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One character starts saying something, and while completing the sentence, another character (or several) join in.

Alice: I just know this is going to be—
Alice, Bob, Carol, Steve, and Zoidberg: The Best Trope Ever.

May be done sarcastically (the first character says X so often that everyone can tell what's coming), or as a sign of group solidarity (especially common with the catchphrase). This also often happens with Eureka Moments that involve two or more characters of a similarly high intellectual level. It's played for comedy if the characters aren't really that smart, or they're coming to same ridiculously outlandish Insane Troll Logic conclusion by complete coincidence.

Gags aplenty exist for this one — the people say different things, or there's an Expo Speak Gag or something. Or one of the characters yells "Jinx!" There's also usually also a coda, because you can't let something like that go.

This is also very common with shows shot before a studio audience; the audience chime-in is usually done out of enjoyment and pleasure of being familiar with the Character Catchphrase or Verbal Tic.

Closely related to Finishing Each Other's Sentences. Could be related to Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?. See also Speak in Unison, for when characters do more than just finish the thought at the same time.


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  • At the end of the Kim Possible fanfic Reunion, Kim and Ron, on their honeymoon, say "I love you" in unison, after which Kim tells Ron, "You owe me a baby."

    Films — Animation 
  • Aladdin has a variation, where Jasmine trails off near the end:
    Sultan: The law says you (Jasmine joins in) must be married to a prince (Jasmine trails off) by your next birthday.
    • This is played straight a little later, as Aladdin wonders what it would be like to live in a palace instead of on the streets, but Jasmine thinks it's not that great:
      Aladdin: It's better than here. You're always scraping for food and ducking the guards.
      Jasmine: You're not free to make your own choices.
      Aladdin: Sometimes you feel so...
      Jasmine: You're just...
      Aladdin and Jasmine: ...trapped.
  • In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast admits that he doesn't know how to act more gentlemanly toward Belle, whom he has imprisoned, so Lumiere and Mrs. Potts give him a few pointers, resulting in this:
    Mrs. Potts: Well, you may start by making yourself more presentable. Straighten up. Try to act like a gentleman.
    (The Beast tries to stand up straight)
    Lumiere: Ah, yes, and when she comes in, give her a dashing, debonair smile. Come, come, show me the smile.
    (The Beast gives a forced smile, revealing his sharp fangs)
    Mrs. Potts: But don't frighten the poor girl.
    Lumiere: Impress her with your rapier wit.
    Mrs. Potts: But be gentle.
    Lumiere: Shower her with compliments.
    Mrs. Potts: But be sincere.
    Lumiere: And above all...
    Lumiere and Mrs. Potts: must control your temper!
  • Used with Sam and Flint a couple of times in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, first near the beginning when they're deciding what to "make" for breakfast the next day, and then near the end:
    Flint: Sentient food? That's impossible!
    Sam: Unless its molecular structure's mutated into super food!
    Sam and Flint: That's been genetically engineered to protect the FLDSMDFR!
  • The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Kiara does this to Simba several times when he lectures her.
    Simba: Accidents can happen. You could easily get hurt, or stepped—
    Kiara: *simultaneously* ...Hurt, or stepped on, or even get lost.
    Simba: And remember, I want you to stay in sight of Pride Rock at all—
    Kiara: At all times, I know. (annoyed) And if I see any strangers, don't talk to them. Come straight home.
    • And later on:
    Simba: You are part of the great Circle of—
    Kiara: Circle of Life. I know.
  • Monsters University: During the "field trip" to Monsters Incorporated, Mike and Sulley finally start getting along while watching and fanboying about the monsters working on the Scare Floor.
    Sulley: Look! It's "Screaming" Bob Gunderson! I still have his rookie card.
    Mike: Me, too!
    Sulley: Doesn't have the speed anymore...
    Mike and Sulley: ...but his technique is flawless.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Franchise:
  • Yellow Submarine - Old Fred entreats The Beatles for help, to Ringo first, babbling a frantic stream of gibberish ending with "Blue Meeeanies!!!" He then does the same with John, and when they get to George, the other two chime in at the end.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Algiers: Pepe and Gaby both wax nostalgic about their common hometown of Paris, mentioning their favorite neighborhoods, an exchange that ends when they both say "La Place Blanche" at once.
  • Aliens has a subtle one in the background of the briefing scene. Vasquez interrupts to say that she only needs to know one thing: "where they are" — Hicks mouths the words along with her, showing that they're long used to Vasquez's cockiness.
  • In Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, the couple that comes across Baby the dinosaur eventually learn to repeat their Jamaican pilot's oft-repeated catchphrase "No problem!!"
  • Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle:
    Madison Lee: I never wore Kevlar till I took three in the chest...
    Natalie, Dylan, and Alex: On the De Soto case — we know!
  • In Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the avid traveler, Grandpa Potts, recounts one of his stories from India, saying "I got up this morning and I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he..." and his son Caractacus, with his two children, Jeremy and Jemima, finish the joke for him: "...ever got in my pajamas I shall never know." Grandpa nonchalantly replies, "You've heard it before." And everyone laughs.
  • In the David Tennant film of Hamlet, Polonius, Laertes, and Ophelia all recite the end of Polonius's "never a borrower nor a lender be" speech in unison. It's very clearly the sarcastic version.
  • A Hard Day's Night — when Paul brings his grandfather along on a train trip, John asks "Hey, pardon me for asking, but who's that little old man?" Then later on, their road manager asks the same, then still later their manager asks, and they all chime in in unison.
  • In The Milky Way, the blooming romance between Burleigh and Polly is demonstrated when they end a conversation by saying "You're an awfully nice person" to each other in unison.
  • Muppet Treasure Island, right after Billy Bones finishes telling the story of Captain Flint's treasure...
    Billy and other inn patrons: Now isn't that a story worth the hearin'?
    Muppet Pig: I' was the first dozen times we heard it.
  • Duncan and Jason throughout Mystery Team. Charlie tries to do this as well, but fails with one exception: "Chocolate Milk."
  • Part of the "Eureka!" Moment in Raiders of the Lost Ark:
    Indy: (after hearing the translated instruction to take back one kadam) You said their headpiece had markings on one side?
    Sallah: Yes.
    Indy: Belloq’s staff is too long…
    Indy and Sallah: They’re digging in the wrong place.
  • Zoolander: "Orange Mocha Frappucino!!"

  • Aunt Dimity series:
    • This is often used when the penny drops for two characters at once, or when two of the participants in a multi-sided conversation are thinking the same thing.
    • After Evan flees the cottage:
      Lori: What did you do to the cookies?
      Bill: I was about to ask you the same thing.
      Together in unison: Dimity.
    • Early in Aunt Dimity Digs In, Lilian Bunting is recounting the tale of a former schoolmaster who sired many of his pupils without bothering with the formalities of matrimony, when Lori says, "Wow. The PTA meetings must've been—" In response to a sound from the village square, she stops, then says, "What's that noise? It sounds like..." Then Lilian's eyes meet Lori's and they both say "Peggy Kitchen."
    • Late in Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree, Kit and Lori are outside Fairworth House (Willis Sr.'s newly restored home) and see smoke coming from an upstairs window. They call the emergency services and rouse the household and guests including the heretofore unseen Aunt Augusta. After a farcical round of introductions, Lori pipes up:
      "Can we postpone the meet-and-greet?" I said, glancing nervously up the staircase. "There's a fire—"
      "There's no fire," Declan interrupted.
      "We saw smoke," Kit and I chorused.
      "Where there's smoke, there's not always fire," said Declan.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Played for laughs on 30 Rock. Jenna and her boyfriend lampshade/outright parody this. The boyfriend suggests they announce their ideas for Halloween costumes at the exact same moment, and just "see what happens." Cue them both rattling off a bizarre idea for matching costumes (Natalie Portman and Pittsburgh Steeler—two 'black swans!') using the exact same wording.
  • All That: Amanda Bynes's popular recurring sketch, "Ask Ashley" would alway open with Ashley sitting on her bed, and proudly proclaiming, "Thaaaaat's meeeee!" every time the announcer would introduce her; after a while, the audience began chiming in with her signature, "Thaaaat's meeee!"
  • The Andy Griffith Show: On occasion, whenever Barney is on the phone with Juanita at the diner, either reciting his poetry, or little love song to her, Andy will sneak in, waiting for the perfect opportune moment to join in and either reciting, or sing along with Barney, much to Barney's aggravation.
  • In an episode of Babylon 5, Vir and Lennier meet at a bar in the Zoccalo and, in seeming non-sequiter, alternately relate the foibles of their respective ambassadors. They end with a simultaneous "It makes me nervous."
    Vir: Same time tomorrow?
    Lennier: Sure.
  • Blackadder: In Blackadder II, Blackadder and Baldrick are in on Percy's secret money stash.
    Percy: By lucky hap, it is just over a thousand methinks, and has for years been hidden beyond the wit of any thief in an old sock...
    Percy and Blackadder: under the squeaky floorboard...
    Percy, Blackadder and Baldrick: behind the kitchen dresser.
  • Get Smart - while sneaking into a KAOS lair, Max and 99 fall down a trap door. The bad guy greets them with "So nice of you to -" Max wearily joins in "- drop in, yeah."
  • Happy Endings plays with this quite often.
    • In the opening of one episode, Dave enters Rosalita's and begins explaining his problem to the gang, none of whom speak. When he expresses confusion at this, they slide him notes that show they are in a five-way jinx (they also have a note that says 'yes really' when he asks, 'really?). After he says their names, they have a normal conversation, and then at the end, all six of them say the same thing—ending the scene in a six-way jinx.
    • Also, Alex often tries to enforce this trope by asking other people to say what they're thinking out loud, to show they're thinking the same thing, when she clearly isn't. She typically jumps in a second too late.
      Penny: Dave, Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Dave: Uh, yeah.
      Alex: Me too, I'm also thinking that. Let's all say it at the same time.
      Penny: Why do we have to say it if you're thinking it?
      Alex: Ssh, I got it.
      Penny: Ok. *Simultaneously with Dave* We gotta make Spring Smackdown happen!
      Alex: (Right after they finish) Make Spring Smackdown happen! Yesss!
  • In Hardball, Tiffany's dads Mr. Steel and Mr. Stone have a habit of doing this.
  • In an episode of Hogan's Heroes, Schultz repeatedly preaches to the prisoners, "Clean up the barracks! Clean up the compound! And clean up yourselves!" The prisoners chime in the last time he repeats, then, give it to him straight as he exits the scene.
  • Kaamelott: When Arthur's wife and mother-in-law come to lunch with big curse marks on their faces, Arthur asks why they went to another sacred site despite his having forbidden it. They reply that it wasn't a sacred site this time, it was a field where someone had drawn strange lines. Arthur and his father-in-law simultaneously yell at them for going in a Crop Circle.
  • Kenan & Kel: Kel always kicked off the episode's main storyline with his catchphrase, "Awwwww, here it goes!" For a short time during the show's run, the audience would begin chiming in with him, though it didn't last very long.
  • Little Britain: When Vicky Pollard and Jackie Hayes are explaining themselves to the Borstal warden in simultaneous Motor Mouth rants, they finish with "don't listen to her because she's gone all lezzy".
  • M*A*S*H combined this with a "Eureka!" Moment when Hawkeye realized what Winchester's poker tell was:
    Hawkeye: He whistles louder—
    All: When he's bluffing!
  • Miranda (2009): At least once, when Penny is about to say "such fun!", the other characters chimed in at the same time.
  • Noah's Arc: Happens numerous times to the point of being a Running Gag, three times in the first episode alone. Typically one of the four main cast starts the sentence and the other three finish it together.
  • A Saturday Night Live sketch from the 80s involves a TV interview with two members of the American Communist party, who happen to have been friends since childhood. Every time the two of them say the same thing in unison, they immediately shout, "Jinx, buy me a Coke!" and then launch into an elaborate playground song-and-dance routine.
  • In one Scrubs teaser, the entire cafeteria finishes Elliot's old jokes for her, which causes her to shriek "STOP FINISHING MY AWESOME JOKES!!!" (And Zach Braff to react to the unexpected shriek with an "Oh my God!")
  • On So You Think You Can Dance, when Cat Deeley introduces the judges, she says, "Here are your...", and everybody in the audience yells out "Judges!" (or, in some cases, "Jidges!", referencing how Cat occasionally pronounces it).
  • The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Visionary" has a time-traveling Miles O'Brien meet himself from a few hours in the future. The two of them try to figure out the way the Timey-Wimey Ball is bouncing, then simultaneously blurt out, "I hate temporal mechanics..."
  • Stargate SG-1: Carter and Jacob detail their plan to... blow up a sun.
    O'Neill: Well, that's...
    O'Neill & Jackson: ...ambitious.
  • Happens on Teen Wolf, when Scott and Stiles are discussing the record that Allison's family keeps of everything they've ever hunted, which they think might help them take down the creepy lizard monster that's going around killing people.
    Scott: Okay, if we can find it, and it can tell us what this thing is...
    Stiles: And who.
    In unison: We need that book.
  • Victorious: In the episode "The Worst Couple", Tori's Pearphone GX is malfunctioning, but she refuses to get a new phone until the new Pearphone XT model. Throughout the episode, people tell her to just get another GX, to which she rambles that the moment she buys a GX, the XT will come out and she'll be the only one without it. Eventually, while they're playing poker, we get this:
    Andre: Just buy yourself another Pearphone GX.
    Tori: No, if I buy another GX, they're...
    Andre, Trina, Cat, Robbie: *in unison*...gonna announce the XT the next day, and then everyone will have a new XT and I'll be stuck with the stupid GX.
    Rex: I'm so sick of hearing that.
    Tori: Well, there's no need for you guys to mock me simultaneously.
  • Workaholics also does this frequently — two characters will react to the same thing at the same time in different ways.
    • In one episode, while discussing giving up alcohol for a while, Adam and Ders both propose a time. Adam's is two days and Der's is a month.
    • In another episode, the guys are entertaining themselves after breaking their TV. Blake ends up getting his hair set on fire and jumps off the roof into the pool. Der's says "We have to get a TV" while Adam says "That was Awesome!" He then quickly agrees, saying "yes, TV, let's."
  • Mulder and Scully in "Quagmire" of The X-Files: They are stranded in the middle of a huge lake and talk about various stuff. Scully reminisces about her dearest book, Moby-Dick. Mulder talks about Ahab and his wish to have a peg leg, and shares his favourite line, which they finish in unison.
    Scully: And that's not flippant?
    Mulder: No, flippant is my favourite line from Moby Dick. Hell is an idea...
    Mulder and Scully both: ...first born on an undigested apple dumpling.
  • Done Once per Episode on You Can't Do That on Television, when they realize the current skit is Just the Introduction to the Opposites.
    Kids: What (or who) do you think's in the burgers?
    Barth: Duuuuuh... I heard that!

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Many wrestlers' catchphrases will have the wrestler start his phrase, and then the crowd takes over.
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: "...and that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold Said So!"
  • D-Generation X: "If you're not down with that, we got two words for ya! SUCK IT!"
  • Kevin Nash, along with his cohorts in the NWO, had something that was just "too... SWEEEET!!!" Once the crowd caught on to this, they continued the SWEEEEET!!! for them.
  • The Rock had several.
    • "Finally, the Rock has come back to [name of town]!"
    • "If you SMELLLL... what the ROCK... IS... COOKIN'!!!!!"
    • "...the millions…''
    crowd: "and millions!''...of the Rock's fans."
    • Mankind parodied with the "dozens and dozens of Mankind fans."
    • Lampshaded during one of his heel phases: 'This ain't "Sing Along With the Rock!'"
  • The Undertaker: ""

    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppet Musicians of Bremen: When Leroy the Donkey and T.R. Rooster first encounter Rover Joe, the hound keeps peppering his backstory with, "I'm olllld... I'm beeaat uuuup... I'm woooorn awaaay..." to the point that T.R. eventually started chiming in with the same thing.
  • Wimzie's House: As the theme song suggests, "Horace always has a question to ask", and practically Once per Episode, if some thing confuses him, or he doesn't understand some thing, he'll speak up with, "Uh, question...", and proceeds to ask the obvious questions. After doing this for so long, any time the other kids hear Horace say, "Question?", they would chime in with the exact question he asks, word-for-word.

  • In the Hamish and Dougal episode "The Fitness Club", Hamish twice asks Dougal questions that are meant to be about whether he's worried about his chances in the "Macathalon", but which could be interpeted as being about sex. Dougal answers both questions with "Not the night before a Macathalon!" Hamish then says "Well, I'm right behind you", and this time they say the punchline together.

  • The second time in Of Thee I Sing Diana Devereaux uses her catchphrase "I'm just going to throw my arms right around your neck," all the other girls chime in with her.

    Video Games 
  • Near the end of The World Ends with You, Beat, during an encounter with Konishi, says, "Shut it, Ironface— an' gimme back Rhyme, yo!", with Konishi saying the second half at the same time he does. Beat is shocked that Konishi is copying what he says, but she says she's gathered enough information on him to be able to predict everything he does.
  • In World of Warcraft, before the final battle with Cho'gall starts, his two heads get into an argument over the crazy one interrupting the sane one ("I am trying to speak here!"). However, by the end of the speech, they are talking in unison again, until they deliver the very last line together: "The end has come!"

    Visual Novels 
  • In The Great Ace Attorney, Sholmes and Ryunosuke always say the last line of the Dance of Deduction together.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, Zepar and Furfur do this constantly − it usually goes like this:
    Zepar: There is something everyone needs!
    Furfur: And what would that be?!
    Zepar: The answer is obvious!
    (switch positions with a flash)
    Both: It's love!!! (applause coming out of nowhere)

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • In Volume 7, when everyone departs the council meeting to go and protect Mantle from the Grimm, Ruby and Oscar pause to start a conversation at the same time; initially it's full of embarrassing pauses and accidentally talking over each other they both figure out they want the same thing and complete the exchange by saying they want to tell Ironwood the truth.
    • In Volume 8, Oscar and Ozpin are discussing what to do about the villains. Oscar commenting on Salem's habit of infiltrating the enemy and turning them from within results in them concluding in unison "maybe we should do the same". It prompts Ozpin to comment on just how similar Oscar is to him.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • An episode of Clone High has Abe and Gandhi repeatedly do this when designing a mechanized spoon, fork, and knife combination. Then it gets subverted on the last shot when Abe and Gandhi don't say the line in unison, and Abe angrily tells Gandhi something along the lines of "c'mon, we rehearsed this!"
  • Darkwing Duck: Negaduck, after capturing Darkwing and all his allies, confines each of them in a different torture device that will be activated "when I throw...'The Switch!' " He utters a variation on this phrase (always with a dramatic pause) several times, until his captives finally interrupt him with an exasperated "We know, we know - 'The Switch!'"
  • DuckTales (2017): In "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!", when Della reunites with her sons and Huey asks her about being stranded on the Moon for eleven years.
    Huey: How did you survive in a barren wasteland? Have you adjusted to our gravity? Did you make any customized modifications to your leg?
    Della: Sheer determination to get back to you, kinda, and no. Because, as Junior Woodchuck Rule 42 states...
    Both: "Build things right the first time, and they won't need modification."
    Huey: (gasp) You really are my mom!
  • The Fairly OddParents!: In Channel Chasers, when Timmy and his future self reminisce about their parents while inside a Christmas special.
    Timmy: You remember doing stuff with Mom and Dad?
    Future Timmy: Yeah. I remember opening presents on Christmas morning. I also remember coloring Easter eggs, and the time I broke the Dinkleburgs' window with my baseball...
    Both: And Dad was so proud! Man, our parents!
  • Family Guy: This is sometimes used to show that Strange Minds Think Alike.
    • In "FOX-y Lady", when when Peter and Chris think of ideas for Handiquacks.
      Chris: Oooh ...oooh! What if they just bought a new wood stove and Red Hynie Monkey says, "Boy, it's so hot in here because we just bought that new wood stove...
      Both: ... and we're sweating, and our hands are all slippery and that's why we can't get the card house to stay up!"
      Peter: Thank you, Chris. We have liftoff!
    • Also featured in a Cutaway Gag showing how Judas and Pontius Pilate hit it off.
      Judas: You know, sometimes I feel like someone should just...
      Both: ...crucify Jesus of Nazareth! Oh my God!
    • In "Christmas is Coming", when Meg confesses to Lois that she got her first orgasm from sitting on Santa's lap at the mall.
      Meg: He just bounced me on his lap, and the next thing I know, I...
      Both: ...saw Jimmy Connors.
      Lois: It happens to every girl their first time. You'll never see him again, by the way.
      Meg: I won't? Why not?
      Lois: I don't know. That God's trick on women. It's your first time, followed by a lifetime of diminishing returns.
  • On G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Tomax and Xamot frequently did this.
  • Justice League Unlimited:
    • In the episode "Far From Home," this is used to show how well Brainiac 5 and Supergirl get along. (They're trying to find their teammates by using Supergirl's earpiece.)
      Supergirl: It's a shame our Justice League comlinks don't work here — we could track Green Lantern by his transponder. Come to think, we still could if we had a—
      Supergirl and Brainiac 5: Quantum tunneling RF transponder!
      Brainiac 5: Hold that thought.
    • "Patriot Act"
      Shining Knight: I'd slay the ogre Blunderbore all over again rather than put myself on display in this manner, even though that ogre turned out to be—
      Vigilante, Stargirl, Green Arrow, S.T.R.I.P.E.: Morgan Le Fay.
      Green Arrow: We've all heard it.
      Shining Knight: (miffed) 'Tis a good story.
  • Kim Possible: Kim and Ron would frequently find themselves saying the same thing, usually followed by Kim saying, "You owe me a soda."
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "The Best Night Ever":
    Twilight Sparkle: ...No!...
    Rarity: ...I've waited all my life...
    Fluttershy:...for this moment...
    Pinkie Pie:...and I'm not going to...
    Applejack:...let it slip by!...
    Rainbow Dash:...If it's the last thing I do...
    Twilight Sparkle: ...I'm gonna make this...
    All:...the best night ever!
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle: Any time Boris enters a scene in his many paper-thin disguises, Rocky always says, "That voice... where have I heard that voice..." Finally, in one episode, all of the characters in the scene, including Narrator, chime in with the same line as Rocky says it again.
    • When the "Treasure of Monte Zoom" turns out to be a 1903 jalopy, this exchange happens:
      Rocky: I must say I'm disappointed.
      Bullwinkle: Okay, go ahead and say it.
      Rocky: (a mite irritated) Okay! I'm disappointed.
      Both: And I'm Bullwinkle!
  • The debut episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, "What a Night For a Knight," has Scooby and the gang at a library researching the origins of a pair of spectacles Scooby found at the museum where the episode's villain, the Black Knight, is housed and is believed responsible for the disappearance of British archaeologist Jameson Hyde-White.
    Velma: (reading from book) Here it is...they're a special type of glasses used by jewelers, scientists and archaeologists. And...hold onto your hula says here made only in England!
    Fred: Archaeologists?
    Daphne: England?!
    Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby: (to camera) Professor Hyde-White!
  • Spongebob Squarepants: In "The Camping Episode", when SpongeBob and Patrick warn Squidward against attracting a sea-bear, describing all the things that attract sea-bears, including certain articles of clothing.
    SpongeBob: And never...
    Patrick: ...ever...
    SpongeBob: ...EVER...
    Patrick: AHH!
    SpongeBob and Patrick: ...SCREECH LIKE A CHIMPANZEE!
  • The Top Cat episode "Rafeefleas" has Choo Choo explaining to T.C. what Benny the Ball was doing at the museum:
    Choo Choo: He was in front of a display with a big sign that said "Watch This Space."
    T.C.: So?
    Choo Choo: So, Benny was just standing there...
    Choo Choo and T.C.: Watching the space!