destroy precious items, or, in more gruesome works, for somebody to, um... finish off a small creature in quite the over-the-top manner. Yep.

Can be source of Squick and/or Nightmare Fuel, especially in regards to the last one. Compare Turbine Blender and Deadly Rotary Fan.

Obviously, Don't Try This at Home.




  • Will It Blend? is a Viral Marketing campaign for the Blendtec brand of blenders. The host attempts to blend random items which are small enough to fit in the blender, but often aren't things any reasonable person would actually want to blend, such as cell phones & golf balls.
  • This fairly graphic anti-speeding PSA from New Zealand uses this trope in combination with Scare 'Em Straight, showing a blender full of human organs as a metaphor for what can happen to your insides in a high-speed crash. The label under the dial reads "The faster you go, the bigger the mess."

Anime & Manga

  • A gag in Kyouran Kazoku Nikki has a sentient vegetable being put in the blender.
  • The most infamous scene of Mai-chan's Daily Life involves the President of the United States, Mai's baby, and a blender. That's all we're going to say about it.

Fan Works

Film-Live Action

  • During the final showdown of You're Next, final girl Erin finishes off the murderous Felix by shoving a kitchen blender into his skull and turning his brains into a delightful, bloody smoothie.

Live-Action Series

  • In a two-part episode of Luther, a vengeful father kills the man who denigrated his daughter's memory. Luther tips him off and tells him that they have fingerprints... so he puts his hand in a blender.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: Malcolm discovers that the couple he's babysitting for have a hidden nanny-cam. When they check the footage, it shows Malcolm putting one of their rare fish in a blender, and is about to turn it on when he suddenly turns to the camera to inform them that he knows they're filming him and that he resents not being trusted.
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  • In an episode of Mork & Mindy, Mindy comes home from work with a packet of cash bills, calling it her "salary" when explaining it to Mork. Later while she's out, Mork tries to make a health-food smoothie using her blender, and adds the money as a substitute for "celery".

Web Animation

  • Strong Bad Email: "2 emails" has a Freeze-Frame Bonus during the fast-forward section, where Homestar claims he invented a time machine by putting a Gameboy in a blender. Then in "alternate universe", Strong Bad and the Cheat also stick a Gameboy in a blender, and this time it somehow creates a portal to an alternate universe.

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation

  • A variant in Action League NOW!; as the cast of the show are action figures, one of the many ways they end up in pieces is by falling into a blender when it gets turned on. This has served as a plot point for certain episodes, such as "The Revenge of Hodge Podge", where Hodge Podge, the Action League's former accountant is knocked into a blender by The Flesh and put back together with Bill the Lab Guy's spare parts, and "Hey! Who Stole My Face?", where both The Chief and The Mayor fall into a blender, and Bill puts them back together but accidentally switches their faces, leading the Action League to believe that The Mayor with The Chief's face is The Chief and The Chief with the Mayor's face is The Mayor.
  • 6teen: The very first episode has Jen's cell phone accidentally falling into a blender while it's running.
  • Tuca & Bertie: "The Promotion" has a gag where Tuca is combining eggs, cereal, fish, and cake into one unusual mixture inside a blender. Speckle is understandably squicked out.


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